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Rockhampton Waterproofing Contractor

Rockhampton Waterproofing Contractor

    Australian Construction is a specialist in all elements of waterproofing and tiling services. Our waterproofing contractor in Rockhampton provides these services to the commercial sector. Moreover, we offer waterproofing solutions to residential construction sectors. 

    Waterproofing is vital to any good quality renovation. It is essential for areas like the balcony and bathroom. Additionally, it is critical to the general wet area. Inappropriately done waterproofing leads to various issues in the future. 

    For example, it triggers water leaks. It also causes increasing wet issues and mould. Our team has vast experience. Because of this, they understand what they need to fix the problem. More importantly, they deliver the right job the first time. 

    Quality waterproofing services

    The waterproofing contractor in Rockhampton is accurate and thorough. Moreover, we utilise top quality products and sealants. Due to this, we provide ideal outcomes. Also, we use the highest industry standards. We handle each project with utmost care and avoid shortcuts. Due to this, we deliver a durable and long-lasting waterproofing finish.

    Our professional team is committed and delivers expert and quality services. We apply our waterproofing services when you are:

    Under these circumstances, we offer the ideal solution each time. Therefore you can be at peace that your project is in capable hands all through. For a reliable waterproofer in Rockhampton, talk to us today.

    Waterproofing services

    Do you need waterproofing services for your bathroom or pool patio? In that case, hire skilled professionals like us with vast experience. Our specialists are knowledgeable and experienced. For this reason, they expertly install different bathroom waterproofing membranes. For instance, we install the following bathroom waterproofing membranes:

    We have qualified waterproofing technicians. As a result, they have provided various domestic waterproofing works in Rockhampton. Moreover, they work with great precision. Furthermore, we have significant expertise in applying waterproofing membranes. For this reason, we are efficient. 

    Bathrooms and showers

    Bathrooms get wet regularly. You might be constructing a new bathroom. Or perhaps you are renovating the previous one. Under these circumstances, it is vital to install a membrane. Because of this, bathroom and shower waterproofing is a brilliant idea. It offers a lasting waterproofing solution. 

    Mainly the bathroom is your home’s wet area. Therefore it is essential to choose the correct bathroom waterproofing membrane.  Our technicians are highly qualified. Given this, they install a membrane that fully matches your floor structure. 

    For example, the membrane is compatible with underfloor heating and floor tiling. The waterproofing contractor in Rockhampton adheres to a standard procedure. As a result, it gives you top quality results. More importantly, we do not compromise the quality of our services. 

    Foolproof products

    Australian Construction appreciates you may be worried about our products’ sustainability. However, do not worry because we use foolproof solutions. Furthermore, our solutions are environmentally friendly. Hence we provide a range of eco-friendly membrane solutions. These services are ideal for your bathroom waterproofing requirement. For instance, we offer acrylics, hybrid polyurethane and more. 

    Australian Construction works with top waterproofing membrane manufacturers. These manufacturers are committed to offering superior products. In addition, these products comply with Australian Standards and harsh surroundings. Additionally, our team purchases eco-friendly and sustainable products. So you have peace of mind knowing we will provide outstanding services.


    Australian Construction offers durable waterproofing protection. We have invested significant resources and time in choosing the ideal solutions. Hence we provide reliable services that are long-lasting. Additionally, our staff helps you in picking the appropriate products and services that suit your needs.

    For the best waterproofing services in Rockhampton, please talk to our experts today!