Your Affordable Landscaping Contractor In Gladstone | Aus Construction

    Australian Construction offers a unique landscaping service. We serve various residential properties. We also handle commercial properties. Our landscaping contractor in Gladstone has vast experience. Furthermore, our skilled landscapers set high standards every day.

    We offer services like garden maintenance and irrigation. Additionally, we provide synthetic and natural turf. Our services include irrigation as well. Australian Construction also undertakes hardscaping and landscaping. We shape your yard quickly and efficiently!

    Our quality services

    The Australian Construction staff consists of qualified landscaping professionals. They pay close attention to small details. For this reason, they ensure clients are satisfied with each job. Our team specialises in different landscaping fields. Therefore, they ensure your property looks lovely and is functional.

    Our landscapers are honest. They are also hard working and honest. Moreover, they work hard and are insured. So, it ensures your protection. Our landscapers have full public liability insurance. Therefore, people who are near our worksites remain safe. Similarly, we are compliant with good and affordable services. 

    Designing & installing your garden

    Your garden presents your sanctuary. We can help you enhance your luxury! The landscaping contractor in Gladstone works in all areas of landscape design and construction. We provide these services for domestic and commercial settings. 

    We offer the following services:

    • Designing and building paths for looks and traffic.
    • Designing and creating garden beds. 
    • Existing structures’ extensions
    • New retaining walls as well as existing walls extensions
    • We identify, choose and plant suitable trees. Also, we produce the correct shrubs and ground cover and trees for your yard.


    ​We assist you in visualising your garden. To achieve this, we use a complete design service. It integrates the main factors of your existing yard. Also, it involves how your garden will look and feel after a makeover.

    ​We handle all sized jobs

    Our company is experienced in all sizes and shapes of yard management. The landscaping contractor in Gladstone optimises a home courtyard or townhouse. Additionally, we install and extend commercial landscapes.

    Historic, classic or modern landscapes

    Your yard needs to match your garden, building or home. We design various themes. Also, we incorporate sections of one theme with another. Therefore, we give you a unique feeling

    Removal & planting

    Usually, tree removal is the last resort. However, at times it is essential. The reason is it avoids more destruction to your landscape. Trees that need removal are sick trees. It also applies to trees that uproot concrete sidewalks. Additionally, you should remove trees that have experienced severe storm damage. 

    You also need to remove trees that are close to structures like power lines. These structures are dangerous or important. We remove your trees safely. If you have trees that cause issues on your property, we can help. Furthermore, we also plant new trees. 

    Garden cleanup

    Australian Construction offers a garden cleanup service. It is ideal for spring or autumn clean-ups. It involves the procedure of removing all branches, leaves and other debris. This waste accumulates during the summer season

    It is an essential step for the health of your landscaping. Given this, we remove these materials as they store fungal material. For instance, they harbor spores that are dangerous to the health of your landscaping plants.

    Landscape maintenance

    It would be best if you had an outdoor environment that reflects your personality. At Australian Construction we have landscape maintenance services. Our team provides strength, commitment and professionalism to our clients. We offer our services to residential estates and commercial properties. 


    Our landscaping services ensure your grounds make an excellent first impression. Because of this, we have a reputable name in Gladstone. We are proud to provide landscaping projects that help many people. 

    Get in touch with us today for fabulous outdoors you can enjoy!


      Amazing Designs With Port Macquarie Landscaping Contractor!

        Australian Construction is a leading landscaping firm. Therefore, we offer construction services and landscape design services. Our landscaping contractor in Port Macquarie is professional and innovative. So, we create an attractive and practical outdoor environment.  

        Our skilled team provides a personalised approach. Furthermore, we follow your vision. Given this, we design and create your garden. We ensure it matches your taste. We also follow the budget and personal style.

        Our services

        Australian Construction has worked for:

        • Retail areas
        • Retirement communities
        • Resort & hotel complexes
        • Residential communities
        • Apartment developments
        • Public areas
        • Driveways
        • Entertainment venues
        • Sporting facilities and more

        With time, driveways get worn. In view of this you might want to replace your existing driveway. Or you may wish to expand it. Maybe you want to build a new driveway on your premises. Whatever your needs, we offer high-quality artistry. So, call us today for expert landscaping.

        Our team can expertly pave a driveway. We also build using exposed aggregate. In addition, we can lay down coloured concrete. Additionally, we are certified to complete projects on residential properties. Our expert team works on nature strips near your home’s boundaries.

        Retaining and rock walls

        Retaining walls present essential structural elements. They prevent the soil from shifting. For this reason, the soil’s typical pattern does not erode. Sometimes we do it to level out a lawn. It allows you to build on various levels. It can also be for decorative purposes. A certified structural landscaper like Australian Construction should build your retaining wall. The reason is due to the engineering needs involved. Our team helps in constructing new retaining walls. We also rebuild existing walls.

        We build all our outdoor walls with different materials. The materials we use include timber. Our team uses sleepers and rocks also. Additionally, we use interlocking blocks, Besser blocks and more. Rock walls act more of decorative features. They also function as separating structures rather than retaining walls. We create lovely rock walls. Given this, we match your visual preferences and meet your needs.


        Fresh, green & lush

        The landscaping contractor in Port Macquarie has all the knowledge. Furthermore, we have the experience. We also have the tools to give your lawn the care it needs. Perhaps you have flowers, shrubs and plants. Because of this, you want them to look fresh and lush throughout the year. In this case, contact our friendly team. 

        We will meet your gardening needs in Port Macquarie. Our services extend to businesses and homes. Additionally, we cater for industrial customers throughout the area. Australian Construction handles all gardening levels. We ensure your existing plants grow healthy. For this reason, we frequently weed and spray. We also undertake top dressing and soil preparation.

        Keeping up with gardening can be difficult. It is primarily due to everyday work obligations. You may also be busy with your personal life and hobbies. In light of this, allow our team to work in all areas of garden care. Therefore, you can concentrate on the smooth running of your life!

        We offer the following services:

        • Commercial properties strata work
        • Gardening renovations
        • Weeding
        • Fertilising
        • Spraying weeds
        • Edging
        • Shrub & tree removal
        • Topdressing
        • Soil preparation
        • Soil improvement
        • Garden makeovers
        • Mulching
        • Gardening renovations
        • Small gardening jobs. For instance, we handle pruning and tree trimming.

        Decks, turf

        In Port Macquarie, we are the trusted outdoor projects provider. We provide affordable, reliable and fast landscaping.  Our company serves residents. We also work for government clients and commercial properties.


        The landscaping contractor in Port Macquarie works within your budget. We also deliver according to your needs. Our team helps to plan a landscaping project for your yard. We ensure it maximises the aesthetic appeal. 

        At the same time, it ensures your drainage runs smoothly. To this end, we build a retaining wall or level your area.  Alternatively, we can edge your garden. Or, we can create a simple pathway around your house.

        For all your Port Macquarie landscaping needs, do not hesitate to call us!


          Superior Landscaping Contractor In Hervey Bay Contact Us Today!

            At Australian Construction, we offer the ideal landscaping. We serve commercial clients. We also work for civil and residential clients. Our team is experienced and has local knowledge. Also, we use superior quality machinery. Therefore, we can handle any project. Our landscaping contractor in Hervey Bay is committed to meeting each client’s needs.

            Whether it’s a significant or small landscaping job, we deliver. Additionally, our skilled team has all the essential tools. For this reason, we can handle your landscaping projects easily. We service businesses and homes all over Hervey Bay. Because of this, we are proud to present remarkable outcomes for all our clients. 

            Our company undertakes soil preparation and turfing. In addition, we handle soil preparation and retaining walls. You may want to make your landscape functional. Or perhaps you want to make it aesthetically pleasing. 

            Maybe you want to make the landscape resistant to the elements. Notwithstanding, you need expert advice. Apart from this, it would be best if you had the ideal equipment available. Given this, Australian Construction offers attention to detail. Also, we provide personalised services.

            Landscape design 

            Our expert team consists of architects and designers. We believe that landscape designs should complement the house’s architecture. In addition, it should create your home’s most utilised spaces. During our landscape design projects, we prioritise quality materials. We also value clean lines. Our team uses creative solid planting schemes.

            Garden maintenance

            Hiring our garden maintenance team enables you to enjoy our popular personal service. We offer proven capabilities due to years of experience. Our team endeavours to comprehend your garden needs. We also determine your work scope and expectations. We create a customised maintenance program. It has a positive impact on your garden over time. It enables you to realise your long-term objectives.

            Our services

            Presently, we service real estate agents. We service strata companies also. Moreover, the landscaping contractor in Hervey Bay serves numerous schools. We offer the following services: 

            • Weeding
            • Mulching
            • Irrigation
            • Planting
            • Edging & lawn mowing
            • Frequent maintenance visits
            • Site clearing
            • One-off garden cleanups
            • Disease and pet treatment

            Manufactured & natural stone steps

            Manufactured and natural stone steps are durable. Also, they add style and beauty to your home. They make your home more valuable.  Use natural stone to capture nature’s essence. Or make a statement using manufactured stone steps. The stone may be unique or traditional. Whatever the case, the stone steps are eye-catching. So, they form an important area for your landscape.

