High End Swimming Pool Builder On The Sunshine Coast


    Australian Construction has vast experience in designing and building swimming pools. Furthermore, our swimming pool builder on the Sunshine Coast designs swimming pools to suit your needs. Moreover, we source only the ideal materials. Because of this, we provide a top-quality finish. 

    The present trend features a shallower pool design. As a result, you enjoy lower costs and low maintenance. Additionally, heating is easy. Our concrete pool designs provide functionality and sophistication. Because of this, the swimming pool is practical for the premises or home. 

    We look for methods of optimising the area for your new swimming pool. You may have minimal space. Regardless we give you the ideal swimming pool. Our skilled team works with our clients. Moreover, we work with our architects if necessary. As a result, we harmonise the home and swimming pool. We aim to give the clients superior swimming pools they can enjoy for years.

    Swimming pool range

    Fibreglass pools are not flexible. However, Australian Construction has a wide range. Our objective is to disprove that belief. All our various pool designs look wonderful. Because of this, you will be spoilt for choice! Whatever situation you are in, we ensure we turn your backyard into a private oasis. Therefore you can relax in this area.

    Do you want to optimise a small backyard using a lovely plunge pool or spa? In that case, you should make your home fun by installing a big family pool. Our swimming pool contractor on the Sunshine Coast has various options to pick from. Are you serious about getting fit and need a clear exercise area? In that case we have something suitable for you. We have been a top swimming pool builder in Australia for years. More importantly, we are dedicated to providing top quality in-ground swimming pool. Because of this you and your family have fun!


    Spas are luxurious, and we provide spas that give you a remarkable experience. In this regard, we have a lovely assortment of in-ground spas. Furthermore, their designs complement our various swimming pools. For this reason, you, your friends and your family enjoy a fully rejuvenating experience. The experience is also relaxing, and you do not need to leave your home.

    Various spas

    At Australian Construction, we have invested time and care. As a result, we have created various spas. Also, they are suitable for various users and properties. We have different, modern and lovely designs to pick from—moreover our spas seat between four to eight people. In addition, the spas have multi-level seating. 

    Consequently, occupants of all ages and occupants remain comfortable and relaxed. Do you want an outdoor or indoor spa? Under these circumstances, we can give you a superior quality built-in solution. Therefore, it meets your requirements.

    Safe & durable spas

    Australian Construction top priorities are your comfort and safety. For this reason, we create our spas from top-quality fibreglass. Additionally, we especially test them for resilience, strength and durability. Because of our non-slip surfaces, the spas are safer. Because of this, you can enjoy the spa’s relaxing properties. You do not need to be worried about falling in. 

    Specially designed spas

    The swimming pool builder on the Sunshine Coast is experienced. Because of this, we understand your spa needs. After all, we design our spas to meet all the needs of the Australian weather. Due to this, they suit all weather conditions. For this reason, you have a highly practical product. Also, it is durable, and you can enjoy it for years.


    We integrate our newest pool designs into living areas. Additionally, we wrap around alfresco spaces. Pools are vital because they make the home beautiful. Even if you are not utilising them, they are nice to look at.  Besides, the focus on using small spaces by installing a plunge pool has increased. As a result, this pool is a centrepiece.

    Talk to us today about all your swimming pool requirements on the Sunshine Coast!