Hervey Bay Kitchen Renovations

Outstanding Kitchen Renovations In Hervey Bay | Aus Construction

Hervey Bay Kitchen Renovations

    Are you looking for professional kitchen renovations? Australian Construction works with you to create the kitchen of your dreams. With this in mind, we transform your kitchen into a lovely, modern and practical area. Not only does it increase your home’s value, but it also enhances your lifestyle. We provide complete kitchen renovations in Hervey Bay. Moreover, we offer simple facelifts.

    Australian Construction assists in making your kitchen dreams come true. Whatever design you want for your dream kitchen, our kitchen renovations professionals will go the extra mile. As a result, we provide lovely outcomes you will enjoy for years.

    Kitchen renovations

    Changing the kitchen design

    Are you dissatisfied with your kitchen’s current layout? Or do you find it challenging to navigate? Under these circumstances, you need a different kitchen layout. An oddly shaped kitchen can upset the space flow, and therefore cooking becomes a hassle.

    Usually, a well-designed kitchen involves three key elements. These are the fridge, stove and sink. They are also called the ‘kitchen work triangle.’ This design element is simple. However, it can significantly improve your kitchen’s efficiency. Moreover, it makes the area more enjoyable for cooking in.

    Cosmetic facelift

    The Australian Construction kitchen cosmetic facelift entails updating or changing kitchen pieces. We do this without changing the layout. Mainly it includes changing the fittings, kitchen islands, fixtures and cabinetry. You may need to enhance your kitchen style. Or perhaps your woodwork or paint has started to fade and chip. In this case, we can provide a cosmetic makeover. It is an affordable way of making your kitchen livelier. 

    Kitchen upgrade

    At Australian Construction, we appreciate that complete kitchen renovations in Hervey Bay can be costly. For this reason, we provide numerous upgrade options. So, your kitchen feels like it’s brand new once more. Your kitchen structure may be strong but looks a bit dull. In light of this, enhancing your kitchen’s main features can make a significant difference. Under these circumstances, our expert team takes these steps:

    • Upgrade hardware
    • Install under-cabinet lighting
    • Replacing cabinetry with open shelving and a lot more
    • Kitchen makeovers

    Do you want to upgrade your kitchen? Our professional renovators have years of experience in the industry. They have worked on homes such as apartments and townhouses. Despite the size, scale or size of the kitchen, our kitchen renovations experts provide quality work. We guarantee it will impress!

    Three considerations when renovating

    Australian Construction uses a basic three-question formula. Because of this, we understand your needs. As a result, we design the ideal renovation solution for you.


    Your budget is a crucial factor when it comes to your renovation. We work with you to attain optimal value for your kitchen renovations in Hervey Bay using your set budget. Our team has the expertise to combine clever design and affordable building methods and materials. For this reason, we attain excellent looking renovations that follow your budget.


    To help in creating the ideal renovation, we find out more about your lifestyle. Also, we find out the lifestyle you want to lead in your newly renovated house. It is vital because we wish our renovation to match your needs.

    Your land

    You may have a home on an established block. However, land-related problems are a consideration during renovation. Your block dimensions will establish whether extensions are possible. Meanwhile, other rules may limit your ability to build upward. Given this, our builder addresses these main questions during the first stages of your project. Therefore we plan a renovation that suits your land and budget.


    Our company has vast experience and expertise. For this reason, we are among the best kitchen renovators in Hervey Bay. We have exceptionally skilled kitchen designers. Because of this, all the kitchen renovations in Hervey Bay that we undertake are visually stunning. Moreover, they are highly functional and practical.

      It will be our pleasure to transform your kitchen today into a precious space you will enjoy working from, so call us now!

      Gladstone Kitchen Renovations

      Affordable Kitchen Renovations In Gladstone By Aus Construction

      Gladstone Kitchen Renovations

        At Australian Construction, we install cost-effective custom kitchens. We provide complete kitchen installations in Gladstone. Additionally, we install custom kitchens, and we manage all aspects of your project. We have an experienced team of project managers. Our team also consists of qualified kitchen designers and expert installers. For this reason, they can change your kitchen into an elegant area. 

        The Australian Construction kitchen installation includes affordable lovely quartz and granite countertops. Moreover, we have cost-effective wood cabinetry and fashionable tile or wood flooring. These products add years of value and enjoyment to your premises or home.

        Kitchen remodelling 

        We have superior kitchen products and design concepts. Hence we can give you the kitchen you visualise. Our company provides various options for your kitchen renovations in Gladstone. It includes countertops, cabinets, accents and flooring that make your dream kitchen beautiful.

        We offer various choices to suit any kitchen budget. Moreover, we offer you a free and detailed estimate. It enables you to have an idea of the upcoming work. Our team visits your home or premises and gives you the affordable kitchen renovation options available. 

        Incredible kitchens need meticulous planning. Everyone uses his or her kitchen differently. Due to this, our expert team works closely with you. Also, we consider all the elements of your kitchen improvement project. Lifestyle, budget, taste and space are all vital elements in renovating your kitchen. 

        We have worked across various contemporary and modern projects. Moreover, we handle small and large kitchens and help our Gladstone clients to optimise their kitchen renovations. Our company uses different modern hardware and high-quality materials. As a result, we ensure your kitchen is not only lovely to look at but also suits your practical requirements.

        Quality kitchen renovations

        Nothing compares to a fresh and fabulous kitchen that motivates you. At Australian Construction, we are always happy to make our clients’ dreams come true. Our kitchen renovations are popular in Gladstone. The reason is we provide elegant and sophisticated finishes.

        Similarly, we offer a full service. We are available during the first ideas, design and installation phase. Our team helps you to implement your concepts for your new kitchen design. Additionally, they recognise opportunities for enhanced convenience. These are areas you might not have imagined possible before.

        Elegant kitchen makeovers

        We retouch kitchen surfaces and cabinetry instead of beginning from scratch. It is referred to as a kitchen facelift or kitchen resurfacing. When your cabinetry’s inner fittings are still in good condition, this is the ideal solution. Gladstone residents adore kitchen makeovers! Comparatively, it is more affordable than a kitchen renovation. However, it gives you pleasing results that are striking.

        3D software technology

        We all love a well-styled kitchen. Many people want not only a beautiful kitchen but also a functional one. Because of this using our 3D visual software technology enables you to view your future kitchen. This technology shows you authentic photographic images. Given this, you can steer in 360 panoramic still photos. It presents one of the innovative methods we use to give our clients the ideal kitchens and fittings. 

        Luxury kitchen upgrades

        At Australian Construction, we are a leader in modern kitchen designs. Having an old kitchen means you lack the current features and functions necessary for today’s kitchen. Our expert designers work with you to find out your precise needs for a kitchen renovation. We maximise your space. Therefore we ensure your kitchen gives you the ultimate functionality. Moreover, we give you a lovely cutting edge design.


        Australian Construction considers your exceptional needs. In light of this, we include unique storage solutions. Moreover, we provide energy-saving options. Also, we offer the newest innovative technology. Because of this, you have a kitchen that is fit for the future.

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          Port Macquarie Kitchen Renovations

          Ideal Kitchen Renovations In Port Macquarie | Aus Construction

          Port Macquarie Kitchen Renovations

            Australian Construction has a wide range of renovating services. For example, we provide affordable kitchen renovations in Port Macquarie. Our services are available for residential and commercial premises. Moreover, our skilled team works expertly. Hence you avoid a messy and slow renovation.

            We have various colours and finishes. For this reason, your design ideas become a reality. White is popular due to its appeal. However, we have many other options for you. Our team can match a deluxe hue to suit your premise or home. We provide matt, satin or high gloss finish. 

            For benchtops and vanities, we use the loveliness of stone. Our granite products are beautiful. Moreover, they conceal any faults on the surface. The reason is it provides a specked and tone-to tone impact. Therefore it results in a durable surface. Because of this, your vanity or benchtop looks terrific for years.

            Renovating and modernising your kitchen

            Australian Construction saves you cash for kitchen renovations in Port Macquarie. You don’t need to replace your kitchen panels or kitchen doors. Our team of experts cleans, repairs and prepares kitchen panels and doors. Additionally, they spray these kitchen parts with a satin or gloss finish. Also, we use the colour you choose. We resurface your kitchen splashback using gloss. As a result, you do not need to scrub grout lines and grease out. 

            Kitchen designs

            Our qualified team does not use guesswork when it comes to designing. Despite what our renovation project entails, we use 3D. Consequently, we show you the end product before we build it. We offer you a consultation meeting so we can find out your ideas. After that, we create a design that surpasses your expectations!

            Our technology enables you to view the floor and design plans. For example, you can see windows placement, appliances and doors. We work according to your precise measurements. If required, we source appliances for you. In addition, we liaise with our electricians and plumbers on your behalf. Because of this, your kitchen project remains on schedule. Each of our designs meets the NSW industry legislation and standards. 

            Kitchen cabinets

            In Port Macquarie, we are top cabinetmakers. We provide top-quality customised joinery and cabinetry for commercial and residential premises. We not only supply but also install kitchen cabinets.

            Kitchen builds

            Our team builds all cabinetry according to your specifications. We are proud of all our products’ superior finish. We utilise top-notch software, machinery, and technology. Due to this, we meet the exact standards before installing in your office or home. 

            Quartz countertops

            Quartz is a strong material for building beautiful countertops. Given this, it has become trendy. This engineered stone countertop consists of 90% ground quartz. It also has 8-10 polymers and resins. Additionally, it has other substances that make it durable. We have them in numerous colours.

            Uses of quartz countertops

            You can use quartz in the kitchen in various ways, such as:

            • An area for cooking preparation.
            • It is best for keeping cooking appliances.
            • These countertops are appropriate for snacking and breakfast.
            • You can use it as your kids’ crafts and homework area.
            • As a cupboard beneath the countertop, they are ideal for storage.


            Most of us have challenges in kitchen renovation and design. It would help if you made your kitchen look beautiful, modern and healthy. However, it is hard to get the right things at the right time. But, do not worry because Australian Construction will help you. We are experienced in the kitchen renovation and design that you need. Furthermore, we focus on key elements like colour selection, valves and handles. Also, we consider kitchen cabinet selection and faucets. 

              So for your ideal kitchen renovations in Port Macquarie, call us today!

              Wagga Wagga Kitchen Renovations

              Your Local Kitchen Renovations Expert In Wagga Wagga

              Wagga Wagga Kitchen Renovations

                At Australian Construction, we are industry leaders in the design and construction of luxury kitchens. For years we have provided bespoke designer kitchens that suit our clients’ lifestyles. We are the leading kitchen renovations manufacturers in Wagga Wagga. Moreover, we are popular because we are professional.

                Furthermore, we are committed to excellence. For this reason, we have given our clients countless quality kitchens. We specialise in offering modern kitchen renovations and designs. Besides, we provide custom designs for all kitchens. 

                Our company uses a skilled in-house design team. Additionally, we have a site that guides you through all the processes of kitchen renovations or installation. We are committed to giving you a custom kitchen that matches your style.

                Traditional style kitchens

                With our country style kitchen, you can express your personality. We provide open shelving and glass-fronted cabinets. Because of this, you can showcase your collections of accessories and crockery. We mainly use rustic creams and white as the main colour. We emphasise a cosy, natural ambience. As a result, the timber cabinetry blends in easily in your traditional white kitchen.