            Wonderful home improvement

            You can improve your curb appeal with an enhanced stoop. Or, you can change that slope into an attractive set of steps. Therefore, you can walk in style down your patio steps! Australian Construction creates an appearance that suits you. It also matches your landscaping requirements.

            Create a breathtaking entrance

            Do you want a powerful front entrance? Manufactured steps and natural stone are durable. Coupled with this, they impact your home’s overall look. Our landscaping contractor in Hervey Bay helps you to create that immediate curb appeal. Therefore, you stand out from the entire neighbourhood! We help you envision your outdoor area. We then install it to make it a reality!


            The size of your property or yard does not matter. Whether it’s large or small, you can have more fun outdoors. Australian Construction thoughtfully plans your landscaping. We give you a pleasurable and practical living area. If you want expert landscaping or hardscaping ideas, design and plans, call us today!

            We will be happy to turn your landscape into a breathtaking feature you will enjoy for years!


              Bundabergs Best Landscaping Contractor – Aus Construction

                Do you long for something dramatic? In that case, Australian Construction can create a breathtaking landscape design. Do you want a relaxing and soothing setting? We can also deliver. Our landscaping contractor in Bundaberg is skilled. So we can create a peaceful and calm landscape. Whatever your vision, we can build it!

                Our expert team gives your landscape some personality. For this, we use the best planting for your home. Lovely blossoms make your garden enticing. Likewise, whimsical trees add charm to your garden. Bushes full of berries give your lawn character. Australian Construction landscaping experts construct a beautiful backyard sanctuary. It provides a retreat. Furthermore, it conceals any unattractive space in your landscape.

                Our expert team designs and installs plantings. In addition, these plantings match you and your landscape requirements. We have vast experience in Bundaberg and its surroundings.  Given this, you are assured our team has the skills and knowledge. Therefore, we can make your landscape flourish!

                You might be looking for privacy plantings. Or, perhaps you want complete backyard transformation. Maybe you need season colour. Regardless, our landscape experts will provide a landscape you will adore!

                Landscape maintenance

                Maintaining your property all year.

                Australian Construction provides outdoor maintenance services. For this reason, your hardscape and landscape elements are protected. Furthermore, they look lovely throughout the year! We offer the following:

                • Corrective pruning
                • Winterisation
                • Regular maintenance service
                • Our team cleans and maintains patios and walkways. We also clean and maintain driveways.
                • Fresh mulch and edging for your landscape beds.

                The landscaping contractor in Bundaberg is an expert. Moreover, they perfectly edge your landscape beds. We also prune your ornamental trees and plantings appropriately. In light of this, we keep them flourishing all through the season. We have options of triple-ground brown or black mulch. So, we give you a polished landscape appearance. Our expert team undertakes power washing. We also carry out thorough cleaning. Consequently, we help in maintaining your landscape!

                Home landscape lighting

                Do you want outdoor lighting to enhance your home appearance? We install your landscape lighting by placing it perfectly. Our experts then design and install it correctly. As a result, your home stands out from the rest! Highlight your home or landscape’s critical features with landscape lighting.

                Additionally, landscape lighting provides a secure walk to your house. The reason is the lighting guides you as you walk. We ensure we deliver your unique vision. 

                Expert outdoor lighting adds character, safety and beauty to your home. We provides a strategic design and development as well. 

                We offer this for your landscape lighting. Consequently, we help you light up your backyard patio or front yard patio. Australian Construction provides security lights. They are ideal for in-ground well lights.

                Moreover, we have many options to pick from. Allow your patio area to shine with outdoor light stringers. We hung them up in the backyard.

                More outdoors services

                Special touches in the house make it more homely. Also, it reflects the lifestyles and personalities of the inhabitants. We offer an innovative set of extra outdoor services. Our objective is to improve your home and outdoor living area. We give you the outdoor living area of your choice.  

                Stand out from the rest with our custom stone art and pergolas. We also offer paver driveway, wells and much more! Furthermore, we are creative and professional. We ensure your custom project reflects your style!


                In Bundaberg, we are the most experienced in landscaping. Also, we are the most trusted firms in the sector. Our team is fully licensed. They are highly skilled in design and landscaping. 

                Our landscaping contractor in Bundaberg has happy clients. We create lovely, durable landscapes. We build beautiful outdoor living spaces also. Our team delivers excellent projects that surpass our clients’ needs.

                Please give us the pleasure of fulfilling all your landscaping needs today!


                  Your Local Friendly And Reliable Wagga Wagga Landscaping Contractor

                    Australian Construction provides expert grass cutting services. Also, our landscaping contractor in Wagga Wagga offers superb garden maintenance. Our team consists of enthusiastic garden and lawn maintenance experts.

                    Furthermore, we have years of experience. We assist customers all over the country. For this reason, we have local operators in all areas we serve. An example is Wagga Wagga. Our team has full training and insurance. So, you are at peace knowing that you and your family are safe. Your property is also safe. 

                    The services we offer are top quality. Furthermore, we follow the industry’s best practices. Also, we offer the expertise and reliability our clients want. We implement these qualities in all their property and gardening maintenance needs. 

                    With us, you know you are in safe hands when it comes to lawn mowing. We also provide efficient property and gardening maintenance needs. From beginning to end, your property is in good hands.


                    The landscaping contractor in Wagga Wagga provides full soft landscaping services. Our expert team handles the first client brief and garden design. Additionally, we offer detailed planning. We also source all materials and plants. Furthermore, we carry out expert installation and superior maintenance of all sites.

                    To us, a well-designed garden means more than your property’s extension. It presents an artistic expression. Because of this, it should be aesthetically pleasing. It needs to be practical also and suit your lifestyle and needs. 

                    Our skilled garden and landscape designers consult the clients. Then they guide the client through all the phases. The phases entail the concept, plant choices and the completed master plan.

                    Our landscaping services

                    • Renovating existing gardens
                    • Planning new garden designs
                    • Sourcing all materials, turfs and plants
                    • Installing specialised irrigation systems
                    • Garden clean-ups and removing waste plants
                    • Planting hedges and shrubs. We also plant trees, flowers and other flora.

                    The Australian Construction team has years of experience. Therefore, they are skilled in the garden maintenance and lawn care sector. For this reason, we know the precise plants that match your local environment. Consequently, we create a garden you and your family will adore!

                    Lawn edging

                    Lawn edging has an important role in your lawn appearance. You might have rich green lawns. Maybe they are also beautifully cut. However, the grass may be long and untidy. Perhaps it overhangs where it joins your paths, driveways or garden beds. Under these circumstances, it can negatively affect the appearance of the whole lawn.

                    Most of us work hard to make our lawns look lovely. However, it never looks as great as your neighbour’s lawn! It does not have an immaculate finish and a wonderful looking sharp edge. 

                    Benefits of lawn edging

                    When you have manicured and perfectly straight lawn edges, it improves your lawn’s neatness. Coupled with this, it adds contrast and definition between your surfaces. Also, it gives your lawn a finishing touch that your neighbours will envy!

                    Comparatively, your lawn may look lovely but not striking. However, we can change this. Using our training and experience, we provide a carefully cut mowing service. The landscaping contractor in Wagga Wagga also adds and installs garden bed edging.

                    You may want a defined border near your lawn area. For this, we have various material options. For edging a garden or lawn, we use timber sleepers or bricks. We also use plastic or metal. 


                    Whatever your choice, the Australian Construction staff supply and fit lawn edging. As a result, your lawn looks splendid. Also, you get the edge over other people in your neighbourhood! For ideal landscaping outcomes, work with professionals. We ensure flawless operational flow. We work fast and efficiently.

                    For awesome landscaping in Wagga Wagga, call us now!


                      Simply The Best Landscaping Contractor In Melton Contact Us Today

                        If you require expert landscaping services in Melton, this is the right place! Australian Construction provides all the landscaping essentials. For example, our landscaping contractor in Melton provides construction, architecture and water features. Additionally, we offer front & backyard paving and retaining walls.

                        Moreover, we offer outdoor paving, instant turf installation and a lot more. If your back or front yard needs a new and enhanced layout we can help. Moreover, if you want backyard maintenance our team is happy to assist.

                        We have skilled landscapers. Therefore, they can handle different jobs. For example, we work on residential properties. Our team also provides large-scale construction. For us, no project is too difficult. In view of this we complete your project expertly.

                        Our services

                        Landscape design

                        Design is an important aspect for any job. Specifically, it is crucial for new areas. It is also important for existing outdoor spaces. If you do not have the correct blueprint you will not get the desired look. Therefore, ensure you have the suitable plan for the areas you want renovated. A sketch is also vital for starting from scratch.

                        Given that, you need a qualified landscaper like Australian Construction. We will help you build the exterior of your front yard or back yard. Also, the landscaping contractor in Melton suggests the most suitable designs for your project.

                        Timber structures

                        Our contractors build all kinds of structures. For instance, we construct retaining walls. We also build decks and pergolas. We have the experience to get the best materials. Due to this, it matches your area. In addition, it withstands the elements. It is important to install the right timber. So, you get attractive and high quality landscapes.  For one thing, they need less maintenance. It is because the landscaping contractor in Melton sources them correctly when starting to construct.

