Ballarat Asphalt Contractor

Commercial And Residential Asphalt Contractor Services In Ballarat

Ballarat Asphalt Contractor

    Australian Construction is a leader in paving in the Ballarat area. Our asphalt contractor in Ballarat is highly experienced in full-service asphalt paving. We are proud of our dedication to providing the ideal asphalt paving services and products. Because of that, we meet all our clients’ needs. Moreover, we apply a similar level of expertise to all the services we offer. 

    Besides, we equip our crews with the superior training and quality equipment. Therefore, our competent team delivers each task with quality and precision assurance.

    Our specialised services

    Asphalt patching

    Cracks, potholes and damaged surfaces are unsafe. Therefore, if not fixed, they can lead to an expensive repair. They get worse with time if neglected. For this reason, major repair work may be necessary. The asphalt contractor in Ballarat uses specialised equipment. Moreover, we use the correct asphalt. Because of this, our skilled operators establish an affordable asphalt patch solution. To this end, we repair your damaged surface. 

    Besides, we work frequently with tradespeople. It includes plumbers and electricians. We also work with telecommunications technicians. Australian Construction works with them for inspection home reinstatements. Your asphalt area might be damaged. Or perhaps it needs asphalt reinstatement work. In that case, call us today for a site inspection. 

    We take this step to recommend an asphalt patching solution. In turn, it will help you in prolonging the asphalt surface life. Additionally, it will enhance your asphalted area’s safety and functionality. 

    Spray sealing

    Road surface and pavement resealing is part of bitumen surface maintenance. In light of this, our asphalt contractor in Ballarat carries out this procedure regularly. Regular spray sealing is a standard road surfaces procedure in Australia. We do it to reseal and improve the heavily utilised surface.

    Crack sealing

    Footpaths with cracks enable moisture to enter the surface. Consequently, the surface breaks down further. If we do not seal cracks, first, it causes more cracking. Second, it eventually causes a significant path breakdown. Third, it leads to unnecessary costly repairs.

    Australian Construction helps to minimise significant repairs. With this in mind, we use crack sealing treatment. Crack sealing seals the damaged section with bitumen sealant. As a result, it prevents future pavement issues. 

    Crack sealing presents an affordable method of footpaths maintenance. Also, it maintains other pathways. Comparatively, it is much cheaper and effective than using other broad works. For example, projects like reconstructing and resurfacing. Call us today to discuss your crack-sealing project.

    Shopping centres

    Our asphalt contractor in Ballarat has a proven track record. Also, we have the skills for your shopping centre asphalting work. New and efficiently laid paths and car parks make your centre more attractive. Also, walkways improve your centre’s look. In addition, it enhances safety for all its users.

    We utilise high-grade produce and specialised equipment. For this reason, it ensures the work we deliver withstands a shopping centre‘s high traffic demands. Our experienced team provides complete construction.

    Besides, we assist with fast upgrades and maintenance to your shopping centre. Furthermore, we fill dangerous potholes and seal path cracks. Likewise, we repair hazardous surfaces.

    Road maintenance

    We have years of experience in the paving and asphalting industry. Above all, we have the staff, equipment and knowledge to handle your road construction project. The asphalt contractor in Ballarat uses unique technologies and treatments.

    We do this to give you superior delivery. We work with civil contractors and local councils. Because of this, we provide complete service project delivery. For example, we provide road marking, patching and maintenance. We also offer curbing and ongoing crack sealing.


    At Australian Construction, we work together. To this end, we maintain a safe working environment. For this reason, our workers, contractors and the overall public are safe. No matter how urgent the job or service is, safety is our priority. Due to our vast experience, we have enhanced our working safety procedures.

      So call us today to discuss your asphalt requirements, and we will be happy to serve you!

      Gladstone Asphalt Contractor

      Professional Asphalt Contractor Services In Gladstone

      Gladstone Asphalt Contractor

        Asphalt may be laid well. However, eventually, it starts wearing down. At Australian Construction, we carefully inspect your asphalt. We aim to find cracks and crumble. Furthermore, our asphalt contractor in Gladstone also checks potholes. We do this in critical areas with high traffic.

        You may have a street, parking lot or driveway. Or, you might have another access way. Regardless, it is best to let our professional team fix it. Call us immediately it begins breaking down. As a result, it slows down deterioration. Coupled with this, it preserves your asphalt life for many years. 

        The asphalt contractor in Gladstone provides service fixes. We handle each damaged area. For instance, we fix the base and immediate surface. Furthermore, we help you in touching up lines and markings. 

        For all your asphalt needs, call the experts at Australian Construction.

        Residential asphalt installation

        Your driveway may experience wear and tear. It results from many years of use. Elements exposure also leads to this. In that case, allow our expert team to replace it with a brand new one! This procedure may involve installing asphalt. Under those circumstances, call us today for your residential asphalt installation.

        Asphalt installation

        Your business might need to accommodate many customers at once. Consequently, you need to provide these customers with a parking lot. Also, you should ensure it is attractive. It should also be durable and safe. Hence, the asphalt contractor in Gladstone installs your parking lot. We aim to give you a quality parking lot.

        We have exceptional commercial asphalt installation services. Not only are we fast, but thorough as well. Because of this, we give your business the parking space it requires. It facilitates accommodation for its customers. Therefore, the business flourishes! For your commercial asphalt installation, contact our dependable and experienced team today.

        Asphalt maintenance

        Your asphalt surface may be well installed. Furthermore, it may be durable. However, it eventually needs repair. Besides, it requires maintenance. In that case, call us for asphalt maintenance repair. For years we have offered complete asphalt maintenance. We also provide restoration. Australian Construction handles all commercial and residential properties in Gladstone.

        Our asphalt contractor in Gladstone specialises in all jobs. It includes complete surface replacement. We fill in small potholes also. So, call us and talk to an expert technician. We will tell you about all the asphalt maintenance options we have.

        Preventative asphalt maintenance

        Similar to most things, most business or homeowners put off repairs. The repairs involve their property’s asphalt. Ultimately, all minor problems become major issues. Obviously, you incur significant repair costs. 

        Therefore, to avoid this, call us immediately you note that your asphalt surface requires attention. Our preventative care fixes minor issues. They do it before they become worse. That is to say, we save you the stress of costly repair. Besides, we help you to avoid time-consuming work. Given this, we scrutinise the asphalt surface once in a while. If you need maintenance, call our asphalt contractor in Gladstone.

        Asphalt repairs

        Australian Construction provides various replacement and repair. Our skilled team handles all kinds of asphalt surfaces. It includes parking lots, sidewalks and curbs. Additionally, we repair walkways, driveways and speed bumps. We also handle cut & patch projects. Our skilled team also works on small loose gravel and cracks. 

        Besides, we fill in potholes and also work on complete replacement and section repair. The asphalt contractor in Gladstone has the essential technology. We also have the latest equipment. In light of this, we handle all jobs cost-effectively. Our services are also reliable and fast. Whatever kind of asphalt repair work you need, our skilled team can do it!


        Your asphalt should be in excellent condition. It should look lovely through each season. With this in mind, our asphalt repairs team fills in all the potholes. We use fresh new asphalt mix. Our team then smoothens it out. They restore your surface fully once more.

          It will be our pleasure to tell you more about our asphalt services so call us today!

          Port Macquarie Asphalt Contractor

          Efficient Asphalt Contractor Services In Port Macquarie

          Port Macquarie Asphalt Contractor

            At Australian Construction, we offer high-quality asphalt paving services. Besides, we provide turnkey solutions for businesses throughout Port Macquarie. Our clients trust the expertise of our asphalt contractor in Port Macquarie. There are several reasons for this.

            First, our clients know we will deliver their projects fast and second, we offer great rates. Third, we work according to the highest professional standards. You may want to pave a new street or roadway. Or maybe you need to pave a jogging trail, parking lot, sideway or street

            In that case, we have the experience necessary for your project. Therefore, our asphalt contractor in Port Macquarie can give you a durable and affordable solution.

            Asphalt repair

            As time goes, asphalt ages and starts to deteriorate. It is a result of root damage, lousy drainage or subgrade failure. Consequently, it starts to crack. Cracks create openings for water to seep to the sub-surface. Frozen, spongy or wet sub-grade leads to more flexing and cracking of asphalt.

            When cracks start appearing, cleaning and filling them with hot tar crack filler is very useful. In effect, it slows down the water infiltration procedure. Furthermore, it prolongs the surrounding asphalt’s life.

            One method we use to repair areas with multiple cracking or alligatoring is cutting the damaged area’s perimeter. Then, we remove and change the asphalt. After fixing the asphalt, sealing the joints between the new and old asphalt is essential. Our competent team uses hot tar crack filler. As a result, it decreases the likelihood of water permeation in the future. 

            Asphalt and concrete overlay

            You may want to replace a large driveway or parking lot. In that case, an asphalt overlay might be an option. The asphalt contractor in Port Macquarie overlays concrete and asphalt if they are not in bad shape. If we notice sub-grade damage, we then remove these areas and replace them before any overlay. Our skilled team cleans the existing surface meticulously. Also, we dry any wet spots. We coat using tack (CSS-1), which works as a kind of glue. 

            It helps in sticking the old and new asphalt surface together. After placing the tack coat, we apply a weed killer where cracks exist. Because of this, any existing weed dies.

            New asphalt paving

            In case of a new driveway or parking lot, the Australian Construction team prepares an excellent solid base before asphalt placement. We usually place and fine grades a crushed rock featuring a 2″ -6″ base. It is to prepare for paving depending on the sub-grade condition. You must remember that asphalt’s efficiency depends on the surface beneath it. Therefore, an excellent suitable base is essential.

            We prepare and compact the rock base thoroughly. After this, we cover the whole surface with a weedkiller before paving. The purpose of the new paved areas determines the depth of the asphalt our team lays.

            Grading/crushed rock placement

            If you want a flawless crushed rock surface, we are glad to provide this surface also.  The asphalt contractor in Port Macquarie places and fine grades crushed rock in new areas. We also fine grade existing spaces and the required crushed rock. During the grading operation and after, we compact the crushed rock thoroughly. As a result, it ensures a robust and smooth surface.


            Australian Construction has vast experience as we have provided commercial and industrial asphalt paving services for years. These services extend to both industrial and commercial projects. Our paving contractors are specialised in all asphalt paving areas. It includes seal coating, crack filling, new construction or resurfacing. 

            After carrying out the paving and grading, our graders smooth the asphalt. We take great care to offer complete services. As such, we also handle the signage and stripping services. Moreover, we provide the best line marking services, and we fully comply with all regulations.

              Call us today for the ideal asphalt services in Port Macquarie!

              Hervey Bay Asphalt Contractor

              Quality Asphalt Contractor Services In Hervey Bay

              Hervey Bay Asphalt Contractor

                At Australian Construction, we are highly experienced. So, we can complete various asphalt construction projects. Our asphalt contractor in Hervey Bay completes all the jobs to a quality standard. We handle specialist asphalt projects. For instance, we work on driveways, footpaths and roads. Also, we handle netball and tennis court surfacing, and car parks.

                For your bitumen or asphalt sealed surface repair, we can deliver. Not only do we build from scratch, but we also reseal, patch and repair different surfaces. These surfaces include roads, car parks, potholes, etc.

                Our services

                We appreciate that having a suitable asphalt road or car park is essential. For this reason, we advise you on the drainage steps crucial for your specific project during your consultation. We give you drainage solution options like subsoil drainage, crossovers and pipe laying. Besides, we offer surface drainage construction.

                Asphalt paving services

                Australian Construction is your leading asphalt paving firm in Hervey Bay. Therefore, our experienced team caters to your entire commercial and paving needs. We have vast experience in the sector. Because of this, we have earned an excellent reputation. Not only because of quality work but also skilled hot mix asphalt jobs.

                The asphalt contractor in Hervey Bay handles private drives and parking lots. We also work on ranch road and personal drives. Moreover, we offer an expert service, therefore, enhancing the property’s curb appeal. 

                Additionally, it makes your surfaces more durable and practical at affordable costs. Call us today to book your free consultation and appointment. We will then discuss your entire asphalt paving requirements.

                Commercial and residential asphalt paving

                You may be a school or church that needs parking lot repaving. Or you are a homeowner who needs a new driveway or fresh seal coat. Regardless, we can assist! For years, we have worked with business owners and private homeowners. 

                Furthermore, we have served all types of organisations. Hence, we have provided various asphalt paving services. We offer maintenance, pothole repair, and new construction and asphalt renewal.

                Asphalt repair

                Asphalt may be strong and resistant to UV damage, water penetration and winter weather. However, it can still experience the test of time. When protective seals fade, it makes them susceptible to the damage they are usually protected against. By the same token, any road surface begins to feel the pressure of repeated traffic.

                For that reason, our expert team ensures that your parking lot and asphalt driveways withstand the pressures of age. We have affordable maintenance and repair services. In light of this, you can prolong their lifespan without paying for expensive replacements.

                Repairing your asphalt

                Roads, parking lots, driveways, and more

                The asphalt contractor has worked with clients in the Hervey Bay area for years. Due to this, we ensure a high standard of customer service and artistry. We offer commercial and residential driveway repair coupled with parking lot repair services. 

                For us, the size of your needs or the type of property you does not matter. Despite these factors, we offer you the expertise, experience and tools to ensure satisfaction. Call us immediately you notice new wear and tear or damage to your asphalt paving. 

                You may already know the services you need. Or you might wish us to give you a consultation. Whatever your situation, we always deliver the services you need. Equally important, we keep it cost-efficient and effective at all times.


                Asphalt repair services are different for all situations. With this in mind, Australian Construction offers various services depending on your requirements. To that end, we provide numerous services you can pick from. Because of this, you are assured of not spending more than you have to.

                  We are your local Hervey Bay paving company, and you can trust us for your entire paving needs!

                  Bundaberg Asphalt Contractor

                  Awesome Asphalt Contractor Services In Bundaberg

                  Bundaberg Asphalt Contractor

                    For asphalt paving in Bundaberg, please call the professionals at Australian Construction. Our experts are committed to their work. Hence, they give you residential and commercial asphalt pavement services. We have a dedicated asphalt contractor in Bundaberg. In addition, our team is committed to giving you quality residential and commercial asphalt services.

                    We have vast experience. Therefore, our expert team always pays attention to detail in all our projects. We deliver exceptional work quality, despite the job size. From small driveway projects to extensive roadways and parking lots, we provide value. Also, we give you exceptional services at cost-effective prices.

                    Comparatively, asphalt is more affordable than concrete paving. Besides, it is easier and faster to install. Also, when maintained adequately, it gives you a level, safe surface for years. Today’s patching and sealing technology are advanced. For this reason, your surface remains lovely year after year.

                    We provide the following paving services:

                    • Asphalt paving
                    • Concrete
                    • Spray seal
                    • Asphalt patch repairs
                    • Crack seal
                    • Asphalt resurfacing and overlay
                    • Minor repairs
                    • Asphalt milling
                    • Car parks

                    We have worked with various councils, schools and private enterprises. To this end, we have supplied quality asphalting throughout Bundaberg. Our asphalt contractor in Bundaberg provides major as well as standard asphalt options. 

                    Additionally, we only use superior materials when resurfacing or establishing any car park. For this reason, they withstand frequent, heavy use. For instance, we handle office premises, hospitals, and shopping centres. We also work on sports venues and churches. Furthermore, we also install dish drains, and speed bumps to your car park as needed.

                    Coloured asphalt

                    Coloured asphalt presents a beautiful, affordable method of covering a big surface. Again, it adds a touch of life and vibrancy to your premises. You can pick from various colours. Consequently, it creates the latest look suitable for any property. The Australian Construction coloured asphalt is best for car parks, sports and basketball courts. Also, it is excellent for commercial and industrial areas.


                    The asphalt contractor in Bundaberg’s paving division supplies and machine lays all sizes. For example, residential driveways and shopping centre car parks. An asphalt overlay offers a durable surface. In the light of this, it improves the look of your premises significantly. Our team works on the weekend or after hours.

