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Perth Waterproofing Contractor

Perth Waterproofing Contractor

    Waterproofing is the process of protecting an object from water. Most of the time, you need a Perth waterproofing contractor for your flooring and walls. If the object is water-resistant, it will not absorb moisture at all, and this is going to prolong the longevity of the object.

    Today, we at Australian Construction will discuss what you need to know before you hire a waterproofing contractor. By the end of this tutorial, you will know what qualifications to look for and ensure that your money goes to the right contractors.

    Is the contractor licensed?

    The first thing you have to look at is the company’s license. The construction business is not like buying a hamburger. It is not cheap. And once the cement has dried and something is wrong, there is no easy and cheap way to repair it.

    A license is an indication that the contractor has passed the government requirements of Australia. What this means is that the contractor understands the building codes as stipulated in the law, and also knows how to implement these codes into practice.

    We at Australian construction are fully licensed, not only for waterproofing but for many other services. Our engineers and contractors have licenses of their own, and we regularly update our employees to the latest technologies that we can use so we can keep up with the times.

    As a licensed contractor, we are also bonded and insured. If anything goes wrong, you will not have liabilities. As licensed contractors, our reputation and government business permit are on the line. As such, you have the assurance that we provide nothing less than quality work.  

    Is the contractor a specialist?

    The contractor you should hire must be a specialist. If not, you are essentially burning your money. Just because a contractor can read labels on a raw material does not mean that he has the experience to use it.

    There are thousands of chemical compounds out there. Mixing the wrong ingredients and the wrong compounds will certainly result in a failure. And if it does, the problem may not always be visible to the eye, especially for projects like waterproofing.

    A successful waterproofing project can only be measured if the object is subjected to water, like rain. It is not unusual to hear customers and clients complaining that the waterproofing does not work. Why does it happen? Because the contractor is not a specialist.

    In our company, we have different departments comprised of teams. These teams have different specializations. If the project entails, excavation and trenching, then that team is in charge of that aspect of the project.

    For waterproofing, we have employees and engineers who specialize in it. They understand different weather conditions, and they know which type of material to use depending on your environment.

    Only work with specialists. If you don’t, you are risking paying for a job or a project that does not fulfil its intended purpose.

    Is the contractor trustworthy?

    Another thing you have to consider is the professionalism and trustworthiness of your contractor. There are contractors who do a bad job and they do not care. After all, how many clients do a repeat construction project anyway? Very few. As such, they do not care about doing repeat business.

    At Australian Construction, we give a lot of attention and care for our work. We know that the projects we do and their results are the testaments to our reputation. We make sure that we deliver what we committed.

    Our passion has made it possible for our business to grow. Our clients trust us, and they recommend us to their friends. Engineers who have worked with us also give us more projects over time. This is why we have expanded our business.

    Today, we do not just operate in Perth. We also do construction and waterproofing projects in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and many other cities in Australia.

    How will you know if you can rust the contractor? The first thing you can do is to check their reputation online. Check their Facebook account and see if there are complaints. You can also check review websites like Trust Pilot.

    Is the contractor dedicated company?

    The last thing you want to check on how to choose a Perth waterproofing contractor is how dedicated they are. What we mean is that they should not be doing sub-contractor work.

    What is a sub-contractor work?

    It is a kind of business practice where you talk to a contractor and agree on a project, and this contractor passes the job to another contractor. This is problematic, to say the least.

    If a contractor does this, he has no idea what is going on with the project. Basically, he just took your money and outsourced your project to someone else who is willing to do it for a cheaper price.

    One problem here is a liability. If anything goes wrong, you may find yourself in a bind. The contractor and the sub-contractor will battle out a legal dispute, and you are the hapless victim while your project is put on hold.

    Do not work with a company that outsources its talent pool. Only work with dedicated contractors like us who have employees on stand-by to do the work. With this, you know that our work has consistency and that we work together as a single solid unit—as a team.

    Summary: Perth Waterproofing Contactor

    The contractor you hire must not only be licensed but must also be a specialist. There are many contractors out there who have never done waterproofing before, and yet they offer the service believing that the chemical they use will do the job.

    We at Australian Construction have been around for 20 years. We are experts in the field, and we have dozens upon dozens of waterproofing projects completed over the years. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.  

    Give us a call now and let us discuss your project. Our engineers will spend some time with you and discuss the best solution to your waterproofing needs.