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Melbourne Waterproofing Contractor

Melbourne Waterproofing Contractor

    Any wall or basement needs waterproofing. If you are unsure how to get this done, you have to get the help of a Melbourne waterproofing contractor. But why is waterproofing important anyway? Can we not just skip this part of the construction and save on cost?

    Today, we at Australian Construction will show you the different reasons why you need waterproofing. In the end, you will see the value of this service and realize that is not just an added cost.

    1. Compliance to regulations

    All countries, especially those leading economically, have building regulations. You cannot just put up a wall or a basement and leave it like that. There are government building codes that you need to comply with.  

    Waterproofing is one of these requirements, especially so if you are building a commercial facility, which we at Australian Construction specialize in. You also cannot just mix cement and plaster and waterproofing compounds and apply them—this is a science that needs to be done right.

    The last thing you want is to have a government official check your building and get a notice of violation. The government can shut you down, and this can cost you a lot of money.

    2. Prevention of risk

    Water is the source of life, but it is also destructive. If your walls and basements are not waterproof, various kinds of mould, algae, and bacteria are going to thrive in there. Once this happens, you and the rest of the people who spend their time in the facility are going to get sick. In a commercial establishment, you do not want to deal with a class-action lawsuit. This is going to destroy your business reputation, the government can close your business, and again, you will lose a lot of money.

    Water can also erode anything. Many mountains and canyons around the world are shaped with water. As you can see, it only takes time for water to do significant damage. If you allow this to happen, you will be spending more on repairs and structural reinforcement than the actual cost of paying a Melbourne waterproofing contractor.

    3. Provides comfort to people

    If the structure is waterproofed, it does not allow moisture to seep through. What this means is that during winter, the area is not going to be cold as it is if it is not waterproofed. Facilities that were waterproofed right from the beginning have been found to help balance temperature.

    Why should you choose Australian Construction?

    There are many construction companies in Australia. However, we set ourselves apart from the rest by making our work the benchmark of quality and standard. Let us discuss why you should choose us if you need a Melbourne waterproofing contractor.

    License – we are a licensed company, and our license is an indication that we have passed the stringent requirements of the government. It also means that we understand what the government standards are and that we implement them. Also, all our engineers and individual contractors are licensed.

    Do not deal with a contractor that is not licensed, as you will not be getting your money’s worth. As a contractor, we are also bonded and insured. There is no need to worry if anything happens, as the insurance company will take care of it.  

    Credibility – one of the things you have to look for from a contractor is reputation, which we at Australian Construction take pride in. Credibility is beyond what is written on paper. It has something to do with the final output. If the establishment has to be waterproofed, then it must be waterproof after the task is done.

    We have a positive reputation as a contractor. We have worked with a lot of clients who are satisfied with the service we provided. You can ask around or check online what other people say about us, if you ever need a contractor, make sure that this contractor was referred to you by a person that you trust.

    Quality – we provide the best quality of services for waterproofing. With a team of engineers, we have been in this business for over 20 years. We are still here, and this is because we know how to keep up with the times.

    We do attend regular seminars about new products and new technologies. We apply these new things to the construction sites we work on, and the end result is a happy client and a facility that is waterproof.

    Versatility – one of the other reasons why you should hire us at Australian Construction is our versatility. We do not just do waterproofing—we do everything there is in construction. Because we have a large team of experts, we can also do other services that you will need in relation to the waterproofing project like concrete or plaster rendering, floor surface preparation, building the foundation, excavation, industrial painting, and so much more.

    As a licensed company, you are in good hands if you deal with us. Our reputation is something that we care about, and we built it over the past 20 years by providing the best waterproofing service in Australia. Because of this, we have grown our business, and we do not just do this service in Melbourne; we have serviced clients in Brisbane, Darwin, Townsville, Sydney, and many other cities in the region.

    Summary: Melbourne Waterproofing Contractor

    You need to waterproof your facility to make sure that it lasts long. Waterproofing can prevent the development of moulds and will also prevent erosion. It increases the value of your property, and everyone who works in it is not likely to develop any kind of disease.

    Give us a call at Australian Construction today and we will discuss your waterproofing needs. Our engineers will take a look at the project area, and we shall be happy to provide our recommendations as to the best waterproofing compounds to use.

    We will also give you a price quote, and we can negotiate a good business deal that will benefit both of us.