                    Because of this, your business experiences minimal disruption. The Australian Construction resurfacing services include:

                    • Sweeping and preparing existing surface
                    • Renewal or servicing of storm water drainage
                    • Supplying and laying new asphalt
                    • Line marking to suit your requirements


                    Our asphalt contractor in Bundaberg visits your site. Not only do they come with a fully equipped Flocon road maintenance truck, but enough material to finish your repair. The asphalt remains hot in the truck’s heated body. In the light of this, it assures you of a superior and affordable repair.

                    We provide:

                    • Bitumen cutting
                    • Pothole repairs
                    • Speed bumps
                    • Crack sealant 
                    • Access ramps
                    • Builders reinstatement
                    • After hours callout, which is accessible for emergency repairs
                    • Service trench repair, that is, electrical and plumbing trenches

                    Road Maintenance and Repairs

                    We provide complete construction to ongoing care and repairs and maintenance. Additionally, the asphalt contractor in Bundaberg gives you customised service. You are guaranteed that it suits your specific requirements. We provide our customers with skilled staff who machine or hand lay your asphalt surface. 

                    It depends on access problems or your specific needs. Likewise, all essential preparation works determine this. Equally important, we use updated machinery and skilled, experienced staff.


                    Our specialised team first gives you comprehensive advice. Then we handle repair works for damaged parts of existing paving. For instance, tree root damage and potholes. We also repair failed or cracked areas. 

                    Besides, the asphalt contractor in Bundaberg handles drainage issues. Additionally, we resurface worn asphalt surfaces. When you discuss your needs with us, our team visits the site. They then advise you of the most affordable and efficient method. After this, we work hard to meet your requirements. Therefore, we achieve the ideal outcome in all our projects.

                      So call us now for the best asphalt services in Bundaberg!

                      Toowoomba Asphalt Contractor

                      Expert Asphalt Contractor Services In Toowoomba

                      Toowoomba Asphalt Contractor

                        At Australian Construction, we are incredibly knowledgeable about asphalt. Therefore, we know it entails much more than people think! Our asphalt contractor in Toowoomba offers major industrial road projects.

                        Besides, we offer small, tailored residential designs. We have many years experience. It, therefore, supports our services. Asphalt is the choice material for major roadways. It is also popular in private driveways. Furthermore, it is a preferred material for tennis courts.

                        We provide various asphalt services. For instance, we serve major industrial road projects. Additionally, we handle custom residential designs. Our experience stems from working on various Australian projects.

                        Not many firms offer a comprehensive asphalt solution. With this in mind, allow us to handle your project. We will then give you a quote. You will then access our asphalt repair services.

                        Asphalt features

                        Asphalt presents a durable, impermeable material. Additionally, it is a durable composite material. It is made up of bitumen and different ingredients. The choice of ingredients depends on the final properties required. Examples of these properties are strength and flexibility. Also, their resistance to friction and heat determines this.

                        Asphalt maintenance

                        Our asphalt contractor in Toowoomba provides asphalt maintenance services. It is ideal for handling asphalt repairs early. We do this to prevent cracks and potholes. Our team also prevents subsidence from becoming significant hazards.

                        A simple pothole is annoying. The reason is potholes destroy tyres on bikes and cars. Therefore, they make it dangerous for people. The reason is that people can trip. Additionally, they lead to expensive repairs.

                        Our professional team repairs damaged asphalts in loading bays. We also repair them in car parks in motels and hotels. We handle school grounds and shopping centres as well. Furthermore, we repair asphalt in any area where it has broken down. It may be caused by water damage, age or weathering.

                        We offer the following asphalt maintenance services:

                        • Crack sealing
                        • Pothole repair
                        • Pavement deterioration
                        • Utility trench subsidence
                        • Steelwork, pits and utility holes

                        Tennis courts and car parks

                        The asphalt contractor in Toowoomba is highly experienced. Our experience extends to clubs. We have also worked for businesses and societies. Our team handles corporation works as well. An example is tennis courts. Besides, we handle car parks and courtyards. Additionally, our team also works on bikeways and much more. 

                        After all, we understand our clients’ needs. Australian Construction works closely with our customers. Therefore, we implement a design choice. It meets their timeframe and budget. We ensure it suits their quality needs. 

                        There are many reasons why asphalt is a preferred option for car parks. First, comparatively, the life cycle is less than concrete. And, so is the construction time. Second, asphalt is visually appealing. 

                        Due to this, it improves the appeal of your business to clients.  You may want asphalt for a new build. Or, maybe you need it for a present structure. Regardless, asphalt paving is fast. As a result, your paved car park becomes useable immediately. Your customers and employees can access it.

                        Asphalt is highly flexible, durable and versatile. So, we design the asphalt pavement to resist changing temperatures and loads. As a result, maintenance is quick. It is also easy and affordable. Our asphalt paving also makes it simple to construct your parking lot in phases. The reason is that your business requires growing. Usually, your car park is the first and last impression you give your visitors, employees and clients. It leaves the positive impression you want. 

                        Australian Construction has a highly skilled team. They take care of your basketball or tennis court project. They do this from beginning to end. So, it ensures the set out follows the court regulation dimensions.


                        Asphalt driveways are attractive. In the same fashion, they add value to your home investment. Therefore, you get handsome returns on capital. That is if you decide to return to the market. Asphalt is durable and robust. It withstands thawing and freezing. The asphalt contractor in Toowoomba offers pavements with flexible design. It is, therefore, suitable for specific areas. For example areas with features like reclaimed land.

                          We look forward to handling your asphalt services in Toowoomba today.

                          Wagga Wagga Asphalt Contractor

                          Choose The Best Asphalt Contractor Services In Wagga Wagga

                          Wagga Wagga Asphalt Contractor

                            Trust Australian Construction is popular for complete bitumen, road asphalt and asphalt sealing services in Wagga Wagga. Our asphalt contractor in Wagga Wagga has years of experience. Besides, we are committed to helping business and homeowners to enjoy the ideal footpaths and driveways. 

                            Also, we offer the ideal road, tennis courts, car parks and footpaths. We handle new builds and whole subdivisions for commercial and residential clients. Additionally, we mainly work with local councils and governments.

                            Regardless of the job size, we have you covered! Because our crews are skilled and reliable, we offer outstanding service. Above all, our asphalt contractor in Wagga Wagga also offers different services. They range from spray sealing, repairing cracks and creating new services.

                            Hotmix asphalting

                            Australian Construction lays and prepares major highways and potholes. We deal with all sized jobs. Our asphalting method is effective in specific areas. For example, where there is heavy traffic, coupled with the movement of heavy vehicles.

                            Comparatively, asphalting presents a faster, cheaper and more effective alternative than concreting. Additionally, it adds value to your house or apartment complex. The asphalt contractor in Wagga Wagga works fast. Therefore, there is minimal interruption in your business. We are leaders in the asphalting field. Moreover, our experienced paving crew ensures satisfaction with our professional finish.

                            Asphalt patching

                            Damaged surfaces, cracks and potholes can be unsafe and annoying. Also, if they are not fixed, they can be costly. Sadly, if they are left unattended for long, they worsen. As a result, it leads to the need for major repair work.

                            Our experienced operators use specialised equipment. At the same time, our skilled operators can establish an affordable patch solution. It can restore your destroyed surface. Also, we work frequently with tradespeople. It includes plumbers, electricians as well as telecommunications technicians. They handle inspection and trench hole reinstatements.

                            Your asphalt area may be damaged. Or you might need asphalt reinstatement work. Regardless, call us today for a site inspection. We will then suggest an asphalt patching solution. Not only will it prolong the life and enhance functionality but it will also make your asphalted area safe.


                            Because we use the latest equipment, we undertake repairs and resurfacing. We also handle road paving. We deal with major commercial works and smaller community roads. Australian Construction has worked with state government and local councils on many road-asphalting projects. Therefore, we give you all the experience you need for working on all sized jobs.

                            Residential services

                            The asphalt contractor in Wagga Wagga provides residential services. It includes asphalt driveways, paths, paving and repairs. Besides, we also offer brick edging, timber edging and re-sheeting over concrete or asphalt.

                            Do you want to change your existing driveway? Or do you wish to build a new driveway? Despite your needs, call our experts. We will expertly design and build a new driveway. For this reason, your property becomes more valuable!

                            Commercial services

                            Our years of experience has made us Wagga Wagga’s top asphalt supplier. Australian Construction provides commercial asphalt services to customers. Furthermore, we do this at affordable and highly competitive rates.

                            We own pavers, trucks, rollers and excavators, together with other machinery. In other words, we do not need to depend on a third party to hire from. In this regard, it minimises our costs. For a full construction, laying asphalt or hiring a day crew, talk to us.

                            Asphalt Commercial Services

                            The asphalt contractor in Wagga Wagga provides commercial services. For instance, asphalt roadways, car parks and sports surfaces. Additionally, we offer asphalt repairs, speed humps and re-sheeting over concrete or asphalt.


                            Australian Construction asphalt services cover all asphalting needs. From small residential areas to major commercial asphalting jobs, we are up to the task. Additionally, our services cover all elements of the job. It includes site preparation and talking to the relevant regulatory bodies.

                              For all your asphalt needs in Wagga Wagga, we are available anytime!

                              Coffs Harbour Asphalt Contractor

                              Ideal Asphalt Contractor Services In Coffs Harbour

                              Coffs Harbour Asphalt Contractor

                                At Australian Construction, we have vast experience in repairing and layering asphalt pavements. We use only modern equipment and quality materials. Furthermore, our knowledgeable asphalt contractor in Coffs Harbour ensures they handle your asphalt paving correctly. Hence, it withstands the test of time.

                                We provide various services to help you in completing your future project, regardless of its size. Our asphalt contractor in Coffs Habour is lucky to own all the essential plan and equipment for delivering the services we offer. 

                                As a result, we are in a unique position, making us highly competitive in this sector. Consequently, it benefits our clients. The reason is that we can provide competitive pricing and avail ourselves for the job when required

                                Our services 

                                We offer these services:

                                • Asphalt profiling
                                • Stress resistant asphalts
                                • Decorative and standard coloured asphalt
                                • Industrial estates
                                • Sporting facilities
                                • Resurfacing, new installations & maintenance
                                • Infrastructure projects
                                • Coloured surfacings & asphalt
                                • Machine & hand asphalt laying
                                • Trenches, speed humps, roads and car parks

                                Bitumen crack sealing

                                Relentless sun and rain exposure leads to damaged pavements. The sun oxidation makes the asphalt surface separate and shrink. When this occurs, rainwater enters the pavement subsurface. As a result, it becomes soft. 

                                If you do not take fast action, the areas near the pavement also start failing. Because of the increased oxidation, the main crack widens. Consequently, you experience potholes, cracks and incur expensive repairs.

                                We provide crack sealing to prevent the sub-base pavement deterioration caused by water and debris infiltration. Our skilled team cleans the affected areas thoroughly. We do this to prevent more surface erosion and damage to the pavement’s structural support.

                                The design of the crack sealing material is meant to shrink and expand. Because of this, it facilitates year-round performance. The asphalt contractor in Coffs Habour seals the cracks early, therefore, extending your pavement life significantly. Moreover, it prevents additional costly repairs.

                                Australian Construction treats cracks before they spread, leading to expensive repairs. For roads and pavements in Australia, asphalt has always been and still is the choice pavement. For people who are aware of asphalt benefits, there is no alternative.

                                Advantages of asphalt laying

                                • Skid resistance
                                • Noise reduction
                                • Flexible and versatile
                                • Surface water dispersal
                                • Recyclable
                                • Easy maintenance decreases traffic disruption

                                When visitors, tenants and clients are in the driveway or parking lot, they get the first impression of your home asset or business. Asphalt repairs and laying is financially beneficial to your roadways and surfaces.  

                                The asphalt contractor in Coffs Habour handles potholes, crack sealing as well as complete parking lot construction. Also, we carry out asphalt patching and repairs, profiling and primer seal coating. We protect your investment, decrease costs and maintain your pavement for many years to come. 

                                The environment & sustainability

                                Not only does asphalt offer a smooth, quiet ride, but it also presents the most sustainable paving option. For years, the asphalt pavement sector has continuously tried to enhance its products to be more environmentally friendly. For instance, they reclaim old asphalt pavements and revive their parts for utilisation in new pavements.

                                Asphalt driveway

                                Asphalt driveways are in high demand. The reason is that it is among the most durable and economical material in the market. Below are some of the benefits:

                                • Asphalt is durable and functional. Additionally, it is cheaper compared to an alternative material like concrete. Additionally, asphalt repairs and maintenance are much more affordable.
                                • Comparatively, laying asphalt is easy and fast, than other materials. Asphalt cures quicker than other materials. As a result, homeowners can utilise the new surface hours after installation.


                                You may want us to install a new asphalt driveway. Or perhaps you need resurfacing or repairs for your existing driveway. Regardless, the Australian Construction team is here to help. Also, we upgrade and offer new kerbing and provide various designs to suit your tastes.

                                  Call us now to schedule your free asphalt services consultation.

                                  Melton Asphalt Contractor

                                  Enjoy Superior Asphalt Contractor Services In Melton

                                  Melton Asphalt Contractor

                                    In Melton, Australian Construction is famous for all asphalt and bitumen paving. We have worked in this sector for years. Whether the project is big or small, we deliver quality services. After all, we need to preserve our reputation since it has earned us more clients. Our asphalt contractor in Melton gives each project a personal touch.

                                    Furthermore, we do not take shortcuts when laying asphalt. For this reason, our complete site preparation methods formulate a strong asphalt sealer. Also, we specialise in asphalt areas like roads, car parks, pathways and driveway edging.

                                    Because of our exceptional range of coloured bitumen, we stand out among many asphalt-paving businesses. Also, we provide different bitumen and asphalt services like asphalt patching for damaged or cracked asphalt in need of repair.

                                    Our quality services

                                    Asphalt car parks

                                    You may have an unsealed car park gathering dust, unavoidable potholes or mud that wreaks havoc in winter. In the circumstances, consider our Australian Construction asphalt car park. For years, our asphalt contractor in Melton has created asphalt car parks. Therefore, it presents a more innovative and cleaner look. Also, we service council-designated areas, businesses, schools and different industries.

                                    Asphalt is the ideal option for car parks because of its flexibility. As a result of this, it can withstand any weather conditions. However, it is durable enough to handle a car park’s traffic demands.  We use our reliable hot spray-and-seal bitumen for our car parks. Besides, we use it for any other areas you want paved. Additionally, we provide various coloured bitumen to make your car park unique.

                                    Please contact us today to discuss your new asphalt car park needs.

                                    Asphalt & bitumen driveways

                                    When you require an asphalt driveway, your go-to company in Melton is Australian Construction. Our skilled team has built bitumen driveways for years. Therefore, we are pleased to work with our clients to create an attractive and pleasing design. Our different coloured bitumen makes your asphalt driveway awesome. Besides, we can also provide driveway edging.

                                    Asphalt driveways are flexible and durable and so a reasonable choice.  Our efficient team uses hot spray-and-seal bitumen. In this process, we spray liquid bitumen on the surface. We then cover in rock and sand to give you the asphalt driveway look you want. Whether you like it coloured or black or smooth or rough, we will deliver.

                                    Comparatively, the bitumen driveway is cheaper than other surface sealers. Also, it is more flexible. So, repairs are less likely to be unnecessary. Therefore, if you need asphalt driveway services, call us today. We have provided asphalt driveway for schools, rural and domestic properties, and truck and bus yards.

                                    Asphalt driveway kerbing

                                    Kerbing is a crucial factor in driveway paving. However, many times it is underrated. The asphalt contractor in Melton considers driveway edgings essential for the entire project. So, we offer more detail, thus enhancing your asphalt driveway. We listen to your driveway edging concepts. Accordingly, we create a design that matches any existing driveway or new asphalt paving. 

