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Geelong Waterproofing Contractor

Geelong Waterproofing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we appreciate that renovating is exciting! However, you may forget essential factors like waterproofing. Before tiling, our waterproofing contractor in Geelong carries out waterproofing. As a result, your home becomes safe. Moreover, your new tiled area gives you a long life.

    More importantly, we adhere to the Australian standard guidelines. Because of this, you are at peace knowing we will take care of your home or business. Our tilers use the best products. Because of this, we ensure we leave your property exactly the way you want. 

    Bathroom waterproofing

    The waterproofing contractor in Geelong applies bathroom membranes. These bathroom membranes are water-resistant. Because of this, the water does not soak into the walls. Consequently, your bathroom remains fresh. Also, the wall does not become damp. Moreover, bacteria and fungi do not develop on the surface over time.

    Outstanding adhesion

    Australian Construction applies waterproofing bathroom membrane. As a result, you do not have to worry about crevices, cracks and breakage. The waterproofing membrane features excellent bond strength. Therefore it is compatible with all adhesives.


    We provide durable membranes. Additionally, it is resistant to alkali and different chemical solutions. So our team applies the appropriate membrane for your bathroom. 


    We provide bathroom membranes that feature a tear-resistant surface. Given this, it is highly recommended. Additionally, it has a special vapour retarder. Due to this, we apply it directly to the bathroom motor surfaces and tiles.

    Utilised on all bathroom surfaces

    The Australian Construction waterproofing membranes suit wet areas. For example, they are appropriate for the shower and steam room. Also, they suit bathroom tiles surfaces. In addition, it is best for use on bathroom corners, walls and floors.

    Water resistance

    The waterproofing contractor in Geelong provides popular bathroom membranes. The reason is that they prevent the incidence of damage due to dampness and water. Furthermore, surfaces remain clean and free from mould and mildew. Comparatively, our bathroom membranes are thinner and more robust than others in the market.

    Waterproofing & repairs of concrete roof

    Waterproofing roofs to prevent leaks

    For any building, the roof is a crucial element. However, it also experiences the most impact. The roof has exposure to natural climatic conditions. So the harsh sun and rain affect the roof directly. So if you do not take appropriate care, leaks damage the building’s structure. Hence erosion and dampness occur. It impacts the building’s overall appearance. In addition, it destroys the interior paint and décor.

    At Australian Construction, we have provided roof waterproofing services for all kinds of buildings. Do you have a shopping mall, factory or office? Or do you have a residential home, apartment or commercial establishment? Regardless we ensure our roof waterproofing services comply with Australian standards. We also ensure we follow international standards. 

    Benefits of our waterproofing solutions:

    Australian Construction works hard to offer durable concrete roof waterproofing solutions. Our services are suitable for a new or old building. These services are also excellent for roofing or a terrace. Before starting any roof waterproofing works, our team takes care of all the prerequisites. We also ensure that we have all the requirements ready. The waterproofing contractor in Geelong undertakes waterproofing services according to our client’s needs. Additionally, we adhere to each specification they mention. More importantly, we pay attention to all the details.


    Australian Construction various kinds of waterproofing services. For instance, we provide concrete roof waterproofing like acrylic waterproof coating. We also offer polyurethane waterproof coating. We ensure that we use the best quality resources for the whole procedure of the project. The best expert contractors available handle your entire roof waterproofing project.

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