Highly Experienced Timber Floor Installation In Bendigo

Bendigo Timber Floor Installation

Bendigo Timber Floor Installation

    If you ever need timber floor installation in Bendigo, you need to know that there is a correct method to do this. You should know this, so you understand what your contractor is doing. This will also help you make smart decisions as far as choosing the right contractor is concerned.

    At Australian Construction, there are two main ways by which we install the flooring. These two methods are the ones that we will discuss with you today.

    Direct Stick Method

    For timber floor installation in Bendigo, a common method that we use is the direct stick. In this process, we use adhesive materials to glue the timber floor to the substrate. The most common adhesive that we use is glue.

    However, this is not your ordinary glue. It is a special kind of wood glue that also sticks to concrete. For large industrial projects, we may use epoxy.

    This process is lengthy. We have to glue each board panel to the floor. Before we even do that, we have to ensure that we did the right substrate preparation. As you know, some concrete floorings are uneven. If we put wood panels n them, the unevenness will show.

    We prepare the substrate with methods like grinding and power sanding. This is a long process, and it produces a lot of dust. Some owners of industrial complexes prefer that we put plywood sheets on the floor first, and then add the timber flooring layer on top of it. 

    On some projects, we nail the timber flooring panels to the substrate. This is faster, but it is also unsightly. Nail heads will show on the floor, which some people do not want.

    Floating Method

    The second most common method is a process where we use timber floor panels that are engineered. These panels do not have to be glued. They are manufactured in such a way that they have locks and joints. 

    The job of the contractor is to put these panels together and lock them as you would do to Lego bricks or toys like that. Some use mortise and tenon types of joints to make the floor sturdy. 

    Floating flooring is ideal if you are buying pre-fabricated timber floor panels. They are also cheaper to install because there is no need to apply adhesive. However, the floor’s substrate also needs careful preparation. 

    If the owner wants it, we can also put plywood over the concrete, and then apply the timber flooring on top of the plywood. This takes faster. On some projects, we use foam as a substrate, especially in cold areas where insulation is a requirement. 

    Between the two, a direct stick is more expensive because of labour costs. However, they also produce better-looking floors. However, manufactured wood that can be used for floating may be expensive. In the end, you have to speak with your contractor for pricing so you can decide which one fits your budget. 

    Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Bendigo

    These two are not the only methods on how we do timber floor installation in Bendigo. There are others, but it is impractical to enumerate all of them here. In the end, it is you who will make this decision.

    If you have any question, or if you need clarification, do not hesitate to give us a call.

    In case you need a price quote for a floor installation project, we can also talk about that over the phone. Another option is for you to give us the details for your project on our contact form. We will review the details and respond to you with a price quote.