Brisbane Tipper Truck Hire By Australian Construction Services


    Do you have upcoming bulk waste removal project or bulk haulage? If so, you need tipper truck hire. In light of this, Australian Construction provides quality tipper truck hire in Brisbane. Our services include 12t tipper hire at affordable rates. Please talk to us today about our tipper truck hire services.

    Bulk haulage services

    At Australian Construction, we handle all sized projects, and our expert staff undertakes major and minor projects. We provide comprehensive tipper truck hire services in Brisbane. Therefore your bulk haulage project is handled expertly, and you can meet all your deadlines. Regardless of your project’s remoteness, our staff delivers the equipment directly to you. Our services for tipper truck hire in Brisbane are flexible.

    As a result, you can use the Australian Construction tippers for short and long-term projects. If you do not meet your deadline, we will help you to change your contract to suit your new situation.

    We offer Isuzu tipper hire in Brisbane. This service is best for bulk haulage projects in these sectors:

    • Mining
    • Civil works
    • Construction

    Our Isuzu tipper hire is also perfect for your waste removal project when you do not need to purchase heavy machinery.

    Quality tipper truck-hire solutions

    At Australian Construction, we have vast experience in all the waste removal projects we undertake. In addition, we have significant expertise. Also, our fleet of 12t tippers makes it easy for us to have return customers! When you contact us, we organise and coordinate your tipper truck hire in Brisbane.

    Because our prices are competitive small and large firms benefit from our tipper truck hire solutions. We work with you, ensuring that all the necessary tools and equipment are at your disposal.

    Tipper hire locations

    Is your upcoming project in Brisbane or nearby areas? If so, we can dispatch our tipper truck to your location fast and efficiently. Tipper trucks are sometimes referred to as dump trucks. They provide an efficient and safe method of transporting loose materials.

    Perhaps you are a supplier, farmer, or contractor. Or maybe you run a construction company. Under these circumstances, a tipper truck offers you a useful trade tool.

    For most of our clients, tipper truck hire in Brisbane is an affordable way of replacing their vehicles when they are being repaired. Tipper trucks also provide a specialised service for a particular project. So please get in touch with Australian Construction if you have these projects:

    • Quarry work
    • Demolition
    • Clearing
    • Carting soil, aggregate, or sand

    Australian Construction offers highly competitive rates for long and short-term tipper truck hire in Brisbane.

    Easy to operate

    An Australian Construction truck hire vehicle can be operated easily in tight areas. For this reason, it is perfect for inner city construction areas. It is easy to load the open-bed truck because the bed’s rear has hinges and hydraulic levers are fixed here. The hydraulic lifter propels the bed’s front upwards. As a result, the load of loose material is offloaded or dumped safely.

    Comfort and safety for the driver

    To us, the driver’s safety and comfort are paramount. For this reason, we equip our contemporary fleet of rental trucks with a tandem drive axle. When driving at speed on highways, this technology enhances handling and stability. Moreover if you have a tyre puncture, the impact is less dramatic. Another benefit of having a smooth ride is:

    • Less stress
    • Driver comfort
    • The cab does not have a lot of noise

    Practical solutions

    We appreciate that your time is valuable, especially when you are running a business. In light of this Australian Construction provides a large 14 cubic metre body tipper truck for hire in Brisbane. It is easy to load this tipper and offload it. Therefore our tipper trucks help you in remaining productive. Best of all you deliver the work quickly and efficiently.


    The two-way tailgate is our favourite feature, and we believe you will adore it too! This feature presents a smart design. It means you can switch the tailgate easily: either top-hinged or side. A crucial safety benefit is that you can work the hoist from a safe position on the trailer’s side. Hence it decreases the risk of human error.


    Australian Construction has a great reputation in Brisbane. The reason is we deliver outstanding customer service. Furthermore we are proud to operate a fleet of modern tipper truck hire vehicles in Brisbane.

    Our vehicles go through a multi-point safety inspection before leaving our depot. Additionally our team consists of qualified and experienced technicians. This skilled team services and maintains our fleet in-house.

    It will be our pleasure to provide tipper truck hire services to you today!