                Kitchen installation and build 

                Australian Construction completes all the stages of your project. We handle the design, construction of cabinetry and installation of your kitchen. We manufacture quality cabinetry in our factory. For this reason, we have total control of all the phases of your kitchen renovations in Wagga Wagga. Additionally, we project-manage your installation procedure for your convenience. 

                Selecting the right benchtops is vital

                You might need an engineered stone. Or perhaps you want a laminate benchtop. Notwithstanding, we offer various styles and colours suitable for your new kitchen. We have appropriate products to match your lifestyle and design. In other words, we have neutral and traditional tones as well as on-trend accents. Our company is proud to use Australian manufactured products. We give our clients a unique level of service.

                Classic style kitchens

                Many times we design classic style kitchens to match their surroundings. Not only does this kitchen make a statement, but it also provides strong, clean lines. Moreover, its design elements focus on functionality and practicality. 

                Mostly we use cream and white colours all through. The reason is these colours are still fashionable. More importantly, they give the kitchen a warm and inviting feel. When you consider this design style, a classic white kitchen comes to mind.

                Practicality and aesthetics are the main considerations when selecting a classic kitchen design. Comparatively, we decorate them in a subtle method than other styles.  This design features a symmetrical design and space-saving alternatives.

                Industrial style kitchen

                Our industrial kitchen design has raw, textural beauty. This type of kitchen features concrete, tiled and brick walls. For this style, Australian Construction uses raw materials like recycled concrete or bricks. So we build a warehouse-style appearance. Our industrial style kitchen mainly has a dark colour palette. It includes black together with dark timber features, giving it a soft feel.

                Commercial projects

                We are your efficient commercial market supplier. When you deal with us, it ensures decreased timeframes, offering peace of mind. We manufacture our products internally. We also have access to a significant network of reliable suppliers.


                We have skilled and experienced kitchen installers and designers. They blend modern styles and contemporary features and elements in your home. Apart from combining modern techniques and elements, our team specialises in kitchen renovations in Wagga Wagga

                Our team consults with you and gives you new design options. We make the designing and manufacturing procedure simple and exciting. As a result, we eliminate the stress involved in kitchen renovations.

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                  Bundaberg Kitchen Renovations

                  Top Tier Kitchen Renovations In Bundaberg From Aus Construction

                  Bundaberg Kitchen Renovations

                    People love eating, and we spend most of our time in the kitchen. We prepare food, eat and clean up afterwards. However, if your kitchen has become dull, you will not enjoy spending time there. For this reason, Australian Construction delivers quality kitchen renovations in Bundaberg. 

                    Your kitchen is the busiest area in the house. Therefore you may have considered many factors for transforming this area. Given this, we give you a new kitchen to suit your needs better. Our competent team turns all your concepts into reality. 

                    More importantly, we follow your budget. Our company has provided quality kitchen renovations in Bundaberg for years. For this reason, we have vast knowledge and experience.  We optimise the area you are using. 

                    Our services

                    Australian Construction provides

                    • Superior craft and high-quality materials 
                    • Tailor-made installations and builds
                    • Latest unique design concepts and hardware
                    • Vast experience in the cabinet building business
                    • Renovations created to suit your time frame and budget

                    At Australian Construction, we are leading cabinetmakers in Bundaberg. Our team is skilled in using your ideas to give you a fresh look. We combine our knowledge and expertise with the latest innovative design, concepts and hardware. Together with our expertise, we, therefore, create an innovative custom-built kitchen. Moreover, these kitchens are affordable, and you will love spending time in these areas.

                    Affordable decorating and renovation solutions

                    When a kitchen starts ageing, you should think of a new kitchen. In some instances, it is not economical to choose a full kitchen renovation. However, we have other cheaper options. To us, this is kitchen rejuvenation where we use some areas of your outdated kitchen as a foundation for your new kitchen. We have satisfied clients throughout Bundaberg. It is because we offer great outcomes in kitchen rejuvenation and repair. Furthermore, we give your kitchen a new look on a tight budget.


                    We utilise a technique called re-skinning to renovate your existing cabinets. Additionally, we use a different face hence creating a fresh look. In light of this, we use a small portion of the price of building entirely new kitchen cabinets.

                    If your cabinets are suitable, we redesign them. As a result, we create a new orientation and re-skin them depending on your ideas. We, therefore, create a brand new look and experience for your kitchen space. We are cabinet making experts. 

                    Additionally, our team is experienced at creating an entirely new kitchen using your old cabinets. Also, we use the materials you already have, but they have new, unique skins. Talk to our experts today about how we can transform your old kitchen into a different exciting area.

                    New kitchens

                    Australian Construction helps you with all elements of your new kitchen. Our team has the expertise to design your new kitchen from the start. We have unique and exciting kitchen options, that will amaze you! Our company uses the best quality products and professional craftsmanship.

                    Kitchen renovations in Bundaberg

                    The Australian Construction kitchen renovation team undertakes any renovation. For instance, we handle specialist restorations and cost-effective solutions for your property. If you want to replace your whole kitchen or your kitchen cabinets, we are your solution. 

                    Outdoor kitchens

                    Outdoor kitchens are famous in Bundaberg. Because of this, we offer an outdoor kitchen space that will make your neighbours envious! Our designs transform your outdoor space into a lovely entertainment area you can use throughout the year.


                    Australian Construction is happy to provide our clients with a full range of services. We offer design, installation and renovations. Coupled with this, we advise you on the ideal use of products and space. Our products are high quality, attractive, functional and affordable.

                      We will be pleased to handle your kitchen renovations, so call us now!

                      Melton Kitchen Renovations

                      Outstanding Kitchen Renovations In Melton | Aus Construction

                      Melton Kitchen Renovations

                        At Australian Construction, we provide kitchen and consultation services for hospitality businesses. You may wish to enhance your existing space. Or perhaps you want to build a new one. Regardless, we offer an efficient and functional kitchen or bar. Furthermore, we provide kitchen renovations in Melton for restaurants, hotels, cafes or franchises.

                        These enterprises want the newest technology and functionality. Moreover, they wish to have a unique kitchen design that suits their needs. Generally, we give you design changes to enhance your brand profile. Furthermore, you increase your kitchen productivity and improve customer experience using your bar or kitchen. 

                        Sometimes our clients have very customised commercial kitchen design needs. Under these circumstances, we are glad to help them as the design may involve complex navigation to complete. We provide a meticulously thought out design when starting the procedure. Because of this, you can save money in the future. 

                        Our services

                        The Australian Construction commercial kitchen solutions are affordable, and we build lasting relationships with our customers.  Also, our competent team pays attention to the design upfront. For this reason, we reduce costs and prevent issues. Besides, we explore all potential opportunities to enhance functionality. Our services are of superior quality. So you save money later because you do not need repairs or replacements.

                        We have years of design experience. As a result, we know what is effective and what is not. Given this, we analyse the kitchen design’s future and work from this perspective. Due to this, we prevent your design from becoming outdated.

                        Australian Construction commercial bar and kitchen designs have various useful features. They are energy efficient and we keep in mind staffing expenses. Australian Construction checks the space usage for optimal food productivity and space. In addition, we think of aesthetic appeal. Coupled with this our team ensures they enjoy the procedure and finish the project quickly. The kitchen renovations in Melton highlight the essential areas for maximum business returns with your kitchen

                        Quality commercial kitchens services

                        Australian Construction provides a complete system of compatible hygienic safety flooring and wall sheet. It is a fully integrated system. For this reason, it fits perfectly together. Therefore it offers a watertight and clean solution. There are neither rough edges nor gaps. Instead, you have a smooth and uninterrupted surface. It extends to light switches, corners and plug sockets.

                        Our system gives you the ideal protection against bugs, vermin and bacteria.  With our hygienic wall protection and integrated floor system, cleaning becomes more manageable as well. Moreover, we build our integrated systems as a solution for common problems in the kitchen. For example, we consider issues like contaminations and slips. Furthermore, we provide maintenance and cleaning solutions.

                        This system protects not only the individuals who utilise it but also the environment. Together with this, it protects people responsible for visitors and employees’ safety. However, we also consider other factors. We offer different and exciting colour palette. 

                        So you can choose contemporary or traditional. You can also dare to be bold! Our expert team analyses our products thoroughly. As a result, we exceed industry standards for hygiene and safety. It ensures the ideal solution for your premises. 


                        Australian Construction is proud to give you superior services. We work with the most reliable tradespeople. It makes the work easy for you. We aim to ensure you get excellent services, and our team builds your kitchen on time and follows your budget. 

                        Therefore allowing our kitchen designers to focus on what we excel in, enabling you to continue cooking and serving your customers. Our professionals take time to find out your unique requirements and integrate them into your fit-out. Our combined vast business experience enables us to give you cutting edge concepts for your kitchen.

                          Call us today and allow us to give you a lovely kitchen renovations in Melton!

                          Coffs Harbour Kitchen Renovations

                          Unique Kitchen Renovations In Coffs Harbour | Aus Construction

                          Coffs Harbour Kitchen Renovations

                            Australian Construction is your one-stop shop for custom commercial kitchen renovations in Coffs Harbour. Our skilled team specialises in custom kitchen design and fit-out and handle all aspects of the procedure for you. 

                            Our company undertakes planning design and installation. Additionally, we provide after-sales services after we complete your work. Because of our vast experience, we offer the ideal fit-out. Moreover, we deliver on budget and on time. Therefore you work efficiently in your everyday operations.

                            We offer you a hassle-free and efficient solution to your custom commercial kitchen needs. So call us today to discover how we can create the ideal fit-out for your business.

                            Reasons for kitchen renovations

                            There are many reasons for renovating your kitchen. Some of these reasons are:

                            •          More storage space for a bench and preparing meals. Also, you renovate to get a room for upgrading your kitchen appliances.

                            •          A different colour scheme that matches the interior space and improved layout for foot traffic flow

                            •          Improve and modernise the feel and appearance of an outdated kitchen

                            You need to understand the reasons for your kitchen renovations in Coffs Harbour. We then formulate a plan, which includes all you want in an ideal kitchen. For instance, the plan includes appliances, colour schemes and layout. To this end, we document everything to serve as a guideline for the entire project.

                            Custom commercial kitchens

                            Planning and design

                            For years Australian Construction has planned and designed commercial kitchens. Because of this, we can handle all projects. Our team is skilled and knows the finer details. We find out what kind of food you store and cook. Then we get to know about the floor space, special needs and staff. Consequently, we choose the best catering equipment. As a result, it enhances your efficiency and productivity.

                            Full kitchen solutions

                            We handle storage and serving. Additionally, we source all equipment you require, such as custom-made canopies and ventilation solutions. Also, we offer customised cool rooms, bakery display cases and stainless steel kitchen sinks. Besides, we provide any other unique elements you need.

                            Installing, fitting, changing and customising your kitchen equipment

                            Australian Construction understands the workflow details in a busy kitchen. For this reason, we design every aspect of your fit-out to meet all your requirements. Our experienced team helps you make optimal use of your space. To attain this, we ensure your layout and equipment work well together.

