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Hervey Bay Waterproofing Contractor

Hervey Bay Waterproofing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we undertake exceptional waterproofing services. Moreover, our services are affordable. Because of this, our waterproofing contractor in Hervey Bay is popular among businesses and homeowners. We provide residential and commercial waterproofing. Additionally, our team waterproofs over tiles. 

    We have vast experience in installing waterproofing membrane systems. Additionally, we carry out remedial works to aging homes. Also, we help with your balcony and bathroom renovation. Our team supplies and installs a suitable waterproofing membrane system for your work. 

    Wet areas

    Water ingress is the leading cause of building defects. It happens due to poor artistry. Moreover, it occurs because of improperly installed waterproofing membranes. Due to this, you incur a costly repair rectification bill. Under these circumstances, Australian Construction appreciates the importance of proper waterproofing. Therefore we ensure quality is our top priority. But, more importantly, we follow Australian Standards. As a result, we provide optimal artistry and final products.


    The waterproofing contractor in Hervey Bay uses only high-grade commercial products. Due to this, we ensure the durability of a rooftop membrane. We have many options for rooftop waterproofing. Therefore it will be our pleasure to advise you depending on your next project.

    Water features

    Does the water level in your water feature or pond constantly leak? Many times it occurs due to a malfunctioning waterproofing membrane. Under these circumstances, we use high-grade submersible membranes. Our team handles your water feature from beginning to end.

    Basement leaks and minor concrete repairs

    Australian Construction offers technical services. Given this, we use various top quality resins. We also use quality repair materials. Our team stops leaks through joints and concrete substrates cracks. Each circumstance varies. Due to this, there are various contributing factors. Under these circumstances, call us now for an assessment on site. We will determine how to handle the water entry. 

    Retaining walls

    Where existing and new retaining walls are concerned, you need to consider more than a waterproofing membrane. For this reason, our team also evaluates the form of substrate. In addition, they also consider the landfill grading and drainage.

    Increasing damp

    When dampness increases, it leads to significant expenses. Worse still, it poses a health hazard. Are you experiencing a moisture issue? In that case, the waterproofing contractor in Hervey Bay has the solutions to solve it.

    Negative side waterproofing 

    Is your retaining wall leaking? Or are you unable to reach the wall from the positive side? In this situation, the answer may be negative side waterproofing. So, we use a blend of resin and grout (pressure-resistant). In addition, we include unique hydrostatic membranes. Therefore, we stop the water from seeping into the basement. We also prevent the water from entering through below-grade walls, leading to an unsightly appearance.

    Polyurethane injection

    Maybe your basement is leaking. Or perhaps the water is seeping through joints and cracks. Fortunately, we have the answer! In this situation, we utilise a blend of specialised waterproofing grouts and resins to stop the leaks. Additionally, this is an affordable way of stopping leaks from below side situations. It also prevents leaks from negative side situations. Our competent team undertakes this procedure without removing tiles, pavers, topping slabs, etc. So talk to our waterproofing contractor in Hervey Bay today!


    At Australian Construction, we have a highly trained team of experts. Due to this, they handle your issues cleanly and fast.  They have the skill and experience to repair coating and water coating problems. It ensures that we give you watertight waterproofing installations. Also, we complete your concrete repairs cost-effectively.  We give each job a written guarantee. So whether you have a new building or are renovating, we can eliminate any current water issue.

    We look forward to hearing from you today for the best waterproofing services!