                                    We provide these driveway-edging options:

                                    Asphalt driveway repair

                                    Our asphalt patch is a simple solution to any damaged, leaking or cracked existing asphalt surfaces. The asphalt contractor in Melton specialises in asphalt driveway repair for residences and rural properties. Moreover, we service schools, hotels, truck and bus yards, etc. When you allow us to repair the driveway in the first stages, it prevents more damage since small cracks spread fast.


                                    Call our asphalt contractor in Melton today for a quote on curbing. You are free to give us your ideas on asphalt driveway edging. Alternatively, you can allow our specialised staff to help you decide. Kindly also enquire about the quality asphalt driveways Australian Construction can install for you and the variety of coloured bitumen we offer.

                                      We look forward to meeting all your asphalt needs today!

                                      Bunbury Asphalt Contractor

                                      The Best Asphalt Contractor Services In Bunbury From Aus Construction

                                      Bunbury Asphalt Contractor

                                        Australian Construction has your back when it comes to surfacing needs! Our highly experienced staff builds the asphalt driveway you always dreamt of. Additionally, our asphalt contractor in Bunbury also repairs your driveway and completes your paved patios and paths. Also, we help you in deciding the right method for you.

                                        We are popular for our affordable asphalt rates coupled with significant supply capabilities. Our asphalt contractor in Bunbury is experienced in asphalt supply and laying. Moreover, we are popular for quality artistry service, as well as reliable and qualified staff. 

                                        We offer customer support 24/7; therefore, if you want the ideal asphalt supply and laying service in Bunbury, call us today.

                                        Asphalt supplying & laying

                                        Asphalt quality and laying methods are essential. For quality and experience in supply and laying, call our asphalt contractor in Bunbury today.

                                        Advantages of asphalt driveways

                                        Fast installation

                                        Depending on the project size, our experienced team can lay in one day or two. That is amazing, particularly when compared to concrete. The reason is concrete takes twice as long to lay, and the setting period is even longer. An asphalt driveway may be ready for utilisation in two days, while concrete can take a week to cure. The season, in which we installed, determines this.

                                        Cost-effective maintenance costs

                                        After some time, your asphalt driveway may experience lineal cracking because of wear and tear. Nevertheless, we can repair it quickly and affordably. Crack sealant products are wonderful for cracked driveways. Equally important, they are affordable and readily available. 


                                        Comparatively, asphalt driveways surfaces do not flake due to poor installation, unlike concrete. Most concrete driveways have ongoing issues with flaking. It is especially true if the concrete installation happened quickly.

                                        Because asphalt is flexible, it is much less susceptible to cracking than concrete over time. Furthermore, sweeping, overall upkeep, crack filling, and frequent preventative maintenance extends the lifespan of asphalt driveways significantly.

                                        Asphalt driveway specialists

                                        For many years, our asphalt contractor in Bunbury has worked in the asphalt sector. Accordingly, we have gained valuable experience over time. Therefore, it has equipped our team with the expertise and knowledge to offer superior standard projects all the time.

                                        Our skilled team digs out and extracts sand or other worn surfaces from your driveway. We then provide your new asphalt driveway then lay it.  Besides, for ground preparation, the asphalt contractor in Bunbury lays 150mm of concrete base. As a result, it provides an extremely solid foundation for asphalt. Due to this, sinking and potholes formation does not occur as time goes.

                                        The Australian Construction team is courteous, reliable and knowledgeable. In effect, they provide whatever is required to complete your driveway smoothly and quickly. Moreover, we follow the set budget.  We only hire the best staff to match our commitment. 

                                        That is, to give you superior quality asphalts finish.  

                                        We mainly aim to provide:

                                        • Affordable prices: We offer a reasonable cost to ensure you follow your budget and are content with the results.
                                        • Quality artistry:  Together with our affordable costs, we endeavour to offer great quality and superior service.
                                        • Experience: Because of our vast experience in this sector, the asphalt contractor in Bunbury is comfortable with all project sizes.
                                        • Reliability: We have brilliant artistry, not to mention our commitment to provide quick and reliable service.
                                        • Guarantee: We require our clients to pay after we have gone over the work and are happy with the outcomes.


                                        Choosing Australian Construction means you have access to our services 24/7. Additionally, you can benefit directly from our significant experience in the sector. Also, you will save money and time.

                                          For more information about our available services, kindly do not hesitate to call us today.

                                          Rockhampton Asphalt Contractor

                                          Outstanding Asphalt Contractor Services In Rockhampton

                                          Rockhampton Asphalt Contractor

                                            Australian Construction offers the most superior asphalt and bitumen services. Furthermore, we are specialists in all elements of spray sealing and asphalt installation. Moreover, our asphalt contractor in Rockhampton brings vast experience to all the projects we handle.

                                            Our skilled team prepares, installs and maintains bitumen and asphalt roads from the tiniest potholes to big civil projects. Besides, we also work on car parks, driveways, pathways and pavements.

                                            The asphalt contractor in Rockhampton has the experience and expertise to assist with any asphalting project. We have high standard quality coupled with completing our tasks on time. We do this within the set budget, and we meet the customer’s satisfaction.


                                            Spray sealing and asphalt driveways & private roads

                                            When a sealed driveway features on rural or suburban blocks, it looks elegant and modern. Comparatively, asphalt driveways are a lot more flexible than concrete or paved driveways. 

                                            It enables your driveway to contract and expand in cold and hot conditions. It also happens when the soil conditions change. However, it does not experience a similar level of movement or cracking.

                                            Asphalt paths and driveways look excellent leading into industrial, commercial as well as residential sites. First, initial impressions are essential. Second, it needs much less upkeep and maintenance. And third, it is more cost-effective. It gives you an ideal choice for your driveway. 

                                            Spray sealing is more affordable than asphalt. The asphalt contractor in Rockhampton uses this technique to pave huge areas. In this case, there is no issue of high traffic volumes, for instance, footpaths, private roads and rural driveways. Consequently, it offers effective aggregate retention and waterproofing when we apply it as a wearing surface.  This process features a two-coast seal.

                                            Asphalt pavements and roads

                                            Commercial and civil projects of any size need a skilled team. Additionally, the right equipment and experience are essential to enable our professional team to handle the job quickly and on budget. 

                                            You may have a project that involves asphalt road construction, repair or resurfacing. Regardless, Australian Construction is the ideal option. In other words, we ensure we deliver your project safely, on time and within budget.

                                            We deliver projects for small and large commercial businesses. Additionally, our specialised crews are available 24/7, and we can mobilise them all over Rockhampton. Besides, we do not need third-party sub-contractors.

                                            Some of our civil asphalting services are:

                                            • Profiling
                                            • Stabilisation
                                            • Base preparation and earthworks
                                            • Patching
                                            • Kerbing
                                            • Line marking
                                            • Emulsion spray (double coat or single)
                                            • All aspects of bitumen and asphalt spraying
                                            • Underground services check 

                                            Our projects include:


                                            Renew and reseal old asphalt pavement and roads using our rejuvenation treatment

                                            • Schools
                                            • Pipeline trenching
                                            • Pathways
                                            • Bike tracks
                                            • Car parks
                                            • Road maintenance & road construction

                                            With time, bitumen and asphalt sealed pavements can disintegrate because of harsh environmental conditions. The experienced team at Australian Construction can rehabilitate cracking, oxidation and overall pavement degradation. A full reseal is not necessary.

                                            We have a cost-effective rejuvenation treatment that ensures pavement durability. During this treatment, the asphalt contractor in Rockhampton sprays a bitumen emulsion on the pavement. It then fills the air voids and cracks, hence, achieving a consistent colour and finish.

                                            This rehabilitation service is suitable for low traffic pavements with excellent structural integrity. Therefore it attains the ideal outcomes before total degradation of the surface. 

                                            It is best for:

                                            • Airfields
                                            • Private roads
                                            • Caravan parks
                                            • Schools and a lot of other applications


                                            Whatever your project, Australian Construction is the best choice. We have the plant, experience and staff to complete any project, despite the location or size. We are specialists in road maintenance, road rehabilitation works, earthworks, and footpath construction in the government sector. We pay particular attention to road profiling, bitumen spray sealing, and asphalt works.

                                              We look forward to hearing from you today, and we will be happy to meet all your asphalt needs!

                                              Mackay Asphalt Contractor

                                              Professional Asphalt Contractor Services In Mackay

                                              Mackay Asphalt Contractor

                                                Australian Construction has years of experience in addition to a reputation for professionalism as well as quality. So, we would be happy to handle your next asphalt-paving project! Our asphalt contractor in Mackay ranks top in asphalt paving of industrial commercial and parking lots.

                                                Besides, we provide overlay, asphalt repair, and seal coating for all sized asphalt paving projects. Our professionals also offer specialty concrete construction for gutters, curbs, and speed bumps and catch drains. Likewise, we handle dumpster pads and other areas that are compatible with concrete.

                                                Our asphalt contractor in Mackay provides services for asphalt resurfacing, maintenance and repair. The Australian Construction experienced crews regularly work with tight construction schedules. Furthermore, we easily organise our work on the site.

                                                Asphalt repairs and asphalt surface patching

                                                Asphalt is among the most affordable and durable surfaces. Nevertheless, you cannot stop your asphalt road, walkway or parking lot from wearing over time. 

                                                As a result, settling, cracks or holes occur. Our asphalt repair and patchwork experts at Australian Construction can repair any asphalt surface. Therefore, they restore it to its original function and form.

                                                Maybe you want asphalt repair work for your large industrial complex or small parking lot. Regardless, our knowledgeable team handles each aspect of your asphalt repair project from beginning to end. Moreover, they deliver your project fast and on time!

                                                Call us today, and we will advise you on how the asphalt contractor in Mackay can enhance your business curb appeal.

                                                Asphalt seal coating & seal coating

                                                Asphalt seal coating is still an affordable and reliable option. In the first place, it protects and makes the asphalt surfaces near your business more durable. 

                                                When we seal your pavement, it not only safeguards your property but also gives a brand new appearance to your asphalt. Furthermore, it helps the surface to resist gasoline, oil and different chemicals. Additionally, it prolongs the life of your street, roadway and parking lot. 

                                                Our expert technicians use an asphalt seal coating mix to restore your street, road, parking lot or other surface. As a result, it almost goes back to its original form.  This extremely thick material uses a specific machine applicator and features a significant amount of sand. However, we can apply it in one pass while mixing it.

                                                Australian Construction‘s asphalt seal coating technicians are experienced. Therefore, they know that changing your road, driveway or parking lot, is not an option at times. The good news is that the Australia Construction asphalt seal coating experts can assist you in preserving your asphalt surface appearance, durability and function. Not to mention, it saves you the expenses of total replacement.

                                                Equally important, seal coating your existing asphalt surface or pavement regularly saves you a large amount of cash in resurfacing and repairs costs. To find out how our expert asphalt seal-coating contractor in Mackay can enhance your curb appeal talk to us today.

                                                Maintaining and repairing asphalt driveway

                                                Whether a paved asphalt driveway is perfectly paved, it still wears over time. Under those circumstances, cracks appear, stripping fades and uneven surfaces develop. In the event this happens, our maintenance experts can handle residential driveway maintenance work of any size. Because of this, you save high resurfacing expenses.

                                                The asphalt contractor in Mackay is proud of their asphalt maintenance and asphalt repair abilities. In light of this, our repair technicians complete the project efficiently the first time. Our preventative maintenance prolongs your asphalt driveway life. 

                                                Timely preventative maintenance is vital to optimising your asphalt driveway life.


                                                Our asphalt maintenance firm handles all your driveway repairs, for example, patching, seal coating and crack filling. We use top-notch equipment, superior quality materials, the latest application methods and skilled professionals.  To this end, we ensure we complete your asphalt driveway repair project quickly and correctly.

                                                  For additional information on Australian Construction’s asphalt services, call us today.

                                                  Launceston Asphalt Contractor

                                                  Commercial And Residential Asphalt Contractor Services In Launceston

                                                  Launceston Asphalt Contractor

                                                    Where asphalt services are concerned, Australian Construction is an industry leader. You can choose from various materials like concrete, asphalt, etc. Furthermore, they are of the best quality and our asphalt contractor in Launceston offers a full range of services.

                                                    It includes kerbing, driveway construction, drainage and more. For lovely paved areas, call our team today. Our sealing professionals are skilled and experienced. Moreover, they have undertaken projects all over the state with various clients. For instance, we have clients like local government departments, local councils and national infrastructure firms.

                                                    We are proud of our reliability, as well as offering affordable outcomes. Our asphalt contractor in Launceston works hard to give you superior services at budget costs. Regardless of whether your property is residential or commercial, trust us to give you first-class results.

                                                    Premium driveway sealing

                                                    For the best driveway sealing in Launceston, call our leading team today. Australian Construction consists of experienced experts. Therefore, they give you ideal results on all the projects. Our asphalt contractor in Launceston is efficient, reliable and works hard to deliver the work on time each time. For affordable sealing solutions, talk to us.

                                                    Residential asphalt services

                                                    We have developed the reputation of being a top driveway paving and sealing services provider in Launceston. As a result, we help build quality:

                                                    Other services

                                                    Together with quality asphalt driveways, Australian Construction provides various services. They include each element of driveway sealing in Launceston. We provide:

                                                    • Flocon hire
                                                    • Pathways 
                                                    • Cartage
                                                    • Hot-mix edging
                                                    • Gravel shouldering
                                                    • Road repairs and patching
                                                    • Driveways
                                                    • Footpaths
                                                    • Gravel shouldering
                                                    • Roller hire (1&2.5 tonne)
                                                    • Bob-Cat hire

                                                    So, call us now and talk to one of our pleasant staff for a free quote!

                                                    Commercial asphalt services

                                                    The asphalt contractor in Launceston is professional, efficient and reliable. We not only arrive on time but also finish the job quickly.  So, call us for factory floors, parking lots, shopping centres and transport depots.  Our team provides remarkable sealed areas that will efficiently serve your business for years.

                                                    Asphalt installation

                                                    Call our team of experts for asphalt installation. We have a special asphalting team. In light of this, we offer tailor-made solutions for your property. Asphalts have different patterns, colours, designs and sizes. Therefore, you can pick the ideal one for your property. Alternatively, you can combine light and dark shade asphalts for your parking space.

                                                    Asphalt resurfacing

                                                    Talk to our asphalt contractor in Launceston to determine how we can assist. Pick asphalts for your pathways. In this manner, you create contrast by selecting asphalts with different colours for your footpath.

                                                    You do not have to use more money for line marking. Besides, you can separate your vehicle parking space from the rest by fitting various coloured asphalts. Additionally, you can change the asphalts easily anytime. Also, replacing the entire footpath, car parking area, or pathways is not necessary.

                                                    Our company is trustworthy and provides asphalting for pathways, footpath, car park area and driveways. We have durable, long-lasting and sturdy asphalts. Additionally, our products are resistant to excessive humidity, heavy rain, heat and other climatic conditions. 

                                                    Why choose us?

                                                    Australian Construction is a licensed and trusted company and we provide different services. Together with decorative concrete, asphalting, concrete slabs and retaining walls, we offer excavation services also.

                                                    Constructing the asphalt road is a difficult job because we install such asphalts manually. However, our skilled asphalt contractor in Launceston can deliver your project if you have a strict deadline because we use the latest tools and equipment.

                                                    Similarly, asphalt footpath construction is time-consuming. We install the asphalts and seal them using concrete membranes. In light of this, we easily use different asphalts shapes to decorate your footpath.


                                                    Call us today for your asphalt needs, for example, car park construction.  You can pick asphalts or concrete slabs for your vehicle parking space. Opting for asphalting for car-park construction is better. We can match the design with your property, hence, making your commercial car parking design unique.

                                                      It will be our pleasure to give you the best asphalt services in Launceston, so get in touch with us today!

                                                      Bendigo Asphalt Contractor

                                                      Enjoy Professional Asphalt Contractor Services In Bendigo

                                                      Bendigo Asphalt Contractor

                                                        Australian Construction is Bendigo’s trusted name for all asphalt and bitumen paving. We have been in this sector for years. Also, we invest the same quality effort into all the asphalt paving projects we undertake. Big or small, the project’s size does not matter. Our asphalt contractor in Bendigo does not take shortcuts when laying asphalt.

