High-End Swimming Pool Builder In Sydney From Aus Construction

Sydney Swimming Pool Builder

Sydney Swimming Pool Builder

    Australian Construction tops the list in Sydney when it comes to concrete swimming pool constructors. We have an excellent reputation for brilliance in design and building quality swimming pools. Our swimming pool builder in Sydney changes your plain backyard pool to a remarkable creation on complicated sites. Our professional team designs your swimming pool to quality standards at cost-effective rates.

    We implement our Australian Construction quality policy to provide superior services, products and superb work to give you high satisfaction. Because of this, most of our projects come from referral and recommendation of our existing customers who have had an enjoyable building process from start to finish.

    Infinity pools – An ideal choice for sloping blocks

    Infinity pools are famous as the most physically attractive swimming pools to be built. Because of its disappearing edge, the pool appears to flow into the landscape, giving you the view of a breathtaking water form without a boundary.

    This effect is achieved when the water flows over the edge and is collected in a pool below, then fed upwards again similar to waterfall form. The lack of an edge gives a sophisticated appearance, and it is incredibly wonderful when great scenery is available to view over the edge.

    Infinity Pool and Sloping Blocks 

    An area where pool-fencing rules have no effect on an infinity pool is on a sharply sloping block. The swimming pool builder in Sydney can build them partially over the fence line to ensure glass windows and infinity pools follow the regulation and sustain the views we created to optimise. Using the right team of pool builders like Australian Construction guarantees you the best luxury residential pool.

    Infinity Pool Maintenance

    The Infinity pools are complex compared to your standard backyard pool, and you need to allow our team of pool experts to carry out maintenance. For instance, the water catchment basin presents one more cleaning area. 

    We also need to monitor the water pump and filtration because if one of them clogs up or the other one malfunctions, it will affect the re-circulation. The water flows over the pool’s edge to a lower basin, evaporating quicker than in a standard pool. 

    Our team of luxury custom pool constructors at Australian Construction created awesome infinity pools for residential customers throughout Sydney for years. Call our expert team today to talk about building your block’s infinity pool.

    Concrete pool concepts

    A swimming pool builder in Sydney gives you endless options for your concrete pool design. Whether your backyard is sloped, small or has unique dimensions and angles, the qualified concrete pool builders at Australian Construction have the expertise to handle these restrictions. The end result is an ideal area for cooling down and relaxing! A major concrete pool design consideration is deciding the type of finish you need. We offer glass swimming pool tiles and natural stone tiles and the various options below.


    A swimming pool contractor usually uses pebblecrete to coat concrete pools. It is created from a cement and pebbles mixture. After we apply it to the concrete shell, we subject it to water or acid blasting to reveal the pebbles, producing lovely natural finishes.

     Glass bead

    Glass beads describe pebblecrete’s contemporary and elegant form. They give you a long-lasting, durable finish for your concrete pool. Glass beads provide an incredible 3-dimensional impact, and the glass beads seem to shine along the water, giving a fabulous look.


    Tiled swimming pools are the most elegant, establishing a high-end appearance and provide an excellent smooth surface finish. They are well-liked in up-market hotels and resorts, and tile finishes are a perfect choice for swimming pools, creating lovely, enticing pool watercolours

    At Australian Construction, we have a wide variety of sizes, effects, patterns, sizes and colours. These tiles offer you complete freedom and control over your pool’s appearance. The result is a unique, fashionable look that meets your precise desired look.

     Waterline Tiling and Coping Stone

    Most pool owners prefer blending and contrasting different styles for an exceptional appearance. Australian Construction provides coping stone from various materials like limestone, granite, marble and travertine in multiple profiles, sizes and colour choices. 

    Your pool’s waterline tiling (mainly a band tile of 200mm on your pool’s interior beneath the coping stone) can be distinct, contrasting or subtle. We have different options like a flecked glass mosaic, patterned border or one colour ceramic tiles in various colour options.

    Spa Swimming Pools

    Do you dream of a spa swimming pool to give you the optimal in-home luxury? Australian Construction is a favourite pool builder in Sydney, and our expert team brings life to outdoor spa designs. A swimming pool builder in Sydney has an experienced team that designs and constructs a swimming pool with a spa that suits any space and design.

    Your site conditions do not matter; whether you have a lay pool, infinity edge pool or lap pool, and you want a spa, Australian Construction is available to help turn your dream pool into reality!

    Water Features

    Contemporary and modern water features give pool areas real character, improving the entire space’s aesthetic attraction and allure. It makes your home pool space a more tempting relaxation, socialising and exercising area.

    Suppose you already have some design ideas for pool water or you need expert suggestions from leading swimming pool builders in Sydney, Australian Construction is available to help you implement your ideas. 

    We have installed a significant number of swimming pools all over Sydney and we have the industry knowledge and expertise to help you optimise your investment in a residential swimming pool with exceptional water feature designs.


    The Australian Construction team has unequalled experience in the sector, gained from constructing in the most complex sites in Sydney and its surroundings. Infinity edge, barge access, glass window, glass edge, completely suspended mid-air build or your regular flat backyard, we have handled all these efficiently!

      Get in touch with us today and we guarantee you the swimming pool you have always dreamed of!