                            Planned maintenance and service programs 

                            Not only do we handle your kitchen renovations in Coffs Harbour but also maintenance services in the future. We arrange regular maintenance and services of your custom commercial equipment. As a result, it ensured optimal efficiency throughout the year. Our team knows all the aspects of your fit-out intimately. Therefore, they are the best option for servicing your equipment.

                            Restaurant fit-out

                            You can easily get overwhelmed when buying restaurant equipment. Moreover, you risk incurring huge bills. When you work with us, you have the guarantee that your restaurant installation or renovation will meet all your requirements. 

                            We follow your budget and deadline. Our team handles design, layout, and equipment installation. Furthermore, we handle post-installation maintenance. So we ensure we give you a restaurant fit-out that caters to your exact needs. In addition, we maximise the available space.


                            Australian Construction understands kitchen renovations can be chaotic. For this reason, we believe in giving you a rewarding process. We use durable building products that we buy from reputable supplies in Australia. 

                            Using the ideal materials ensures we engineer every product to offer optimal durability and support. Additionally, certified builders manufacture all these products. We utilise the newest joinery and cabinets that fit your kitchen space perfectly.

                              For outstanding kitchen renovations in Coffs Harbour, call us today!

                              Mackay Kitchen Renovations

                              Professional Kitchen Renovations In Mackay | Aus Construction

                              Mackay Kitchen Renovations

                                Australian Construction is one of the customised kitchen renovation firms in Mackay. You have peace of mind because we provide quality renovation. More importantly, our prices are fair. During our kitchen renovations in Mackay, we provide unique customer service. We are specialists in a superior tailor-made residential kitchen. 

                                Additionally, we offer commercial shop joinery, colleges, school and childcare kitchens. The kitchen presents the primary gathering area and is any home’s centre. When you choose a suitable style to blend with the whole house, it maximises its potential.

                                Commercial joinery

                                We handle the home kitchen and joinery. Furthermore, we are specialists in commercial kitchen and joinery. Because of this, we serve the following:

                                • Real estate offices
                                • Medical centres
                                • Doctor clinics
                                • Commercial shop fit-outs
                                • Medical centres
                                • Dental clinics

                                Commercial kitchen and joinery need a particular layout and material. For this reason, it suits the function and usage surrounding. Therefore our team designs it in a very exceptional manner. We use the ideal hardware and material for efficient workflow.

                                There are many factors to consider. For example, we keep in mind the filing cabinets and bookcases and storage area. Also, we think of the front office desk, locker rooms and working desk. Australian Construction is skilled in helping you set up the ideal commercial joinery for your area.

                                We have a comprehensive design process. As a result, we ensure every commercial kitchen and joinery we build is based on the newest technology. Besides, we follow industry standards. It is essential to work with a firm that comprehends commercial joinery design. It facilitates the success of any established or new business venture.

                                Our company takes commercial joinery serious. We know the requirements of joinery. As a result, we surpass commercial standards. When you meet with the design consultants, they assist you in deciding the ideal layout, hardware and materials. 

                                Therefore it matches the unique requirements of your commercial kitchen and joinery. We have modern designs that ensure your new joinery remains up to code. Moreover, it delivers what your business needs to flourish.

                                Modern kitchen

                                Modern kitchens change all the time. However, at all times, they establish trends that are popular at the time. Today’s modern kitchens include simple colour palettes and matt splashbacks. They also feature clean and elegant cabinets as well as an uncongested surrounding. 

                                Our modern kitchen designs also feature subtle, bright lighting. If you want a simple everyday look, a minimalist kitchen is ideal. This kitchen is clean and straightforward. Moreover, it does not have the busy look of other kinds of kitchen designs. We guarantee you will love it!

                                Our competent team offers the complete renovation package for modern kitchen renovations in Mackay, from beginning to end. We handle not only the installation but also consultation and design. You will happy knowing your kitchen renovation project is in good hands. Therefore talk to our team today to find out more!

                                Residential kitchens

                                The centre of a home is a residential kitchen. Here, families meet, share food and enjoy. Due to this, aesthetic and function are crucial. Everyone uses different methods of cooking. Moreover, the appliances that you utilise determine the layout. In addition, it would help if you considered the design’s cultural aspects. 

                                We plan carefully to help us optimise the beauty and functionality of this vital area. In the end, you enjoy spending time here!  During our kitchen renovations in Mackay, we consider all factors. For instance, we take into account the floor, bench tops and cabinetry. 


                                At Australian Construction, we have built lovely kitchens in Mackay for years. Using your creative design concepts and our vast experience, we create a stylish area. In addition, space gives you all you need.

                                  Get in touch with us today for the best kitchen renovations!

                                  Bunbury Kitchen Renovations

                                  Commercial And Residential Kitchen Renovations In Bunbury

                                  Bunbury Kitchen Renovations

                                    At Australian Construction, we have serviced Bunbury homes and commercial premises for years. We offer vanities, kitchens, cabinetry products and cupboards. Our kitchen renovations in Bunbury involve a blend of unique design and quality services and products. It not only makes your premises or home lovelier but also functional.

                                    Kitchen renovations are not carried out every day. However, we have a team of skilled project managers and designers who take the burden from you. Our experienced project manager works with you all through the renovation. Moreover, our designers help you choose and produce the ideal kitchen cabinets and joinery for your premises or home.

                                    Quality services

                                    Australian Construction specialises in commercial cabinets and kitchens.  We offer tailor-made, made-to-measure cupboards and kitchens. The materials and hardware used are locally sourced from quality suppliers. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive design, supply and installation services in Bunbury.

                                    Our company strikes a balance between practicality and visual appeal. It gives a lovely element to premises or homes. Because of our expert craftsmanship, we make your renovated area come alive. Also, we provide a refreshing look to your office space or new home. As a result, it becomes a talking point for years!

                                    An important project like this needs meticulous planning. Unique ideas and effective communication are crucial as well. Coupled with this, top quality materials, fair prices, and flexibility to tailor your kitchen are essential. As a result, we custom-build your kitchen exactly how you imagine it. There are no restrictions on packages or sizes.

                                    At Australian Construction, first, we create your cabinet or kitchen project in 3D. We then present a realistically produced image of your project. Consequently, we can modify and change to your satisfaction.

                                    Different kinds of products

                                    Maybe you want a modern and fresh kitchen, or perhaps you need classic timber for your kitchen or a blend of the two. Regardless, we guarantee you superior artistry and durable products.

                                    When renovating or building a new commercial kitchen, remember that everything has a function. The kitchen is the driving force that determines your business success. Therefore the fit-out should accommodate all the work involved. 

                                    To make your commercial kitchen a success, we use specific appliances and features. Because of this, they allow optimal flow, performance and efficiency. 

                                    Commercial kitchen flooring

                                    Your kitchen flooring experiences a lot of pressure every day. It handles frequent spills, extreme temperatures and cumbersome industrial cooking equipment. Additionally, it takes heavy foot traffic and constant streams of water.

                                    When looking for commercial kitchen flooring, consider these points:

                                    • Sanitation: it should be simple to clean, stain-resistant and low maintenance.
                                    • Infection control: get a material that reduces microbes growth.
                                    • Comfort: the floor should be comfortable for the staff to stand on for many hours.
                                    • Durability: the floor should not collapse after a few years of use
                                    • Aesthetics and budget: the floor should match your branding and interior design. Besides, it should support your budget.

                                    At Australian Construction, we install and supply various commercial flooring options. Our skilled and qualified team helps you in deciding the best floor for your kitchen. Because we are experts, we give your commercial premises perfect synchronisation and design. We make sure your specialised specifications and plans become a reality.


                                    When you improve your kitchen’s accessibility, it extends its life. Therefore work with our passionate and innovative experts at Australian Construction. We are famous for our kitchen renovations in Bunbury. The reason is we complete unique and accurate projects all over Bunbury.

                                    We are specialists in upgrading and renovating kitchens. Moreover, we only use superior parts, components and materials. We source them from industry-leading manufacturers. Given this, you have the assurance that our team delivers quality work. No matter your kitchen size, we can transform it into a lovely and functional area. More importantly, our services are affordable.

                                      We look forward to hearing from you today about your kitchen renovations project!

                                      Rockhampton Kitchen Renovations

                                      Exceptional Kitchen Renovations In Rockhampton | Aus Construction

                                      Rockhampton Kitchen Renovations

                                        At Australian Construction, we are proud of the methods we use in all our projects. Our work is a blend of innovative design and quality products. Furthermore, our kitchen renovations in Rockhampton make your home lovelier, modern and functional. We custom-build all our kitchens and cabinets. 

                                        Our company only employs skilled tradespeople. As a result, they build your cabinets to a particular order. Therefore it eliminates the need for standard or modular size cabinets. Because of our vast experience we are confident we can deliver to your expectations. 

                                        Moreover, our clients are our top priority. We are committed to superior quality in design, fabrication and installation. For this reason, we have delivered successful projects for years. Our company uses superior quality materials sourced globally. In addition, our materials follow the strictest accuracy and quality craft levels.

                                        Helping you create your ideal kitchen

                                        Australian Construction creates kitchens of all shapes and sizes. Also, we use the newest hardware and offer all the popular finishes. Our range includes veneer, vacuum form, polyurethane and laminate. 

                                        The kitchen presents the home’s highlights and can become an attraction. We mainly entertain in the kitchen. Additionally, we prepare sumptuous meals in the kitchen. In other words, we spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen.

                                        We are available to help you realise your dreams of a perfect kitchen. Our team creates all kinds of kitchens. We consider not only your personal needs but also the available space. Our finishes include:

                                        • Polyurethane
                                        • Vacuum form
                                        • Veneer
                                        • Laminate 

                                        Our objective is to give you quality while sticking to your budget. More importantly, we work with you all through the whole process. We are available from the design stage to the completion of the project. Our team uses the tiniest detail to custom design your kitchen. Therefore you get the specific kitchen you need. We create every kitchen specifically and individually for your home. Because of this, there are no size limitations to your kitchen benches and cabinets.  

                                        Our professional team members implement the newest 3D software. As a result, we design and build each kitchen meticulously to suit your requirements. We carry out kitchen renovations in Rockhampton and offer various cabinetries.

                                        For example, we have:

                                        • 45-degree handleless doors that look great
                                        • Electronic push open drawers
                                        • You can also select from our newest range of contemporary and modern handles.
                                        • Modern kitchen designs and superior products

                                        We provide all kinds of bench top materials like:

                                        A granite benchtop is exceptionally resilient. Therefore it is hard to scratch and is stain resistant. Caesar Stone is similar. It consists of quartz and is available in various patterns and colours. 

                                        For this reason, there is something for everyone’s taste. Caesar Stone is non-porous. Therefore it is highly resistant to staining. Moreover, it is sturdy and long-lasting. Marble is unique where natural beauty is concerned. Marble countertops make your kitchen stand out and will impress your visitors.

                                        Our range of services

                                        We have significant experience. Because of this, we know the requirements of our clients. Hence when you book our services, you have the guarantee of excellent kitchen renovations in Rockhampton.

                                        Space Management

                                        Most homes have space limitation. If you are experiencing this issue, it is time for a kitchen renovation. Our expert designer offers the correct method for optimising the available space.

                                        Innovative design

                                        Australian Construction uses a unique design and latest techniques. As a result, we can help you in attaining maximum storage space. We provide functional countertops and designer cabinetry. Our space designer examines your kitchen and gives you a suitable plan.


