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Ballarat Waterproofing Contractor

Ballarat Waterproofing Contractor

    Keep water and moisture out with the Australian Construction skilled home or business waterproofing. We waterproof your basement and bathroom. Additionally, our waterproofing contractor in Ballarat offers quality and durable services. Therefore your home or business has complete protection. More importantly, our services are affordable. We have experience in different kinds of waterproofing. Our team can waterproof your entire home such as:

    • Rooftop
    • Balcony
    • Basement 
    • Laundry room
    • Bathroom 

    Additionally, we offer commercial waterproofing solutions to all shops, offices and businesses. We also undertake new building constructions. Also, we carry out renovations.

    Professional waterproofing

    For years Australian Construction has provided professional waterproofing services in Ballarat. Our clients include businesses and homeowners. We offer the technology and expertise your business or home needs. As a result, you have adequate and long-lasting waterproofing.

    Rooftop waterproofing

    We install and repair rooftop waterproofing. Because of this, we serve Ballarat homes of all sizes and shapes. It includes homes with rooftop gardens. Therefore call us today for an obligation free quote! Rooftops are an essential part of the construction procedure. In addition, it is a vital element where waterproofing is concerned. Your rooftop presents the top of your building. 

    Moreover, it covers all the habitable rooms. For this reason, it is essential to fit your rooftop with the correct kind of waterproofing product.  It is vital to work with an experienced professional like Australian Construction as well. Additionally, the waterproofer and builder should have effective communication. Because of this, no problems arise during installation.

    The waterproofing contractor in Ballarat installs specialised rooftop waterproofing products. We apply these products to compressed cement sheeting. Additionally, we use them for concrete, insulated roof panels and structural plywood. We install durable and trafficable membranes. Due to this, it can be left open to the harsh sun in Australia. Alternatively, we can cover it up with pavers, decking and tiles. It depends on your preference.

    Going green

    Today more and more people are fixing gardens on their roofs. As a result, they beautifully use that extra space. This feature is called a green roof.’ Australian Construction is licensed to provide ‘Green Roof Membranes.’ We install these membranes on green rooftops. We mainly cover it using protection layers. After that, we offer soil, garden beds and drainage services. Call our team today for more data on rooftop waterproofing.

    Swimming pool waterproofing

    When your swimming pool suffers leaks, it mainly results in gradual water loss. Due to this, many times, the leaks are not noticeable. In the end, you incur heavy financial losses due to lost water. This water loss affects the environment as well. 

    We have years of experience in installing and repairing swimming pool waterproofing for pools. Moreover, we handle pools of all sizes and shapes—for example, we waterproof indoor pools and spas. We provide services to clients all over Ballarat. As a result, we help in protecting homes from expensive repairs linked to moisture damage. Our team offers expert installation and leak detection. We offer crack repair services also.

    Our services cover below ground spas and pools. Also, we cover wet spaces all over the home—for instance, waterproof laundries, bathrooms, rooftop gardens and backyard decking. Waterproofing water-retaining structures involves a careful procedure. Therefore work with an experienced company like Australian Construction. Moreover, we use top quality waterproofing materials. 


    At Australian Construction has the essential experience. Given this, we ensure safety, compliance and efficiency. So, we deliver wonderful outcomes on terrace waterproofing. We also carry out efficient leaking balcony repairs in Ballarat. More importantly, all our works adhere to the applicable Australian Standards. For additional information about our waterproofing works, call us today.

    We look forward to giving you the best waterproofing services in Ballarat!