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Melton Waterproofing Contractor

Melton Waterproofing Contractor

    Australian Construction is fully licensed in waterproofing services. In this regard, we give our clients the best solutions. Moreover, our waterproofing contractor in Melton has the skills and tools to handle all your waterproofing requirements. As a result, we give your property optimal protection. 

    Our experience spans many years in the sector. Not only do we provide services that meet your timeline but also the budget.  We aim to offer superior artistry and excellent service. From the start of every project until completion, our team focuses on your needs and expectations. 

    Specialised waterproofing

    Our waterproofing contractor in Melton is approved for various sheet and liquid waterproofing membrane systems. But, more importantly, our team uses a fair approach. In light of this, we pick the most suitable system for every differing application. Moreover, we focus on the quality of installation. Consequently, we offer client satisfaction, and our clients come back! Ineffective waterproofing impacts a building’s maintenance and functionality. Because of this, we ensure we provide a long-lasting waterproofing system. Therefore these systems withstand temperature changes. 

    Additionally, our products sustain chemical exposure from carbon dioxide gases, sulphates, and chlorides. Our quality products also resist environmental factors like acid rain and urban pollution. It ensures the building’s life expectancy. Australian Construction offers specialised services for all kinds of steel and concrete structures. Additionally, we offer top-quality waterproofing systems. Furthermore, we source them from top manufacturers. We use sophisticated technology. Given this, we give our clients a suitable and functional specification. Due to this, we give you a dry environment. 

    Some of our specialist waterproofing services:

    • Leak detection
    • Waterbar and waterstops
    • Concrete coatings and treatments
    • Expansion joints
    • Beneath ground protection layers
    • Green roof systems
    • Polymer modified cementitious coatings
    • HDPE sheet membranes (high performance)
    • Bituminous sheet membranes
    • Liquid applied to waterproof

    Structural waterproofing and protection

    A combination of dangerous salts and moisture is the key reason for structural dilapidation. Therefore, we continuously improve our waterproofing and protection products. In addition, we use the ones that have been proven for years. Hence we offer structural refurbishment and new build projects.


    Bridge deck waterproofing

    Many times bridges experience penetration by chlorides, diesel and water. Additionally, bridges are exposed to rain and petrol ingress constantly. As a result, the reinforcing steel and steel decks corrode. Due to this, the asphalt breaks up, leading to more deterioration. It also causes traffic interference and expensive repairs. 

    Because of this, we use the Matacryl Bridge Deck Waterproofing method. We apply a cold liquid PUMA resin membrane. It links the steel or concrete deck to the overlying asphalt surfacing. Because of this, the bridge structure gains maximum protection.


    • Footbridges
    • Culverts
    • Service roads
    • Viaducts
    • Bridges 

    Car park waterproofing & wearing layer methods

    Australian Construction provides the newest advanced technology. In this regard, we offer cold liquid applied to waterproofing. We also offer wearing layer systems hence ensuring a solution that follows the existing specifications. These specifications apply to refurbishment or new build car park works.



    Australian Construction is a service-oriented firm.  Our objectives focus on delivering top performance artistry. We also aim to provide a responsive service. Our team works hard to forge excellent relationships with all our clients. In other words, our top priority is to keep our customers satisfied. 

    So we assess and enhance our service practices as well as quality control regularly. When working with our clients, we implement mutual respect, trust, integrity, teamwork and openness. As a result, we have become a leader in providing waterproofing services in Melton.

    Please talk to us today for the ideal waterproofing services!