                                                        For this reason, our careful site preparation methods build a durable asphalt sealer. Besides, it can sustain whatever it is exposed to.  We are specialists in asphalt areas like pathways, roads, driveway edging and car parks.

                                                        At Australian Construction, we have an exceptional variety of coloured bitumen. As a result, it makes us stand out from many asphalt-paving businesses.  A similar quality product, but coloured, can make bitumen paths, recreational areas and paths livelier.

                                                        Additionally, we provide other bitumen and asphalt services. For instance, patching for damaged or cracked asphalt that requires repairing. 

                                                        Asphalt & bitumen driveways

                                                        If you need an asphalt driveway in Bendigo, we are your solution. Our professional team has constructed bitumen driveways for years. Therefore, we are glad to work with our clients. We do this to create a design that is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

                                                        Our asphalt contractor in Bendigo has different coloured bitumen. In effect, it gives your asphalt driveway paving work a wow factor! Additionally, you can utilise it for all your driveway edging. Asphalt driveways give you a sensible paving option due to their flexibility and durability.

                                                        The expert team at Australian Construction uses hot spray-and-seal bitumen. It entails spraying liquid bitumen on the surface, then covered in rock and sand to attain the asphalt driveway you seek. 

                                                        You may wish for a rough or smooth, coloured or black finish; nevertheless, we can deliver. Therefore, if you want an asphalt driveway contractor, talk to our asphalt contractor in Bendigo. We have provided asphalt driveways to rural and domestic properties. These feature unsealed driveways, schools, wineries, the bus, truck yards, and more. 

                                                        Asphalt pathways

                                                        For a new asphalt path, get in touch with us.  In the first place, we have an experienced team, and secondly, we are known for our quality work. We handle domestic pathways for rural and suburban properties. Likewise, we can construct asphalt pathways for parks and schools.

                                                        Our asphalt contractor in Bendigo tailors your asphalt pathway to the design and shape you want. A bitumen path presents a quality option. First, it is durable. Second, it has a flexible feature, and third, it is affordable. 

                                                        A standard concrete path has many cracks, unlike our asphalt pathways, whose chances of cracking and breaking are slim.  It is because, in warmer conditions, a bitumen sealer is more self-repairing and flexible.

                                                        If you want a different look, consider picking coloured bitumen to match your surrounding. Alternatively, you also have the option of using colours, marking the surface with pedestrian data. Call us for a quote or to discover more about our asphalt paths. Also, we will let you know about our other asphalt services and projects available in Bendigo.

                                                        At Australian Construction, we follow the asphalt sealers guidelines. It ensures that we utilise the suitable spray seal ratio to aggregate with each project. Because of this, we guarantee you durable driveway sealing.


                                                        Our asphalt contractor in Bendigo implements site preparation methods that significantly reinforce durability. The reason is that we lay bitumen that matches the base. Furthermore, apart from the standard black asphalt sealer, we provide exceptional coloured bitumen to make your project unique. Besides, we use our asphalt patching service to repair any existing bitumen.

                                                          Call us to discuss how we can assist you in your future asphalt project for a brilliant outcome. 

                                                          Cairns Asphalt Contractor

                                                          Ideal Asphalt Contractor Services In Cairns From Aus Construction

                                                          Cairns Asphalt Contractor

                                                            Australian Construction has a highly responsive team. We are available 24 hours to handle utility restorations as well as infrastructure maintenance in Cairns. Our asphalt contractor in Cairns has vast experience and, therefore, ensures an excellent work standard. Also, we can respond fast to scope changes.

                                                            We provide services like road base preparation, gutter and kerb replacement, traffic calming facilities and footpath repairs. Our experienced team is highly skilled in restoration works, utility infrastructure reinstatement for utilities, and significant infrastructure.

                                                            Furthermore, the asphalt contractor in Cairns has an extensive fleet of Flocon road maintenance trucks. As a result, we ensure we meet our clients’ expectations on time and on budget.

                                                            Road maintenance

                                                            Because of our large fleet of road maintenance trucks, our road maintenance crews work 24/7 and respond to your needs quickly. Australian Construction is skilled in re-instating asphalt to footpaths, potholes and road crossings. Also, we handle general asphalt maintenance.

                                                            We are proud to offer affordable maintenance solutions for our valued customers, for instance, local councils, schools, churches, and shopping centres. 

                                                            Asphalt resurfacing

                                                            We offer asphalt-resurfacing services like parking lots and major roadways. Our services include school parking lots, retail, in addition to homeowner association streets. Before we install the new layer, our team sweeps your current asphalt clean. This procedure gets rid of debris. We then apply a tack coat or asphalt glue to strengthen the new asphalt bond to the old one.

                                                            This re-paving method is the cheapest; however, it has some disadvantages. We only carry out overlaying or resurfacing if your existing asphalt does not have faults. Potholes, serious asphalt rutting or cracking should not be present. Resurfacing asphalt featuring the above faults is a temporary solution. To treat minor cracking we fill it with a hot melted rubber crack sealer before resurfacing.

                                                            Australian Construction can handle resurfacing projects of all sizes. Our experienced personnel coupled with the latest fleet of equipment enables us to do this.

                                                            Common asphalt problems

                                                            There are many kinds of asphalt failures, for instance, cracking, potholes and rutting. Potholes form when water seeps beneath the pavement. It then proceeds to the sub-base via the cracked asphalt.

                                                            Consequently, the water makes the sub-base loose, which freezes in winter, leading to frost heaves. A void forms after the freezing beneath the asphalt thaws out. The weight of the vehicles and asphalt as well sinks inside this void. As a result, the asphalt cracks resulting in a pothole.

                                                            How to solve asphalt issues efficiently

                                                            Cracking presents an asphalt failure that might need different kinds of repairs. It depends on the cracking’s severity. If the straight linear cracks below one inch wide, our team crack-seals it.  If the cracking resembles shattered glass, alligator skin or a spider web, it is called ‘alligator cracking.’ In this case, we cannot seal it, and we have to cut it out.

                                                            Our asphalt contractor in Cairns repairs asphalt failures in different ways. The most standard method is first cutting out the faulty section using a saw to cut the asphalt. Second, we excavate the damaged area out. Third, we repair the sub-base then pave the section using the regular paving courses. 

                                                            After completing the patch, using an asphalt emulsion tack or asphalt glue to seal the edges is vital. It bonds the seams of the old and new asphalt. Due to this, it does not peel up.


                                                            We deal with any asphalt-patching repair you require. To us, each project is essential. Therefore, we handle major paving projects and patching repair work similarly. Regardless of whether you are a private individual or a commercial client, our service team will be happy to help you with your project.

                                                              Call Australian Construction today for the best asphalt services in Cairns.

                                                              Canberra Asphalt Contractor

                                                              Outstanding Asphalt Contractor Services In Canberra

                                                              Canberra Asphalt Contractor

                                                                Many individuals do not find the idea of an asphalt parking lot exciting. However, business owners appreciate that their parking space can affect a client’s outlook before entering the building. At Australian Construction, we have asphalt parking lot professionals. Our asphalt contractor in Canberra specialises in paving the asphalt parking lot. 

                                                                Besides, we handle the repair and maintenance of asphalt surfaces drains, curbs and different surfaces. Our expert team appreciates that installing and maintaining your parking area correctly is essential to make your business succeed. 

                                                                You may be the owner of a retail centre, apartment complex or municipality. Because of that, your property’s curb appeal can improve with a well taken care of asphalt parking lot.

                                                                Our asphalt services

                                                                The asphalt contractor in Canberra is a specialist in asphalt parking lot paving and maintenance as well as repair of asphalt curbs, drains, surfaces and different surfaces. Besides, our asphalt experts are brilliant at crack filling and seal coating. It extends your pavement’s longevity, therefore decreasing the expense of your parking space replacement.

                                                                Australian Construction paving services of the asphalt parking lot have benefited strip malls, schools, churches, retail centres, and industrial facilities. Your asphalt parking lot pavement might require resurfacing or replacement. In that case, our asphalt contractor in Canberra has the correct expert staff and suitable material. Because of this, the inconvenience and cost of your parking lot replacement reduce.

                                                                The Australian Construction parking lot paving professionals plan your project in stages to open access from the beginning to the end of the project. Also, it ensures that we complete all the projects on time and correctly.

                                                                Driveway paving & repair

                                                                Giving your driveway suitable asphalt or concrete maintenance prolongs its lifespan. However, if you notice your driveway is significantly damaged or old, give us a call.  We have vast experience in driveway paving and are committed to providing our clients with the ideal service. Numerous freeze-thaw cycles on your driveway make it start breaking down. 

                                                                A pitted or cracked driveway weakens your house’s curb appeal and makes it harder to sell your home. You can rely on our expert asphalt contractor in Canberra for driveway paving services.

                                                                Upon your driveway’s inspection, our team will know whether to replace the concrete or asphalt driveway. We also determine whether repairs and patching are enough. Our driveway paving experts help you in all the stages. That is to say, we choose the ideal outcome for your concrete or asphalt surface.

                                                                Sidewalk & patio installation

                                                                Patios and sidewalks serve numerous purposes.  Due to this, they need appropriate installation using the ideal concrete and installers with vast experience.  For safety and durability, the job needs to be done correctly.

                                                                You may own a home or business in Canberra and need the installation of new sidewalks. Or, you might be a homeowner who wants a new patio. In this case, our Australian Construction asphalt specialists can handle the work for you correctly.

                                                                The asphalt contractor in Canberra assesses the area and prepares it. Then, they use the correct paving methods to give you the patio or sidewalk you require. Our quality and ability to listen to our clients then meet their needs makes us a superior asphalt-paving firm.

                                                                Quality sidewalk installation 

                                                                Municipalities and property owners use sidewalks for various purposes. Homeowners choose to give themselves and guests designated walkways. It offers them an alternative to walking on the lawn. It presents a smooth surface that lacks mud and obstacles. Furthermore, it makes the property more appealing.


                                                                For businesses, homes and municipalities, sidewalks are essential. The reason is they give people a safe walking area. Another reason is that it ensures sidewalks appear in proper areas and are in good shape. 

                                                                  For more information about our patio and sidewalk paving services, please call us now!

                                                                  Wollongong Asphalt Contractor

                                                                  The Best Commercial And Residential Asphalt Contractor In Wollongong

                                                                  Wollongong Asphalt Contractor

                                                                    Australian Construction is your best asphalt services solution. Together with building and maintaining asphalt driveways, and car parks, we also develop and maintain roads.  Moreover, our asphalt contractor in Wollongong handles speed bump and traffic sign installation, road marking and pothole repairs and patching. 

                                                                    Besides, we undertake all types of roadway damage and shoulder maintenance. Additionally, we have our traffic control teams. Australian Construction installs and maintains asphalt for driveways, car parks and roads.

                                                                    For the best asphalt-paving firm for your project, call our asphalt contractor in Wollongong today.

                                                                    Road construction and maintenance

                                                                    At Australian Construction, we build and maintain roads all over the Wollongong area. The asphalt contractor in Wollongong offers road maintenance services. 

                                                                    For example, we provide pothole repairs, line marking maintenance, as well as roadside marker posts. Besides, we also unblock storm-water drains and also undertake roadside gutter cleaning and maintenance.

                                                                    We also handle the mowing and vegetation control near intersections and roadsides. Maintenance programs include removing debris, rubbish and graffiti. Our top priority is the road users’ safety.  In light of this, our asphalt contractor in Wollongong carries out detailed risk assessments in case of any road safety concerns. We then submit them to the appropriate roads and traffic authorities.

                                                                    Asphalt driveways

                                                                    Asphalt is a beautiful alternative to concrete for constructing a farm and residential driveways.

                                                                    Cost: Comparatively, as a driveway construction material, asphalt is significantly cheaper than concrete.

                                                                    Durability: Concrete generally lasts longer than asphalt. However, when we apply sealer on time, your well-built asphalt driveway will last for even 30 years.

                                                                    Cracking: Unlike concrete, asphalt is less susceptible to concrete. When you walk along a suburban street, you will likely come across a concrete driveway with unattractive cracks. They result from drastic temperature changes or subsidence. As asphalt is more flexible than concrete, it is, therefore, less prone to these impacts.

                                                                    Appearance: Usually, people think that asphalt is dark and dull. On the other hand, for them, concrete is attractive because we can paint and stencil it. For this reason, people mainly expect concrete driveways to be more appealing.

                                                                    However, there have been developments in manufacturing specialised paints and sealers. As a result, the asphalt contractor in Wollongong can coat and stencil your asphalt driveway.  When choosing a material, appearance is not a problem because we have various colours to paint asphalt.

                                                                    Different possibilities

                                                                    Most people get worried about durability, appearance, and cost. But for us, getting the ideal balance for your situation is crucial. Australian Construction has various design choices for driveway construction.  

                                                                    Talk to us today and let us know what you need for your driveway. Our skilled team assesses your different requirements then gives solutions and advice. We will assess your various needs and offer advice and solutions for a driveway that will suit you best.

                                                                    Car parks

                                                                    With the cars and roads we use for moving around, it is essential to park safely and efficiently in today’s world. Asphalt is the popular construction material for commercial and residential car parks. If you want us to build a new car park for you or upgrade and maintain an existing one, we can help.

                                                                    A modern car park presents more than an area of asphalt. A car park should use the available site efficiently. Furthermore, it should be safe for pedestrians and drivers.  A car park can have signs, line markings, wheel stops and accessibility ramps. It also features walkways and shopping trolley return bays. The asphalt contractor in Wollongong has all the skills to give you the feature you want for your parking lot.


                                                                    Compared to other asphalt contractors, our asphalt contractor in Wollongong has one significant difference. We are unique because we can handle anything connected to asphalt car parks, driveways and roads. Moreover, unlike other asphalt-paving firms, we supply the total workforce needed to complete your work safely and efficiently.

                                                                      Therefore, we are the ideal option for all your asphalt needs, so call us today!

                                                                      Sunshine Coast Asphalt Contractor

                                                                      Get The Best Asphalt Contractor On The Sunshine Coast

                                                                      Sunshine Coast Asphalt Contractor

                                                                        Australian Construction is a trusted name in the asphalt services sector. It is because our asphalt contractor on the Sunshine Coast delivers quality bitumen and asphalt paving services for industrial, commercial and residential projects on the entire Sunshine Coast. 

                                                                        We are proud to have built the most prestigious and prominent pavements on the Sunshine Coast.  The reason is that our modern fleet still sets and raises standards for reliable and efficient asphalt supplies.  We are known for quality and innovation. Above all, we have the expertise and ability to meet specific paving projects needs in a dynamic and ever-changing sector.

                                                                        We are committed to quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Also, we work within economic needs placing our form at the top of the industry. Notably, we have developed a standard that makes us exceed our customers’ expectations consistently. 

                                                                        Our services

                                                                        The asphalt contractor on the Sunshine Coast specialises in all surfacing aspects. Some of them are:

                                                                        Benefits of asphalt

                                                                        Asphalt is 100% recyclable. Additionally, it is a durable product, and it can last for even 20 years depending on the traffic volume. It adapts easily with the motion of the underlying pavement. Consequently, it facilitates a longer lifespan. As a result, the end product has a smooth finish, a decrease in traffic noise, and a better fuel economy.

                                                                        Unlike concrete, the repair procedure is a lot quicker and cost effective. We can resurface without eliminating the existing asphalt surface. After the surface temperature drops lower than 900C, it is possible to drive asphalt.

                                                                        Asphalt driveways

                                                                        Are you fed up with cleaning the dirt and dust from your home and car? Or are you tired of cleaning the driveway entrance from excess dirt and gravel? Maybe you used a wheelbarrow to fill potholes and ruts only to have the rain wash it away, therefore raking rocks from your lawn.