                        It is dangerous to have a general approach to timber buildings. Because of this, all landscapes need different approaches to materials. The reason is properties are not the same. Some timber materials vary. So, Australian Construction gives your property the precise materials it requires. Our experienced team aims to give all our clients superior materials. Therefore, you have a supreme looking area. Call us to enquire about our timber structures. We will meet your requirements for repair or a full makeover.

                        Garden maintenance

                        Your area layout is equally important. But maintaining your garden is even more critical.  Not maintaining your backyard is hazardous. Comparatively, it is more expensive than standard backyard maintenance. In some instances, complete renovations might be carried out. It solves irregular and poor maintenance. 

                        Our landscaping contractor in Melton is highly experienced in pruning and hedging. Also, we are experts in irrigation. We also have expertise in weed control and lawn mowing. Our team also undertakes pruning and hedging. We handle planting and soil quality also. 

                        You may want to do maintenance work in your garden. However, you might lack the time or expertise for it. In that case, we can help you maintain your garden and ensure it looks its best. Our team is greatly skilled in pruning, weeding and hedging. Therefore, allow us to take the hassle from you.


                        Do you want to construct a brand new outdoor paved space? Or do you want to rip out the existing paving and replace it? Paving makes or breaks your area. Paving stones are beautiful and strong. Also, they need low maintenance. In light of this, they give your outdoor area a unique atmosphere.

                        For all your paths, driveway or pool surrounding needs we can deliver. The landscaping contractor in Melton gives you expert paving installation services. 


                        Australian Construction continuously aims to give Melton residents landscaping services. For this reason, their outdoor space looks impeccable. Melton is a wonderful area. It is why we opt to work here. Consequently, our team finds it a pleasure to work with you!

                        Talk to us now and we will give you the ideal landscaping solutions in Melton!


                          Specialist Landscaping Contractor In Coffs Harbour – Aus Construction

                            Australian Construction services Coffs Harbour. We create lovely garden areas. They are stylish and practical. Our garden designs link the natural to the built environment. Therefore, our landscaping contractor in Coffs Harbour provides a feeling of harmony and balance. As a result, we give new meaning to the phrase ‘classic with an edge!’

                            We have years of experience as skilled tradesmen. For this reason, our team is prepared to change your outdoor area. You may need a simple retouch. Or perhaps you want a complete makeover and design. In this case, our skilled team would be happy to handle your project. We deliver commercial and residential jobs.

                            At Australian Construction, we work with the best materials. We present outstanding work. Additionally, our team pays great attention to detail. The landscaping contractor in Coffs Harbour does not compromise on quality. 

                            Because of this, we ensure all our projects meet client needs. Also, our work matches the design brief. We offer honest customer service. Also, we offer free and flexible estimates. Furthermore, they match the materials and scheduling.

                            Garden design work

                            Lovely outdoors give you peace and tranquility. Coupled with this, it’s an entertaining area. Here, you can enjoy textures and colours that match your home. These areas also suit your needs.

                            These professionals create layout plans. They also set up plans for the planting of landscapes and gardens. Our landscaping contractor in Coffs Harbour creates excellent garden areas. Not only are they practical but stylish.  We have a skilled garden and landscaping designer. They are experts in the design process and art conceptualising

                            Retaining walls

                            The retaining wall is an essential feature of most Coffs Harbour landscapes. We mainly use them for supporting the soil quantity laterally. It gives our designers the chance to use and enhance existing landscapes. Given this, we create different level areas for use and dual purpose.

                            We design our different products to meet Australian Standards. Given this, the landscaping contractor in Coffs Harbour first assesses the ideal location. Then we check the geometry and height. We also consider the structural needs. We take all these steps before turning even a handful of soil. After this, we carefully create our block or stone retaining walls. We also use brick or timber for the retaining walls. 


                            The Australian Construction masonry and stonework is exceptional. Although it is among the most ancient trades, we have perfected it! We create a timeless garden feature with stairs and rock walls. Similarly, we use letterboxes. First, this adds value to your home and second, it provides a breathtaking statement. Third, it gives your yard an original look that is designed to last.

                            Paving work

                            Our company works with different sizes, textures and colours. For this reason, we can lay our tiles and pavers in different patterns. So, you can enjoy that ‘wow’ factor for your outdoor area! The landscaping contractor in Coffs Harbour handles different jobs. 

                            For example, we work on garden paths and driveways. Our team works to any brief and budget. We use inexpensive recycled materials. Moreover, our team uses elegant marble and travertine. The landscaping contractor in Coffs Harbour also restores and repairs worn areas.


                            First impressions are crucial. Therefore, ensure you call Australian Construction today. You will then discover the reason we offer ideal exterior landscaping solutions. We are professionals in improving your property’s façade. For this reason, we introduce elegant outdoor areas. They not only look lovely but also add tremendous value. So, your business gets the top edge it deserves! 

                            We provide a creative, customised garden design. We consider your input from the beginning. As a result, we nurture and develop your vision.

                            For the ideal landscapes in the Coffs Harbour, call us today!


                              Need An Experienced Landscaping Contractor In Bunbury? Call Us Today!

                                At Australian Construction, we offer expert landscape garden design. Additionally, we provide professional landscaping services. Our landscaping contractor in Bunbury provides garden design services. Also, we present landscape design services. Furthermore, we serve commercial and residential properties. These projects are either small or large.

                                Our skilled team designs and installs reticulation and irrigation. We also provide full garden maintenance services. These services are suitable for all your landscaping and garden projects. We have a team of experienced garden designers. 

                                Moreover, they are passionate about their work. Because of this, we create highly functional outdoor areas. For example, we handle small residential outdoor spaces. We also offer commercial landscape projects.  

                                We understand our client’s vision. In light of this, we forge long-lasting partnerships. Similarly, we offer unique landscaping design solutions. These solutions are ideal for all outdoor spaces.

                                Garden designs, landscape and maintenance services

                                Australian Construction offers these professional services:

                                • Construction and landscaping design
                                • Kerbing
                                • Commercial & residential landscaping construction
                                • Fencing
                                • Garden & landscape maintenance
                                • Reticulation and irrigation design & installation
                                • Irrigation specialists

                                You save money if you have a well-designed irrigation system. Also, it should be installed correctly. Because of this, you avoid stress over the years. For a great system, we carefully plan the zones. So, you can water each section of your landscape separately. Due to this, you decrease the water use. It would help if you watered the gardens separately from lawn areas.

                                The landscaping contractor in Bunbury uses products from the world’s best irrigation suppliers. We customise each system. So, it suits your budget and needs. Well-placed sprinklers decrease overspray. They also ensure the water is evenly placed on the landscape. It would be best if you avoided dry sections in your lawn. 

                                Our experienced team ensures it does not happen. We can reduce water use by installing a rain sensor in your timer. Alternatively, we fix hi-pop sprinklers along garden paths. Given this, your entire systems work more efficiently.

                                Planting & mulching

                                All mulches are different. Most people believe that a lovely fine mulch reduces water loss, and so do many landscapers. According to research, coarse, chunky mulch is ideal. The reason is that it retaining soil moisture. We have different kinds of mulch. Again, it holds moisture efficiently. So, the plants remain healthy!

                                Just like you, the plants need food. Our landscaping contractor in Bunbury adds nutrients to sandy soils. In this way, we improve them. Furthermore, it enhances plant growth. We also include organic fertilisers for all the plants.

                                Turf installation

                                We are proud of our turf installation. Australian Construction has vast lawn laying experience. Therefore, we consider our levels and preparation to be the best. Our previous projects include a small back yard. Our team has worked on school ovals as well as large-scale parks.

                                We assist you in choosing the correct variety of lawn. It depends on your requirements. Our range includes soft underfoot or dog friendly. We source turf from different farms. 

                                We select from farms with variety and with the best turf. Australian Construction avoids using thickly thatched turf. As a result, you can maintain your new turf easily. We have a soil amendment service. Therefore, your turf grows strong.

                                Also, it is less susceptible to disease. Brilliant landscaping requires ideal turf for outstanding results. We source our plants from certified nurseries. In this manner, they are free from pathogens. Furthermore, we have significant experience in advanced tree planting. The landscaping contractor in Bunbury is also skilled in transplanting.


                                Australian Construction is committed to helping turn your landscape vision into reality. We provide open communication. Similarly, we give you elegant landscape designs. Given this, our team creates a unique and habitable outdoor area.

                                Our team is proud to transform your property. In this regard, we turn it into a unique area. So, you can entertain and relax. You will also impress your guests with your lovely landscape!

                                We look forward to hearing from you today so we can give you the ideal landscape!


                                  Top Quality Landscaping Contractor In Rockhampton | Aus Contruction

                                    At Australian Construction, we help you to make your dream project come true! We have years of collective landscaping experience. Therefore, our landscaping contractor in Rockhampton can deliver your vision. Our team provides landscape design and retaining walls. We also provide earthmoving, turf and a lot more.

                                    Our team has the skills, and they value your project. So, we ensure you will be happy with your new landscape. Moreover, we provide superior quality service. For this reason, we source the ideal materials. Also, we take meticulous care with every brick laid.

                                    We have vast experience. Given this, we provide a significant level of professionalism. We also have unsurpassed knowledge. Because of this, we complete all aspects of your project. Hence, our team works from landscape design to conclusion. 