                                        Our kitchen renovations are impressive. Therefore you and your visitors will enjoy your new kitchen. After all, we create it according to your requirements. Australian Construction kitchen designers visit your home to find out your personality, style and personal tastes. We then design the kitchen you envision.

                                          Call us today for the loveliest kitchens in Rockhampton!

                                          Launceston Kitchen Renovations

                                          Top Quality Kitchen Renovations In Launceston | Aus Construction

                                          Launceston Kitchen Renovations

                                            At Australian Construction, we build top quality tailor-made kitchens and joinery. We serve commercial and residential markets. Also, we specialise in kitchen renovations in Launceston. Our skilled team offers a full service together with free quotes and advice. Moreover, we offer colour and material options and 3D computer drawings.

                                            We guide you throughout the procedure, from the build, installation to joinery. Moreover, we can integrate any other necessary trades. For this reason, we make the entire process simple for you and stress-free. Visit us to discuss the specifics of your future kitchen project. We will help you get your inspiration. Whether you want cabinets or kitchens, we can deliver.

                                            Commercial kitchens


                                            For first-timers, commercial kitchens can be intimidating. The reason is commercial spaces have much bigger appliances. The layout of a commercial kitchen should flow from one step to another until you serve the food. Home kitchens are tiny, so not as overwhelming.  Many times a commercial kitchen is usable and practical in an open state.

                                            After everything falls into place, the kitchen staff can prepare meals and fulfil orders. However, if you have an old kitchen or a poor layout, it can present issues. In this case, our kitchen renovations in Launceston are necessary. More cooking space is essential as your business expands. So Australian Construction offers professional renovations. Moreover, our work meets all industry standards. 

                                            Below are some reasons you should rely on us for your commercial kitchen renovations:

                                            We are skilled in kitchen design.

                                            You may have an existing commercial kitchen. Or perhaps you want to transform an empty area. Under these circumstances, we can help. Our designers have vast experience. Furthermore, they have worked in all types of areas. 

                                            Because of this, they can suggest floor plans, layouts and give advice. They will help you in determining your commercial kitchen design. Furthermore, if you present the menu to them, they can suggest the essential specialised appliances. Each design has a 3D floor plan. So you have a better view of the result after completion of work.

                                            Australian Construction only works with health-code certified settings, equipment and parts.

                                            If you are in the food business, you need to follow specific standards. The lights you use on food should be at a particular temperature. You should freeze raw meat and different ingredients at a set temperature. Some processes need certain kitchen features.

                                            Our team is highly knowledgeable in this field. For this reason, you can have peace of mind when you allow us to redo or renovate your commercial kitchen. All our work is up to all relevant legal standards. It also applies to our appliances and materials. We do not install or suggest anything that is not designed for commercial work. Everything will be suitable and fall within all existing standards. So you can begin your restaurant operations immediately.

                                            Experience in installing and infrastructure and equipment

                                            A commercial or industrial kitchen can be complicated. Unlike in a home kitchen, we need to consider ventilation, refrigeration and plumbing. The good news is that our Australian Construction experts are skilled in these aspects. 

                                            If your area needs improved ventilation, our designers inform you. It helps in meeting the health code standards. During kitchen renovations in Launceston, our designers install the most robust and significant appliances. Because of this your staff can move from one task to another quickly.

                                            Besides, we install the necessary plumbing. It is vital as the average commercial kitchen consists of separate sinks. You use them for food preparation, hand washing. Also, you utilise them for mops and dishes. Consequently, all of them need a different water supply. In addition, we can update everything if you have an existing industrial kitchen. After all, perhaps the standards have changed with time.


                                            At Australian Construction, we give you a professional and efficient service. We work on your commercial kitchen renovations in Launceston in a professional manner. Because we are highly experienced our work is high quality and efficient.

                                              Talk to us today for excellent commercial kitchen renovations!

                                              Bendigo Kitchen Renovations

                                              Professional Kitchen Renovations In Bendigo From Aus Construction

                                              Bendigo Kitchen Renovations

                                                Undoubtedly the kitchen is the home’s most crucial area. For this reason, renovation is a top priority for most homeowners. You may have recently shifted to a house you bought recently. Or perhaps you need kitchen renovations in Bendigo. Under these circumstances, we are here to help. 

                                                Our skilled team designs and provides intelligent storage solutions. Furthermore, we offer practical concepts. We have endless possibilities. Moreover, we know all the methods of creating more space in small kitchens.

                                                ​Kitchen finishes and styles

                                                Australian Construction has vast colour choices that showcase the best trending quality finishes. This range also features the latest colours and materials. We have professional interior colour consultants and designers.  As a result, they can advise you in making decisions. Additionally, we provide a free with no obligation quote. The quote indicates designs and measure.

                                                Custom kitchens

                                                In a home, the kitchen is the most used room. Hence it is the most crucial. For this reason, we build a tailored kitchen. So it meets all your needs concerning practicality and style. Our expert team works closely with you. Consequently, we provide practical and stunning designs. We create kitchens for people who wish to have a contemporary look. Similarly, if you want a traditional kitchen, we can deliver.

                                                Australian Construction has a big production and design space. The area features superior design and hardware software. Because of this, we have the capability of creating top-quality custom kitchens for our customers. Also, we deliver quickly. Therefore whatever concepts you have for your kitchen, our team would be happy to help you make them happen. So call us today and talk to our friendly staff about your custom kitchen.

                                                Flat packs

                                                Do you want kitchen renovations in Bendigo? In that case, our flat pack kitchens are an excellent option. This kitchen not only gives you style and quality but also is affordable. Initially, flat pack kitchens were a cheaper option with a simple design. 

                                                However, now they are very durable and versatile. Our company has various flat pack kitchens. Additionally, we have different kitchen components. Because of this, we complete any kitchen or home makeover. At our showroom, we have various kitchen cupboards. Besides, we have kitchen cupboards. We also offer kitchen cabinets and benchtops. 

                                                Our flatpack kitchens are lovely, simple to assemble and versatile. Given this, you can select products we can configure to suit your kitchen area. Our benchtop range includes stone, acrylic and timber products. It means you still have beautiful choices when selecting flat pack kitchens. 

                                                Talk to us today to discuss our variety of flat pack kitchens. We are professionals in kitchen joinery. So we would be happy to provide your dream kitchen!

                                                Elegant kitchen designs

                                                Our kitchens are unique and full of graceful features. We create them to complement your home perfectly. Australian Construction is proud of its artistry. We finish your kitchen beautifully and pay attention to all the details. Our team designs our kitchens to be durable and look great for years. The kitchens we provide look elegant. Coupled with this, they maintain the highest quality standards.

                                                We have a passion for creating inviting and exceptional spaces. Your kitchen is more than simply a cooking area, and you spend most of your time here. Given this, we give the kitchen a creative touch. We plan all aspects of our kitchens expertly. So they give you all you wish for!  Use our unique kitchen designs to include an elegant touch to your house’s interior. 


                                                Talk to Australian Construction today. We will be glad to discuss your kitchen renovations in Bendigo. In light of this, they guide you through your project design options.  We aim to give you the best experience. Furthermore, we ensure we offer satisfactory outcomes.

                                                  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

                                                  Ballarat Kitchen Renovations

                                                  Superior Kitchen Renovations In Ballarat | Aus Construction

                                                  Ballarat Kitchen Renovations

                                                    Kitchen renovations are exciting! However, they can be overwhelming. The Australian Construction team is passionate. Therefore we make your kitchen renovations and installation stress-free. Moreover, we deliver ideal outcomes that suit your budget. 

                                                    We maximise your storage area and layout. To do this, we choose suitable cupboards and benchtops. Additionally, we select the ideal splashbacks and drawers. Therefore call us to find out how we can make your dream kitchen a reality!

                                                    Do you want a contemporary or modern feel? Or do you wish for something more traditional? In that case, our specialists guide you through all the steps of the renovation procedure. We understand your needs and create a lovely bespoke kitchen. As a result, you have the ideal kitchen that suits you and your family’s lifestyle.

                                                    Kitchen cabinets

                                                    Your kitchen cabinets account for a big part of your kitchen renovations in Ballarat. Therefore, the kitchen cabinets you choose are necessary. Moreover, the finish and style you pick impact your new kitchen significantly. Quality is vital, and because of this, we use the best combination. We utilise the best materials to provide well-built cabinetry.

                                                    Kitchen Cupboards

                                                    Cabinet handles, drawers, and doors influence the feel and look of many kitchen designs. Additionally, they are some of the first elements people notice. For this reason, it is crucial to get these elements correct. Fortunately, Australian Construction has various options!

                                                    Kitchen cupboard doors

                                                    Our skilled team ensures they get the right aesthetic for your kitchen renovations in Ballarat. For example, simple styles like ultra-high gloss, handleless and flat doors would not suit a French provincial design kitchen. Many people have a kitchen style idea. As a result, it helps to narrow the different options. It also enables us to decide whether to use a flat or profile door.

                                                    Common styles for kitchen cupboard doors

                                                    • Flat: This type is self-explanatory. It lacks door features and is entirely flat. Because of this, you can wipe it quickly using a cloth. It features a clean and straightforward style. Consequently, it is an excellent option for contemporary and modern kitchens. 
                                                    • The Shaker style is a widely used profile cabinet door design. Shaker doors consist of a level centrepiece together with a frame around the edges. This design is simple and suitable for various kitchens.
                                                    • Glass-front doors: This type is excellent for showcasing items inside cabinets. We also use them to make your cabinetry more attractive. One glass-fronted door or two adds interest. 
                                                    • Open shelving:Open shelving has optimal functionality because items are visible to you.

                                                    Kitchen drawers

                                                    The Kicker Drawers utilise areas that are not being used. It is best for cooking platters or trays that are difficult to stack. You can even use them to store your favourite red wine! They save you from bending to pick items from the rear of cabinets. 

                                                    We expertly install these new drawer systems. As a result, it enables you to store your items easily. Also, you can access them without any problem. These items include glasses, plates and saucepans. Modern soft close drawers are lovely to use. Moreover, they can sustain a maximum weight of 65kg.

                                                    Kitchen pantries

                                                    The most crucial kitchen section is the pantry. We no longer consider the pantry as simply somewhere to keep food items as you can also store small appliances here. For instance, you can keep crockery, kettles, Tupperware and toasters here. Generally, it is ideal for keeping the rest of your area looking tidy, uncluttered, and clean. 


                                                    Australian Construction has an innovative business model. Because of this, we complete a kitchen. We handle the rip out stage and reconnect all your appliances and add stone benchtops. Due to our unique business technique, we complete your kitchen renovations quickly. Because of this, we make this procedure seamless for you. Soon you have a completely functioning kitchen!

                                                      So call us today and enjoy the best kitchen renovations in Ballarat!

                                                      Toowoomba Kitchen Renovations

                                                      Best Kitchen Renovations In Toowoomba By Aus Construction

                                                      Toowoomba Kitchen Renovations

                                                        Your kitchen is your home’ hub. Therefore, it is important to think of style and functionality when setting up a new design. The Australian Construction joinery team is highly experienced in kitchen renovations in Toowoomba.

