Fully Qualified Waterproofing Contractor In Bunbury

Bunbury Waterproofing Contractor

Bunbury Waterproofing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we offer amazing waterproofing services. Moreover, our prices are affordable. Our waterproofing contractor in Bunbury offers commercial waterproofing. Additionally, we provide residential waterproofing over tiles. We are greatly experienced in specifying and installing our waterproofing membrane systems. 

    Also, our team helps you in choosing the ideal products. Due to this, we provide services that match your project’s needs. Therefore we supply and install the appropriate waterproofing membrane system for you. Furthermore, we help in renovating your bathroom or balcony. In addition, we repair rising damp. As a result, we stop the leakage in your basement.

    Our quality services

    Do you want a commercial waterproofing contractor? In that case, do not look any further than Australian Construction. We have vast experience in delivering various waterproofing solutions for Bunbury businesses. For example, we have served large warehouses and office buildings. We use only top quality materials. Furthermore, we utilise tested and verified methods when undertaking any project.

    If you are worried about your project’s small details, trust our skilled team. They work with you to get the most affordable and effective solution for your business. In other words, we offer Bunbury’s best waterproofing services. The waterproofing contractor in Bunbury values quality artistry. Additionally, no project is too small or big for us. Our competent team also undertakes remedial waterproofing on Strata structures and more.

    We have trained and certified waterproofers. Moreover, they are skilled in all waterproofing techniques. For instance, they are experienced in PVC, liquid, peel and stick, TPO and injection membranes. Therefore we deliver quality solutions. Our comprehensive services include corporate branding and leak detection for rooftops. For years we have completed projects.

    Repairing leaking balconies

    Bunbury is a lovely area to live in. However, many times the weather can restrict outside activities. Under these circumstances, a balcony can help your home greatly. However, a leaking balcony is a significant source of stress to a homeowner. Therefore you need to fix it quickly. Given that, please get in touch with our waterproofing contractor in Bunbury.

    It can be complex to fix a leaking balcony. Moreover, it may be costly. But Australian Construction provides affordable and quality waterproofing services. Because of this, our team waterproofs directly over the tiles. After installing the membrane, we include uniquely designed recycled glass. This glass presents UV stability and is also a non-slip, toughened coating. We have a range of six colours. As a result, the coating looks attractive. Have you noticed that your balcony is damaged? Or is it leaking? In that case, talk to us for quality leaking balcony repairs.

    Waterproofing decks & balconies

    Our team waterproofs external wet areas. For example, we waterproof decks, balconies, terraces and courtyards. However, many times these areas experience recurring problems. It is especially so in commercial apartment blocks. Domestic housing experiences these issues also. Because of this, they are believed to be a leading cause of building defects. Therefore work with the qualified waterproofing contractor in Bunbury. We offer you a lasting waterproofing solution.

    We greatly advise using a sheet membrane for new external balconies. Australian Construction has repaired, waterproofed and replaced various balconies in Bunbury and its surroundings. We are experts in installing sheet membranes. Therefore please get in touch with us. We supply and install the ideal product for your outside wet area.


    Waterproofing mainly entails durability. Accidents can arise if the waterproofing is not permanent. Given this, Australian Construction ensures you get durable waterproofing that lasts long. Our professionals choose ideal waterproofing membranes. It depends on your needs and different factors. Furthermore, we only use top quality hardware and products. Because of this, we provide reliable outcomes.

    Please call us now for a durable service that solves your waterproofing problems!