                                    We handle all stages of your project. Therefore, you do not need to hire other contractors. You have peace of mind waiting to enjoy your new garden after completion!

                                    A lovely garden

                                    Your garden should be an enjoyable area. For this reason, Australian Construction wants to provide this for you. So, we ensure that you have a functional garden. It is also lovely and timeless.

                                    Designing your dream landscape

                                    The landscaping contractor in Rockhampton gives life to your dream garden. Our skilled staff specialise in landscaping. Because of that, they design lovely landscapes for your enjoyment. You may need a complete garden redesign. Or perhaps you only want a small corner. 

                                    Whatever your needs, we use the ideal design principles. With this in mind, we give you a fantastic landscape. Our competent team ensures we provide unique and functional areas. Furthermore, they are breathtaking! The landscaping contractor in Rockhampton gives you an area you can love and enjoy. Moreover, you can share it with family and friends.

                                    Types of landscaping

                                    Australian Construction offers many landscaping options. Some homeowners want a maintainable landscape design. Given this, we provide landscapes with a natural appearance. These designs also save water. Meanwhile, other people wish to blend hardscape (patios) and soft-scape (plants).

                                    At the same time, others want a tropical garden style for their property. Some people also prefer a modern garden style. Most people wish to have a backyard swimming pool. Alternatively, they may want a barbeque area or outdoor kitchen. 

                                    Our landscaping contractor in Rockhampton loves their job! Hence, they work hard to do it correctly. We aim to satisfy our clients. That is to say, we do the job according to your precise needs.

                                    We create the landscape you want. With this intention, our team discusses the ideal colour. They then give you suggestions. So, this advice helps you with altering your outdoor space. Australian Construction provides various masonry garden-edging products. For example, we offer basic vertical concrete edging. 

                                    Additionally, we provide stunning stone-look products. We also offer sandstone products. We have garden-edging products as well. It includes a mow strip. For this reason, you can easily maintain your garden edge. The landscaping contractor adds a garden feature. In light of this, it changes your outdoor living area.

                                    External tiles & feature stone

                                    We use feature stone cladding for feature walls outside. We also establish it in outdoor entertainment areas and pillars. Additionally, our team installs it in facades and pillars. Australian Construction uses external tiles for outdoor spaces with a nonslip floor.


                                    At Australian Construction, we supply all you need for your dream landscape. We stock various pavers and also stone cladding products. We also have retaining well products. Our company supplies mulch, gravels and soils as well. We also have decorative features and a lot more. Our team’s expertise caters for domestic and commercial needs. 

                                    Because of their experience, they can suggest a product from our wide catalogue. So, if you want a fresh new look or an entirely new landscape, we can deliver.

                                    Call us today and enjoy our remarkable variety of landscaping supplies!


                                      Innovative Designs At Affordable Rates, Landscaping Contractor In Mackay

                                        The Australian Construction landscaping services vary. We provide simple installation of a new garden. Furthermore, our team establishes a new garden. Also, we offer a total makeover and deck extensions. In addition, we lay new turf. Our landscaping contractor in Mackay consults the customer. We then work closely with them all through the whole procedure.

                                        Our competent team aims to meet your goals. We utilise locally grown trees and plants. It helps to ensure we offer the appropriate care to your outdoor space. Therefore, it remains lovely throughout the year. The Australian Construction team has horticulturists and landscapers. They are experienced and skilled. Given this, we provide each project with attention to detail and care.

                                        Benefits of landscaping

                                        Landscaping is the best solution for beautifying your backyard. However, this process does not just involve arranging flowers. Nor does it entail decorating your home’s exterior. It is a kind of science and art. Because of this, it improves your home’s exterior. Therefore, you experience a new level of amazing. It changes the feel of your property!

                                        Our landscaping contractor in Mackay appreciates that landscaping needs proper planning. Equally important, establishing a landscape raises your home value. Additionally, landscapes help people move quickly through your home. 

                                        Furthermore, it enhances your home’s energy efficiency.  The Australian Construction landscaping services are popular. The reason is that people want their homes to look stunning. For this reason, we can make it happen!

                                        Landscape construction

                                        Australian Construction provides all landscape construction aspects. For example, we handle site earthworks and the final site cleanup. Our committed team of landscapers has different skills. Consequently, it enables us to retain most construction procedure aspects in-house. The landscaping contractor in Mackay is skilled, and their expertise includes carpentry and concreting.

                                        Our team consists of stonemasons, plumbers and horticulturalists. Given this, Australian Construction offers an exceptional standard of superior artistry. We apply these qualities all through the project, from start to finish.


                                        We operate our fleet of machinery. Given this, our team completes the project on time. Also, they use top standards. We have our equipment and machinery.


                                        Australian Construction supplies and installs all kinds of landscape concreting. We provide coloured concrete, paths and exposed aggregate.  Furthermore, we offer shot-creating, concrete rendering and more.


                                        We have a passion for design and installation. The skilled team handles irrigation design and plans. After this, we install a superior system. Moreover, we customise it to suit your requirements. Our professional team understands environmental issues. We follow council regulations and deliver irrigation systems successfully.

                                        Soft scapes

                                        Our team of horticulturalists and landscapers install all your soft landscaping needs. We plant and fertilise to mulch and lay turf. The Australian Construction team offers all types of landscapes. For example, we offer site preparation, planting works, etc.


                                        The landscaping contractor in Mackay specialises in all landscape construction aspects. Also, hardscaping is our forte. We are proud of our quality work. In addition, we use construction methods that offer superior results. Because of our vast experience, we have completed projects like retaining walls. We have also handled block work and footbridges.


                                        Most of your projects need specially built timber items. We have a specialised timber crew. They have all the equipment and tools to deliver your carpentry needs.


                                        Our landscaping contractor in Mackay is highly experienced. So, we skilfully deliver your open space needs. We also provide your project landscape.  The skilled Australian Construction team sources, orders, and installs your final product. 

                                        You are guaranteed a quality outdoor area. Furthermore, we build it to your specifications. We offer various services to different clients. Our end goal is to give you quality projects. Similarly, they are on time and budget. 

                                        Again, our services exceed your expectations, so talk to us for all your landscaping needs!


                                          Hire Launceston’s Leading Landscaping Contractor – Aus Construction

                                            Australian Construction is often believed to rank top in landscaping. We are successful because we offer quality all the time. Our landscaping contractor in Launceston provides quality. Notwithstanding your project’s nature, scale or form.

                                            Our team pays attention to the tiniest details. Additionally, we are committed to offering natural landscaping. Furthermore, we provide affordable premium landscaping. We have various unsurpassed landscaping services. It is our guarantee to you!

                                            The team at Australian Construction consists of construction experts. Furthermore, they have the appropriate certifications and authorisations. They also have the proper training. Because of this, you are at peace. The reason is you know that a professional is looking after your outdoor space. 

                                            Due to our years of experience, we have forged strong ties with our suppliers. As a result, we can access superior landscaping products. Also, we have quality-landscaping equipment. In addition, the products and equipment are affordable. We can follow your project’s budget. At the same time, we deliver the correct quality project. 

                                            Hence, the product withstands the tests of time for years.

                                            Professional landscaping

                                            Expert & affordable landscapers

                                            A perfect landscaping design completes your property’s appearance. For your landscaping project to succeed, we invest in a comprehensive landscaping consultation. The landscaping contractor in Launceston takes this significant step. 

                                            For this reason, your vision turns into a living reality! Australian Construction tailors a solution to suit each public area or yard design. Given this, we give your outdoor space a unique beauty and appeal.

                                            Affordable landscaping design

                                            Meticulous landscape design is key to creating an oasis. You may have a small courtyard in an indoor space. Or perhaps you own more extensive landscape estates in the town. Under these circumstances, use our professionals.

                                            We help you plan a creative landscape design. We use our elegant landscaping designs for your landscaping architecture.  Our landscaping contractor in Launceston uses excellent artistry. Because of this, we make your dream come true!

                                            Affordable landscape construction

                                            Landscaping improves your property’s value. For this reason, our experts know how to establish lovely designs. These designs are also practical. Our certified experts work together with you. Consequently, create comprehensive and intricate designs. 

                                            If you want to refurbish an old design, Australian Construction is your solution. Therefore, we change your dull area into aesthetic beauty. Our expert team also plans a new perspective. We work with our customers. As a result of this, we deliver satisfactory landscaping services.

                                            The landscaping contractor in Launceston first talks to the client. After this, we start the construction procedure. We then assess the project’s scope and resources needed. Additionally, our team considers the price, landscaping materials and ideas. We also analyse the project’s feasibility.

                                            The Australian Construction’s project manager draws the plan for value engineering. It helps in completing the project successfully. Also, we do this on time and budget. Following successful landscaping estimates, we present them to our expert team. 

                                            Thereupon, our team ensures we procure superior quality landscaping materials and plants. Our project manager works jointly with our teams. Because of this, we ensure we install materials on time. Additionally, we do so using the highest level of artistry.


                                            The landscaping contractor in Launceston provides superior landscaping services. Moreover, our professionals are well trained. So, they work with all kinds of soil.  They know the landscaping plants that develop best in different soils.

