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Commercial And Residential Asphalt Contractor Services In Geelong

Geelong Asphalt Contractor

    You may be looking for asphalt resurfacing or surfacing in commercial, residential, government or local council areas. In that case, Australian Construction will provide a quality and professional service for all your asphalting needs. Equally important, our asphalt contractor in Geelong is committed to asphalting safety.

    The lifespan of an asphalt surface can extend to over twenty years. Therefore, you should make sure you have the ideal people and materials for the project. We have a team of qualified and professional staff coupled with modern and well-maintained equipment. 

    Because of this, our skilled team can handle any work easily. Australian Construction uses a combination of hot mix asphalt. Also, we have various services for superior asphalt services.

    Residential asphalt surfaces

    The asphalt contractor in Geelong offers residential asphalt services for tennis courts, driveways, pathways and basketball courts in Geelong and its surroundings.  In residential areas, asphalt presents a long-lasting, joint-free surface. 

    For this reason, the area remains free from water and weed. Furthermore, it can be in various colours like red oxide, standard grey and black and non-coloured gravel.

    Commercial asphalt

    We offer commercial asphalting for driveways, car parks, hotel car parks, factories and more. Please contact us for a free quote.

    Government & council asphalt paving and surfaces

    The asphalt contractor undertakes local council asphalt surfacing projects. Our experienced team services pathways, cycleways, car parks, roads and parks. Additionally, we handle median strips, speed bumps and recreation grounds in Geelong. Indeed, the Australian Construction experienced team also undertakes jobs like tennis courts, road repairs, basketball areas and schoolyards.

    Asphalt surface preparation

    Our team handles all asphalt surfacing projects for the purpose of asphalt drainage, sweeping and preparation. Besides, we provide asphalt sweeper hire to assist clients in maintaining superior asphalt surfaces.

    The company avails various asphalting materials and services to meet your specific work requirement. The expert team guarantees superior and efficient services. That is, from the moment you call us until we complete the work. Please contact us for additional information on our expert and superior asphalt services.

    At our company, we offer all the services you need that relate to asphalt surfacing work. For instance:

    • Asphalt drainage and sweeping
    • Older asphalt surface repairs
    • Asphalt base work preparation
    • Commercial asphalt services

    The asphalt contractor in Geelong provides asphalt surfaces for numerous commercial projects in Geelong like asphalt hotel car parks, factory areas, driveways and car parks.

    We facilitate the means for efficient and straightforward commercial factory and car park alterations. Given that, we have various paving machines, trucks and rollers. 

    Because of this, the asphalt contractor in Geelong creates a professional finish for numerous commercial jobs. For instance, transport depots, factory units and shopping centres. Similarly, we offer full colour and granite asphalts for a variety of commercial purposes.

    Council asphalting

    Our company also specialises in local councils projects around Geelong. We can resurface or surface:

    • Asphalt public spaces, roads, car parks, speed bumps, cycle paths, median strips and recreational grounds.

    Government asphalt services

    Australian Construction handles Federal or State Government projects in Geelong like:

    • Asphalt road repairs, tennis courts, basketball courts, and residential asphalt services and surfaces. In addition, we offer asphalt driveways, courtyards, schoolyards and play areas.

    With asphalt, you get a similarly comfortable surface on a riverside mansion, residential home or rural block in Geelong. Asphalt does not require joints; hence, its surface is durable. Besides, it repels weeds or ants that can appear in concrete and bricks. 


    In future, we can resurface asphalt without removing the old pavement. The asphalt contractor in Geelong provides services like asphalt tennis courts and asphalt driveways. We also offer asphalt pathways and asphalt basketball courts.

    For all your asphalting jobs, quality, efficiency and experience are essential. In light of this, Australian Construction endeavours to provide this. So, we have earned the reputation of friendly and professional service. Our team is thoroughly trained and qualified for the asphalting projects it undertakes.

      As a result, the outcome is attained in a short time and to the customer’s satisfaction!