                                                        For this reason, we have created a wall-mounted and base cabinet for kitchens. Therefore we deliver all your requirements. A major challenge in building a lovely kitchen is getting suitable cabinetry for space. The good news is that our team creates innovative and tailored cabinets for the kitchen. Therefore we build the accurate displays and cabinets you need. 

                                                        Moreover, we provide installation solutions for businesses and homes. Apart from cupboards, we supply splashbacks. We also offer benchtops and doors. We have a skilled team who work with superior material. It includes solid timber, 2-pack, timber veneer, etc.

                                                         Kitchen design

                                                        Our custom kitchen gives you an ideal way of personalising your home. At Australian Construction, we are specialists. So we create exceptional bespoke kitchen styles to your specifications. We have an adequately equipped team to handle your precise needs. We also replace an old kitchen to give you something new and fresh. 

                                                        Our company has vast experience in various kitchen designs. Additionally, our local service is friendly. As a result, we are the ideal choice for creating a new kitchen for your area. We provide layouts that suit unusual areas and custom cabinets. Similarly, we can implement your concepts and provide a suitable kitchen for you. Talk to us about all your kitchen renovations in Toowoomba today.

                                                        Kitchen renovations

                                                        You can give us the ideas you have for designing your kitchen. In that case, our skilled team works to change your kitchen effectively and fast. We are professional joiners and are therefore highly skilled. Likewise, we possess the expertise to build various designs of kitchens. In addition, we meet different functionality needs and particular features. More importantly, we work according to your budget.

                                                        Kitchen renovations are at times challenging and stressful. Given this, we work fast and complete each project to a superior standard. Therefore we offer you a lovely kitchen fast. It is always our pleasure to advise you on the best method of renovating your kitchen. In light of this, we endeavour to offer a client-focused service all the time.

                                                        Custom cupboards and cabinetry

                                                        The Australian Construction team of joiners creates full-size pantries. Also, they build appliance-specific and storage spaces. So they create the particular cabinets you need to enhance your kitchen space.

                                                        Our professional cabinetmakers manufacture them in-house. Also, our reliable attention to detail and design makes your new kitchen look fabulous for years. Most kitchen renovation services utilise pre-made cabinets. However, we believe in providing a completely custom service that suits your specific home.

                                                        It entails designing and creating custom cupboards and cabinetry. These products meet your requirements and purpose. In general, it ensures you have the kitchen of your dreams.

                                                        Kitchen splashbacks & benches

                                                        We have a wide range of different choices for splashbacks and benches. For this reason, your splashbacks and benches personalise your custom kitchen. 

                                                        You might want a bright and light kitchen. Or perhaps you need a particular material or tile for your splashback. Maybe you are considering a type of benchtop. Nevertheless, we look for all the materials and install them. In other words, we provide a superior and professional outcome.


                                                        You may need renovations or wish to build a new kitchen. Notwithstanding, our team has the expertise to form a computerised 3D plan. Therefore you can picture your finalised kitchen from the start. Moreover, we have specialists like electricians, painters and plasterers. Our team also consists of tilers and plumbers. As a result, you do not need to be concerned about project management. We handle everything!

                                                          Call us now for superb kitchen renovations in Toowoomba today!

                                                          Cairns Kitchen Renovations

                                                          Luxurious Kitchen Renovations In Cairns From Aus Construction

                                                          Cairns Kitchen Renovations

                                                            Your first step to a new kitchen begins in the Australian Construction showroom. Here we present various options to inspire your kitchen renovations in Cairns. Moreover, we have many materials to select from for your benchtops.

                                                            When you are ready to begin, our project manager takes you through a proposal. Therefore we collect details about your particular needs. They handle design, functionality and cost. They listen to you and ensure their proposal matches your needs.

                                                            From our experience, we can source materials that stand the test of time; this includes German hardware, fittings, and fasteners. They are manufactured to meet a range of industry standards and testing procedures.

                                                            The design stage

                                                            During the design phase, we use the newest design technology. Therefore we provide a detailed 3D form of your new kitchen. It enables you to picture your new kitchen. So you can make any alterations you want now to see the result. 

                                                            Once you are satisfied with all the proposal’s specifications, we proceed to install and manufacture different sections of your new kitchen. For example, we handle cabinetry and worktops. The same project manager oversees the whole project from beginning to end. In light of this, you only need to contact one individual if you have any questions. 

                                                            Australian Construction undertakes new home-build. Besides, we deliver kitchen renovations in Cairns. We not only work fast to deliver your new kitchen but also follow the exact specifications. Likewise, we use the highest level of quality.

                                                            Our services

                                                            You might need a kitchen renovation.  Or maybe you need fitting of a new kitchen from scratch. Regardless we can deliver. Below are some of our services:

                                                            Professional kitchen fitting

                                                            An expert should handle your kitchen fittings. The reason is fitting your kitchen requires more work than you know. 

                                                            Kitchen plastering and tiling

                                                            Many times kitchen tiles are ignored. However, they have a significant impact on your kitchen’s entire look. Our tile installation procedure consists of three sections. These are adhesive, grout, as well as tiles. 

                                                            Kitchen decorating and painting

                                                            Notably, painting is the most ideal and affordable method of enhancing your kitchen. Choosing the appropriate paint makes a huge difference to your kitchen’s appearance. Not only is it fairly simple to apply paint, but also cost-effective.

                                                            Expert kitchen design

                                                            You might have a specific cooking style. Also, maybe you arrange your items and appliances in the kitchen in a particular manner. Notwithstanding, tell us, and we will create the ideal kitchen designs for you. Remember that design plays a crucial role. It ensures you enjoy working in the kitchen. Additionally, you feel safe and enjoy being in that area.

                                                            Durable kitchen cabinetry

                                                            Australian Construction provides perfectly tailored and designed kitchen cabinets. Because of this, your kitchen becomes safe and organised. Our team handles any material you want. For example, we offer glass, wood, stainless and metal, etc.

                                                            Modern and classic benchtops

                                                            We provide costly but super classy benchtops built to last. Also, we have a more affordable one but strong enough to handle your day-to-day requirements. Given that, look no further because we can deliver.  We have expert benchtop kitchen fitters. So they help you in choosing the most suitable material. More importantly, we design to enhance your kitchen vibe and aesthetics greatly.


                                                            Where design is concerned, Australian Construction takes a collaborative approach. In light of this, we work with you to choose the ideal textures and colours that blend. We use your creative output to stamp your kitchen design sparkle. 

                                                            Our skilled team expertly guides you in the right direction. Coupled with this, we offer a wide range of aesthetic options. We meet all styles and tastes. 

                                                            For instance, we have modern kitchens, beach styled kitchens and traditional kitchens. Besides, we have retro kitchens, natural and organic styled kitchens and kitchens for acreages. 

                                                            Because of our significant experience, we source durable materials. It includes German fittings, fasteners and hardware. These products are manufactured to meet various testing processes and industry standards. 

                                                              Contact us today for the ideal kitchen renovations in Cairns!

                                                              Hobart Kitchen Renovations

                                                              Residential & Commercial Kitchen Renovations In Hobart

                                                              Hobart Kitchen Renovations

                                                                At Australian Construction, we not only manufacture kitchens but also undertake any joinery. Our kitchen renovations in Hobart give you continuous design, quality and finish. Families spend most of their time in the kitchen. Because of this, we ensure you get the best experience. We offer a wide range of variety and style. Moreover, we have a highly qualified team. Our team assesses your requirements and needs and helps you with your planning.

                                                                Our kitchen remodelling services

                                                                In Hobart, we are a leader in kitchen remodelling.  We work hard for our clients and provide various services like:

                                                                • Customised countertops
                                                                • Full kitchen remodels
                                                                • Top-quality stock cabinets
                                                                • Tailored pantries and storage areas
                                                                • Premier cabinet accessories
                                                                • Design services and interior floor plan
                                                                • Structural home accessories
                                                                • Complete room and home remodel
                                                                • Build out additions
                                                                • Full kitchen renovations

                                                                Do you want to change your existing kitchen area? In that case, please take advantage of our outstanding complete kitchen renovations in Hobart. Our team helps you change any unattractive, poorly equipped kitchen. As a result, you get a kitchen that serves you every day. 

                                                                We offer you bespoke services that meet your kitchen goals. Therefore we deliver all the features you want for your kitchen. All you need to do is let us know the installations and improvements you need. Given this, our team starts to make your kitchen livelier. As a result, you enjoy cooking every day!

                                                                Islands & breakfast bars

                                                                Maybe you are happy with your existing kitchen area. However, you wish to enhance it. Because of this, we recommend our island or breakfast bar. It is the best way for you to include more function and social space. Furthermore, they are lovely for preparation and eating.

                                                                Countertops and cabinets

                                                                Space is a vital element for any kitchen area. You need sufficient room for storing all your utensils and food. Also, enough space enables you to prepare the food comfortably. For this reason, countertops and cabinets play a vital role in your kitchen. The good news is that we have a luxurious variety of experience and materials in design. Therefore we deliver your exact needs.

                                                                Tiling and backsplash

                                                                Maybe you want ways of enhancing your kitchen aesthetics without extra maintenance work. In this case, tiling is the best. Australian Construction offers significant personality to the area. Likewise, it helps in protecting your surfaces from damages and grime. Our specialists customarily install them. Because of this, you have a bright kitchen with the ideal stylish shine!

                                                                Timber benchtops

                                                                Our timber benchtops provide timeless warmth and elegance to any area. There is a wide variety of timber available. Given this, it is not difficult to get a colour that becomes a lasting and stylish feature in your business or home. Comparatively, timber is softer than other benchtop choices. However, we can easily refinish it if necessary. In most kitchens, the nicks that happen over time actually improve the timber’s rustic appeal. Therefore minimal maintenance is needed.

                                                                Solid surface benchtops

                                                                The solid surface benchtops look like stone and provide endless outdoor and indoor applications like kitchens. The solid surface consists of natural material together with acrylic resin. So we can mould it into any form and profile. The solid surface is long-lasting and seamless. For this reason, it is ideal for high traffic areas where cleanliness is crucial. This benchtop material is sleek, and we customise it to meet individual requirements. As a result, it is popular.


                                                                Over the years, Australian Construction has gained fame for affordable kitchen renovations in Hobart. Our team of highly experienced experts is committed to providing top quality services. Furthermore, they have outstanding professionalism and artistry. We have skills, equipment, knowledge and expertise. So we handle kitchen retiling, tiling and renovation projects of all kinds.

                                                                  Call us today and allow us to give you an attractive and functional kitchen!

                                                                  Geelong Kitchen Renovations

                                                                  Best Kitchen Renovations Solutions In Geelong | Aus Construction

                                                                  Geelong Kitchen Renovations

                                                                    For the ideal new kitchen, call Australian Construction. We design your new kitchen to suit your lifestyle and taste. Furthermore, our kitchen renovations in Geelong offer your home a pleasing and unique design. 

                                                                    We can demolish your current kitchen and begin again. Or we can build another one from scratch. Also, we give you customised kitchens. Moreover, they are available in different textures, shapes and materials.

                                                                    Australian Construction specialises in kitchens. For this reason, you can rely on us to direct you along with the whole procedure. We are available from design to construction and fitting. Additionally, our team is professionally qualified and experienced. More importantly, they have a great passion for kitchen design, technology and innovation.

