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Bendigo Waterproofing Contractor

Bendigo Waterproofing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we apply and offer waterproofing services. We offer our services to new structures. In addition, our waterproofing contractor in Bendigo repairs and protects existing buildings from water damage. For example, we provide waterproofing projects like floors, decks and verandas. We also waterproof water channels, garden ponds, roofs, etc.

    When you work with us, you have the guarantee that we will deliver top quality products. In addition, our team is experienced in the industry. Moreover, our waterproofing contractors are highly knowledgeable. Because of this, they have the required skills. As a result, they give you the ideal solution for the project at hand.

    Superior waterproofing membranes

    Do you want to protect your building from water damage? In that case, it would be best to pick a unique waterproofing membrane system. Concrete is exceptionally absorbent, and it has similar properties to a sponge. Therefore if it is not protected correctly, it soaks up water. 

    As a result, it causes damage. Under these circumstances, Australian Construction offers waterproofing services. Additionally, our top quality concrete waterproofing system prevents cracking. In addition, it contains other serious issues. Are you experiencing some cracking? In that case, we can also offer concrete crack repair services. We provide corrosion protection services as well.

    The waterproofing contractor in Bendigo provides corrosion protection. We apply this service to existing and new concrete.  More importantly, we use the best waterproofing products. Are you at the planning stage of constructing a new building? Or do you require concrete crack repair on surfaces suffering damage? In that case, we are your solution! Australian Construction can help you in whatever we can with any of your waterproofing requirements. One of our skilled waterproofing contractors will give you a customised solution to suit your needs. 

    We apply waterproofing membranes in various areas like:

    Our polyuria and polyurethane products and systems give you durable waterproofing protection. Moreover, we ensure you will love our products and services. 

    Different waterproofing services

    Waterproofing kitchens

    The waterproofing contractor in Bendigo waterproofs some critical elements in the kitchen. For instance, we waterproof the counters and cabinets. We also waterproof splashbacks near the stove and sink. Most kitchen waterproofing involves a blend of joint sealing and surface treatment. Due to this, spills or leaks do not seep into your cabinets before you clean them up. So if you want this type of waterproofing, we can deliver.

    External waterproofing

    Undoubtedly external waterproofing is the most important. The reason is it helps your house remain dry during rain. Additionally, it protects your home from the long-term effect of ambient humidity. Good waterproofing is essential for any area in your home that moisture can enter. It includes gutters, walls and roofs. 

    Waterproofing services are provided to all modern homes during construction. This service is also essential for building foundations and windows. However, if your home is old and is experiencing water damage, call our expert waterproofers today. They will quickly diagnose the issue.

    Waterproofing bathrooms

    We apply bathroom waterproofing before tiles are laid. For this, we use a combination of paint on and sheet liquid membranes. We utilise two coats, and each takes 24 hours to dry. Every sealant is also required after the tiles are down. We take around four days to carry out this procedure.


    Working with Australian Construction gives you top-notch waterproofing services. Therefore avoid waiting for heavy thunderstorms and heavy rains. Please get in touch with us today, and we will provide you with consultations for waterproofing treatment. At any time, water or moisture can enter a home. Consequently, it can cause damage. You might be living in a moderately dry area. For this reason, it would be best for us to carry out your waterproofing before the rainy climate. Therefore, call us for a consultation and inspection.

    Talk to us today and remain safe and dry!