Floor Preparation Contractor In Coffs Harbour For Hire On All Projects

    If you need a floor preparation contractor in Coffs Harbour, it only makes sense that you also know what they do. Floor preparation may seem simple, but it’s not a one-step process. It requires a lot of tasks to achieve completion.

    Although you will not be the one doing these, you should still know about them. Doing so will help you keep track of the project’s progress. This leads us to our topic. In the next sections, we’ll talk about the tasks needed to get floor preparation done.


    The first task on our list involves creating a plan. This will serve as the project’s blueprint. Without this, the whole process will go awry.

    As a client, you can make your own. Include necessary details like your preferred method, goals, expected turnaround time, and likes. During the planning session with the team, show the draft that you came up with. Alternatively, you can make the plan together with them.

    The contractors may add suggestions to the plan. If you agree, there will be revisions. Some details may also be changes. This will depend on which is more possible and efficient. The most important thing is that both parties agree to every detail.

    Surface Cleaning

    Once a plan is ready, our skilled contractor can now start the process. To initially prep the site, a thorough cleaning is what we need. This may require vacuum sweeping, and even sanitising of the surfaces.

    If a surface is bare, they will need to remove debris, dust, and dirt. Basically, we will clean everything. This is so that the process will have a clean slate to work with.

    It can also better the output’s quality. Old floorings, on the flip side, may require additional tasks. We need to remove any old existing flooring.

    This process can take a while depending on the dimensions of the surface. Even so, we should not skip this. Doing so can affect the next tasks.

    Surface Removal and Evening

    The next step at hand is surface removal and evening. This involves removing the remains of the old flooring. We can remove concrete or wood. Simply put, the former floor structure should go. We need to remove it. This task is done to allow the fitting of the new foundation.

    After removal, the contractors will then head to evening the surface out. This will need a variety of equipment depending on the method. These include shot blasters, scarifier, grinders, and others. This task will make the surface flat and on the same level.


    For the polishing process, the contractors will further smoothen out the surface. This may require more use of the grinder machines. Here, we will review the previous tasks. The team will make sure that every surface is alright. If some surface areas need a retouch, we will do it.

    Other spots may need additional enhancement. Doing this will guarantee the process’ quality. This will also serve as its checkpoint for errors and issues.

    Coat Application

    The last step is the application of the floor coating. The specific variant will be decided by the client. It can be epoxy, acrylic, and likes. This is also dependent on the type of flooring that will be installed. Its application is very much similar to paint.

    What made the coat essential are its protective qualities. This prevents corrosion, cracks, and misplacements. This will also protect the foundation from external threats such as water and wind. The quality degradation will be delayed. Ultimately, this will lengthen the life of the flooring.

    Summary: Floor Preparation Contractor in Coffs Harbour

    Floor preparation is not something that you should do alone. This is unless you want to spend a huge amount of time and effort on a single task. If not, then you will need a contractor’s assistance. Our team at Australian Construction offers this service. Feel free to contact us for more information.