                                                                        In that case, our asphalt contractor on the Sunshine Coast specialises in building your new driveway from beginning to end. In addition, we handle all water catchment and runoff, drainage, turf borders, concrete ending and stone boards. Our experts can customise and design to match and suit your theme.

                                                                        For homeowners, a property’s first impression is a top priority. Therefore, give your property the appearance it deserves. We have numerous options regarding doing your driveway. The individual’s preference is another crucial point.  The benefits of using asphalt on your driveway are:

                                                                        • Easy maintenance
                                                                        • Hard-wearing
                                                                        • Does not stain
                                                                        • Recyclable
                                                                        • It does not slip when wet
                                                                        • It costs much less compared to concrete

                                                                        Potholes and repairs/maintenance

                                                                        Does your existing surface need repairs? Or does your rental property, workplace or footpath or car park present a public liability that may happen anytime? In that case, act now before it happens. Unless potholes are maintained, they continue growing. Our asphalt contractor on the Sunshine Coast has numerous maintenance fleets. The multiple maintenance fleets at Australian Construction work 24/7 and have vast experience. 

                                                                        We are proud of first, the safety quality, second, customer satisfaction and third, giving our customers valuable maintenance solutions. Our clients include schools, shopping centres and local councils.


                                                                        At Australian Construction, we give our clients industry-leading equipment and technology. Equally important, we combine the use of top quality materials and a skilled team. It enables us to provide excellent results each time. Because of this, we work more cost-effectively and faster and, in the end, save you money and time!

                                                                          For an experienced asphalt-paving firm to handle your project on the Sunshine Coast, we are your best bet, so call us today!

                                                                          Central Coast Asphalt Contractor

                                                                          The Best Asphalt Contractor On The Central Coast

                                                                          Central Coast Asphalt Contractor

                                                                            Do you own a home and want the ideal asphalt contractors on the Central Coast? Or do you want a stylish and smooth driveway? In that case, Australian Construction can help. Our asphalt contractor on the Central Coast provides superior quality in asphalt paving.

                                                                            Because of our vast combined experience, we are specialists in this area for all asphalt jobs. You may need upgrading, repairing an existing driveway or installing a new one. In light of this, we provide top-quality surfaces.

                                                                            Our asphalt contractor on the Central Coast is the trusted resurfacing supplier in this region. We have a skilled team of asphalt and driveway professionals. As a matter of fact, they are available for kerb, driveways, pothole repairs, road repairs and more. You can depend on Australian Construction for your future project, whether big or small.

                                                                            Asphalt repair

                                                                            Do you need the quickest and most reliable asphalt repair services for government agencies and homeowners on the Central Coast you can trust? Australian Construction is your best solution. We are specialists in offering top quality asphalt repair services, and consequently, the Central Coast residents rely on us.

                                                                            Furthermore, we have vast experience. It not only enables us to provide optimal artistry levels but also customer satisfaction and service excellence. Our team of highly experienced and skilled asphalt repair specialists has the ideal methods and equipment in the industry.

                                                                            Therefore, you can be assured that we will finish your job to your exact needs. Besides, we complete the project on or before the fixed deadline. The asphalt contractor on the Central Coast is fully insured and licensed.

                                                                            With this in mind, you can expect us to follow the strictest quality and safety standards in the sector as well as government authorities and available policies for any occurrence.

                                                                            Therefore, for the most detailed asphalt seal & repair firm on the Central Coast, call us today.

                                                                            Asphalt road repair

                                                                            We have a skilled team that provides the fastest and most precise asphalt road repair. Our specialisation in small jobs ensures we expertly handle your asphalt pothole repair requirements. Working with our asphalt contractor on the Central Coast assures you of:

                                                                            • Quality artistry
                                                                            • Attention to detail
                                                                            • Job and industry knowledge
                                                                            • Regardless of the job size, we work fast and professionally to deliver a quality surface for your commercial area or home.

                                                                            Commercial asphalt services

                                                                            For the ideal car park repairs, you can trust, call us today. We provide numerous asphalt services to commercial clients. For instance, we offer roadway construction and driveway resurfacing services.  From start to finish, our asphalt contractor on the Central Coast has the equipment and knowledge. Therefore, they can help when it comes to small, medium-sized or large commercial work.

                                                                            We have years of combined knowledge and experience. It is because of working with the local council, developers, engineers and surveyors all over the Central Coast. With this in mind, you can rely on us for quality workmanship.

                                                                            The asphalt contractor on the Central Coast offers various commercial asphalting services like:

                                                                            • Water diversion
                                                                            • Drainage
                                                                            • Schools
                                                                            • Car parks
                                                                            • Road repairs
                                                                            • Roadway construction
                                                                            • Pavement profiling
                                                                            • Road frontages for development
                                                                            • Car park maintenance

                                                                            At Australian Construction, our team of professionals not only handles repairs but also offer ideal car park maintenance. Our expert team provides the whole package for your commercial project from beginning to end. For example, services like drainage, excavation, designing of the area and preparation. Also, we offer a hassle-free changeover from the existing road to home.


                                                                            Our asphalt contractor on the Central Coast has broad experience. Moreover, we understand how the Central Coast Council works and can talk to them on your behalf. Our work follows the latest industry standards. You may be a commercial contractor who wants professional results. Or you are a local developer seeking quality artistry. 

                                                                              Then, call Australian Construction today to discuss your future project!

                                                                              Geelong Asphalt Contractor

                                                                              Commercial And Residential Asphalt Contractor Services In Geelong

                                                                              Geelong Asphalt Contractor

                                                                                You may be looking for asphalt resurfacing or surfacing in commercial, residential, government or local council areas. In that case, Australian Construction will provide a quality and professional service for all your asphalting needs. Equally important, our asphalt contractor in Geelong is committed to asphalting safety.

                                                                                The lifespan of an asphalt surface can extend to over twenty years. Therefore, you should make sure you have the ideal people and materials for the project. We have a team of qualified and professional staff coupled with modern and well-maintained equipment. 

                                                                                Because of this, our skilled team can handle any work easily. Australian Construction uses a combination of hot mix asphalt. Also, we have various services for superior asphalt services.

                                                                                Residential asphalt surfaces

                                                                                The asphalt contractor in Geelong offers residential asphalt services for tennis courts, driveways, pathways and basketball courts in Geelong and its surroundings.  In residential areas, asphalt presents a long-lasting, joint-free surface. 

                                                                                For this reason, the area remains free from water and weed. Furthermore, it can be in various colours like red oxide, standard grey and black and non-coloured gravel.

                                                                                Commercial asphalt

                                                                                We offer commercial asphalting for driveways, car parks, hotel car parks, factories and more. Please contact us for a free quote.

                                                                                Government & council asphalt paving and surfaces

                                                                                The asphalt contractor undertakes local council asphalt surfacing projects. Our experienced team services pathways, cycleways, car parks, roads and parks. Additionally, we handle median strips, speed bumps and recreation grounds in Geelong. Indeed, the Australian Construction experienced team also undertakes jobs like tennis courts, road repairs, basketball areas and schoolyards.

                                                                                Asphalt surface preparation

                                                                                Our team handles all asphalt surfacing projects for the purpose of asphalt drainage, sweeping and preparation. Besides, we provide asphalt sweeper hire to assist clients in maintaining superior asphalt surfaces.

                                                                                The company avails various asphalting materials and services to meet your specific work requirement. The expert team guarantees superior and efficient services. That is, from the moment you call us until we complete the work. Please contact us for additional information on our expert and superior asphalt services.

                                                                                At our company, we offer all the services you need that relate to asphalt surfacing work. For instance:

                                                                                • Asphalt drainage and sweeping
                                                                                • Older asphalt surface repairs
                                                                                • Asphalt base work preparation
                                                                                • Commercial asphalt services

                                                                                The asphalt contractor in Geelong provides asphalt surfaces for numerous commercial projects in Geelong like asphalt hotel car parks, factory areas, driveways and car parks.

                                                                                We facilitate the means for efficient and straightforward commercial factory and car park alterations. Given that, we have various paving machines, trucks and rollers. 

                                                                                Because of this, the asphalt contractor in Geelong creates a professional finish for numerous commercial jobs. For instance, transport depots, factory units and shopping centres. Similarly, we offer full colour and granite asphalts for a variety of commercial purposes.

                                                                                Council asphalting

                                                                                Our company also specialises in local councils projects around Geelong. We can resurface or surface:

                                                                                • Asphalt public spaces, roads, car parks, speed bumps, cycle paths, median strips and recreational grounds.

                                                                                Government asphalt services

                                                                                Australian Construction handles Federal or State Government projects in Geelong like:

                                                                                • Asphalt road repairs, tennis courts, basketball courts, and residential asphalt services and surfaces. In addition, we offer asphalt driveways, courtyards, schoolyards and play areas.

                                                                                With asphalt, you get a similarly comfortable surface on a riverside mansion, residential home or rural block in Geelong. Asphalt does not require joints; hence, its surface is durable. Besides, it repels weeds or ants that can appear in concrete and bricks. 


                                                                                In future, we can resurface asphalt without removing the old pavement. The asphalt contractor in Geelong provides services like asphalt tennis courts and asphalt driveways. We also offer asphalt pathways and asphalt basketball courts.

                                                                                For all your asphalting jobs, quality, efficiency and experience are essential. In light of this, Australian Construction endeavours to provide this. So, we have earned the reputation of friendly and professional service. Our team is thoroughly trained and qualified for the asphalting projects it undertakes.

                                                                                  As a result, the outcome is attained in a short time and to the customer’s satisfaction!

                                                                                  Hobart Asphalt Contractor

                                                                                  Quality Asphalt Contractor Services In Hobart From Aus Construction

                                                                                  Hobart Asphalt Contractor

                                                                                    Asphalt paving presents a beautiful alternative to concrete. For one thing, re-layering is possible and therefore, it is an affordable solution. At Australian Construction, we specialise in resurfacing or paving new parking lots. Our asphalt contractor in Hobart paves small and large projects. For instance, major distribution centres and strip malls. 

                                                                                    Additionally, we can complete any sized project. The asphalt contractor also provides residential paving services.

                                                                                    Our specialist services

                                                                                    Australian Construction has years of experience. At the same time, we have a reputation for quality and professionalism. So, please let us handle your upcoming asphalt-paving project! We are leaders in asphalt paving of industrial, commercial and municipal parking lots.  

                                                                                    Besides, we service streets, roads, walkways and other surfaces. Similarly, we handle asphalt repair, seal coating and overlay for asphalt paving projects of all sizes.

                                                                                    The asphalt contractor in Hobart offers specialty concrete construction for gutters, curbs, and trench drains, dumpster pads, catch basins, and other areas that best suit concrete. Our skilled team provides complete services for asphalt repair, resurfacing and maintenance.

                                                                                    The experienced crews regularly work with tight building schedules. Given this, we coordinate our work easily with different trades on the site. 

                                                                                    Asphalt maintenance

                                                                                    Asphalt is still an excellent option for most pavement applications. Regardless, it needs regular maintenance. Our timely and proper care ensures that one; your asphalt is safer for pedestrians, and two, that it looks more appealing. And third, that the maintenance prolongs its useful lifespan.

                                                                                    Our asphalt-paving professionals can help you in evaluating your paving situation. They then create a suitable maintenance plan. As time goes, your asphalt surface moves through stages of light maintenance and then asphalt repair. And finally, it goes through resurfacing or replacement.

                                                                                    All asphalt experiences damage from chemicals, general wear, and water and ultraviolet rays. Standard repairs include using hot rubber to seal cracks and utilisation of hot patch materials to fill potholes.  We do this to control water penetration.  The asphalt contractor in Hobart usually completes this while maintaining minimal disturbance to your property.

                                                                                    Resurfacing is costly, and, studying proposals may be challenging. The Australian Construction bids and proposals always aim to provide a quality product. Not just winning the project with cheap costs based on taking shortcuts or utilising inferior materials.

                                                                                    In addition to your replacement project, we offer amenities like islands, catch basins and drains. Moreover, we also provide footings and different markers. For additional information on how we can enhance your business curb appeal, call us now.

                                                                                    Asphalt driveways and driveway paving

                                                                                    You may require asphalt driveway repair or a new asphalt driveway. In that case, our expert asphalt contractor in Hobart will handle all the elements of your driveway project from beginning to end.

                                                                                    You might think that driveway paving is a simple job; however, each project differs. It is determined by particular variables like the desired grade, surface terrain and ground materials. Our asphalt contractor in Hobart invests time to make sure a suitable foundation exists. It is to support your asphalt before our team starts any paving job.

                                                                                    Our knowledgeable and experienced craftsmen use sophisticated tools. Doing this assesses the strength and grade to check the ideal options as well as materials. It is to complete your asphalt driveway work the first time correctly.


                                                                                    You will have your driveway for many years. It serves as a walking, driving or playing surface each day for you and your loved ones. We ensure that we install your driveway correctly. Because of this, it lasts for a long time. Australian Construction handles new installations and extensions. Likewise, we deal with complicated repair and patching works.

                                                                                    Whatever your needs, our professionals work with you, creating a lovely, durable and functional asphalt driveway surface to exceed your expectations.

                                                                                      Call us today and enjoy our asphalt services!


                                                                                      Asphalt Contractor Townsville And Surrounding Areas – Aus Construction

                                                                                      Choose The Best Asphalt Contractor In Townsville

                                                                                        Here at Australian Construction, one of our main objectives is to build long-term relationships. It is why we promise every customer that our performance and service levels will be top-quality to meet all Australian standards. Our team of experts determines and gives quality artistry; we pay attention to detail and work safely and timely at an affordable rate. Our asphalt contractor in Townsville puts in every effort to meet your particular needs.

                                                                                        Australian Construction is experienced and we can provide quality services in Townsville for asphalt and line marking. Allow the Australian Construction team of experts to take the stress out from your job, with peace of mind knowing you’ve got the right experts for your project.

                                                                                        Our specialist paving services

                                                                                        Australian Construction has been laying asphalt for years. Due to this experience, our team knows the ideal methods of laying asphalt and we comply with all Australian Standards. You can depend on our professional team to prepare your new pavement’s base and surface. 

                                                                                        Durable and affordable

                                                                                        Asphalt presents a durable and appealing paving material. The clean and smooth finish gives asphalt an attractive look. The look lasts for many years and requires little to no maintenance. If you are on a budget for your new parking lot, the perfect option is asphalt; it is cost-friendly and dependable.

                                                                                        Consistent Excellence

                                                                                        Our Australian Construction team endeavours to provide you with quality workmanship. With a long standing reputation for laying asphalt we are proud to continue servicing Townsville with  top-quality work. The majority of our clients are repeat customers which speaks volume of our continued and repeated level of dedication to high quality asphalt services Townsville.

                                                                                        The paving procedure

                                                                                        Every good driveway requires a rigid base to remain strong throughout the years. So, our asphalt contractor in Townsville starts by peeling off any old concrete or asphalt and builds a solid base for your new asphalt. After our skilled team completes the base, they mix, lay and smooth out this new asphalt surface. The whole procedure usually takes around one week.

                                                                                        Custom driveways

                                                                                        Australian Construction customises each driveway to ensure that we meet all your requirements. Whether you have a long and winding or short and straight driveway, our team has the skills and equipment to provide you with a smooth and clean driveway. Whether you require an exceptionally thick or wide driveway surface, Australian Construction can assist you with any custom requirements. 

                                                                                        Happy Clients

                                                                                        The Australian Construction team continually strives to satisfy its customers. With a repeatable and consistent effort, our loyal customer base has grown exponentially throughout the years with most of the clientele and projects coming from repeat business or word of mouth.

                                                                                        Five considerations when looking for an Asphalt Contractor in Townsville

                                                                                        If you have work that involves highways, driveway, parking lot or activity area paving, choose a quality asphalt paving firm like Australian Construction for residential and commercial projects. To select an ideal asphalting company, conduct research on service providers and get recommendations from reliable sources, references and third party reviews. 

