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Choosing The Best Earthworks Contractor In Adelaide

    Adelaide earthworks contractor services is something we have plenty of knowledge in and is a critical aspect of civil engineering. At Australia Construction we know that this first step is the most crucial aspect to ensure our structures are properly erected to stand the test of time.

    But how do you choose the best earthworks contractor if you are in Adelaide? Should you just let your building engineer do the digging or flattening of the soil?

    Today, we will give you several tips about how you can choose the right earthworks contractor. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a check-list of what to look for if your project requires an earthworks contractor.

    The earthworks contractor must have a valid license

    Digging soil is not as simple as it seems. There are many types of soil, and there are many other components underneath it. The government also has many provisions on how the digging should be done, what to do with the soil, and how they should be disposed of.

    The license is also indicative that the company has met all the conditions of the government, from training to safety equipment and waste disposal—a licensed company puts you in a good position to start working on your land.

    An earthwork contractor not only digs, but they also move materials. In our team, we do digging, filling, excavating, trenching, and so much more. All these activities have an environmental impact and can pose a serious hazard to the workers.

    Licensed companies like us know what to do and what government expectations to comply with. WE understand the risks not only for us and our employees but also for the environment, the people around us, and our clients.

    As such, all our activities are meticulously planned. We ensure safety for everybody. Our many sort after and industry specific licences is testament to our dedication to having covered all aspects within the construction industry.

    The contractors must have the experience

    We at Australian Construction have many years of experience to back up our credibility. As such, we have learned many things over the past—things that you will never really learn in school.

    Examples of these are:

    • Project planning
    • Getting approvals from the government
    • Forecasting of delays
    • Correct assessment of the cost

    When choosing a contractor for earthworks, you have to take experience into serious consideration. This is not a simple project like building furniture. Without adequate experience, the earthwork contractor may cause several problems.

    Here are some of the headaches you will get from inexperienced earthworks contractors:

    • Project delays – poor planning can cause delays. The lack of experience can also result in bad forecasting. As such, the company may lack the resources to get the job done. Every day that nothing gets done just adds up to time wasted on your project.
    • Added Costs – some engineering companies will give you a quote that you will find amazing. Believe it or not, inexperienced contractors do this all the time, only to realise they miscalculated their bid. As a result, they will charge you more. What happens here is an honest mistake, but it will still tip your budget if the contractor asks for more funds from you.
    • Lack of equipment – new contractors in the earthworks industry do not have a complete set of heavy machinery. If the project needs a specific machine which they do not have, they either have to rent or buy one, which can result in delays.

    Choose the right contractor to prevent headaches like these. We at Australian Construction have more than 100 years of cumulative experiences among all our employees.

    The contractor must have the right earth-working equipment

    Earthwork contracting covers a wide array of tasks. This entails that the contractor you choose must have the right equipment to get the job done.

    Here are some of the tools that we use in our company:

    • Excavators –these are the most common machines that you see in construction sites for groundwork. The function of these giant vehicles is to dig the soil. They have an arm that is powerful enough to dig chunks of soil in one go. We also use excavators to get loads of stones or rocks and then move them to the dump truck. 
    • Backhoe – the backhoe is easily confused with the excavator. This one has a reversed attachment and it digs backwards towards the direction of the operator. Backhoes are also used to dig, but they are specifically designed to remove tree stumps and other organic matter in the soil such as vegetation. 
    • Trenchers – you may have already seen this in the streets. Trenchers are big machines used to dig a straight line. There are many reasons why a company would dig a trench. The most common ones are for drainage, sewage, laying of pipes and cables, and irrigation systems.  
    • Loaders – these are the specific equipment used for getting the debris off the site and loaded into a dump truck. Loaders work faster than excavators in loading and at Australian Construction we have up-to-date and serviced loaders on hand in every state ready to. 

    We also have more equipment such as bulldozers and compactors. The ones mentioned here are only a few of the heavy machinery that we have available to serve you. 

    Choose the contractor that has a long list of heavy machinery. If you do, you will not experience project delays. The movement of the project will also go seamlessly because the contractor has adequate tools that they can use to solve specific kinds of problems.  

    The contractor must be able to provide different services

    The last thing you need to check is whether the contractor offers a myriad of services as we do. The last thing you want is to have a contractor who will say that they do not take out the tree stumps. Contractors in the earthwork industry must be able to do everything.

    For a more in depth look at projects we can help with, check out some examples of the services that we offer:  

    Site survey – before we start digging, we will survey the land and ensure that the borders are correct. The last thing we want is to start digging on someone else’s property.  

    Soil classification – we have surveying engineers who will classify the soil. Our engineers will also tell you how hard or soft the soil is, plus we will give recommendations on what kind of foundation is appropriate to be able to build a structure on your land.  

    Site clearance – once everything is set, we can proceed to clear the site. Our site clearance services include excavation and clean-up of stumps and other vegetation.

    We also do filling and compacting. If excavation is not what is needed for the project, we can fill the soil and make it higher, and we will use our compactors to ensure that it is tight and sturdy before you start building.

    Summary: How to Choose the Best Adelaide Earthworks Contractor

    Earthworks construction can prove robust and difficult to manage. It is one of the most critical aspects of your construction project, so it’s wise to choose the right company to do this for you.

    The ramifications of making a bad decision cannot be underestimated. The foundation of your structure depends on the quality of work done by the earthwork contractor.

    Give us a call on 1800 155 881 for any earthwork construction needs in Australia you require. Our Australian Earthwork Contractors meet all the requirements and certifications to perform quality work for your next project. We have the right equipment, license, training, and experience to get the job done right and on time.