                                                                    We remain updated with industry fashions and trends. As a result, our specialists give you intelligent design suggestions for various modern new kitchens. Also, they give you suggestions about the ideal items to fill them with. 

                                                                    Functional aesthetics

                                                                    We have custom kitchen solutions. Moreover, they are built in-house to match your lifestyle and home requirements. For our kitchen renovations in Geelong, we use superior laminate drawers and doors. We also provide pack painted alternatives. 

                                                                    Our team assembles benchtops with concrete. Also, we assemble them with composite stone or timber. As a result, we achieve the ideal aesthetics for your area. We add simple touches, but they are highly effective. 

                                                                    It includes soft close drawers and hinges; custom draw inserts and LED lighting. We also add custom kickboards and splash-backs. Our team designs them with aesthetics and functionality in mind.

                                                                    Internal products

                                                                    We have a striking variety of internal products, which we use for your kitchen renovations finishing touches. Australian Construction ensures each detail is covered. For example, we consider storage solutions and cooking accessories like:

                                                                    • Soft-close hinges
                                                                    • Pull-out pantries
                                                                    • Drawer solutions
                                                                    • Pantries internal drawers
                                                                    • Soft close drawers
                                                                    • Corner cupboard solutions

                                                                    We know this involves making many decisions! But you can have peace of mind because we will advise you each step of the way. 

                                                                    Door styles and materials

                                                                    We provide durable doors in different materials. Therefore, you can choose the ideal fit for your kitchen style. One of our professionals shows you samples, therefore, helping you decide. Also, you can choose from various door styles to match your selected door material.  Do you want a smooth modern finish? Maybe you wish to have a more outdated routered door front instead. Given this, we have various door panel designs suitable for your kitchen.

                                                                    Kitchen benchtops

                                                                    Your benchtop is your kitchen’s connecting space. It connects design and shape in an area where friends and family meet in your home.  We offer different designs, colours and materials. Given this, you are sure to get the ideal benchtop. It not only gives you a benchtop that matches your style but also extends it. The Australian Construction benchtop’s design is easy to clean. Moreover, it is durable and has surface strength.

                                                                    Benchtop materials

                                                                    We provide manufactured stainless steel and natural timber. Due to this, the benchtop influences your entire kitchen’s feel and look. Our professionals show you the options. They then help you pick the ideal fit for your kitchen’s design and functionality. 

                                                                    Engineered stone

                                                                    Our stone benchtops are water and scratch-resistant. Additionally, they are almost non-porous. For this reason, they are among the most famous options in Australia. This material is very durable. Also, we have it in different finishes giving your kitchen a modern and polished look.


                                                                    At Australian Construction, we specialise in new kitchen installations. In addition, we are specialists in fantastic kitchen renovations in Geelong. We find out your needs and provide a lovely and functional kitchen. We utilise highly skilled installers and superior products. Therefore we create or renovate your kitchen cost-effectively. 

                                                                      We will be happy to serve you, so get in touch with us today!

                                                                      Wollongong Kitchen Renovations

                                                                      Lovely Kitchen Renovations In Wollongong From Aus Construction

                                                                      Wollongong Kitchen Renovations

                                                                        A kitchen renovation does not just involve refreshing a worn out area. Instead, it entails creating a lifestyle change. Because of this, it restores happiness in your home. Australian Construction custom designs your kitchen. We perform kitchen renovations in Wollongong to give you a new kitchen that makes you excited about entertaining!

                                                                        The kitchen is the most used room in the home. For this reason, before we begin our design process, we find out your requirements. Every person has their concepts about the kitchen they envision. With this in mind, we design it according to your wishes. Therefore we provide a perfect kitchen!

                                                                        Our team offers know-how in design, manufacture and installation. Because of this, they complete the project successfully from beginning to end. We remain updated with the newest trends in contemporary, transitional and traditional styles. We give our clients a highly experienced and educated team of designers. As a result, they give you top-notch designs in the sector.

                                                                        Kitchen renovations in Wollongong

                                                                        At Australian Construction, we consider your imagination and needs. Then we offer you our high skills in design, manufacture and installation. Our kitchen renovations are fantastic. So, you should consult our designers to find out the possibilities we have for your investment. 

                                                                        We have expert designers who incorporate your requirements according to what you want. Furthermore, we implement this in new builds and renovations. Our company specialises in custom cabinetry for commercial and residential kitchens. We offer the best in function and form for outdoor and indoor kitchens.

                                                                        Built-in wardrobes and custom joinery

                                                                        Australian Construction has unique craftsmanship. Additionally, we put attention and care into all our projects. Because of this, we are believed to be the best experts for custom joinery throughout Wollongong. Our team works closely with our clients, and they can create everything. For example, they build cabinets, cupboards and built-in wardrobes.

                                                                        Unique solutions

                                                                        We have friendly and experienced designers. They work with you and create a kitchen that suits your budget, lifestyle and needs. Moreover, we use the newest computer-aided design (CAD) technologies as well as hand sketches. We then advise you of your options. Consequently, we create a 3D design of your model kitchen.

                                                                        Custom builds

                                                                        Our workshop is state of the art, so we manufacture all our joinery in-house to our optimal standards. Because of this, we give your home a full refurbish. More importantly, we make it elegant! We give our clients the chance to view their kitchen while in our workshop before installation. Given this, we give you the ideal outcome. 

                                                                        Specialised Fit out

                                                                        Australian Construction has also worked with numerous reputable firms. Our services have extended to the area’s signature structures and commercial projects. We are experienced in installing and manufacturing shop fittings in nearly all industries. Because of this, we offer your business a total refurbish. We also do this with an elegant touch!

                                                                        Popular types of the kitchen we provide 

                                                                        Our kitchen range includes a parallel kitchen, island kitchen, U-shape kitchen, L-shape kitchen and peninsula kitchen.

                                                                        L-shape kitchen

                                                                        This type of kitchen is among the most common designs today. The reason is it suits any home. The L-shape has two vertical walls that meet in a corner utilised for kitchen space. These walls have appliances and cabinets essential to make your kitchen layout a functional area. Our L-shape kitchen is ideal for open concept home designs.  Here the kitchen layout blends into the other living area.


                                                                        You might be hosting visitors or simply eating breakfast. Whatever the case, you should enjoy the view of your professionally installed cabinets! Do you want to include some style notes in your existing kitchen? Or do you want to knock it all down and begin afresh? Notwithstanding, we offer the service, experience and support to compete for the job.

                                                                          Call us today for the best kitchen renovations in Wollongong!

                                                                          Central Coast Kitchen Renovations

                                                                          Efficient Kitchen Renovations On The Central Coast

                                                                          Central Coast Kitchen Renovations

                                                                            Does your kitchen look outdated and worn? Do you dream of turning your kitchen into one you have always dreamt of? In this case, Australian Construction helps you realise your dream! We undertake kitchen renovations on the Central Coast. Given this, we turn your dated kitchen into an elegant modern area.

                                                                            We have a skilled team of kitchen designers. Moreover, they have years of experience. We offer solutions to all your kitchen issues. Therefore we create a lovely and highly functional kitchen for your home.

                                                                            You might be living in a big luxurious house or a small apartment. Notwithstanding, for us, no project is too big or small! We have undertaken exceptional kitchen renovations in all types of properties all over the Central Coast. Hence we offer all our customers optimal care and quality.

                                                                            Elegant kitchen renovations 

                                                                            Australian Construction is a leader in modern kitchen design. Your kitchen may have been built a while ago. Because of this, perhaps it lacks modern features. Likewise, maybe it does not have the essential functions necessary for today’s kitchen.

                                                                            Under these circumstances, our skilled designers work with you. We determine your requirements for a kitchen renovation. Our team uses your space in the best way possible. With this in mind, we ensure your kitchen gives you the optimal functionality and cutting edge, lovely design. 

                                                                            Additionally, we include energy-saving options together with the newest innovative technology. In other words, we give you a kitchen that is suitable for the future. We dedicate ourselves to turning your old kitchen into a lovely modern area. Because of this, it becomes your home’s desirable design feature.

                                                                            Our kitchen renovations on the Central Coast give you:

                                                                            • The newest kitchen cabinetry, splashbacks and countertops.
                                                                            • Colour options that make the area look brighter and more prominent.

                                                                            Our competent team handles all the details. Your kitchen transformation will make it unrecognisable!

                                                                            Functional and stylish kitchen cabinets

                                                                            We create custom kitchen cabinets. It is a brilliant method of adding a touch of fashionable design to your home. At Australian Construction, we work throughout the Central Coast.  We offer our business and residential clients custom kitchen cabinets and more. For this reason, we utilise a modern method. We use the newest tools, and our experienced team creates an area that matches your property’s design.

                                                                            Again we offer you functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen cupboards.  Choosing the best accessories and hardware enables you to optimise the use of the area in your business or home.  Because of this, our design team completes their work and gives you contemporary storage solutions and more.

                                                                            Practical kitchen pantry

                                                                            The ideal kitchen pantry cabinets are not only stunning to look at but also practical. Because of our professionalism, we give you modern designs. Also, these designs are space-saving solutions. Please tell us what goals you have for your kitchen renovations on the Central Coast, and our design team will deliver.

                                                                            We make sure you are satisfied with the ideas we present. Moreover, we ensure you are happy with the production and installation of your cabinet doors, custom kitchen and other products. After this, we begin the work.

                                                                            Expert kitchen joinery

                                                                            You need a seamless joinery experience for any design you want. We work with residents and business on the Central Coast. In light of this, we help you begin your custom joinery journey. We consider your ideas and help you in enjoying a smooth process. As a result, we give you the bespoke kitchen you wish for.


                                                                            At Australian Construction, we have a talented team. We work with you closely and listen to your ideas. Therefore we find out what you require from a kitchen. After this, we work to make your imagination come true!

                                                                            We utilise the newest technology and tools to provide intelligent solutions. Coupled with this, we offer space-saving ideas and energy efficiency. Generally, we offer you a lovely, modern kitchen design.

                                                                              We look forward to making your dream kitchen come true, so talk to us now!

                                                                              Sunshine Coast Kitchen Renovations

                                                                              Professional Kitchen Renovations On The Sunshine Coast

                                                                              Sunshine Coast Kitchen Renovations

                                                                                All our Australian Construction kitchen installations are made-to-measure. Also, they consist of handcrafted materials. It depends on your unique style and space. When you call us for kitchen renovations on the Sunshine Coast, we talk in details about your precise wishes. Moreover, our experts schedule a time to analyse the plans thoroughly before beginning any work.

                                                                                We provide stone benchtops created from superior materials that include stone, granite, recycled glass and quartz. These benchtops are all non-porous and have sophisticated technology. Because of this, they last many years. Our company undertakes large and small kitchen renovation works. 

                                                                                Additionally, we provide unique solutions for your kitchen renovations. For example, we overlay new material on existing material. Previously it was hard to modernise your kitchen. However, we can show you how! 

                                                                                More importantly, we help our clients to save money. You may be redoing your entire kitchen or one of its sections. Notwithstanding, we have the services and materials you require. For this reason, trust Australian Construction to do the job right!

                                                                                Door styles and materials

                                                                                We have durable doors available in different materials. Therefore you can pick the best fit for your kitchen style. Our experts can show you samples to help you in deciding. Similarly, to match your selected door material, you can choose from various door styles. 