                                                                                        It is vital to examine various sources of recommendations and information before making your final choice. Apart from the shared opinions and research you conduct, the quality of products and paving materials is another factor you should consider when picking an asphalt contractor from Townsville. If you want an expert paving contractor with professional engineers check the qualities below:

                                                                                        1Cost: Competitive costing is a crucial factor when looking for an Asphalt Contractor in Townsville. The company representatives should give you a complimentary quote and site visit. Price of projects can be determined by many factors so its important to know before planning your project what type of asphalt mixture you require, the equipment needed to service the job, the project area’s complexity, existing surface obstacles, recycling options and environmental factors.

                                                                                         2.  Reviews:  A renowned asphalt-paving firm like Australian construction willingly shares client reviews and a rating from somewhere like the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). Often, the case study illustrations or reviews of a firm are available on their websites, and new and potential companies or individuals can view them. Sometimes, an asphalt-paving company like Australian Construction recommends all new clients peruse through our previous projects portfolio by visiting our site.

                                                                                        3.  Project history and years of experience:  When you work with an experienced asphalt-paving team, they assist you to make the best choices for your property and will save you time and money. Our team at Australian Construction communicates with you in an informed and straightforward manner. This process allows you to review illustrations of similar complex projects and the solutions we have provided other clients that are relevant to your project.

                                                                                        4.  Insured and licensed:  An asphalt contractor in Townsville should be willing to give you documentation indicating they are insured and licensed. This documentation protects their team and equipment and also protects you and your property.

                                                                                        5Warranty:  An efficient contractor like Australian Construction should deliver expert work and prioritise customer satisfaction. Some firms do not provide a project warranty (materials and workmanship). However, a service warranty will guarantee that the Asphalt Contractor in Townsville will complete the project to industry standards and meet your property’s unique needs.

                                                                                        The firm should deliver what was agreed on when the project commenced. Most firm warranties differ depending on project circumstances. Therefore, make sure you have all the data in writing before your project starts. Installation professionals should also offer guidelines to help you prolong your newly seal-coated or paved surface.

                                                                                        Apart from conducting web research, calling a potential contractor like Australian Construction gives you what you require to make a wise decision for your commercial or residential paving project. Talking directly with installation experts and asphalt engineers can assure you that you are starting your project confidently. 

                                                                                        Most firms have a ‘contact us’ page on their website that offers the essential data to the contractor who responds promptly.


                                                                                        If you have an asphalt project in Townsville, Australian Construction has your back. For a big project, you need professional contractors like us to ensure we do the job right the first time.

                                                                                        We have the right asphalt contractors for the project.  Our team are fully licensed, accredited and capable of doing the job to suit your precise needs. The team works well with our Townsville clients and are proud of the many referrals they give us!

                                                                                        Contact us today for your asphalt needs; we give you peace of mind knowing you are working with the best in Townsville!


                                                                                          Asphalt Contractor Perth And Surrounding Areas – Australian Construction

                                                                                          The Most Efficient Asphalt Contractor Service In Perth

                                                                                            From its inception, Australian Construction has established an excellent reputation as the best asphalt contractor in Perth and beyond, like the Goldfields, Wheat Belt and the South West.

                                                                                            Our team is proud to offer quality resurfacing, asphalting, and commercial and maintenance paving solutions.  We work with commercial contractors and provide the latest trucks, road building equipment and other vehicles.

                                                                                            Australian Construction’s primary focus is on our team members’ experience and skills. Each of them holds operator certificates for our machinery and Civil Construction Certificate III.

                                                                                            Professional Pothole Repairs in Perth

                                                                                            Potholes are unsightly and dangerous and make a bad impression on your customers and visitors. It is crucial to repair potholes before they become worse, especially during the wetter seasons. You also need to avoid the pothole repair from turning into a speed hump. Asphalt surfaces have a long life span. But, maintenance is vital since it keeps your asphalt surface functional, safe and appealing. 

                                                                                            Australian Construction creates superior asphalt pothole repairs to driveways, car parks and pathways. Our skilled team cuts, boxes out and lays at the present level, attaining a flush finish. Our asphalt contractors in Perth gives you a driveway, car park or pathway that looks as good as new!

                                                                                            How potholes develop

                                                                                            As time goes, your asphalt surface experiences cracks mainly because of cooling and heating of the surface and traffic. You may not consider a tiny crack in the surface of your asphalt as an issue. However, even a small crack enables water to leak to the materials beneath.

                                                                                            The additional strain of surface cooling and heating which leads to retention and contraction issues has accumulative effects over time potentially leading to breaks, cracks and potholes.

                                                                                            It would be best for you to immediately repair the potholes with the help of professional asphalt contractors like Australian Construction.

                                                                                            How we repair potholes

                                                                                            At Australian Construction, we make sure we understand what you need. It is the reason our competent team always carries out an on-site inspection. As we carry out the inspection, we discuss the work scope with you, assess the damage and measure the locations that require repair. 

                                                                                            We give you a quote depending on the details we gather from the on-site visit. Australian Construction quotes are final, and you are assured you will not get any unexpected expenses. Our competent team is proud to offer top-quality service, and we endeavour to work with customers, property managers and different stakeholders to ensure access. 

                                                                                            Australian Construction holds discussions with shop owners, residents and other people who may get affected. We talk about specific needs to avoid interruption. We cut the destroyed part out on the repair day, apply a binder (tack coat) then lay and compact the asphalt. Our team always removes our rubbish once the job is done, leaving your site tidy and clean.

                                                                                            Pothole Repair

                                                                                            Asphalt Contractor in Perth repairs potholes in one visit allowing you to carry on using your driveway almost immediately after completion. All quotes are final and upfront and client approval is sought  before commencing each project. 

                                                                                            Australian Construction will always inspect the work first-hand, often walking through the site with the customer to offer more direct clarity around the work scope about to be undertaken. 

                                                                                            We’ll measure all the locations that need repairing and offer specific quotes based on each area. Time-frames and total work scope preparedness from customers end is discussed early on in communication to ensure we are only working within time frames that are convenient to our customers and property managers. 

                                                                                            Collaborative confirmation between all parties involved is sought beforehand to ensure minimal interruption to surrounding shop owners or residents.

                                                                                            Why you should choose Australian Construction

                                                                                            The Australian Construction team is dedicated to offering you ideal service. We value transparency and ensure you feel informed all the way through.  Our team completes projects on time and works within your budget. The asphalt contractors we have in Perth have years of experience, guaranteeing great quality work when repairing your driveway.

                                                                                            Asphalt Car parks in Perth

                                                                                            An asphalt car park presents a crucial introduction to your school, organisation, business or strata development. It allows you to make a great impression and create easy access when entering or leaving your facility. 

                                                                                            If you want to install a new car park or repair your existing one, the Australian Construction competent team can assist. We help commercial properties, home-owners and others with total construction of new car parks and repair current ones.

                                                                                            Our driveway construction involves:

                                                                                            • Drainage installation
                                                                                            • Site preparation
                                                                                            • Base work
                                                                                            • Line marking
                                                                                            • Machine or hand-laid asphalt
                                                                                            • Crossovers
                                                                                            • Curbing

                                                                                            Should you choose an Asphalt Driveway?

                                                                                            Asphalt is a remarkably durable material and is perfect for driveways. Constructing it and laying it down is easy, and Australian Construction can maintain it for you at a cost-effective price. Our experienced team takes minimal time to lay an asphalt driveway, and you can drive on it almost immediately after laying.

                                                                                            Asphalt is an extremely flexible material compared to different roadway materials and it is less susceptible to cracking over time. Asphalt is long lasting and durable, lasting up to 20 years after installation. Asphalt is oil-based, thus oil leaks are not physically visible like with other materials. So, you have no reason to be concerned about your driveway having oil stains.

                                                                                            Benefits of building an asphalt driveway

                                                                                            • Reliable: asphalt is a weather-resistant material, best for high and low traffic conditions.
                                                                                            • Environmental-friendly: producing and constructing asphalt needs about 20% less energy compared to other pavement materials.  From production, to laying of material, recycling unused bits in combination with low need for energy consumption and producing far fewer greenhouse gases, asphalt use in general is far more efficient as conserving natural resources, thus making it the number one environmentally friendly choice for pavement selection.
                                                                                            • Minimal maintenance: While maintenance and upgrades will always become an inevitable requirement for all projects, you can rest assured that any work completed by Asphalt Contractor services Perth will last much longer then the average bitumen installation or asphalt driveway. The repairs we do later attend to on asphalt surfaces are still generally more affordable compared to other pavement materials. 
                                                                                            • Flexibility: For heavy and light vehicles, asphalt is the best material.  We advise you to install an asphalt driveway because it is a worthwhile investment that will undoubtedly pay off.


                                                                                            Our team at Australian Construction is committed to offering you high-quality service. We treasure transparency, and ensure you feel comfortable each step of the way. Asphalt Contractor in Perth will complete your project on time and on budget. 

                                                                                            We guarantee you top quality repairs and establishment of your driveway.


                                                                                              Asphalt Contractor Melbourne And Surrounding Areas By Aus Construction

                                                                                              Professional Asphalt Services In Melbourne

                                                                                                For our Australian Construction professional team, no task is too big or small to meet your needs. We specialise in repairing all kinds of asphalt pavements for industrial and commercial sites like factories, schools, shopping centres and roadways. Our asphalt contractor in Melbourne have a wide variety of equipment and a big committed team of contractors. 

                                                                                                Our experienced and skilled team makes sure that we are the top choice for asphalt services in Melbourne. We understand that your budget and your project results are essential to creating lasting impressions to your visitors.

                                                                                                We guarantee our service and can attest to its ability to withstand the test of time. Quality work, built on time and on budget is our guiding objective here with our asphalt contractors in Melbourne. 

                                                                                                Asphalt Driveways

                                                                                                We offer the most affordable, quality asphalt driveways in Melbourne. Our team provides top quality finish and promises the best customer service.

                                                                                                Australian Construction 

                                                                                                Australian Construction is supported by vast experience. We provide the following range of asphalt services all over Melbourne:

                                                                                                • Asphalt Rural Driveways
                                                                                                • Asphalt Repairs
                                                                                                • Asphalt Car Parks
                                                                                                • Asphalt Paving
                                                                                                • Asphalt Resurfacing
                                                                                                • Asphalt Driveways in Melbourne
                                                                                                • Asphalt Schools Yards

                                                                                                Benefits of an Asphalt Driveway

                                                                                                An asphalt driveway gives you an attractive and cost-effective option for enhancing your property. The finishing offers a flexible, quality and handy product for your asphalt driveway, making your property more valuable.

                                                                                                Australian Construction is an experienced leader in the asphalting sector. Our skilled team has built its local reputation in Melbourne by supplying top level, high calibre projects in a variety of asphalt based driveways and road settings.

                                                                                                Our asphalt contractor in Melbourne uses superior and modern equipment to give you top-quality finish. In addition to our quality asphalt servicing work, we promise to provide ongoing support and up to date communication along the way, from start to finish.


                                                                                                Australian Construction has a skilled asphalt driveway team that provides quality driveway construction, repair and maintenance service.  We supply commercial asphalt driveways in Melbourne and nearby suburbs. Developers, builders and landscapers seek us out to help them in their building requirements.

                                                                                                Our quality of work, reliable service and affordable pricing sets us apart from competing local asphalt services. Asphalt Contractor in Melbourne has been leading the way in providing top-quality asphalt services to Melbourne residents and nearby areas. 

                                                                                                Australian Construction has a large fleet of commercial trucks, reliable equipment and a highly experienced and skilled  asphalt construction team. We are Melbourne’s number 1 choice for all asphalt services in Melbourne. We are specialists in roadways, car parks, hard-stand areas, footpaths and driveways. 

                                                                                                Incredible attention to detail and customer satisfaction is what sets Australian Construction apart from other services. We stand out from the rest because we make customer satisfaction our first priority and any work conducted by us comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the result, we will continue working. We make sure that our work is completed within the period agreed and on budget every time.

                                                                                                Industrial & Commercial Asphalt Paving

                                                                                                Australian Construction has vast experience in the asphalt sector. We have the latest equipment and plant, which helps facilitate our delivery of top standard work. We have skilled estimators who visit your site to talk about your needs. While on-site our project leader will  advise you, if required, of alternative solutions should scope or job size vary during the project, keeping in mind any time or budget concerns you might have. 

                                                                                                We appreciate that value for money is essential when it comes to your business or home. We are proud to offer competitive prices; however, we do not compromise on quality, and our work is of the highest standards.

                                                                                                The asphalt contractors we use in Melbourne gives you a free, no-obligation quote and our skilled team works within the customer’s schedule. We deliver quality work, with top-notch finish and guarantee value for money.

                                                                                                We use the best equipment to make sure that you get the expected results. Australian Construction owns the newest 1303-2 and 1603-2 pavers that offer you top-quality products with more accuracy and efficiency. 

                                                                                                Australian Construction can provide minor and major repairs to meet the customers’ requirements for commercial, government, industrial or residential projects. We have a customised method for paving and asphalt laying services and it ensures that our competent contractors can work all over Melbourne. We accord each of our clients’ similar superior level of service.

                                                                                                Services provided by Asphalt Contractor in Melbourne

                                                                                                Australian Construction specialises in major car parks, roadways, footpaths and hard-stand areas. We have a big range of fleet and the newest equipment from abroad and our experienced team delivers the best. The asphalt contractor in Melbourne handles minor and major jobs, for instance, personal ideas, design and specifications.  

                                                                                                We service commercial, governmental, residential and council projects and have years of experience in the asphalt sector. Therefore, you can depend on us to offer you the ideal asphalt driveways and repairs.

                                                                                                Quality Asphalt Paving Contractors

                                                                                                The Australian Construction team understands all of the intricacies of asphalt-paving and asphalt laying and will only use the most ideal and suitable machinery for the job. We practice various methods to serve a range of different customers who require paving services in Melbourne.

                                                                                                We are proud of our knowledgeable and hard-working team of asphalt workers, repairers, plant operators, suppliers, and a skilled management team. Our abilities and experience is second to none and unmatched by any other asphalt contractors Melbourne.

                                                                                                We use only the best machinery in the industry to complete our projects. It includes Bobcat Profilers, Vogele Pavers and Custom Built Rollers. 

                                                                                                Asphalt Contractor in Melbourne provides various services like driveways, construction, design, car parks, sporting courts, car parks, plant hire services, school areas, asphalt paving and sporting courts. We indicate our list of services and a wide range of earlier projects on our website to give you a feel of what we do.

                                                                                                The Best Asphalt Paving and repair services

                                                                                                Our team at Australian Construction expertly handles any job, big or small. We deliver work to the highest principles. To keep our promise about such codes, for each service, we provide product & quality guarantee. You can have peace of mind because our work is comprehensively insured.


                                                                                                For your road repairs, superior asphalt paving or asphalt laying, the experienced team at Australian Construction can meet your needs with utmost reliability. Our team have exceptional paving solutions that assist business and home-owners in Melbourne to improve their properties’ access. 

                                                                                                Aus Construction offer obligation-free unrivalled quotations where value and knowledge is concerned and professional advice. We advise all our clients to call us to discuss the ideal method and solution that is best for their needs. 

                                                                                                Book an appointment with us today and give us the chance to discuss the best asphalt services that meet your needs!


                                                                                                  Asphalt Contractor Darwin And Surrounding Areas By Aus Construction

                                                                                                  Professional Asphalt Services In Darwin

                                                                                                    Australian Construction provides services to big and small contracts in Darwin. We are asphalt-paving professionals and our team specialises in a wide variety of asphalt paving services, maintenance and repair of drains, curbs and asphalt surfaces.

                                                                                                    Our asphalt contractors in Darwin appreciate that correct installation and maintenance of your road, parking lot or street is crucial to prolonging the surface life. Australian Construction has years of experience and we are popular for our quality and professionalism. 

                                                                                                    We will be happy to handle your next asphalt paving job in Darwin!

