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Townsville Swimming Pool Builder

Townsville Swimming Pool Builder

    Australian Construction is a swimming pool builder in Townsville. We build in-ground concrete swimming pools, lap pools, plunge pools and spa pools. Our swimming pool builder in Townsville aims to provide pool designs for exterior kitchens, outdoor rooms and landscaping that blends with any new building to the existing surrounding in Townsville. 

    Our prices are competitive, and our designs range from unusual concrete above ground to in-ground pools. Besides being a swimming pool builder, we provide an exceptional in-house design from the first ideas to approvals and engineered plans.

    Our Services

    At Australian Construction, we build commercial and concrete swimming pools of all sizes and depth, adventure pools and splash pools with water slides and water features. We install pumps and filtration at existing or new facilities with automatic chemical control equipment, maintaining the pool water’s stability. 

    Our team provides heating according to your specifications in terms of solar or electric, gas or combinations of each. The swimming builder in Townsville resurfaces your existing pool, for instance, tiling, painting and several other finishes. Our team also refurbishes and renovates your existing aquatic facility.  

    We provide complete operational training and comprehensive operations manuals, and our total full design and build services have access to hydraulic designers, architects, mechanical and electrical engineers. Our team of experts provides expertise and advice in designing or maintaining your existing aquatic facilities.

    Elevated Pools

    When space restrictions or design specifics need the pool to be on a roof or above ground, an Australian Construction raised pool is the solution. A swimming pool builder in Townsville provides elevated rooftop pools featuring modular, quick, ‘all-weather construction’ that works with the buttress and building systems, which sustain the pool decking. 

    Our elevated pool gives you significant savings and decreased construction time. If you have a tight construction tight frame, our skilled team ships your elevated pool in a single piece, numerous segments or build it on-site. An Australian Construction pool offers a beautiful solution for areas with high water content or poor soil conditions. Do you wish to have a spa or pool on several floors of a condominium or high-rise? 

    We can design our pools to fit any available space. If you want to include a guest multi-recreational pool, our experts can quickly create a pool, forming a unique ambience with various depth changes, stairs, seating, spas and stairs within the pool and a lot more.

    Perimeter Gutter Systems

    Our perimeter pool gutter recirculation mechanisms are self-contained, pre-engineered overflow gutters we construct from stainless steel. We manufacture them to be smooth and level around the swimming pool perimeter. The swimming pool builder in Townsville has top-notch art designs that blend with plumbing and gutter options essential for a well-circulated and clean pool.

    This pool features pressurised filtered water inlets and return, and a built-in trough and no extra plumbing or piping are necessary for water circulation.  Durable stainless steel makes conventional pool gutters different, and regular concrete or tile maintenance is unnecessary.

    Pool Gutter Systems (Stainless Steel)

    Whether you require swimming pool gutters for competition, instruction or recreation, an Australian Construction stainless steel pool gutter mechanisms reduces repair expenses by avoiding leaking because of buried or broken pipes, settling and ground movement. 

    We provide Basic OpenTM, V-Series, MultiFloTM, Two-TierTM, and PosiFloTM, perimeter mechanisms in three profile configurations. Our professional team does not use guesswork when constructing pools and provide a gutter that will cater to your facility’s needs for many years.  Whether you need swimming pool gutters for instruction, recreation, a particular environment or competition, we provide fabrication and design.

    Customised Fitness & Therapy Pools

    A swimming pool builder in Townsville constructs pools from a strong, long-lasting stainless steel. Our pools are attractive, durable, hygienic and low-maintenance. The exceptional construction system we present makes our fitness and therapy pools perfect for many facilities that need more flexibility and creativity.

    Stainless steel spas and whirlpools

    Our swimming pool builder in Townsville uses stainless steel spas and whirlpools, providing the soothing impacts of moving water for any therapy or fitness pool facility. We have a wide variety of shapes, depths and sizes in standard and custom configurations. Our stainless steel spas and whirlpools include total filtration and mechanical mechanisms and access equipment for counter-swim, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy purposes.


    Resistance swimming offers a type of swimming workout used mainly for therapeutic and athletic purposes. We provide a counter-swim pool constructed using self-contained resistance equipment, allowing you to swim in place.

    Safety and accessory equipment

    Our professional team can incorporate access ramps, parallel bars, resistance jet units, padded floor surfaces and even underwater treadmills into your hydrotherapy or fitness pool. We have other options like temperature modulation, submerged walking tracks, terraced depths and underwater windows.

    Aquatic recreation pools

    The skilled Australian Construction team designs, constructs and installs stainless steel poll mechanisms for complex aquatic recreation surroundings like wet playgrounds, water park attractions and wave pools. We have handled many pool projects for the community, municipal and public aquatic facilities. We ensure that all water and pools features comply with all federal, state and local rules, and we complete on budget and on time. 

    It is challenging to build water play features like waterfalls, splashy areas and slides. Wave pools with stormy water conditions need special design solutions. We specially design spray grounds and wet playgrounds with geysers, fountains and different water features for safe, interactive play.

    Unique solutions

    Australian Construction can help with the bidding and planning procedure, and our team works with you from the start to installation. We provide comprehensive consulting services and technical help for operators, managers and facility owners. Our years of extensive equipment has set up unique solutions for a wide variety of water features and swimming pools for public pools, swim clubs and recreational facilities. 


    We have significant experience in designing and constructing swimming pools in Townsville. Due to this, our team can create outstanding designs that include storage and seating options. It would be our pleasure to discuss the available options to help you complete your dream space.

    Australian Construction is a specialist swimming pool builder, and we customise your pools to the budget.