                                            For instance, we are familiar with varying soils like sandy, saline, silt or loan. Also, we can highlight your garden and building features. In light of this, we use ideal landscaping practices. We have different landscaping facilities. Our range includes complete garden upgrades and one-off work.  

                                            The landscaping contractor in Launceston also handles regular garden improvements. These services extend to the more extensive Launceston area and nearby townships. A new and well maintained significantly complements the garden pool and patio. It also improves the alfresco space

                                            Call us today and enjoy the ideal landscapes in Launceston!

                                              landscaping-contractor-bendigo (1)

                                              Expert And Modern Landscaping Contractor in Bendigo Contact Us Today

                                                At Australian Construction, we have various landscaping skills. Therefore, we have vast experience in the industry. Our landscaping contractor in Bendigo guides clients. We also inspire them. As a result, they have a pleasant journey towards their customised new outdoor area.

                                                We give our clients a professional service. In addition, our services are superior and hassle-free. Furthermore, our team works on budget and on time. We exceed all your expectations. Similarly, we share knowledge and passion for all outdoor aspects. Your style and needs are our priority.

                                                Landscapes, reflection spaces and Japanese gardens

                                                Australian Construction provides full-scale landscaping. We do this from the first design stage to the plantings. Our team also handles paving, turf and irrigation. In addition, we handle timber and stonework. The landscaping contractor in Bendigo also provides specialty water features.

                                                The Australian Construction landscapers have various specialities. We help you with ideas and designs. For this reason, we bring an oasis to your backyard or courtyard!  We can turn your small courtyard into a peaceful Japanese garden

                                                In this case, you can rest after a hard days’ work. Or maybe you wish to create your innovative luxury backyard. It might have a snorkelling recreation pond. Alternatively, it may feature endemic fish species or basketball court. 

                                                Moreover, it might consist of an outdoor kitchen for entertaining the family. Under these circumstances, our landscapers help you in embracing your creativity. More important, we make your landscaping dreams come true!

                                                Residential landscaping

                                                The landscaping contractor in Bendigo manages your complete residential landscape design. For instance, we provide installation and maintenance. Additionally, we offer help for personal landscaping services. We provide cottage-style home gardens. Also, modern garden designs are available. This creatively creates a residential landscape garden. It extends to your living space. It runs from the indoors to outdoors.

                                                At the same time, it complements your home’s surroundings and style. Talk to our experts about integrating various features into your home landscape garden design. Australian Construction designs a new landscape garden.

                                                Additionally, we re-design an existing garden. Notwithstanding, we can include retaining walls and paving. Also, we include retaining walls, greywater systems and water features.  We offer landscape irrigation as well.

                                                The landscaping contractor in Bendigo provides lawn landscaping. Apart from this, we offer backyard landscaping. In light of this, we have skilled landscape designers, gardeners and contractors. Because of this, we convert your yard into a paradise!

                                                Commercial landscaping

                                                Commercial gardens landscaping in Bendigo

                                                Australian Construction can change your commercial garden. With this in mind, we use unique landscape design. Furthermore, we use the surrounding environment and sustainability. Our team communicates closely with the client. 

                                                Given this, the commercial garden design progresses from the first concepts. It then moves to detailed working plans. After this, we move to the implementation and maintenance stage.

                                                Our skilled garden landscapers source only superior quality plants. Coupled with this, we incorporate combined water management solutions. These solutions address localised water availability. Also, they handle long-term sustainability problems.

                                                We offer commercial landscaping that incorporates various unique features. For example, we offer retaining walls and landscape lighting. In addition, we provide deck landscaping.

                                                Deck landscaping

                                                Our Australian Construction designers incorporate deck landscaping. It forms part of your residential as well as commercial landscaping.  We include patio landscaping or deck landscape in your garden design. As a result, it creates an area for entertaining. You can also use the space for barbecues or pergolas. Besides, use this area for quiet meditation.


                                                At Australian Construction, we have various design features. So, our landscapers can expertly integrate your complete landscape design. We also provide personal landscaping services. For example, we offer stone landscaping and landscape lighting.  Additionally, we provide retaining walls and water features.

                                                We will be happy to work on your landscaping, so please call us now!


                                                  Professional Landscaping Contractor In Canberra – Aus Constuction

                                                    At Australian Construction, we offer comprehensive landscaping services. With this in mind, we ensure we give you satisfactory services. Our landscaping contractor in Canberra provides various benefits. For this purpose, our company has all the essential tools and equipment. 

                                                    Therefore, we work efficiently on all your projects. It includes minor and major earthworks as well as landscaping needs. Because of this, we offer expert services without any restrictions or hassles.

                                                    Landscaping features

                                                    Australian Construction offers various superior landscaping features. Because of this, they enhance your front, back and side garden spaces. Furthermore, we provide services to commercial and residential clients. Moreover, we are specialists in various landscaping areas.


                                                    We incorporate gardens and landscapes to add a lovely finish to space. Not only are they practical, but also excellent for saving space. Built-in benches give you an area that facilitates storage and seating. The landscaping contractor in Canberra adds hinges beneath the built-in bench. Because of this, you can open it.

                                                    Also, you can utilise this area for storing gardening materials. In addition, you can store seat cushions and other essentials. In the light of this, you save on space. More importantly, you also save money. The reason is you do not purchase additional outdoor seating furniture

                                                    We utilise quality and durable materials for constructing your seating. In effect, we guarantee a durable product. Adding benches to the area’s perimeter opens the area thoroughly. Because of this, it prolongs the utilisation of your outdoor living. Our expert team can add landscaping to the built-in benches. The landscaping encircles the area. 

                                                    Additionally, it merges the benches into the garden’s aesthetics. We place composite or timber materials against natural landscapes. In this manner, it creates an attractive addition to your garden or home.

                                                    Advantages of in-built garden benches

                                                    • Aesthetics
                                                    • Saves space
                                                    • Functional
                                                    • Added value
                                                    • Durability

                                                    Choosing an area for adding a bench in your garden

                                                    You may be unsure where to place your new garden bench. Under these circumstances, we can help. The excavation contractor in Canberra advises you on where you can install the built-in bench. The design specialists at Australian Construction are experts. 

                                                    Their expertise applies to the layout of a landscaped space. Therefore, we make recommendations depending on your requirements. So, call us today to find out about our lovely in-built benches.


                                                    Barbeques present a wonderful tradition in Australia. After all, it unites family and friends. Consequently, they enjoy lovely food and company! More than before, it is easy to have fun at the weekend with a barbecue. Your friends and family can enjoy your built-in barbeque space.

                                                    In-built barbecue spaces are significantly helpful. Also, they enhance the value of your home. They create a whole new living area for the home. Consequently, they are ideal for cold Australian nights.  In-built barbecue areas can be customised. Therefore, it is handy for homeowners. 

                                                    Setting up tailored outdoor barbeque areas creates new options. In light of this, it increases functionality. For instance, it applies to sinks, benches and fridges. They add a second kitchen to your residence. At Australian Construction, we use the best materials for constructing your outdoor barbeque areas. For this reason, your products endure throughout your home’s life.

                                                    Advantages of in-built outdoor barbeque areas

                                                    • Functional
                                                    • Completely customisable
                                                    • Adds value to the home
                                                    • Creates a new cooking area and living space


                                                    The landscaping contractor in Canberra has vast experience in landscape construction. At Australian Construction, we have various skills and knowledge. It applies to all elements of landscape design and structural landscaping. 

                                                    We have a unique quality, coupled with the best materials. Because of this, we produce superior outcomes all the time. To ensure your landscaping project is done right, talk to us today.

                                                    We guarantee you superior quality and the best outcomes!


                                                      Outstanding Commercial And Residential Landscaping Contractor Ballarat

                                                        Australian Construction proudly creates outdoor areas. Our expert team also enhances these outdoor spaces. For years, we have expanded our offerings and services. Because of this, our landscaping contractor in Ballarat meets the rising need for lifestyle areas. We cater to families and the educational areas. Therefore, they enjoy their outdoors!

                                                        Our team is close-knit. Also, we are made up of knowledgeable people. We have skilled landscapers and dedicated apprentices. Because of our vast experience, we deliver successfully. Our team strives to impress our customers with professionalism. Our landscaping contractor offers superior quality. We also use great attention to detail.

                                                        Landscaping design & construction

                                                        We specialise in all landscaping design. We also handle construction. The landscaping contractor in Ballarat provides complete landscaping solutions. Furthermore, we offer personal packages. We design them for your requirements.  Our services extend to different commercial and residential projects. 

                                                        Besides, we provide specialised work in the government sector. We also serve the education sector. Despite your budget or size, all our services are flexible. Additionally, we offer highly customised services. Outdoor projects need quality materials. Also, it is essential to have experienced individuals. After all, this ensures top-quality outcomes.

                                                        Australian Construction presents different solutions and skills. We use expertise from the first consultation. Our team also applies these skills from the construction stage to completion. Our team assures you of honest communication. Moreover, we give you efficient work routines. Similarly, we offer you superior quality results all the time.

                                                        The landscaping contractor in Ballarat overcomes problems. We use attention to detail coupled with professionalism. We eliminate the complication of dealing with many contractors. Australian Construction has comprehensive services. We ensure quality, consistency and customisation at every stage.

