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Canberra Waterproofing Contractor

Canberra Waterproofing Contractor

    Are you operating your business from an existing structure? Or do you intend to acquire a new property? Under these circumstances, commercial waterproofing is necessary for your operations’ longevity. Given this, Australian Construction meets all your waterproofing needs. Moreover, our waterproofing contractor in Canberra carefully assesses your building and determines the ideal waterproofing solution for you.

    We remove control joint caulking. Hence we replace old failed gaskets. Our team completes our waterproofing services on time and within budget. Therefore you have peace of mind. For us, no project is too big or small. After all, our qualified and experienced team makes your building physically appealing. Additionally, we provide elastomeric coatings. Due to this, your building has more protection from the elements.

    Indications of water damage

    There are various signs of water damage. For example, indications of water damage are mildew, rotting and corrosion. It does not only repel clients but also becomes dangerous quickly. These signs trigger health issues quickly as well. 

    Because of this, your building’s structural integrity is compromised. As a result, it can collapse. Do you believe your property needs commercial waterproofing services? In that case, call our waterproofing contractor in Canberra today.

    Quality waterproofing services

    Australian Construction specialises in external and internal waterproofing services. Our services are available to clients all over Canberra and its surroundings. Because of this, we meet our customer’s customised needs. The waterproofing contractor in Canberra has vast experience in the industry. 

    Due to this, we comprehend our client’s tailored needs. More importantly, we have skilled technicians. Additionally, they are fully licensed. For this reason, they can waterproof any section of your business. Moreover, they guarantee top quality standards, professionalism and artistry.

    Our team remains updated on the newest waterproofing trends. They are also informed about new application methods. Due to this, we ensure you get the best suggestions about suitable waterproofing applications and finishes. Also, we undertake the work efficiently with the least disruption.

    Where waterproofing for bathrooms or kitchen is concerned, the damage is the last thing you want. Damage triggered by wet areas to a building or home is enormous. The reason is that damage or leakage of wet areas can destroy a building’s structural integrity. Additionally, it can recur after some years. No other method exists for repairing damages apart from waterproofing. 

    No special re-grouter or sealer can fix the applications fast. As a result, it can take between three months to one year, depending on its extent. Furthermore, these quick fixes do not repair the waterproofing membrane. Instead, it provides a temporary fix. For this reason, when you experience damage, talk to us about waterproofing solutions.

    Structural waterproofing services

    Water & gas proofing membranes

    You may need waterproofing as part of an underground protection method against water entry. Or it might involve an area where you need gas protection. Regardless, our team works with an existing design. Alternatively, our team forms a design using your construction drawings. 

    The waterproofing contractor in Canberra has experience in handling peaceful surroundings. Moreover, we have the expertise to deal with complex environments. Our team works with a presented soil report. They can also commission the report for you. Australian Construction works with various manufacturers. Furthermore, we use long-established technology systems. Additionally, we utilise newly approved technology methods.


    Australian Construction has vast knowledge and training in waterproofing services. Moreover, we have exceptional experience and skills in this field. We use leading technology to solve daily waterproofing problems. Additionally, we handle more complex and problematic structural issues. As a result, your home or business remains free from mould. When you talk to us, we respond quickly. Our team provides you with an obligation free quote. Additionally, they advise you according to your situation.

    So talk to us for the best waterproofing solutions in Canberra today!