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Bunbury Timber Floor Installation

Bunbury Timber Floor Installation

    Timber floor installation in Bunbury is a good project for someone who has taste. Although its appearance plays a big part in its appreciation, it provides much more than that.

    This is what we’re going to focus on for today’s article. After reading, you can expect to know the advantages of a wooden floor. From there, you can decide if this is what you need for your home or not.

    Simple Installation Process

    Unlike other types of flooring, timber planks don’t require much. During installation, you can choose from a variety of methods. All of these are fairly simple. For you to understand better, below is an overview of the most used methods:

    • Nailing
    • Stapling
    • Adhesives
    • Floating Method

    Whichever you and your team agree on, you can expect a straightforward process. These won’t need complex materials nor rare ones as most of the tools are accessible. All in all, your flooring project will progress smoothly.

    High Aesthetic Quality

    Timber floors are most popular for their aesthetic qualities. It will give your home a classic vibe. The best thing about it is its ability to match almost all types of interior design. Whether you’re going for a minimalist or vintage theme, this can do your home justice.

    In addition, even if this gets old, you can expect that its look won’t grow worse. In fact, it tends to look better as it ages.

    Low Maintenance

    Compared to concrete, tiles, or other wooden floors, timber floor installation in Bunbury is easy to maintain. You don’t have to go through various hoops in keeping it clean.

    It is enough that you sweep and mop it once a week. This is because dirt and dust don’t stick on the surface. They also don’t get trapped in the gaps.

    Apart from this, you don’t have to avail specialised maintenance services post-project. Hence, you don’t have to pay regular fees for it.

    Great Durability

    Another distinct quality of timber floors is their great durability. This can hold extreme weight without the risk of cracks and unneeded gaps.

    This will also be a good asset to buildings that experience heavy traffic daily. Hence, you can also expect this to last for a very long time. You won’t need to get this redone in the next few years or so.

    Increases Overall Building Value

    If your plan is to sell, lease, or rent out your building, then timber floor can be a good way to increase its value. No matter if that is your initial goal, or you are saving it for the future, it will last long.

    Due to its appearance and strength, the building can better maintain its good condition. Thus, you can put it up for a higher price. This will also set it apart from the competition. As long as it installed by experts, you won’t have to worry about finding a buyer.

    Improves Acoustics and Air Quality

    The last benefit on our list revolves around acoustics and air quality. If you’re sick of echoes and unstable temperature, timber flooring can solve your issues.

    Because of its structure, you can expect a well-ventilated house. Similarly, this will provide you with a better sound flow within your building.

    Aside from ventilation, this can also reduce the number of allergens such as fur, dust, and likes.

    Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Bunbury

    Considering the pros of timber flooring, it will definitely give your home a nice touch. If your goal includes either one or all of the above, it will put you at a great advantage.

    Keep in mind that to have these, you have to work with a skilled team. If you’re interested, you can reach out to us through call, text, or email. We’re a group of timber floor installation contractors located at Bunbury. We’ll be sure to respond as soon as we can.