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Darwin Demolition Contractor: The Safe Process For Demolition

    Today, we are going to discuss the demolition process that a Darwin demolition contractor has to follow. We will also talk about why our team at Australian Construction will be the perfect match for your project.

    Often, before you can start with the construction process, owners will need to remove certain infrastructures from the land. This can only be made possible by demolition, alongside a team of expert contractors.

    The problem, however, is that even if the majority are familiar with the process, not everyone is acquainted with how it should be performed, thus resulting in unsafe methods. This is exactly what we want to avoid at Australian Construction.

    What is a demolition service?

    In a nutshell, demolition refers to the deconstruction of an infrastructure. This is the complete opposite of the construction process as this involves breaking down a facility to complete a purpose.

     This is either to make room for new ones, modify the existing project, or completely remove the structure.

    There are three sub-processes needed in demolition:

    A. Pre-Demolition Stage

    The pre-demolition stage refers to the preparation activities done before starting a project. Here, our contractors will determine the resources, materials, and the project’s needs, in general, to put together a concrete plan. This will serve as the foundation and the basis of the contractors throughout the whole demolition process.

    B. Demolition Process

    This is the stage wherein the actual demolition will take place. The activities that will be performed here will depend greatly on the plan from the pre-demolition stage.

    C. Post-Demolition

    Finally, the post-demolition process will involve the cleaning up of the unnecessary mess brought upon by the demolition. This needs to be done to assure the seamlessness of the said process.

    This also involves a review of the final output to avoid potential problems.

    The process is known for its risky methods. As projects usually entail medium to large infrastructures, it will require a thorough and intensive preparation to ensure both safety and success.

    How is demolition done?

    The process of demolition is not limited to only one method. There are a lot of ways to do this, all depending on the plan both the contractors and the clients have come up. Below are some:

    1. Implosion

    This method requires the use of bombs. The bombs are installed within the structures of the building.

    Bombs can be controlled manually or digitally, and once it is set off, the construction implodes. By implode, it means that all the pieces are pulled to the centre instead of being scattered in all sorts of directions.

    Implosion is the best way to go if you are working on large and/or wide infrastructures, specifically those that are almost impossible to demolish manually.

    2. Excavator

    The second demolition method that you can do is the excavator. This is done by the use of excavator machines, which is a vehicular machine with a large crane installed. The crane will be the one responsible for breaking down the building into pieces.

    This is best for buildings not exceeding the height of 30 feet because that is the highest limit for the excavator machine.

    3. Wrecking Ball

    The wrecking ball method is one of the most common methods of demolition. This is probably the first that comes to a person’s mind when the word “demolition” is said. Here, the building at hand is destroyed using a wrecking ball installed in an excavator-like machine.

    This is usually chosen by those working under a budget because although inexpensive, its efficiency is still assured. 

    4. Selective Demolition

    The last method will be perfect for projects that don’t require everything in the building to be destroyed. In particular, this is done for renovations and remodelling. This is completed through the help of physical labour and manual work.

    Although the above methods are some of the most known, the choices for the project are not limited to these. A lot of factors still need to be evaluated to arrive at the right demolition process.

    What are the things that you need to look for your demolition contractor?

    Moving on, let us now talk about what you need to look for in your future demolition contractor. This is to assure your project that you are working with a right team, and thus you can expect a successful demolition.

    1. Professional

    We believe that professionalism is very important in the field of work, especially in demolition. As this involves a lot of risks, the knowledge and expertise to avoid the said hazards are significant. 

    You should also ensure that the team that you will work with has enough skills to give both your requirements and your wants for the project.

    2. Complete Resources

    When you work with demolition contractors, keep in mind that you don’t have to provide all the resources yourself. It is the company’s responsibility to prepare everything that you and your project will need to achieve completion

    This stated you should look for someone that has complete equipment, both in machinery and materials.

    3. Detail-Oriented

    Your contractor team should also be detail-oriented. This means that they can observe and analyse even the smallest things about your project to come up with a flawless plan. This can help you avoid problems regarding missed spots and/or misinformation.

    4. Ability to Work Under Budget and Time Pressure

    If you don’t have that much money to release, and you are working with a deadline as well, you should make sure that your demolition contractors value these as much as you do. There is no worse inconvenience than delayed projects and still having to pay fees that are higher than what you agreed on.

    5. Prioritises Safety

    Demolition does not necessarily have to be destructive to everyone in the site. You should also find a team that will prioritise not just the project’s safety, but also everyone present on the site as well. This includes their workers, you and your team, the people in the community, and the environment.

    Our team at Australian Construction guarantees that through working with us, you will get access to the qualities above, and more. We strive to be one of the best when it comes to Darwin contractor demolition services so you can expect that we are continuously improving.

    Summary: Darwin Demolition Contractor

    Demolition is one of the construction processes that need utmost attention throughout its execution. It is not just the mere breaking of infrastructures as it comes with a lot of health and safety hazards.

    It is evident that you need to have a good team by your side to yield your desired results. In our case, we believe that our company, Australian Construction, will be the best choice.

    For more questions, feel free to contact us through messages and/or call us on 1800 155 881. We assure you that we will answer each of your inquiry and provide you with additional information that you may need. You can also ask us to conduct site visits for the project.