Hire A Professional Waterproofing Contractor In Mackay

Mackay Waterproofing Contractor

Mackay Waterproofing Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we handle all aspects of waterproofing.  Given this, we specify, supply and install liquid membranes. Moreover, we install sheet-applied membranes in each area of the construction environment. Our waterproofing contractor in Mackay provides services to retaining walls and internal wet areas.

    Additionally, we offer services to tanks, lift pits, planter boxes, and door reveals. We have continuously delivered services successfully. Our staff is skilled and experienced. Because of this, they ensure the proper application for the chosen product or system. We have a wide range of clients. For example, we serve public sector firms and private householders. In other words, we handle all sized jobs.

    Basement waterproofing

    Is your home new or old? Notwithstanding, your basement is susceptible to water damage and leaks. You may experience a slow, gradual drip. Or perhaps a new problem arises because of sudden heavy rains. Under these circumstances, the waterproofing contractor in Mackay offers very effective waterproofing systems. Therefore you can trust us to fix the existing damage. Also, we avoid any future issues. 

    The good news is that Mackay residents do not need to search far to solve their water issues. Australian Construction has been delivering top-quality waterproofing services and solutions in this area for years. Regardless of your requirements, we can confidently help you get the best ideal basement. In view of this we provide:

    • Sump pump installation
    • Foundation repair
    • Water damage solutions
    • Waterproofing systems
    • Foundation waterproofing
    • Waterproofing contractors

    Skilled waterproofing company

    Perhaps you can complete most home improvement works on your own. However, basement waterproofing is not one of them. Instead, you should work with our team of experienced waterproofing experts. We provide quality and affordable solutions. As a result, it helps you in gaining the full benefits of our original waterproofing systems.

    Convenient foundation waterproofing

    Your foundation has various important roles to play in your home’s general condition. It helps in facilitating resilience and structural integrity. Hence it protects the structure from moisture. Water damage can become persistent. Moreover, even tiny cracks and fissures can eventually cause severe damage in the future. 

    Fortunately, Australian Construction provides foundation-waterproofing systems. Because of this, we can help you in fixing any existing foundation issues. Therefore we restore your foundation to the best condition. Consequently, we stop any future problems.

    Commercial waterproofing

    The waterproofing contractor in Mackay provides various commercial waterproofing services. It includes multiple expert waterproofing services. After all, this is what our commercial clients want from an expert company like ours. We offer not only affordable prices but also superior artistry warranties. Due to this, our retail waterproofing business has expanded over the years. As a result, we are among the most trusted waterproofing firms in Mackay. We undertake various exterior commercial waterproofing solutions.

    For example, we offer replacement and removal of a building’s control joint caulking. In addition, we remove old failed gaskets. We then replace it with wet glazing caulking. Also, we install breathable elastomeric coatings on a structure’s surfaces. Moreover, these surfaces are visually attractive. More importantly, they present a long-lasting barrier against the climatic elements.

    Civil waterproofing

    Australian Construction handles advanced infrastructure projects. Hence we are the leading firm in Mackay.  We have civil waterproofing specialists. They present detailed services like:

    • Thermal joints
    • Soundproofing applications
    • Saline injection
    • Bitumen underlay membranes
    • Concrete feathering, etc.

    We manage the structure’s process fully and also offer a complete warranty service. Our company provides services that comply with Australian Standards. We also follow the Building Code of Australia.


    At Australian Construction, we use the best waterproofing methods for every individual project.  Our waterproofing specialists offer optimal efficiency. As a result, they deliver durable outcomes. Our teams carry out waterproofing as well as damp proofing services to all sectors. In addition, we offer remedial waterproofing enhancements to all kinds of areas. Our waterproofers have the know-how, licensing and expertise.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now for the best waterproofing services in Mackay!