                                                                                                    Asphalt Paving

                                                                                                    Australian Construction is a leader in asphalt paving of parking lots, golf cart paths, driveways, seal-coating and asphalt repair 

                                                                                                    For any sized asphalt paving work. Savvy business owners are aware that their parking lot space creates an impression on customers before they go inside the door. 

                                                                                                    Our expert team at Asphalt Systems is experienced in asphalt parking lot paving, repair and maintenance of curbs, asphalt surfaces, drains and different surfaces.

                                                                                                    Australian Construction expert asphalt parking lot contractors appreciate that correct installation and maintenance of your parking space is important to prolonging the surface life, leaving a lasting impression at your premise.

                                                                                                    New Asphalt Construction

                                                                                                    New asphalt construction paving projects need the correct equipment, appropriate high-quality materials and a team of  trained and experienced experts who are conversant in using them. At Australian Construction we are exceptional when working on new asphalt construction.

                                                                                                    The asphalt contractor in Darwin we have are specialists in all new asphalt construction installation. Our team works on small light-traffic parking lots to heavy-duty truck terminals that need deep strength paving. The skilled and knowledgeable technicians at Australian Construction design and build the correct specs to suit your requirements. We have committed grading crews who set up your new construction area. They balance the sub-grade and finish-grading the aggregate base. 

                                                                                                    The two are important factors to attain satisfactory results and make your asphalt pavement last longer. From excavation of concrete and underground drainage, Australian Construction professionals have the knowledge and equipment to work on projects of any size.

                                                                                                    Our expert estimators can bid your whole job and our paving firm professionals manage all the new construction projects you need like underground drainage, earthmoving, concrete curbs, aggregate base, concrete flat-work and asphalt paving of different mix design and traffic description.  

                                                                                                    Asphalt Maintenance

                                                                                                    Asphalt is a wonderful selection for most pavement applications. However, it needs regular maintenance. Suitable and timely maintenance from Australian Construction ensures that  it becomes easier to clean and is safe for pedestrians, appears more appealing and has a long lifespan.   Our team of asphalt paving professionals can assist you to assess your paving situation and set a suitable maintenance plan.

                                                                                                    With time, your asphalt surface moves from light maintenance to asphalt repair and eventually to replacement or resurfacing. All asphalt withstands damage from chemicals, water, general wear and ultraviolet rays.

                                                                                                    Our standard repairs include using hot rubber to seal cracks to control seeping of water and utilising hot patch materials to fill potholes. The asphalt contractor in Darwin completes these services with minimal interruption to your property. Resurfacing can be costly and you may find evaluating proposals confusing. Australian Construction bids and proposals always aim to give you a quality product, not just win the project with cheap costs based on taking shortcuts or using substandard materials. We offer amenities like islands, catch basins, footings, drains and other concrete construction requirements as part of your replacement job.

                                                                                                    Our team provides concrete pavement finishing services such as directional signage, pavement striping & marking and other markers. Call us today on 1800 155 881 to find out how Australian Construction expert asphalt paving services can enhance your business curb appeal.

                                                                                                    Asphalt Seal-coating

                                                                                                    Asphalt seal-coating is a reliable and cost-effective option for protecting your business or home asphalt surfaces. The Australian Construction team skilfully seals your pavement to protect your investment and give your asphalt a brand new look, assist the surface to withstand gasoline, oil and other chemicals, prolong your street, roadway and parking lot life. 

                                                                                                    Using asphalt seal-coating mix, our professional technicians restore your road, street, parking lot or other surface almost restoring it to its original state.

                                                                                                    The asphalt contractor in Darwin uses a special machine applicator with a thick material consisting of a substantial quantity of sand; our team applies it in one pass while mixing it. 

                                                                                                    Australian Construction asphalt seal-coating technicians are experienced and know that replacing your parking lot, driveway or road completely is not always necessary.

                                                                                                    The good news is that our asphalt seal-coating experts can assist you in preserving the function, longevity and appearance of your asphalt surface without incurring expenses for full replacement.

                                                                                                    Seal-coating your pavement or current asphalt surface regularly will save you thousands of dollars in repairing and resurfacing costs. 

                                                                                                    Asphalt driveway repair and maintenance

                                                                                                    Even if a paved asphalt driveway is perfect, with time it will wear out leading to cracks, fade and uneven surfaces may develop.  Australian construction asphalt driveway maintenance and repair experts can manage any residential driveway maintenance job, whatever the size, and save you from expensive resurfacing costs.

                                                                                                    We are proud of our asphalt repair and asphalt maintenance repair abilities. The asphalt contractor in Darwin repair technicians complete the job correctly the first time. Our team carries out preventative maintenance to prolong your asphalt driveway life. The correct preventative maintenance is necessary to maximise your asphalt driveway life. 

                                                                                                    Our asphalt maintenance firm takes care of all your driveway repairs like seal-coating, patching and crack filling. We use high-quality materials, superior equipment, skilled professionals and the latest application methods, ensuring that we finish your asphalt driveway repair work correctly and on time.

                                                                                                    If you choose to use Australian Construction preventative services for your asphalt pavement, it will enable you to prevent expensive replacement or resurfacing expenses and maximise your asphalt surface’ life and aesthetics. 

                                                                                                    Our experienced and skilled experts will prolong the life of your asphalt driveway pavement and reduce your expenses over time.


                                                                                                    If you wish to have quality materials, longevity and value for your future asphalt paving project, Australian Construction has you covered. From minor patching repair, to major commercial parking lots, our objective is to give you durability, expertise and value. We have successfully assisted hundreds of businesses and families to enjoy superior high-traffic surfaces that express their livelihood and lives.

                                                                                                    Call us today and leave your asphalt paving project to the expert hands of Australian Construction!


                                                                                                      The Best Local Asphalt Contractor In Adelaide & Surrounding Areas

                                                                                                      Choose The Most Experienced Asphalt Contractor In Adelaide.

                                                                                                        Australian Construction serves its customers by assisting with a wide range of asphalt-laying works including driveways, roadways, hard-stand areas, footpaths, newly built subdivisions and anywhere quality asphalt/bitumen is required. 

                                                                                                        Our asphalt contractors in Adelaide sources only top grade, state-approved bitumen, and all our asphalt also comes with a 12-month warranty.

                                                                                                        With years of experience, multiple trusted accreditations and a solid commitment to customer satisfaction, Australian Construction has developed itself as one of the leading and most reputable asphalt-laying services in Adelaide. 

                                                                                                        The asphalt contractors we have in Adelaide have vast experience in the asphalt-paving sector. Australian Construction bases its work on three primary principles, safety, customer satisfaction and quality. 

                                                                                                        Residential services and Asphalt driveways 

                                                                                                        If your home represents your most treasured asset then your driveway is the red carpet to your castle. For that reason, you should make the correct choice when picking the kind of driveway you want to establish for your property. An asphalt driveway offers you many benefits compared to concrete or paved driveways.

                                                                                                        Advantages of Asphalt Driveways

                                                                                                        Flexible: Asphalt driveways are more flexible compared to concrete or paved driveways as they enable both contraction and expansion. This allows the asphalt to adapt in times of extreme weather fluctuations or changes in underlying soil conditions. This eliminates cracking or further damage over time to the asphalt ensuring a long lasting and durable driveway for years to come. 

                                                                                                        Easy to repair:  Asphalt driveways also have the added advantage of quick repair time. Australian Construction can repair any unforeseen damage promptly that may occur as there is no need to remove entire sections unlike with concrete damage. This also means small patch repairs can be dealt with quickly and effectively with little to no interruption to your driveway.

                                                                                                        Fast Construction; Unlike large, slow drying concrete driveway construction, Australian Construction can quickly create your desired  asphalt driveway in a matter of hours or days, with no need for week long drying or cure times. This makes it the perfect concrete alternative, resulting in a relatively fast and hassle free process so our customers can get back to using their driveways in little to no time. 

                                                                                                        Australian Construction prides itself in being the fastest and most reliable Asphalt Contractor in Adelaide and many of our residential asphalt driveway projects can be literally used the very same day as construction.

                                                                                                        Improved contouring:  If you are the owner of a block with sharp driveway access or odd angles, our competent team at Australian Construction uses asphalt because it presents more operational flexibility for current contours. It enhances skid resistance, decreases dust, and we do not impose any maintenance charges, unlike standard grading or rubble driveways. 

                                                                                                        Durable: When your asphalt driveway is well maintained, it can endure for up to 30 years. Asphalt also retains its colour depth much longer compared to coloured concrete that fades significantly in a short period of time. 

                                                                                                        Affordable: Asphalt driveways offer better value at a more affordable price. Australian Construction can offer more cost effective solutions for larger driveway projects or rural properties, since asphalt can be laid faster, using less energy and requires minimal drying time. Our experienced team lays driveways for any shape or size, from rural driveways to small residential driveways.

                                                                                                        Residential Services

                                                                                                        Australian Construction also provides several extra services for residential properties like gravel/rubble driveways, site cuts, general bobcat work and recycled asphalt milling’s. Give your residence the ideal finishing touch by using an appealing durable asphalt driveway.

                                                                                                        Civil & Commercial Construction Asphalt Services

                                                                                                        Our dedicated asphalt contractors in Adelaide can service all commercial and civil construction projects of any size on time and on budget.

                                                                                                        Australian Construction owns and operates a wide profiler (500 mm) with conveyor and different commercial-scale machinery that includes the latest model paving machines, featuring sonic grade control that facilitates a smooth finish, custom patching tools and narrow width pavers. Australian Construction has everything you require to finish any civil or commercial project. 

                                                                                                        Our expert patching, earthwork and paving crews are available 24-hours a day. Australian Construction can undertake any project from first earthworks, preparing the sight and completion, without the help of subcontractors or third parties.

                                                                                                        Australian Construction provides the following civil & commercial construction asphalt services:

                                                                                                        • Trenching
                                                                                                        • Profiling
                                                                                                        • Base preparation & earthworks
                                                                                                        • Stabilisation
                                                                                                        • Patching 
                                                                                                        • Resurfacing
                                                                                                        • And all elements of bitumen and asphalt spraying

                                                                                                        Our civil & Commercial construction projects include:

                                                                                                        • Building roads and maintenance
                                                                                                        • Bowling club (car parks) , council office and library
                                                                                                        • Bike tracks
                                                                                                        • Pipeline trenching
                                                                                                        • Schools

                                                                                                        Australian Construction belongs to the Civil Contractors Federation & Master Builders, We remain updated and compliant with all of the latest industry regulations, training, WH&S, and legislation.

                                                                                                        You can rest assured with peace and mind when partnering with Australian Construction to complete your project as all of our Asphalt Contracting projects in Adelaide come with our 12-month guarantee.

                                                                                                        Councils Asphalt Services

                                                                                                        Australian Construction has vast experience with working on council contracts, big or small all through South Australia. Our expert team provides patching, earthwork and paving services 24 hours each day along with various specialised equipment. We handle large construction projects or current maintenance requirements including:

                                                                                                        • Trenching
                                                                                                        • Resurfacing of footpaths, bike-ways and roads
                                                                                                        • Profiling & earthworks
                                                                                                        • Reseal prep & asphalt reseal
                                                                                                        • Asphalt footpath construction

                                                                                                        Asphalt resurfacing

                                                                                                        This procedure is also known as asphalt overlay. It can enhance your car park appearance, ensuring that it lasts for years.

                                                                                                        Rather than tearing up an old asphalt surface entirely, we use the existing layers as a base for new asphalt pavement. 

                                                                                                        Australian Construction provides quality asphalt resurfacing solutions at a fraction of the cost. Our dedicated team will assess your present surface and suggest the ideal approach to meet your requirements and budget.

                                                                                                        Procedure for Asphalt resurfacing

                                                                                                        The Australian Construction team uses the following processes for Asphalt resurfacing:

                                                                                                        • Filling potholes and low-lying spaces. As with anything, extreme weather and soil erosion over time has the ability to erode surfaces, leaving patches of driveway to become old and frail. This leads to potholes and natural disintegration on the surface. All of our client’s work is completed using stringent testing to ensure surfaces remain strictly levelled.
                                                                                                        • Our team mechanically sweeps and applies tack coats. Before resurfacing, we extract all the loose materials using a mechanical sweeper. Tack coat is used as a binder that facilitates the bonding between the new and old asphalt layer.
                                                                                                        • Australian Construction ensures smooth transitions along corners such as curbs and drain lids by cutting and contouring all overlapping asphalt edges.
                                                                                                        • Australian Construction will ensure that all natural water way flows remain intact and can install and excavate further surfaces should extra drainage be required.


                                                                                                        We are proudly an Australian based company and have established our long standing local reputation by creating and installing quality projects for a variety of domestic, civil and commercial customers.

                                                                                                        Asphalt Contractor in Adelaide offers a wide range of civil construction services including but not limited to driveway repairs, potholes resurfacing, roadway upgrades and we guarantee that our work will be delivered on time and on budget every time.

                                                                                                        Call us today and find out why we are Australia’s most trusted and reliable Asphalt Contracting service in Adelaide.


                                                                                                          Asphalt Contractor Gold Coast And Surrounding Areas – Aus Construction

                                                                                                          Hire The Best Asphalt Contractor On The Gold Coast

                                                                                                            Do you need a professional Asphalt Contractor on the Gold Coast or in South East Queensland? Australian Construction provides industrial, commercial and residential asphalt services for the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and the larger Brisbane area.  Our team makes sure it understands what your project involves. We then work to ensure you obtain a flawless experience with the outcomes you want.

                                                                                                            At Australian Construction services we take on a variety of industrial projects all over South East Queensland with many repeat customers. We aim to provide high quality artistry, materials and finish on time and on budget. The Australian Construction team is highly experienced and understands all of the safety procedures and requirements of working in an industrial area.

                                                                                                            We appreciate that we need to carry out some industrial asphalting jobs outside standard business hours. Australian Construction plans your project depending on your time-frame, budget and any special needs.

                                                                                                            The benefits of asphalt

                                                                                                            Compared to concrete, asphalt is cost-effective; it usually lasts longer and is extremely durable. Like concrete, it is possible to paint asphalt, giving it an exceptional finish that blends with the environment’s aesthetics

                                                                                                            Asphalt presents the best surface for commercial flooring, road works, car parks, tennis courts, driveways, basketball courts and driveways. Australian Construction has you covered for all your asphalting requirements.

                                                                                                            • Asphalt Contractor in Gold Coast adds value to your commercial project or home.
                                                                                                            • We comply with OH&S and reduce risk to traffic roads, by fixing potholes, creating ramping and adding speed bumps.
                                                                                                            • Fix sporting facilities like basketball courts and tennis courts.

                                                                                                            Asphalt Contractor on the Gold Coast

                                                                                                            Australian Construction takes responsibility for all work no matter how big or small. We are dedicated to offering remarkable results and wonderful customer service. Please make us your first choice each time you need superior asphalting work done. 

                                                                                                            Our costs are realistic, and our skilled team ensures you get the best value for your money. Despite our extensive services to large commercial projects, for our asphalt contractors no job is too big or too small for us to take on and we still make ourselves available for smaller jobs to.

                                                                                                            Our team expertly handles large-scale projects like commercial, industrial and residential work. Australian Construction is happy to visit your area to discuss the ideal solution that caters to your requirements, budget and time-frame.

                                                                                                            Residential Asphalt Services

                                                                                                            Our asphalt contractors on the Gold Coast takes care of all your residential asphalt needs all over the Gold Coast area. Australian Construction residential asphalt services are an ideal way of making your private property or home look elegant. If your driveway looks untidy, we offer a cost-effective solution, in the form of new bitumen, making your home look lovely.

                                                                                                            • Driveway Edging
                                                                                                            • Bitumen Driveways
                                                                                                            • Gravel Driveways
                                                                                                            • Pathways
                                                                                                            • Asphalt Spoon Drains
                                                                                                            • Repairs
                                                                                                            • Potholes
                                                                                                            • Private road work
                                                                                                            • Sports courts
                                                                                                            • Trip hazards
                                                                                                            • Crack sealing and much more

                                                                                                            Stone or concrete driveways can become expensive. Asphalt driveways are affordable and easy to maintain, adding value and appeal to your home without breaking the bank. If your home’s pathway, driveway or other asphalt area requires resealing or has cracks, Australian Construction can offer repair services to a wide variety of residential properties. It is a beautiful method of afford ably raising your asphalt’s longevity, repair unsightly cracks and reinstate your asphalt to new.

