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Wollongong Timber Floor Installation

Wollongong Timber Floor Installation

    If you need a contractor for timber floor installation in Wollongong, know that not all contractors will give you the same value for your money. We at Australian Construction have been in this for a long while, and we often hear complaints from our clients about other contractors.

    To help you out, we have put together a list of what you could do to properly hire a group. Use this list as your guide in making business decisions. After all, you do not want to hire a contractor who will do a botched job.

    Check the license

    If you hire a contractor for timber floor installation in Wollongong, check if the contractor has a license. It is a document from the government giving them the “right” to do this job.

    Like driving, the construction industry is regulated. It is a dangerous industry, and the government has to protect both the contractor and the consumer.

    The license serves as evidence that the contractor knows how to do this job—that he passed all the requirements of the government, and that he knows what laws to comply with.  

    Check the experience

    Experience is key to success. The more projects a contractor has completed, the more exposure they have to all sorts of problems that can occur. As such, they have what it takes to mitigate these problems.

    Generally, we do not recommend that you work with new contractors, especially so if you have a huge project. What we recommend is to choose a contractor who has been in this business for over five years.

    Why is this important? If the contractor has enough tenure, it also means that they have served a lot of clients. Obviously, this will not happen if they provide a bad service—a contractor that has been around for a while means they are a trusted name in the industry.  

    Check the reputation 

    Third on our list is the reputation of the contractor. Ask around if the contractor is someone who delivers according to expectations. You would be surprised that there are many people who have complaints.

    Ask your friends and family for referrals. If you are an engineer, you surely know of others who can provide you with the name of trustworthy timber floor experts. You can also use social media and websites to look for reputable contractors who will do your timber floor installation in Wollongong.  

    Check the price

    The last factor that you have to consider is the cost of the project. Some contractors will charge you an arm and a leg.

    If this is your first time, then it is likely that you have no point of comparison. What we recommend is that you speak with different contractors. Give the same details about your project, and then wait for the price quote.

    Do this for at least five contractors. Then, get the average of the five price points This average is going to be your baseline. Do not work with the contractor who has the highest quote. Instead, look for one that is close enough to this average.

    Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Wollongong

    Earlier, we said that we have been in his business for so long—more than 20 years if you really want to know. We possess the qualifications that we enumerated here. If you have any question, do let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

    For project pricing, we can discuss this over the phone, or you could use our contact form. If you do the latter, please give us the details of your project and we will assess it from our end. An engineer will be in contact with you soon.