Professional Timber Floor Installation In Rockhampton

Rockhampton Timber Floor Installation

Rockhampton Timber Floor Installation

    There are various ways on how workers do timber floor installation in Rockhampton. They will choose depending on certain project qualities. Hence, this means that the site will go through intense review before starting.

    In this article, we’re going to talk about the most used installation methods. This will help you be more well-informed about the topic. We will also talk about how you can choose the right method for your project.

    Nail-Down Technique

    The most common method used by contractors is the nail-down technique. This is also the simplest one out of the list. If one is looking for an easy do-it-yourself way, then this is the best path to go.

    From the name, this uses hammer and nails in installing the timber planks to the sub-floor. In most cases, this uses regular tools. However, in other cases such as a rare sub-floor type or thicker timber, the method will use special flooring nails.

    Stapling Method

    The next method on our list is very similar to the former. To be specific, we will talk about the stapling method. What makes this different is that instead of manual work, this uses a stapler.

    This allows for a more convenient installation. Don’t confuse this with the common one used in paperwork. This is relatively larger and has more power.

    If your goal is to have a shorter turnaround time, then this will give you the most advantage. The issue, however, is that you may need to pay extra for the stapler. This is especially true if you don’t own one, and you need to rent the equipment.


    Adhesives will be a good choice if you already have existing flooring, and you don’t want to remove it. This requires greater expertise, though.

    You have to know which type of adhesive is for which. In addition, you have to research the brand that works best. This will help you avoid issues like constant redo or the planks not sticking at all.

    For the adhesive to work better, this needs to use a vapour barrier. This will eliminate climate-related risks and issues.

    Floating Installation

    Lastly, we have the floating type for timber floor installation in Rockhampton. This is specifically for engineered timber flooring only. You can also consider this as the most innovative method.

    In a nutshell, this method won’t require any of the timber planks to directly attach to your sub-floor. Instead, the workers will attach the planks with each other. In that way, it will become a full flooring by itself.

    The contractors will then place this on top of the sub-floor. Take note, however, that the sub-floor should have another flooring material. This can be an existing one or a cork pad. This will allow a better placement.

    How to Choose the Right Method

    Before wrapping up, let us give you an overview of the factors that you should consider before choosing a method. See the list below:

    • Floor Dimensions
    • Current Sub-floor Condition
    • Budget
    • Target Turnaround Time
    • Project Goals

    Usually, you and your team will discuss this before starting the project. Doing so will enable both parties to have the same mindset towards the project. You will also know what to expect in terms of the results and risks.

    Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Rockhampton

    To be sure that you will use the right method, you should work with experts. By experts, we mean floor installation contractors.

    Finding a high-quality team will give you the assurance for your project’s success. If you are looking for one, we suggest looking into our team at Rockhampton.

    We’re a group of timber floor installation contractors who have great experience in the field. You can count on us to bring you the results that you want. To reach us, you can call or text us on our phone number. We also accept emails.