                                                        We offer the following solutions:

                                                        • Site excavation
                                                        • Project design

                                                        Soft landscaping

                                                        • Decorative finishes
                                                        • Irrigation systems
                                                        • Mulching and maintenance
                                                        • Planting and gardens
                                                        • Instant turf solutions

                                                        Hard landscaping

                                                        At Australian Construction we are specialists in educational areas. We also have the expertise to handle play areas: our team designs and constructs creative areas for children of all ages and abilities. For instance, we offer educational areas and play spaces. 

                                                        Unique and fun areas need a creative mindset. Additionally, a skilled team and professional attitude is essential. Do you want creativity, safety and fun throughout? In that case, our qualified team can construct the play area of your dreams.

                                                        Our landscaping contractor in Ballarat avails different playing and educational areas. For example, we offer natural gardens. We design them to inspire and nurture. For this reason, we provide fun game spaces and sporting courts. 

                                                        Australian Construction integrates education and childcare services with other landscaping solutions. Again, we design packages that match your specific needs. Superior quality educational and play areas need the correct people and materials.  

                                                        Because of this, we provide a safe and professional outcome. More important, you should deal with a skilled team. For this reason, we know how to get good results. The landscaping contractor in Ballarat inspires play and learning using outdoor space design creativity.

                                                        We offer these solutions:

                                                        • Inspiring and nurturing area design
                                                        • Soft fall rubber
                                                        • Mega slam basketball systems
                                                        • Natural and nurturing area design and more


                                                        We are passionate about enabling you to enjoy different outdoor activities throughout the year. For example, we handle community projects and outdoor living.

                                                        At Australian Construction, we have the reputation of a top landscaping provider. Our team conquers challenges. Therefore, we offer creative and consistent solutions. Moreover, we use attention to detail and professionalism.

                                                        Call our dedicated team today, and we will offer services that exceed your expectations!


                                                          Local Expert Landscaping Contractor Toowoomba – Best Local Contractor

                                                            Enjoy great outdoors in Toowoomba with an expert landscaping firm. At Australian Construction, we have experience. Not to mention, we have vast knowledge. Therefore, we can do the job! Also, our landscaping contractor in Toowoomba is committed and hardworking. 

                                                            Furthermore, we are passionate professionals.  We are trained in many fields like landscaping. Besides, we are skilled in general maintenance and horticulture. As a result, our skilled team is proud to deliver quality work in your outdoor area.

                                                            Because of this, we handle your garden with excellent attention to details. Australian Construction offers lawn mowing services. Besides, we handle landscaping work. In addition, we provide full mobile gardening and maintenance services. We visit your home or premises as frequently as you want. Consequently, we ensure a breathtaking garden throughout the year!


                                                            The landscaping contractor in Toowoomba transforms and restores outdoor areas. Furthermore, we provide these services for residential and commercial gardens. We serve Toowoomba and the more extensive southeast area.

                                                            Landscaping is a science.  It does not just involve bringing in a truck of dirt and plants. Hence, it entails understanding the land dynamics. Also, we need to know the different natural features of every unique area of your garden. Given this, we develop suitable plans for the area.

                                                            Landscaping is an investment.

                                                            Professional landscaping makes your business premises more valuable. Moreover, it ensures your outside area is attractive. Besides, your outdoors becomes harmonious and practical. The Australian Construction team listens to their clients’ needs. We endeavour to understand what you want for your outdoor area.

                                                            It is a pleasure for us to work with you. Our landscaping contractor gives you unique outdoor suggestions for your consideration.   Again, all through the procedure, we give you ideal, affordable outcomes.

                                                            We offer local knowledge and experience!

                                                            We have a team of talented tradespeople and landscapers. In light of this, they possess the required skill and experience. The reason is they have worked with different landscaping solutions. Our landscaping contractor in Toowoomba is proud to use innovative landscaping methods. Because of this, you can benefit from your space and the Toowoomba climate.

                                                            You have peace of mind knowing our team uses the ideal professional gardening and landscaping equipment. As a result, we start and finish the job with care and excellence.  We have earned the reputation of completing your project on time. In addition, we deliver to quality standards.

                                                            No project is too small or big for us.

                                                            You may want decorative features like water fountains. Or perhaps you wish to have a trellis or paving. Maybe you need to recreate landforms, garden beds and terrain shaping. Under such circumstances, we have cultivated the craft of lovely landscaping areas. More important, they match your personality and property.  Apart from this, the landscaping contractor in Toowoomba is experienced in commercial and residential settings.

                                                            Commercial garden

                                                            Allow us to handle your landscaping. Doing this gives you time to work on your business! An excellent first impression occurs before a client enters your business. Our team uses their artistry and awareness. In light of this, we landscape outdoor areas. We also set up gardens that are striking from all angles! We eliminate the worry and work according to your budget. Also, we install and create new commercial gardens. Given this, we rejuvenate tired gardens.


                                                            Your garden might be a traditional one with clipped hedges. Or perhaps it’s a creative area with decorative steel piece or timber features. It may even have a sculpture to make it more interesting. No matter your requirements, the Australian Construction team can deliver.

                                                            The Toowoomba climate is ideal for creating lovely gardens. With this intention, our landscaping contractor in Toowoomba helps you optimise your surroundings. In this manner, you can watch your garden flourish!

                                                            Call us today for the best landscaping in Toowoomba!


                                                              Exiting And Unique Landscaping Contractor Cairns – Aus Construction

                                                                At Australian Construction, we offer landscaping consultation & design. Also, we have a trained team. We guide you through all the essential steps. As a result, your garden grows tremendously! Our landscaping contractor in Cairns visits your property. We do this during the first consultation. The objective is to discuss your garden vision and ideas. 

                                                                Your initial consultation involves:

                                                                • Discussing your garden needs and ideas.
                                                                • On ground site analysis
                                                                • Expert advice on what is practical for your garden. It depends on climatic conditions and existing structures.
                                                                • Creative ideas and options for your area
                                                                • Access to our years of experience. We also have knowledge in landscape design.

                                                                Our landscaping service is ideal if you want expert advice. In addition, our skilled team inspires you with creative ideas. The landscaping contractor in Cairns continuously checks all the details with you. 

                                                                Furthermore, we have handled all areas of landscaping work. For this reason, we have vast knowledge. After your design and planning consultation, we plan your entire project. Given this, we present the essential working documents and plans.

                                                                Our expert services

                                                                Your custom patio

                                                                Your patio presents the first area for outdoor entertaining and fun. We provide unique designs and materials. As a result, your yard and home look more attractive. In addition, it gives you a solid and secure area. Consequently, you can enjoy your outdoors for years.

                                                                We expertly tailor your patio. Furthermore, we use various designs and options. We ensure they suit your needs. You can choose from brick pavers. The range includes coloured and natural stone. We also offer creative patterns, curves and borders. As a result, we form an exceptional outdoor area for your home. For this reason, you can trust us to improve your outdoor living with a stone patio.

                                                                A lovely area for relaxing and entertaining!

                                                                A patio is your living space extension. It is ideal for chairs and a table. Also, you can enhance your backyard. For this you can use an outdoor fireplace. You can also use custom seating walls. Outdoor kitchens and water features also have creative inlays. 

                                                                In addition, so does outdoor fireplaces. For a natural look, install a natural stone patio. Australian Construction has various stone types you can choose from. Examples are limestone and bluestone

                                                                Additionally, we have flagstone and slate. Natural stone creates the ideal patio for your home. Our landscaping contractor in Cairns installs the best patio for your home. The installers and designers are committed to giving you satisfaction. From the design stage to completion, we work on your finished project. As a result, you have the patio you have always dreamt of!

                                                                Home Custom walkways

                                                                Appearance and feel determines the attraction of a stylish walkway. We design and install a walkway expertly. So your walkway enhances your landscape and yard. The landscaping contractor in Cairns has new styles and colours. 

                                                                Therefore, we make it simple to create a suitable walkway for your home’s design. We have custom or classic walkways. They create a wonderful atmosphere and feeling. Furthermore, it guides you safely through your landscape. 

                                                                Australian Construction can improve your curb appeal. With this intention, we make a statement. We use creative patterns and inlays. In addition, we use pavers and borders. Our team also uses curves. We use landscape lighting as well. It makes your landscape come alive at night. Therefore, you feel secure and safe.


                                                                At Australian Construction, we have qualified professionals. We use superior materials. In addition, our team is committed to customer satisfaction. We take time to understand your landscape requirements. For this reason, our team works with you from start to finish. Therefore, we refine your concepts into reality!

                                                                Get in touch today for breathtaking landscapes!


                                                                  Modern Landscaping Contractor Hobart Call Us On 1800 155 881

                                                                    Australian Construction is a leading landscaping company in Hobart. We are happy to provide professional expertise. Additionally, we offer suggestions and services for all your landscaping requirements. Our landscaping contractor in Hobart offers comprehensive services. 

                                                                    Moreover, we provide hard and soft landscaping services. Our range of services includes retaining walls, pergolas and lawns. Furthermore, we offer hedge sculpting and lawn maintenance. Given this, our expert team turns your visions and ideas into reality. For this reason, we are glad to work with you to create the ideal garden features. 

