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Gladstone Waterproofing Contractor

Gladstone Waterproofing Contractor

    Waterproofing is essential to all types of buildings. Properly installed waterproofing prevents moisture and water from accessing a building’s structural areas. Moreover, it stops potential damage from happening. Given this, Australian Construction has provided waterproofing services for years. Additionally, our waterproofing contractor in Gladstone provides various quality waterproofing solutions.

    In other words, we offer reliable waterproofing services and products. We have a team of highly skilled and hardworking waterproofers. They apply waterproofing membranes to all external and internal wet areas. Moreover, we help you in waterproofing outdoor and indoor areas like:

    Our quality waterproofing services

    Our comprehensive range of waterproofing solutions includes:

    • Retaining wall waterproofing
    • Lift pits, stormwater, sewer waterproofing
    • Building rooftop waterproofing & repairs
    • Rectification of car park leaks
    • Repairs to expansion joints leaking
    • Industrial and civil facilities waterproofing
    • External façade waterproofing
    • Building landscape waterproofing
    • Shower, strata bathroom waterproofing
    • Basement waterproofing and a lot more

    At Australian Construction, we have vast experience in applying various waterproofing systems. For instance we use PVC membrane, bitumen and bentonite. We also use polyuria, epoxy and polyurethane. Additionally, we supply and apply every kind of torch-applied sheet membrane. For instance, we apply straight or mineral 1-layer. Where torch-applied membranes are concerned, a common fault is edges overlapping and penetrations detailing.

    Because of this, the waterproofing contractor in Gladstone ensures priming of the area is carried out. Additionally, we check all the details before applying the membrane. Torch applied membrane describes a heavy-duty type of waterproofing. It is common in a blinder and retaining applications. The reason is that it is a dense bitumen material. Due to this, it facilitates heavy traffic. More importantly, the membrane does not experience damage due to UV rays.

    PVC Membrane

    Our PVC is the most durable waterproofing option. This product is proven to last for a long time without replacing. PVC is a durable waterproofing choice. We have verified that this product can last for a long time. Hence you do not need to replace it. In addition, Australian Construction PVC membranes provide numerous other advantages like:

    • Great low-temperature flexibility
    • High-temperature tolerance
    • Fire resistant
    • Impact-resistant
    • Puncture resistant
    • Simple to repair
    • Verified durability against rooftop contamination and soiling
    • Simple to install using various attachment methods
    • It offers wonderful visual feedback of artistry during installation and afterwards.

    Polyurethane membrane

    The aforementioned is a popular choice because it has various uses. For this reason, the waterproofing contractor in Gladstone applies it on different substrates. For example:

    Polyurethane presents great flexible qualities. In addition, this material has a seamless element. For this reason, it is an appealing option in areas with maximum traffic. We can roll polyurethane membranes traditionally. Alternatively, we can use a high-pressure spray machine to spray. The drying of the sprayed application depends on the weather. In ambient weather conditions, it dries in about 25 seconds. Meanwhile, in an environment of 20 degrees, we can move the product in 24 hours. A topcoat may be necessary to safeguard against UV rays. It depends on the kind of membrane. 

    Epoxy membrane

    For years we have experienced an increase in demand for our epoxy membrane. Furthermore, this is a popular waterproofing product in the industrial and commercial sectors. The Australian Construction epoxy coating is famous because:

    Our competent team repairs your structure and applies an epoxy coating system. But, more importantly, we apply an epoxy coating that suits your particular needs.


    Australian Construction is a leader in waterproofing services in Gladstone. In light of this, we are the top choice for most construction firms. We are a local expert flooring and waterproofing company. Due to this, we deliver the highest standards quickly and efficiently. As a result, we have delivered quality work to hundreds of happy clients over the years.

    It will be our pleasure to offer you the best waterproofing solutions in Gladstone!