                                                                                Do you want a smooth modern finish for your kitchen renovations on the Sunshine Coast? Or do you want a traditional routered door front? Under these circumstances, we offer various door panel designs to match your kitchen. For example, we have:

                                                                                • Evolution range finishes
                                                                                • Bevel edge door finishes
                                                                                • Routered door designs
                                                                                • Melamine board finishes

                                                                                Kitchen facelift

                                                                                Australian Construction undertakes kitchen renovations. Because of this, we provide superior and cost-effective kitchen renovations. More importantly, we do this with minimal interruption to your home. We have remarkable kitchen renovations. Given this, your kitchen gets a brand new look. In other words, you do not need an entire remodel.

                                                                                Kitchen renovations

                                                                                Our skilled team uses most of your present kitchen structure. We then replace your handles and benchtops. Additionally, we replace splashbacks and doors. Consequently, we give you an entirely new kitchen at minimal cost! A kitchen renovation gives you a new kitchen fast with less hassle. 

                                                                                Replacements we carry out in kitchen renovations

                                                                                Our kitchen renovations on the Sunshine Coast enable you to have the exact kitchen you want. We replace or include:

                                                                                • Benchtops
                                                                                • Cabinets
                                                                                • Handles
                                                                                • Kitchen panels & doors
                                                                                • Splashback
                                                                                • Space & storage-saving solutions

                                                                                Do you need a kitchen renovation?

                                                                                You might be satisfied with your kitchen structure and layout. However, you want it to have a new fresh design. In this case, the best option is to renovate. We are happy to give you an obligation free consultation. Our team gives you all the necessary information. Because of this, you can choose the kitchen renovation that suits you. 

                                                                                The kitchen renovation procedure

                                                                                First, your Australian Construction designer advises you which sections of your kitchen need upgrading. Because of this, we work with you to determine what needs replacement and what remains. After this, we install your new kitchen features fast and efficiently. Therefore you will enjoy the new kitchen you have always dreamt of in no time!


                                                                                At Australian Construction, we specialise in new kitchen fit-outs. Moreover, we provide fantastic kitchen renovations. Our team works closely with our clients. Due to this, we understand your precise needs. 

                                                                                We provide a lovely new look that is not only genuinely affordable but also superior quality. We utilise highly qualified installers and premium products. For this reason, our clients benefit from the kitchen of their dreams at an affordable price!

                                                                                  It will be our pleasure to serve you today!

                                                                                  Canberra Kitchen Renovations

                                                                                  Lovely Kitchen Renovations In Canberra | Aus Construction

                                                                                  Canberra Kitchen Renovations

                                                                                    At Australian Construction, we are experts in small kitchen designs. We can enhance the practicality and aesthetics of your limited kitchen area. Furthermore, our kitchen renovations in Canberra meet your lifestyle and taste. Moreover, we offer you many ideas and inspiration.

                                                                                    Our expert team handles everything, such as design and planning. Additionally, we undertake costs and permits. Also, we schedule the tradespeople and supervise the work. More importantly, we manage the work. We follow the set timeframe and quality. In the end, we give you a lovely and practical new kitchen!

                                                                                    Kitchens are the most used areas in the home. Therefore it is not surprising that we renovate them frequently in Canberra. So if you want to enhance your kitchen’s functionality, Australian Construction can help you through all the steps.

                                                                                    Importance of kitchens

                                                                                    Kitchens are the centres of any home. You make memories in this area and share meals. Together with this, homework is tackled here. We believe that everyone needs the kitchen they always envisioned. The reason is it simplifies your life and you should enjoy spending your time here. In addition, it needs to look remarkable!

                                                                                    Our kitchen renovations in Canberra give you the kitchen you want. First, the expert team at Australian Construction visits your home. They take measurements of your kitchen space. Second, they assess your kitchen requirements. 

                                                                                    They then advise you on available design options and finishes. Similarly, they offer you colour combinations and choice in materials. Third, they offer you a concept design and the cost.

                                                                                    Kitchen restorations and renovations

                                                                                    A home’s appeal improves significantly with our kitchen restorations and renovations. For this reason, we replace old countertops and cabinets. Additionally, we upgrade fixtures like ovens, refrigerators and stoves.

                                                                                    When your kitchen is outdated, it discourages new homebuyers and any genuine real estate agent. It can make a big difference when you are choosing a house. Because of this, it would help if you considered some kitchen remodel elements. For example, select options that will benefit you most.

                                                                                    Custom kitchens

                                                                                    We provide custom kitchen renovations in Canberra. In this case, we provide your custom stoves, kitchen cabinets and other appliances. Or, you can opt to replace your existing kitchen appliances and cabinets with new ones. Alternatively, you can buy new ones from a kitchen supplies provider and cabinet dealers.  

                                                                                    After selecting another set of kitchen cabinets, choose the style you want. Given this, Australian Construction provides modern, contemporary and traditional designs. Our most common cabinet designs have exposure to wood frames. We also combine them with recessed lighting from concealed wiring. Besides, we use LED lights and under cabinet lighting. Also, we utilise traditional halogen bulbs. 

                                                                                    Your subsequent budget list includes matching window treatments, curtains or blinds. You also need stoves, faucets and countertops. Moreover, you require electrical components, plumbing and accessories. Flooring, hardware and sinks also feature here. 

                                                                                    In this case, our team gives you a detailed blueprint of the work area’s layout. As a result, you know the origin of all the work materials and where we will fix them.  

                                                                                    In the same way, our team considers the overall arrangement of your cabinets and appliances. We also check any other item in the room. Building or purchasing new appliances or kitchens gives you extra storage space. Also, you enjoy more countertop space. Generally, you get a cleaner look!


                                                                                    Kitchen renovations in Canberra involve many factors that determine the success of a renovation project. For this reason, work with experts like Australian Construction. We discuss with you all the aspects of the plan. Because of this, you make wise decisions. If you have any questions, our expert team is ready to advise you.

                                                                                      For the loveliest kitchen in Canberra, talk to our experts today!

                                                                                      Kitchen Renovations Brisbane

                                                                                      Top Quality & Affordable Brisbane Kitchen Renovations

                                                                                      Brisbane Kitchen Renovations

                                                                                        Our Australian Construction team is not just seeking a fast paycheck. We are unique because we prioritise the work quality to get the ideal result. The kitchen renovations contractor we have in Brisbane genuinely cares about the outcomes we give our clients, and so works hard to deliver the best all the time. 

                                                                                        One reason is that we enjoy working with our customers and love putting a smile on their face after completing the project. We have many years of experience as kitchen builders and have developed a reputation for brilliance in new kitchen constructions throughout Brisbane. 

                                                                                        Call us for a professional, reliable and friendly new kitchen constructions service that promises to meet your expectations. We are proud of our open communication, and our professional team keeps our clients informed all through the whole procedure. 

                                                                                        Kitchen lighting 

                                                                                        Creating the type of ambience you want in your home depends on how you use the lighting.  Correct usage gives you a cosy, warm and hospitable room. If you get it wrong, one may mistake your surroundings for an office space. It especially applies to the kitchen since lighting design can distinguish between a lovely layout and something unique. 

                                                                                        Ambient Kitchen Lighting

                                                                                        Ambient lighting is ideal for you if you want your kitchen to have an even light level. We use this style to illuminate an area wonderfully, either brightly or dimly. It makes this the best option for dark kitchens. Downlights are ideal for using here as it provides a lot of design versatility. 

                                                                                        They are affordable and energy-efficient and create a beautiful atmosphere. However, it is essential to space them to avoid creating an excessively bright environment. Ensure they are not too far apart to avoid the creation of washes of light. Talk to a professional designer from Australian Construction for the best outcomes.

                                                                                        Accent Lighting

                                                                                        Show off the unique features like backing boards and artwork to form a striking effect. Our kitchen renovations contractor in Brisbane use accent lighting to highlight a feature that deserves extra attention. Our competent team handles this expertly and gives the area a sophisticated architectural touch to impress your visitors. We use strip lighting to emphasise your favourite under-cabinet or painting lighting. 

                                                                                        Ensure that you pick the correct brightness to avoid irritation. You can do this by contacting an experienced designer like the kitchen renovations contractor in Brisbane. Remember the final decision is yours, but getting a second opinion from an expert like us is advisable.

                                                                                        Natural Lighting

                                                                                        Everyone wishes to give their kitchen natural lighting, and we are happy to tell you we can achieve this! Two ideal methods of doing it are having several windows throughout your area and fitting a skylight overhead. In a lot of instances, it depends on your home layout and the existing structure. But, when you work with a professional team like us, you get impressive new design add-ons and renovations.

                                                                                        Natural light is excellent for making your kitchen bright. But, it is crucial to understand that balance is essential. For example, if finishes, fittings and appliances throughout your kitchen are prone to sun damage, having too many windows can cause problems. Also, remember that at night some elements change. For example, if you need natural light for your splashback to look amazing when the sun goes down this effect is not possible.

                                                                                        Getting the proper appearance for your home

                                                                                        Talk to our expert team today if you want to create a unique space. Our skilled team has vast experience in bringing your dream design concepts to life. We use everything from under cabinet lights to LED strip lights that look awesome and striking.

                                                                                        Transforming your kitchen with glass splashback ideas

                                                                                        Cooking can be messy at times, and this is why you need our kitchen renovations contractor to fit the correct type of splashback for your kitchen. Below are some of our designs to give you the perfect fit and design that matches your taste. Check out these ideas from our Australian Construction team to learn more.

                                                                                        Toughened Glass

                                                                                        Toughened glass is best if you want easy to clean, beautiful splashback. We paint this product in all types of designs on the reverse. It provides the right opacity level to highlight things. The outcome is an exceptional appearance that complements all kinds of kitchen, be it classical or contemporary in style. Playing with lighting in exciting ways gives you a lovely atmosphere with our toughened glass splashback.

                                                                                        Silvered/Mirrored glass

                                                                                        We adore the effect of a silvered or mirrored glass splashback. The reason is that these are perfect designs when you want to make a fashion statement, taking your kitchen to another level. Using this product gives you a surface you can clean easily, which is wear and tear-resistant. 

                                                                                        Printed glass

                                                                                        All homeowners will appreciate printed glass because it is versatile. You can pick from our various visual finishes to captivate the eye. It is the ideal material for home master chefs and will resist all the strain of whipping up a storm! Increase your home character and have fun with a bright design that camouflages the inevitable splashes and oil marks. Wipe with a microfibre cloth to clean; fancy chemicals and soaps are not necessary.

                                                                                        Slumped glass

                                                                                        If you have limited space, slumped glass is a fantastic option because a mirrored, slumped glass forms the impression of more room to move. We have a wide range of beautiful designs to match, and you will adore what we have. Remember that this 3-dimensional nature makes cleaning a bit challenging and the slumped glass is not tough. Therefore, we ensure it is 200mm or more from the closest burner.


                                                                                        If you wish to make a statement using your glass splashback, contact Australian Construction. Our expert team can help design something outstanding for your area, and our artistry level will always impress.

                                                                                        Whether your kitchen is white, modern or something different, you can rest assured that we can realise your dream ideas. 

                                                                                          Seek our expert support throughout the building procedure and know that we are available at all times to take your call.