                                                                    Because of our vast experience, we present creative and unique ideas. Therefore, it helps you in building your dream garden. Our landscaping architects work hard. As a result, they give you a unique and inspiring outcome.

                                                                    Patios, paving & tiling

                                                                    Garden paving involves a lot more.

                                                                    Breathtaking landscaping involves more than correctly mixing soil, plants and flowers. In fact, the ideal garden landscaping design requires the correct mixing of hardscapes. It especially applies when working with a pool or patio. The right options determine the success or failure of a project.

                                                                    The landscaping contractor in Hobart has skilled architects. In light of this, we check colour combinations and complimentary plant types. Additionally, we assess drainage solutions. We also go through customised options. These are for tiling and paving. Our expert team examines these factors for primary features like ponds and swimming pools. As a result, we create a truly integrated design! 

                                                                    Lawn services

                                                                    Australian Construction appreciates that gardens need care. That is to say, we provide a full range of lawn services. Maybe your garden lawn is neglected and needs some improvement, or perhaps you want someone to visit frequently and tidy your yard. Under those circumstances, our landscaping contractor in Hobart can help. 

                                                                    Furthermore, we have the tools, time and knowledge. To emphasise, we can manage your grass. Also, our expert team can overhaul everything and begin from scratch. At all times, we communicate with you. The reason is to find out your garden lawn needs. Of course, we are glad to give you our tips to keep your garden flourishing. Therefore, whatever your needs, we provide professional gardening services.

                                                                    Lawn installation & maintenance

                                                                    A garden lawn is a crucial element for a fully integrated home landscape. It provides an open space for children to play. In addition, it is used for parties and picnics. Indeed, it is a unique design element. The reason is it gives your garden space as well as a rich look and feel.

                                                                    Our team specialises in lawn services and installation. We supply and lay fresh turf for your lawns. So, your garden landscape soon looks vibrant. Again, our landscape architects can also give you suggestions. We advise you on the ideal way to preserve your new grass after installation.

                                                                    Perhaps your unkempt, old lawn has made you despair. You might be tired of wasting water while attempting to revive it. At Australian Construction, we are professionals. So, we rejuvenate old lawns. We do this by altering your irrigation and drainage systems.

                                                                    But, at times, we cannot salvage the lawn. Under such circumstances, we need to begin from scratch. In this case, we install new grass to make your garden look new and fresh.

                                                                    Expert lawn mowing

                                                                    If your lawn is not mowed and maintained regularly, the garden looks wild. The landscaping contractor in Hobart gives your garden utmost care. For this reason, your garden lawn withstands the elements. The garden also survives seasonal weather changes.


                                                                    At Australian Construction, we have the skills, experience and workforce. Due to this, we can handle any landscaping project. For instance, we service major commercial projects. Our landscaping contractor in Hobart is creative. Because of this, we use our local awareness of flora and fauna. In this manner, we ensure that all our work easily blends into the natural environment

                                                                    For the most beautiful landscapes in Hobart, do not hesitate to call our experts now!


                                                                      Your Local Landscaping Contractor Geelong – Friendly & Reliable Service

                                                                        Our clients adore the simplicity of working with the Australian Construction team. We deliver at each stage of your project. Our team designs your outdoor space. They then build your new landscape. Furthermore, our landscaping contractor in Geelong constructs your swimming pool.

                                                                        We are popular because of our landscaping skills. Given this, we have unique and clever designs. Furthermore, our team provides quality artistry. We are proud to provide high-end finishes also. 

                                                                        The landscaping contractor in Geelong specialises in new builds. Moreover, we specialise in swimming pool designs. Additionally, we handle existing pool renovations. Our team also works on decks, paving and pergolas. Besides, we work on retaining walls, driveways and more.

                                                                        Our professional staff

                                                                        The Australian Construction team consists of in-house garden design professionals. We also have landscaping construction crews. Additionally, our team consists of a landscapes maintenance team. Given this, the team develops your idea. 

                                                                        Consequently, the outcome is a practical outdoor retreat. This area is also smart and inspiring. Improving your outdoor area transforms your lifestyle completely. Given this, your family and friend interact outside throughout the year.

                                                                        Specialist landscape design construction

                                                                        The landscaping contractor provides landscape design. We also provide construction services in Geelong. For this reason, we provide professional landscaping to our residential clients. We also offer these services to our commercial customers. In this regard, we offer our clients expert landscaping. 

                                                                        More importantly, we customise to your needs and budget. Our landscaping contractor in Geelong aims to give our clients an ideal outdoor area. Moreover, this area complements the surrounding. Coupled with this, it continues looking great for numerous years to come. 

                                                                        We provide different landscape construction services. For instance, we offer patios, pathways and driveways. We also service entertainment areas, new lawns, etc.

                                                                        Specialist commercial landscapers

                                                                        Does your business require a modernised landscaping plan? In that case, Australian Construction has the experience to create a durable design. More to this, we have the technical knowledge. For this reason, the design perfectly matches your brand. In turn, it appeals to your clients.

                                                                        We give our commercial customers a quick landscape construction procedure. Due to this, our team minimises any problems during construction. Low maintenance landscaping is crucial for a commercial design to succeed. 

                                                                        This concept applies to a large spread of green lawns and substantial retaining walls. It includes a clean, simple garden space in front of your structure also.

                                                                        Specialist domestic landscapers

                                                                        Your home’s curb appeal either increases or decreases your property’s value. For this reason, hiring a landscaper is a crucial matter for most homeowners. To set up the ideal landscape design requires vast experience. 

                                                                        The landscaping should not only complement your home but also meet all your needs. We have an onsite consultation to talk about your ideas. Following this, we create a lovely and breathtaking garden design for your home.

                                                                        Also, we give you an idea that matches your lifestyle. The landscaping contractor has the experience, knowledge, and skills. We give you the outdoor areas that improve your lifestyle. These outdoor spaces also match your budget.

                                                                        Timber deck builders

                                                                        Timber decking is popular among homeowners. First, this is because of their attractive look. Two, they can work as an outdoor entertaining area. It enhances your way of life. Our natural hardwood decks create a warm feeling. Therefore, it softens the link between your house and the external landscape. Consequently, it gives your family a lovely area, and you can use it throughout the year.


                                                                        The landscaping contractor in Geelong has the experience, knowledge and skills. Because of this, we give you great outdoor spaces. Your lifestyle improves as a result. We tailor our landscaping services according to your needs.

                                                                        So, do not hesitate to call us today for the best landscaping services in Geelong!


                                                                          Outstanding Commercial | Residential Landscaping Contractor Wollongong

                                                                            Our passionate Australian Construction team provides different landscaping services. Because of this, we offer outdoor services suitable for different needs. Our landscaping contractor in Wollongong specialises in revitalising outdoor areas. 

                                                                            Equally important, we have worked enthusiastically for years. The type of project or budget does not matter. Notwithstanding, we can change your garden or entertaining area. Therefore, you will love it for years!

                                                                            Due to the knowledge and experience we have, our company is famous in Wollongong. Australian Construction is friendly and has significant expertise. Because of this, we have brought life to many outdoor areas!

                                                                            Our priority is to satisfy our clients.  Therefore, relax and watch us make your outdoor area beautiful. Additionally, we make it a modern space. Consequently, you and your family have fun here for years.

                                                                            Landscape design

                                                                            We have landscape design and implementation services. These services are in high demand in Wollongong, and it is why we have a creative and artistic team. For this reason, they deliver lovely outdoor design plans all the time. So, our clients remain happy!

                                                                            The design procedure between our customers and design architects is friendly. In other words, we do not impose our ideas on our clients. Instead, our expert team gives you suitable options. Then, we leave the final decision to you. 

                                                                            Our landscaping contractor in Wollongong assures you that they will mould your final plans expertly. As a result, the plans blend perfectly with your outdoor space or entertainment area. In addition, it matches your tastes, needs and lifestyle.

                                                                            Concept development and plan

                                                                            This section involves a creative process. For one thing, there is a lot of communication between our designers and our customers. The team presents rough illustrations of how they will lay out the garden area. Therefore, it enables you to understand your area’s transformation. 

                                                                            This initial planning phase is exciting! But, for some people, it can be overwhelming. It happens when they attempt to decide what they require. Despite this, do not worry. Our designers are patient and supportive. They work with you to create a plan that matches your lifestyle. 

                                                                            Planting plan

                                                                            It is essential to develop a planting plan. The reason is that it ensures your outdoor area has bright flora spread all over. The landscaping contractor in Wollongong proposes different plant options. Furthermore, they match your selected design. They are also in line with the physical garden area. 

                                                                            Our team also offers visual references of the suggested plants, pot sizes, quantities, etc. As a result, you can correctly envision the appearance of your garden. In this stage of the design process, we establish the planting schedules. It ensures we plant the plant species you choose at the appropriate time of the year. As a result, it ensures longevity.

                                                                            Final master plan

                                                                            The Australian Construction’s last stage of the design procedure involves combining all the steps. In the light of this, we do it concisely. Therefore, we give you a detailed master plan. At that point, you can make changes and tweaks. 

                                                                            Because of this, you ensure that all the decisions made suit your needs. For instance, you check whether it meets your aesthetic tastes and lifestyle. Also, consider how you will use the area for years to come.

