Specialist Newcastle Waterproofing Contractor From Aus Construction

Newcastle Waterproofing Contractor

Newcastle Waterproofing Contractor

    Why should you hire a Newcastle waterproofing contractor? Does it not make sense to just let your current team do the job? 

    Today, we at Australian Construction will show you the benefits of hiring a waterproofing contractor. Many people think that a contractor is costly, so they might as well as just read the instructions of the waterproofing compound and do it themselves. 

    But does it really make sense? Let us find out. 

    A contractor works with safety in mind

    If you waterproof your facility yourself or with your employees, chances are you are risking damaging your health. For one, waterproofing may involve powdery substances like cement render. All compounds used in waterproofing also have chemicals that are harmful to the lungs.

    If inhaled, some of these compounds can cause respiratory illnesses. The last thing you want is to get sick or to have employees who got sick because of your waterproofing activities. 

    You have to let professionals do it. There are also other things that you have to consider, such as hazard to the environment. Waterproofing compounds have to be disposed of properly. This is a mandate of the government. There are landfills dedicated to these chemicals, and they are not disposed of in the same way as normal garbage or trash.

    A contractor can save you the cost of materials

    Another benefit of hiring a contractor is that you will save on material cost. How does this happen? If you buy your materials on your own, you will pay the price of retails. Even if you buy the materials in bulk, you will not get a huge discount. 

    Contractors, on the other hand, are given privileges by manufacturing companies and wholesaler. Contractors are given a great price because they work as partners with either the wholesalers or manufacturers. 

    As such, the contractor can help you save money. Of course, the contractor is going to factor in the cost of labour and other incidental expenses, such as transportation, etc. 

    Also, you no longer have to buy materials that you will no longer need later. You do not have to buy a trowel, mixer, pails and all things needed to do the waterproofing job. The contractor already has all of these. 

    You also do not have to rent large equipment like a cement mixer. You do not need to build scaffolding or rent a lift truck. The contractor will take care of all these things. We at Australian Construction have everything that we need to get the job done.  

    A contractor complies with the building code

    All governments around the world have a building code. These are guidelines—laws that were put in places to safeguard the people. 

    If you do your own waterproofing, you have to ensure that the materials you use are accepted by the government for use in Australia. You also have to make sure that you dispose of your chemical wastes properly. 

    On top of that, you have to comply with regulatory expectations when it comes to safety. There are so many things you need to know about building code compliance. It is just too much of a headache for you to read all these and apply them.

    Just hire a contractor like us. We are fully licensed, and this is an indication that we know the law. We have licensed engineers who have passed the expectations of the government. Our construction projects are audited, and you can rest assured that the waterproofing is done in relation to the law.

    A contractor works efficiently and effectively

    Contractors are experts. We at Australian Construction take pride in our work. Our workers are trained, and they are highly skilled. 

    Because of the experience we have, which is over 20 years, we know how to approach any kind of problem. As such, we can do our jobs with efficiency. What this means is that we complete any construction at half the time that novices do. 

    We also work effectively. What this means is that the output of our work provides the expected results. In waterproofing, your expected function is to prevent moisture and leaks. 

    If you do this yourself, there is a high possibility that your work is not perfect. Water will still find its way in the crevices and cracks that you failed to waterproof. The result? You will have a leaking concrete wall or you will have a damp basement. 

    A contractor can do more as a specialist 

    As a specialist, we do not only do waterproofing. We also specialize in many other facets of construction, and some of these services perfectly complement waterproofing. 

    Here are some of the things that we do:

    • Excavation and foundation – we dig and also lay down the foundation for the structure. 
    • Industrial painting – we do substrate preparation and apply the paint finish. 
    • Rendering – be it plaster or cement, we render walls in preparation for the finish. It is in this process that we can incorporate waterproofing.  
    • Flooring – we prepare the floor substrate for the finish; we also specialize in timber flooring preparation and installation. 

    We at Australian Construction cover all the areas of construction. We have a team of experts for each job type. If you hire us, then all our actions are synchronized to deliver the results that you are looking for.

    Summary: Newcastle Waterproofing Contractor 

    From the points we made earlier, you can see that you should not view waterproofing as an added cost. It is an essential component of your infrastructure; skimping on your budget can prove to be more costly later on.  

    Call us at Australian Construction and let us discuss your project. We have a team of engineers who are on standby to talk to you. We will visit your site, take a look at the blueprint, and then ask you how you want your waterproofing done. Our engineer will also provide their recommendations. 

    From there, we can start working on the detail of the project, the cost, and the timelines and milestones. Once we have agreed, we can start working on waterproofing your facility.