                                                                                                            Superior residential asphalting services

                                                                                                            Australian Construction believes in giving you unique quality services. Our team strives to serve our clients with a friendly demeanour and they have a passion for brilliance. We make sure that all our results go above and beyond our client’s expectations while maintaining prices that are competitive. 

                                                                                                            From big to small projects, driveways, potholes and more, our asphalt contractors on the Gold Coast are here to assist. We guarantee you satisfaction with our exceptional results, friendly service and competitive prices.  Our skilled team makes sure that your residential asphalting is straightforward and hassle-free. We’ll handle all the small details for you.

                                                                                                            Commercial Asphalt Services On The Gold Coast

                                                                                                            Australian Construction uses superior quality materials for the asphalting jobs. Our contractors lay highly durable and long-lasting asphalt, which requires minimal maintenance. At times we paint the final product to enhance the effect. We handle new installations and repair current asphalt or change the present asphalt surfaces.

                                                                                                            • Car parks
                                                                                                            • Sealing potholes
                                                                                                            • Roads
                                                                                                            • Speed humps
                                                                                                            • Sealing asphalt cracks
                                                                                                            • Ramping solutions (tripping hazards and entranceway’s)

                                                                                                            Small commercial asphalting

                                                                                                            Scratched asphalt looks unattractive and can be hazardous also. It especially applies to asphalted surfaces that vehicles use, or foot traffic like walkways, roads, and car parks, footpaths and driveways.

                                                                                                            Our team at Australian Construction can offer the right solution and executes ‘fast repairs’ to problems such as potholes, splits and destroyed asphalt surfaces.

                                                                                                            Commercial asphalting (Large scale)

                                                                                                            Australian Construction lays asphalt for surfaces of any dimension you need. We consider corners, curves, drainage and corners.

                                                                                                            Our services extend to northern NSW, the Gold Coast, and Brisbane. Call our team on 1800 155 881 to get a quote on any commercial asphalt project.

                                                                                                            Industrial Asphalting Services

                                                                                                            Are you looking for industrial asphalt services on the Gold Coast? Whatever type of industrial asphalt works you need, we can help. We provide our services to the areas of northern NSW, Gold Coast, and Brisbane. Australian Construction builds or repairs any asphalt application for all industries like heavy industrial sites and light industrial sites.

                                                                                                            • Gravel driveways
                                                                                                            • Car parks
                                                                                                            • Asphalt driveway
                                                                                                            • Road works
                                                                                                            • Bitumen driveways

                                                                                                            Why choose an Asphalt Contractor on the Gold Coast for your future industrial asphalting project?

                                                                                                            Trust: Australian Construction is the leading asphalt supplier for most industrial projects in the Gold Coast.

                                                                                                            Quality: We endeavour to provide top-notch materials, workmanship and finish all the time, for all projects. We have a fully trained team who has what it takes to deliver services to your satisfaction.

                                                                                                            Flexibility: If you have a project that you want to be completed urgently, our able and hard-working team does not mind putting in more hours to beat your deadline, or meet other special needs you may have.


                                                                                                            Get in touch with Australian Construction, and we will be glad to offer you a free consultation on any project involving industrial asphalt. Our team will work on your project from beginning to end with efficiency and professionalism. We have an experienced team who are asphalting specialists.

                                                                                                            So, whatever the size or magnitude of your project, we can take care of it!


                                                                                                              Asphalt Contractor Sydney & Surrounding Areas – Australian Construction

                                                                                                              Efficient Asphalt Services In Sydney

                                                                                                                Australian Construction is a reliable asphalting company in the Australian market. We undertake commercial and residential projects. Our professional team specialises in all kinds of asphalting such as paving for parking lots and driveways to roadways and curbs. We are the best Asphalt contractors in Sydney. 

                                                                                                                We ensure that we work to the highest standard and within budget, and complete on time with utmost expertise. Asphalt Contractor Sydney handles small residential and large commercial projects with equal skills.

                                                                                                                Australian Construction uses asphalt quality that meets the industry standard and is 100% recyclable. Our staff is knowledgeable and offers you customised project services and a high level of artistry. Asphalt Contractor Sydney is fully registered, insured and licensed. We ensure that we deliver what you deserve!

                                                                                                                Asphalt Driveways

                                                                                                                We appreciate that installing a new bitumen or asphalt driveway, car park, or path is a significant step. So, we must ensure you get precisely what you need. Australian Construction builds it with minimal impact on your everyday life. Our professional team works closely with you, ensuring the best result each time with and an outcome that offers our customer complete satisfaction.

                                                                                                                An asphalt driveway has many advantages. Asphalt, also referred to as bitumen can offer you a very affordable solution for a new driveway, in contrast to other standard materials. These driveways are the cost effective alternative, ideal for those with a strict budget in mind. 

                                                                                                                Our asphalt contractor’s in Sydney provide quick installation, reducing disruption to your home during construction. Asphalt also offers a very maintainable choice for your new driveway and asphalt driveways are very durable, skid-resistant, low noise, and their surface is rigid. An asphalt contractor in Sydney’s driveway is ideal for those properties that experience frosty mornings in winter months.

                                                                                                                Asphalt driveways are sturdy and reliable; however, they might require some repairs and maintenance after significant heavy use.

                                                                                                                The experienced team at Australian Construction can return for any upgrade or maintenance issues big or small and we advise all of our clients to ensure repeat inspections and upgrade work are to be done using superior sealant every 3-5 years to prevent any destruction. 

                                                                                                                If you notice that your asphalt surface has cracks, do not hesitate to seek our expert services, as delays could lead to further damage to the area requiring resurfacing. Whether you are experiencing a pothole or crack in your asphalt, Australian Construction quickly and efficiently repairs your surface to optimal standards.

                                                                                                                Our asphalt contractor’s in sydney makes sure that they create asphalt that looks wonderful and is long-lasting. We lay enough foundation, and it is a vital element of any strong structure. Our skilled team facilitates appropriate drainage that prolongs your asphalt’s lifespan.

                                                                                                                Water damage can soften the sub-grade or be completely absorbed by the asphalt; this can lead to cracks when the temperature goes under the freezing point, leading to water expansion.

                                                                                                                Asphalt Contractor Sydney uses suitable material that is ideal for driveways and the correct asphalt mix. We follow efficient construction practices, particularly at the pavement’s edges and joints. It ensures that the driveway will endure for an extended period.

                                                                                                                Australian Construction gives you proper maintenance if your driveway starts cracking. It is vital to seal and fill the cracks before the water seeps into them since all this involves offering reliable contracting services. If you reside in Sydney or its surroundings and wish to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of asphalt and how it differs from concrete, call us today. One of our experts will be glad to give you some suggestions about your project.

                                                                                                                Civil & Commercial Asphalting

                                                                                                                Australian Construction understands the importance of your business entrance appearing inviting, tidy and presentable. Our asphalt experts plan carefully and always finalise the job to top standards, with minimal disruption to your work.

                                                                                                                Commercial Asphalting Projects

                                                                                                                Australian Construction provide our customers with impeccable services, despite the project size and no commercial asphalting job is too big or small.

                                                                                                                We provide the following commercial services:

                                                                                                                • Car park construction
                                                                                                                • Pothole repairs
                                                                                                                • Flown patching services
                                                                                                                • Large scale & road resurfacing.

                                                                                                                Our asphalt contractors in Sydney provides the above services to supermarkets, forecourts, commercial spaces, etc.  At Australian Construction, we offer the top commercial asphalting services. For restoration of asphalt driveways and roads Australian Construction supplies and lays, resurfaces and repairs car parks and pavements.  

                                                                                                                Asphalting involves the procedure of utilising hot mix asphalt as a coating for the surface in highway and commercial projects. Our team uses various specialised machines for personal projects and will use only the relevant equipment for the application process.

                                                                                                                Our skilled team offers commercial asphalting services for major paving and asphalting projects, road construction, car parks, highways and shopping centres. 

                                                                                                                Australian Construction offers asphalt related services for car parks, commercial driveways and different large-scale spaces that need repair or new surfacing. We adhere to all work safety compliance protocols and are fully insured. 

                                                                                                                Our asphalt contractors in Sydney’s asphalt team go through constant training and retaining, and they work full-time, making them reliable.  We pride ourselves on delivering services on time and giving you high-quality service. To correct ponding issues and stop persistent pothole repairs needed, our skilled team is capable of resurfacing the whole asphalt car park space.

                                                                                                                Excavation & Earthworks

                                                                                                                Our expertise does not just apply in asphalting; we also provide earthwork services. Australian Construction is experienced in providing affordable earthwork solutions to challenging and complex ground conditions. We offer early contractor participation to give suggestions on how you can get the most cost-effective fit to your site requirement.

                                                                                                                We value each job that involves earthworks and excavation, no matter what the size. It may be a crawl area for your latest dream residence, getting rid of debris, waterline replacement or small grading work. Our commitment is to give clients top-notch quality service and professionalism all the time. 

                                                                                                                Until you are completely satisfied, we do not rest and are proud to forge long lasting relationships with our clients. Our repeat business attests to this. New driveways, basements, ponds, septic systems, demolition, site services are among just a few of the construction services in Sydney that we offer.


                                                                                                                Australian Construction provides ponds, demolition, sand rings, basements, underground services, trucking, utility trenching, trucking, parking lots, septic systems, back-filling and land clearing.

                                                                                                                Our team expertly handles new construction, replacement or repairs of the current system. We ensure that the home-owners comprehend and acquire the design and permits services

                                                                                                                We eagerly wait to hear from you about your next Asphalt project in Sydney!

                                                                                                                  Find Your Local Asphalt Contractor Brisbane & Surrounding Areas Today

                                                                                                                  Ideal Asphalt Contractor Services In Brisbane

                                                                                                                    Australian Construction has all of your general asphalt servicing and business projects covered whether you need a new car park, general maintenance or are simply looking for a more professional and brighter look. 

                                                                                                                    At Australian Construction we work hard to ensure we are meeting your needs with the utmost care and professionalism by providing you with our best asphalt contractor in Brisbane.

                                                                                                                    Your complete-service solution

                                                                                                                    Australian Construction covers a wide variety of construction services. New car parks, road base, drainage, channels, curbing, paving, hot mix asphalt and spray sealing, bumper stops and line marking are just some of the many construction services we can provide. 

                                                                                                                    Professional maintenance & assisting to pave the way

                                                                                                                    Australian Construction’s maintenance services such as extensions, resurfacing and touch ups will leave your business or property with  stand-out entry points that will leave lasting impressions with any of your visitors. 

                                                                                                                    From subdivisions to roadway work, the Australian Construction team will provide you with exceptional quality asphalt services and a dedicated and experienced team that can also cover so much more. We have years of experience in the industry, and you can rely on our experts to handle your project with the focus and care it deserves.

                                                                                                                    Exceeding expectations with an Asphalt Contractor in Brisbane

                                                                                                                    Australian Construction offers expert paving services for your subdivision, making travel more convenient and smoother. We assist in paving new roadways and installing asphalt driveways for established and new properties to set up a more usable and uniform area for future landowners.

                                                                                                                    Our asphalt contractors in Brisbane have the industry experience and equipment to complete all projects, including complex ones. Whether you require assistance with spray sealing bitumen or road widening, or need compaction tests and spray sheet supplies, Australian Construction will be happy to help. Allow our professionals the opportunity to deliver the results you seek by contacting us today.

                                                                                                                    Customer satisfaction is our top priority and embedded into all the services we offer. It is the reason we do not take short cuts and always endeavour to surpass your expectations with our work. Call our team if you are not happy with your home’s driveway. When you own a home, you need to appreciate the importance of enhancing your property’s value. Hence the reason our Australian Construction team is glad to provide you with affordable options to improve your home’s general appearance and value. 

                                                                                                                    Our team provides you with ideal services for all your requirements, despite the size. Our asphalt contractors in Brisbane deals with small pathways and large acreage driveways; they handle all projects.

                                                                                                                    You can trust Australian Construction with all your asphalt needs. We can assist with easements constructions for clients who want to sell the property. Australian Construction has the experience, skills and equipment you require for an efficient job for your residential or commercial property.

                                                                                                                    We pride ourselves in delivering expert earthwork services to prepare your property for all your future projects. We ensure that we import and lay bottom and top course bases and complete compaction analysis for quality assurance. For water run-off, our asphalt contractors in Brisbane makes sure that the pavement as at least 3% cross. Our various equipment meets your exceptional needs. We have bobcats, rollers, water carts and excavators, giving you the appropriate machinery in the proper time.

                                                                                                                    Spray Seal

                                                                                                                    Australian Construction understands that you value your property, and that is why our top priority is to deliver impeccable services by providing expert asphalt spray sealing services. Our team provides spray sealing with remarkable outcomes for your asphalt like:

                                                                                                                    • Suitable curing because of even sealer coverage.
                                                                                                                    • Improved asphalt traction
                                                                                                                    • Brush coats don’t leave markings.
                                                                                                                    • Prolonged use of your property.

                                                                                                                    Australian Construction uses liquid spray bitumen with a cold or hot application using a pre-coated aggregate of 10m all through our two-coat procedure. Asphalt Contractor Brisbane’s spray sealing service is more flexible and lasts longer compared to concrete. It helps in saving money on costly replacement or repair services.

                                                                                                                    Asphalt Repairs

                                                                                                                    Are you frustrated at the sight of ugly potholes or surface destruction on your asphalt? Your property should not be an embarrassment any more. Our capable team at Australian Construction offers high-quality asphalt repairs and maintenance services, restoring life to your surfaces.

                                                                                                                    Professional Asphalt Repairs in Brisbane

                                                                                                                    The Australian Construction specialists are happy to provide efficient and affordable solutions for all your asphalt repair requirements. If your surface is not satisfactory, our skilled team can give you the answer you want. Call us now on 1800 155 881 to discuss our various repairs like:

                                                                                                                    • Pathway patching
                                                                                                                    • Surface irregularities
                                                                                                                    • Footpaths
                                                                                                                    • Pavement
                                                                                                                    • Potholes
                                                                                                                    • Walking tracks
                                                                                                                    • Public & private parkland
                                                                                                                    • Golf course buggy tracks, etc.

                                                                                                                    Maintenance for surface irregularities

                                                                                                                    Does your car park look faded and old? Maintain the attractiveness of your asphalt by booking maintenance services with our expert team at Australian Construction. Our maintenance services include line marking, patching and spray sealing.

                                                                                                                    Asphalt road construction

                                                                                                                    Australian Construction provides services for new road construction projects like profile & resurface, regulating & overlay jobs and strengthening.  Our latest model equipment series includes all-wheel steer A770 Bobcat skid steers, rollers, trucks and excavators.

                                                                                                                    The asphalt contractors in Brisbane we have caters for private residential buildings, businesses and local councils with new road construction, maintenance and road surface repair. We offer services like deep asphalt patching and replacing asphalt surfacing. Chat with one of our skilled Australian Construction team now for expert advice. We’ll service any project in construction and regardless of size we treat every project and customer as essential.


                                                                                                                    At Australian Construction our objective is to give unique services. Our highly trained team endeavour to present them with a friendly demeanour and a zeal for brilliance. We make sure that our results surpass your expectations and we offer competitive prices.

                                                                                                                    From large to small projects, driveways to potholes and more, Australian Construction is available to assist. We promise you will not be disappointed with our services. Asphalt Contractor Brisbane ensures that your residential asphalting is a straightforward and stress-free procedure. We handle the small details, and you enjoy the smooth outcomes.

                                                                                                                    Get in touch with us today and allow us to deliver all your Asphalt needs in Brisbane!