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Toowoomba Waterproofing Contractor

Toowoomba Waterproofing Contractor

    Are you constructing a new bathroom or shower room? In that case, it would be best for you to waterproof the area. Therefore engage a professional firm like Australian Construction. Our waterproofing contractor in Toowoomba is specialised and delivers the first time correctly. Consequently, it prevents water from leaking into spaces you don’t want.

    Water leaks can lead to all types of costly issues. Therefore our team is highly trained. We use a proven and trusted waterproofing membrane. Because of this, you enjoy our durable services for years. Not only do we have skilled workers but also exceptional products. As a result, we offer unrivalled services not available elsewhere.

    Our waterproofing services

    The waterproofing contractor in Toowoomba waterproofs your home’s interior. Moreover, we waterproof specific areas outside your home. For example, we waterproof ponds and balconies. Additionally, we waterproof planter boxes and retaining walls. Whatever your waterproofing needs, we can help.

    We add water-resistant coatings to the exterior of your home.  It presents a beautiful way of waterproofing it. We apply sealants to the exterior of the walls. Because of this, it safeguards against moisture entering via cracks or air spaces in mortar joints. In addition, resilient flooring provides an additional layer between the laminate floors or tiles. As a result, it helps in keeping away the water. 

    The bathroom is among the essential areas in your home. For this reason, it is advisable to waterproof this room. It prevents the space from causing damage to any other section of your home. Moreover, our waterproofing services guards against mildew and mould. These issues are likely to cause lung issues if not handled immediately. 

    In Toowoomba, waterproofing is a vital section of any bathroom design. We apply water-resistant coatings to the walls’ exterior. Due to this, your wall has protection against moisture that enters through air spaces or cracks in mortar joints.

    Waterproofing your bathroom

    Our waterproofing procedure prevents water damage to any structure. The waterproofing contractor in Toowoomba carries out waterproofing in various ways. We use caulking joints. Alternatively, we use linoleum or tiles on floors. Below are some reasons for waterproofing your home:

    • Your building is underground and lacks a roof. The rainwater might leak via the walls.
    • You might be residing in a townhouse or condo. Or perhaps you live in another building whose basement is unfinished. For this reason, you worry that water may seep through spaces in the foundation. 
    • The outside of your home is weathering and becoming thin. Under these circumstances, think of what may occur during heavy rainfall.
    • Your septic system requires some repairs, and you want to waterproof the place it’s being carried out.
    • You wish to include a shower inside or outside your home. However, you worry that water may leak from it through cracks or down to the surface below.

    Pool patios

    In Toowoomba, the pool is a vital aspect of life as it is imperative. A pool gives you a sanctuary during the hot climate in the city. Furthermore, it gives you a calm relaxation area. Hence you, your friends and family can enjoy yourselves. In light of this, your pool needs proper waterproofing to facilitate your safety. So the Australian Construction competent team takes this stress from you by delivering ideal waterproofing for your pool patio.


    We have a team of professionals who deliver exceptional services. Our team understands your needs fully. Additionally, they know the essence of work quality. Due to this, they work diligently to ensure they deliver to your satisfaction. 

    We provide various expert services.  For instance, we offer stone tiling and bathroom renovations. We appreciate that proper waterproofing and tiling is crucial for your home. After all, it plays a vital part in its aesthetic appeal and lifespan.

    Please feel free to contact us anytime for your next waterproofing project!