Your Go-To Waterproofing Contractor In Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Waterproofing Contractor

Coffs Harbour Waterproofing Contractor

    Australian Construction has vast experience in the waterproofing sector. Moreover, we have a current builders license. For this reason, we have the mandate to undertake work that entails more than waterproofing. So, for example, our waterproofing contractor in Coffs Harbour carries out concrete roofs remediation. Furthermore, we are specialists in all kinds of waterproofing applications. We apply these solutions to internal and external areas. The Australian Construction team is fully licensed and qualified. We handle minor and major projects. 

    Not only do we serve Coffs Harbour but also the surrounding area. Our in-house builders have years of experience in all sized projects. For instance, we have worked on stadiums and shacks. Given this, our team has the necessary expertise for efficient fault finding.

    Our efficient waterproofing services

    The waterproofing contractor in Coffs Harbour thoroughly:

    • Assesses your structure
    • Targets possible problem areas
    • Carries out meticulous testing 

    Because of this, we establish where water might ingress into a bridge, substation, building, skyscraper or different construction. Australian Construction designs various products to prevent water from entering structures. In addition, we ensure we carry out proper installation. As a result, we deliver efficient work. Because of this, building owners do not have to handle ongoing issues that may arise from a failed membrane.

    Excessive moisture content causes cracks and mildew. In addition, too much moisture results in wet basements and rotting. Because of this, the foundation suffers significant damage. In the end, the damage spreads hence affecting the entire structure. For this reason, we ensure we install the waterproofing product appropriately. Consequently, we ensure your property’s foundation remains dry.

    Australian Construction uses advanced technology techniques of the waterproofing membrane. Given this, our services are more effective and affordable. We protect your building structure. As a result, we preserve your investment. Additionally, your property’s retail value is maintained. The waterproofing contractor in Coffs Harbour determines the flow and direction of water during downpours.

     It is an important point before we apply an injection system or waterproof membrane. Because of this, we offer waterproofing services that include changing the water flow from the building. It may involve modifying the fall and sloping surrounding the building. 

    Under these circumstances, it is advisable to let a professional like Australian Construction assess the situation. We help you in determining the correct technique for your budget and structure. Protecting your building using a waterproofing membrane helps you in preventing major repairs.

    Acrylic membranes

    The waterproofing contractor in Coffs Harbour installs the ideal waterproofing membranes for the existing situation. We use different membranes for different situations. Because of this, we have various membranes.  For instance, we use acrylic membranes for areas with minimal traffic. Some of these areas are balconies, rooftops and retaining walls. We use caulking on expansion joints. In addition, our team utilises bonding tape on all joints. Due to this, we ensure the membrane delivers optimal results.

    Torch-on membranes

    Australian Construction applies all kinds of torch-on membranes. Given this, we install mineral torch-on membranes. In addition, we install straight one-layer torch-on membranes. The most prevalent faults are penetrations detailing and edges overlapping. Under these circumstances, we prime the area. 

    We also check every detail before we apply the membrane. Using this method ensures a top-quality outcome. Torch-on remains the best type of waterproofing. It describes thick bitumen. Due to this, it facilitates heavy traffic. Moreover, it stops UV rays from destroying the membrane.


    At Australian Construction, we use the most appropriate waterproofing solutions for each project. Consequently, our waterproofing experts offer top efficiency and durable outcomes. We carry out damp proofing and waterproofing services in all sectors. Also, we offer remedial waterproofing improvements to all kinds of areas. Our waterproofers are knowledgeable and experienced. More importantly, they have extensive training in all waterproofing systems.

    It will be our pleasure to give you the best waterproofing services in Coffs Harbour!