                                                                                          Adelaide Kitchen Renovations

                                                                                          Adelaide’s Most Trusted Kitchen Renovators | Aus Construction

                                                                                          Adelaide Kitchen Renovations

                                                                                            For expert and contemporary kitchen renovations, Australian Construction is the best option. We have many years of experience, and our team of skilled and qualified specialists has helped us build and design lovely kitchens, making homes more valuable across Adelaide. Suppose you want a luxurious and spacious kitchen or establish a butler’s pantry or optimise storage solutions. In that case, our Adelaide kitchen renovators are ready to give you trustworthy service, customised to your requirements.

                                                                                            Expert kitchen services

                                                                                            Australian Construction is fully licensed as kitchen constructors in Adelaide. We are well equipped to carry out all the essential tasks for your kitchen renovation. The kitchen is the home’s hub, and we appreciate it is vital to create a stylish but functional kitchen area where friends and family can rest and entertain.

                                                                                            Our team has extensive knowledge of Adelaide kitchen renovations and installations and a strong trade suppliers network. We will handle your kitchen renovation project throughout the entire procedure from the initial consultation right through to finalisation.

                                                                                            The kitchen renovation contractor we have in Adelaide are skilled in kitchen makeovers throughout Adelaide. You are free to give us ideas about the concepts and aspirations you want for your kitchen. We source the ideal products and materials from businesses and local suppliers. Our company has earned a leader’s reputation in the top kitchen renovation in Adelaide, and we are one-stop-shop specialists.

                                                                                            Kitchen Upgrades

                                                                                            If you want a cost-effective method of renovating your kitchen, review your existing kitchen and decide what you want to upgrade. We have hundreds of finishes and colour options and unlimited designs. The kitchen renovation contractor in Adelaide matches your kitchen perfectly with the other areas of your home, depending on your individual style preferences.

                                                                                            Australian Construction custom specialist joinery does the following:

                                                                                            Kitchen panels & doors

                                                                                            We have various colours, products, and designs to suit your budget and style.


                                                                                            If you wish to have extra space or clear clutter, our professional Adelaide kitchen renovations contractor designs and builds new cabinets to match your storage needs.


                                                                                            We have tile, glass or aluminium to create the look and style you want for the kitchen.


                                                                                            Get the ideal handle, either rustic or modern, giving your kitchen a beautiful finishing touch.


                                                                                            We have different finishes like stone or laminate so you can choose one that is suitable for your allocated budget and design.


                                                                                            Our expert team uses under cabinet lighting, LED strip lighting or recessed lighting to greatly enhance your kitchen.

                                                                                            Storage solutions

                                                                                            We offer a wide variety of storage solutions like cutlery trays, inner drawers and hidden bins for your pantry, making your kitchen look stylish and become more spacious.

                                                                                            Integrated appliances

                                                                                            You can choose from under-mounted sinks or wall ovens for appliance upgrade and integration, giving your kitchen optimal efficiency. We are experienced in kitchen renovations and are dedicated to giving you aesthetically pleasing and functional space in your home. Using the right fittings and fixtures, our team creates a lovely new kitchen for you cost-effectively.

                                                                                            Significant structure changes

                                                                                            A professional kitchen contractor will handle any major demolition, such as walls. It might seem like a simple task, but keep in mind any mistakes during structural changes can lead to costly repairs and become a safety hazard.

                                                                                            Kitchen layouts ensure functionality and correct flow. Our popular layouts include peninsula, open floor plans, and L-shaped kitchens. Australian Construction handles the structural changes safely, and our professional team will help you pick the right layout. 

                                                                                            Our kitchen renovation procedure

                                                                                            We have listed the various stages of a kitchen renovation project to understand better what to expect.

                                                                                            First consultation

                                                                                            It would be best to share your ideas with us during this consultation about what you wish to gain from your kitchen renovation. You may be excited about planning a new kitchen and want to start things immediately. But, we advise you to take your time during this stage. Our expert team works closely with you to find out your lifestyle needs, budgets and tastes.

                                                                                            Design and visualisation

                                                                                            Our designers form a concept founded on your ideas, and they implement their knowledge and skills to develop a practical and stylish kitchen design. We are happy to build safe kitchens to work in and have significant organisational opportunities, giving you a lovely area to spend time with your loved ones.

                                                                                            Choosing the materials

                                                                                            Our variety of materials consist of quality products from famous hardware brands. Our team sources the features and designs ideal for your kitchen for door frames, cabinets or benchtops.


                                                                                            For your renovation, our Adelaide kitchen renovator coordinates all the necessary trade work. These kitchen builders are fully licensed to ensure that the construction work quality is performed to top Australian standards. We aim to finish every project in a timely and efficient manner, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

                                                                                            Finishing touches

                                                                                            After our team finishes the construction, your kitchen renovation‘s final steps involve floor laying and wall painting. When the renovation is complete, you can relax and enjoy your breathtaking kitchen!

                                                                                            Why choose Australian Construction?

                                                                                            We work with the leading retailers in Australia and give you access to a significant range of quality items at affordable costs. We have a team of qualified kitchen builders with many years of experience, extensive advice, and excellent craftsmanship. 

                                                                                            The kitchen renovation contractor is proud of our competitive kitchen makeovers, which strike the best balance between your requirements and the area’s practicality and specifications.

                                                                                            We give you the date for starting and finishing your project and manage all the renovation process elements from designing to installing and selecting accessories and finishes. It facilitates in making your dream kitchen come true! 


                                                                                            We give you a comprehensive assessment and consider your ideas. You have the chance to check out any images, concepts and needs for your kitchen makeover. From here, our team works through all the likely scenarios to pick the ideal kitchen design for your area.

                                                                                              Call us today to book a free consultation and quote.

                                                                                              Top Quality Kitchen Renovations in Darwin with over 15 Years of Experience!

                                                                                              Top Quality Kitchen Renovations In Darwin With Over 15 Years Of Experience!

                                                                                              Darwin Kitchen Renovations

                                                                                                Your kitchen is your home’s most important room. You create many memories at the countertops and the stove. If you hire an inexperienced, unlicensed person with a bad reputation to renovate your kitchen, it can cost you emotionally and financially. It is essential to get someone like Australian Construction because we listen to you to find your kitchen needs. Our Darwin Kitchen renovation contractors seek your advice from the beginning to the end of the process.

                                                                                                When you seek a Darwin kitchen renovation contractor, you should have a meeting with them before hiring them for your project. We give you a brochure to enable you to get a feel about our team. It gives the two parties an equal working relationship because you learn more about our team, experience, and work.

                                                                                                Please make an appointment with us through email or phone; it will be our pleasure to give you an appointment to discuss your kitchen needs.

                                                                                                Questions to ask

                                                                                                It would be best to ask your potential contractor many questions like their previous clients and their costs. Please find out how they handle construction issues and how to get in touch with them for an onsite meeting. During this meeting, you can note the salesperson’s demeanor. If they are disorganised and tardy, this is how they will be during the project. Ask about their estimated costs for the whole renovation, such as hidden costs, days when they cannot work, and subcontractor’s costs, if any. These steps make you ready to choose a kitchen renovation in Darwin.

                                                                                                Do you need our help with a kitchen renovation?

                                                                                                You might have different reasons for renovating your kitchen like renting out your house for profit or reselling it. Whatever reasons you have, you need a reliable kitchen renovation contractor to handle the project. You cannot do it alone.

                                                                                                Renovating involves a lot; designing, planning, assessing, budgeting, sourcing for materials, etc. Because there are a lot of considerations, you should hire a professional contractor like Australian Construction. We enable you to save money and time. Our team ensures you do not experience irreparable errors that may lead to significant losses in the future. We help you with your complete kitchen renovations in Darwin.

                                                                                                Why choose Australian Construction?

                                                                                                For many years, we have been handling kitchen renovations services in Darwin. We provide a full kitchen renovations package that involves remodeling your kitchen cabinets, counters, and sinks. We understand that kitchen renovations can be expensive and ensure you get the best value for your money with our services. Our kitchen renovation services include:

                                                                                                • Plumbing design services
                                                                                                • Plumbing fit-outs
                                                                                                • Drainage systems
                                                                                                • Gas appliance installations
                                                                                                • Floor to ceiling Darwin kitchen renovations
                                                                                                • Eco-friendly solutions like waste treatment plans, solar water heating systems, etc.

                                                                                                We provide our expert services to commercial and residential structures. If you live in Darwin, call us, and we will avail of our professional services. Our company has experienced contractors and plumbers who have handled various kitchen renovation projects. Their skills and expertise make their work credible, and we take pride in this.

                                                                                                Our team works with you to find out your vision, and we turn it into reality. We always ensure that we establish contingency plans to enable us to meet your specific needs. It’s in case some unexpected circumstances prevent us from working successfully the first time.

                                                                                                Excellent Customer Service

                                                                                                When picking your kitchen renovation contractor, consider good time management and sticking to the schedule. Our team also troubleshoots any issues we experience during the procedure. Australian Construction prioritises customer satisfaction, and it is why we respond fast to any of your questions.

                                                                                                Kitchen Renovation tips

                                                                                                1.  Create a realistic budget

                                                                                                Organise yourself and plan your kitchen upgrade early. Begin by scrutinising your builder contracts carefully. If you have any questions about quotes, feel free to ask to avoid unexpected costs. Work with a fixed price quote and remember to budget for construction clean after your renovation. 

                                                                                                The solution to establishing a successful new kitchen is knowing how to acquire optimal effect at an affordable cost. Get ways to reduce your budget. For instance, you can use a coat of paint to conceal various kitchen defects like discoloured basins and dated tiles. 

                                                                                                Talk to our expert paint specialist to ensure you invest in the appropriate paint type for your needs. You will save a substantial amount of cash without compromising your kitchen’s style.

                                                                                                2.  Use innovative appliances to enhance value

                                                                                                Appliances enhance your kitchen’s functionality and improve your space style. These factors are essential to creating a lovely home you can be proud of. We advise you to get rid of large kitchen appliances that consume a lot of benchtop space. Modern kitchen additions are better-looking and smarter because they improve your kitchen’s functionality and create a lovely home you will adore!

                                                                                                3.  Get a practical kitchen layout

                                                                                                The kitchen is the home’s most used room, and it needs a functional layout. Each kitchen is unique, and at Australian Construction, we have a different budget for each renovation project. Our team works within your parameters to ensure you get the kitchen style you want for your home. Your floor plan should meet your family’s requirements. Our most common kitchen layouts are island-bench, U-turn, and straight line. Make function a priority when deciding on your kitchen style. 

                                                                                                4.  Establish feature lighting

                                                                                                A kitchen renovation contractor positions feature lights smartly to light up your kitchen and transform your space into a lovely entertainment area. Good lighting is an essential element of a well-designed kitchen. Please go through our lighting options to assist you with kitchen work like cleaning and cooking. Whether you like minimalist lighting styles or need an impactful kitchen lighting solution, we offer styles to meet all your requirements and styles.


                                                                                                A committed kitchen renovation contractor like us can help you get the most from your kitchen, for instance, the newest hardware such as soft close drawers, a dedicated pantry, and deep drawers. Remember to include a wine rack; it’s a must-have for any kitchen!

                                                                                                  Book an in-home consultation with us and get more details about our quality benchtops, splashbacks, appliances and cabinetry.