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Brisbane Timber Floor Installation: Types Of Wood We Install

    We at Australian Construction do not sell wood—we are professional installers of hardwood. If you need a Brisbane timber floor installation company, we are the one to call.

    There are so many types of hardwood that you can choose from. Then there are engineered wood and laminates. Today, we will share with you some of the wood flooring that we install.

    This does not mean that our service is limited to these examples—they are merely a showcase of what we can do for you at a minimum level.

    1. Engineered Timber

    This first option refers to soft timbers that are put together. They are sandwiched, and then they are covered with a laminated surface that is made of hardwood. In the wood flooring industry, these are called floating floors. 

    The good thing about this kind of timber is that it is already surfaced, coated, and cured. The timber is ready for installation once you order the supplies. This kind of wood flooring is stable, and many of these come with mortise and tenon joints. You do not even need nails to install them. 

    2. Laminate Timber

    The second most popular is laminate timber. This is a great option for projects where we can no longer stretch the budget. Laminate timber looks very similar to engineered timber. They are also durable, and there are so many options as far as stain and texture are concerned.  

    Laminate timber has four layers. These layers are pressed together. The first product is a big sheet, like MDF or plywood, and then it is stretched into various sizes. Because of this process, laminate timber is offered in many lengths.

    One good thing about laminate timber is that it uses a specific kind of jointing system. This jointing system takes into account the movement of the wood, therefore guaranteeing a stable flooring structure.  

    3. Vinyl Planks

    Vinyl planks are somehow rubbery. Some are made with a synthetic material that looks like wood, while some are made of real wood. Many of these are coated with urethane. It is this chemical that prevents the vinyl from getting scratched. 

    Vinyl is not scratch proof. They just have a layer of protection that prolongs the longevity of the product. This is one of the most affordable options in wood flooring today. They are also easy to install. Since it is made of vinyl, it has to be glued to the surface. 

    Another thing we need to note here is that vinyl is also waterproof. They come in many designs because they are not limited to the nature of real wood—the sky’s the limit as far as aesthetic qualities are concerned.

    How to choose a Brisbane timber Floor installation contractor

    Now that you know how to choose your wood, the next step is to know how to select a contractor. While wood is easy to come by, many problems arise if the contractor does not understand the wood and if the contractor uses the wrong installation method.

    Experience – experience is the key to any construction service. It allows the contractor to learn from all the projects that he or she has completed. We at Australian Construction have 20 years of business experience. We know what could possibly go wrong, and our experience has taught us how to handle different types of wood flooring. 

    Reputation – the reputation of the contractor is important, as it is an indicator of the quality of their work. We at Australian Construction take pride in our work and reputation.

    It is our reputation that has allowed us to operate not only in Brisbane but in other areas also, like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and many more. Make sure you ask around—ask your friends and colleagues about their experiences with floor installation contractors. 

    License – a license is proof that the contractor knows what he is doing. It also means that the contractor, as a business, has passed the stringent requirements of the government. We at Australian Construction have a license. Our engineers also have their own licenses.

    If a company has a license, it means that it has liability. Licensed companies are not likely to do a botched job for fear of losing the license to operate. 

    Pricing – this is a tricky matter. Not all contractors offer the same price for their services. When dealing with a contractor, you have to ensure that the services and expectations are clear. The price quote or job contract must indicate everything that they will do, and what you expect of them.  

    Warranty – this is proof that the contractor is confident about his work. A warranty against damage is a good indication that the contractor will not give you poor quality of work.

    We at Australian Construction offer a warranty. We guarantee our clients nothing but satisfaction. If the work done is not up to par with expectations, we will redo the work (although this does not happen because we provide the best floor installation service). 

    Do not hesitate to shop around for a Brisbane timber floor installation contractor. Ask them questions, and then make a check-list as to whether they meet the standards that we recommended here. After that, you can do a final short-list, and then decide who the best contractor is.  

    Summary: Brisbane Timber Floor Installation

    The first step to having a fantastic flooring is to choose the right wood. The second step is to make sure that they are installed properly.

    Hardwood and engineered wood products are great. But if they are used the wrong way, they are going to warp, crack—so many things can happen to wood. 

    This is why you need a legitimate Brisbane timber floor installation contractor. We at Australian Construction can give you this service. Just give us a call, and we will do an ocular inspection of your large-scale projects. 

    Once the inspection is done, we can discuss what kind of wood you like, and then we can give you a quote for the entire project—from wood cost to floor preparation and finishing.