                                                                            Our master plan includes an estimated timeline and construction plan. Additionally, it features schedules and a planting plan. Furthermore, it has the final drawings and sketches of the outdoor area. At this point, all the parties sign the final plan. After this, our expert team embarks on your project!


                                                                            The landscaping contractor in Wollongong works on your project from start to finish. Consequently, they give life to your plants, giving you the ideal landscape. At all stages, we focus on our client. In addition, we do this during your garden or outdoor area’s physical construction.

                                                                            Call us today to talk to our design specialists for the best results!


                                                                              Perfect Landscaping Every Time – Landscaping Contractor Central Coast

                                                                                The Australian Construction team creates lovely outdoor spaces. We do this using a blend of visual aesthetics and function. Besides, we use practicality also. Therefore, our landscaping contractor on the Central Coast gives you a splendid landscaped area.

                                                                                The size of your landscaping needs is not essential. For this reason, big or small, we create a landscaping solution. Moreover, we give you solutions for rural acreages. We also provide services for home and balcony gardens. Furthermore, we offer landscaping services for business premises and childcare centre playgrounds.

                                                                                Our expert team strikes a balance for your landscape project. We balance between functionality, style and the appearance you want. Because of this, we stick to the budget. For design and construction, we are your landscaping solution.

                                                                                Landscape design

                                                                                The first stage of your project is landscape design. Therefore, it starts with how you imagine your ideal yard. In this case, the best place to begin is your garden. Our expert Australian Construction team meets you. The reason is to discuss your needs. We then take photos and measurements to begin the design and quotation procedure.

                                                                                Given this, call us and tell us your ideas. We guarantee that we go the extra mile all the time. In this regard, we give you the landscape design you want. In addition, we surpass your expectations! The landscaping contractor on the Central Coast also provides an outdoor area design for your business property.

                                                                                The Australian Construction team consists of experienced and educated landscapers. In the light of this, they turn your vision into life. Moreover, they do this quickly and easily. We finish projects of all sizes as well.

                                                                                We work closely with you.

                                                                                After confirming your design consultation, it is wise to know what style you want for your landscape.  But, in case you are unsure, our expert team will help you. Our team has vast knowledge and fantastic landscape design ideas.

                                                                                Given this, they offer you some images for inspiration. In this case, we find ideal methods to establish your ideas into the landscaping design strategy.  You may be unsure of the perfect style for your property. In this case, do not hesitate to request us samples of our past work.

                                                                                The landscaping contractor on the Central Coast aims to meet your requirements. But, you can be assured that we will give you a helpful tip. As a result, it will enhance your landscaping design. 

                                                                                We determine the kinds of plants that suit your style. Also, we find out whether these plants match your soil type. Additionally, we establish the number of sunlight hours. For this reason, we ensure your yard looks lovely throughout the year. 

                                                                                Professional landscape design

                                                                                The landscaping contractor on the Central Coast has expert landscape designers. Because we respect your time, we arrive on time and work fast. It also allows us to complete the job on time. 

                                                                                Given this, call us and schedule a convenient time for you. We will then arrange everything else. We inspect your site and find out what ideas you have. After that, we embark on your landscaping plan. Our team then gives you the available options. You can then select the one that appeals to you most. 

                                                                                Our staff accepts all your suggestions and changes. Therefore, you are welcome to discuss it with us. We will then change the landscaping plan to suit your needs.


                                                                                We make the whole landscape installation procedure hassle-free. The reason is that we have a well-organised team. In addition, we have enough equipment. So, we work fast to complete installing your new landscape. Additionally, we offer regular maintenance service whenever required.

                                                                                Talk to us today to find out more about our outstanding landscaping services!


                                                                                  Professional And Affordable Landscaping Contractor Sunshine Coast

                                                                                    Australian Construction offers different landscaping services. Furthermore, we provide excellent advice and customer care. Also, our landscaping contractor on the Sunshine Coast serves residential and commercial clients.

                                                                                    We not only provide services on the Sunshine Coast but also nearby areas. Our landscaping services include construction landscaping and paving. In addition, we offer irrigation installation and water features. Moreover, we handle decking, pergolas and walls.

                                                                                    Retaining walls

                                                                                    Australian Construction builds functional retaining walls. Additionally, they are stylish and structural. Our team has the skills and expertise to design unique retaining walls. For this purpose, they stop the earth and soil from sloping downwards. Therefore, we prevent it from accessing any useable area.

                                                                                    Usually, it happens in rough levels of land. It also affects garden beds. Furthermore, it is found in areas where a slope is likely to be used. Retaining walls are functional. More importantly, they form another level in a landscape. 

                                                                                    As a result, the landscape becomes useable. Our landscaping contractor on the Sunshine Coast offers retaining wall solutions. That is to say, it brings an element of depth. Moreover, we build them using attractive materials.

                                                                                    We use any blend of pine, stone and hardwoods. Also, we utilise brick, cladding or rendered brick. Because of this, it complements your landscape. Our expert team also installs the Versawall retaining block system. It describes an interlocking system. In this case, it facilitates quicker construction and remarkable durability.

                                                                                    At Australian Construction we provide Versawall interlocking blocks. In addition, we offer them in different styles and colours to suit your requirements. Therefore, we create the ideal retaining wall for our clients.

                                                                                    We construct a retaining wall from different kinds of materials. After this, we erect it. Our team does this to stop the nearby earth from shifting downwards. It prevents it from accessing a helpful area.

                                                                                    Paving supply & installation

                                                                                    Pavers present a robust flooring material. We mainly mould it from concrete. However, we have it in various materials like stone. They are available in multiple sizes and shapes. At times our expert team dyes the pavers with oxide. To this end, we achieve the desired colour.  After this, we lay the single paving units on the underlying surface. Consequently, we form a long lasting outdoor solution for all types of areas. 

                                                                                    Real instant lawn

                                                                                    The landscaping contractor on the Sunshine Coast supplies and installs instant turf. Given that, we provide different lawn varieties. They suit other areas, for instance, a prominent commercial place. Also, it matches your front yard.

                                                                                    Before we expertly lay our instant law, we check your soil conditioning. Therefore, it gives your new lawn the ideal start. Some areas on the Sunshine Coast have clay-based soils. Given this, we work to increase the soil composition. 

                                                                                    To achieve this, we lay a premium top layer. We do it before laying the turf. When laying turf, soil conditioning is a crucial step. For this reason, we meticulously condition the soil to make it suitable for the turf type.


                                                                                    The landscaping contractor on the Sunshine Coast has excellent experience in the landscape sector. Our landscapers have vast knowledge and skills. We boast unique quality coupled with the best materials. Because of this, we deliver superior results each time. We have passionate landscapers.

                                                                                    So, they listen to your requirements then provide the best solution. You may have installed a pool recently or renovated it. Or perhaps you are building a new home. In this case, our landscape solutions will enhance your outdoor area! We have our wide range of experience. Therefore, we deliver breathtaking backyard designs. It means we are full of creative concepts and expert suggestions.

                                                                                    So, ensure you get suitable landscaping by dealing with professionals like Australian Construction!


                                                                                      Hire The Gold Coast’s Leading Landscaping Contractor – Aus Construction

                                                                                      Top reasons you should hire professional landscaping services

                                                                                        Do you wish to improve the appearance and feel of your home lawn? Maybe you own a commercial property and want to enrich the curb appeal. No matter what landscaping ideas you have, it is best for you to hire an expert landscaping contractor on the Gold Coast to get the ideal final product.

                                                                                        Australian Construction is qualified to make you realise your landscaping dreams. Professional landscaping helps in attaining a good first impression of your residence, improves the curb appeal, and makes your property more valuable.

                                                                                        Ideal Landscaping Solutions

                                                                                        When planning to start a landscaping project, it would be best for you to plan things perfectly. The most important factor is for you to know where to start. If you try to plan your landscaping project without expert help from our landscaping contractor on the Gold Coast, this job may be challenging. You may think that a certain feature may make your lawn look brilliant; however, achieving this goal might be difficult.

                                                                                        At our professional landscaping firm, we have a team of highly skilled landscapers and designers. We examine your land, find out what is practical, and identify issues before giving you ideal solutions.

                                                                                        Finish the work within a budget

                                                                                        After hiring a professional landscaping firm like Australian Construction, our skilled team completes the work within your budget. Engaging a professional landscaping contractor ensures that you have a detailed discussion about your budget.

                                                                                        Our expert team is always ready to provide you with a design that suits your budget. After discussing your budget, we will establish the ideal options available for you and assist you in making the correct choice.

                                                                                        Fast Delivery of Services

                                                                                        A professional landscaping firm like Australian Construction uses ideal methods and techniques to deliver work in the minimum time possible. When you engage a skilled landscaping firm like Australian Construction, you have peace of mind, with the assurance that we will finish the work in the specified time.

                                                                                        Superior Quality Services

                                                                                        Australian Construction has a wide range of experience in the sector. Our expert landscapers have comprehensive training and are well equipped to offer you the best outcomes. They remain updated with the newest designs, technologies and trends. Because of this, they complete landscaping ventures of all sizes with maximum care and precision.

                                                                                        A professional landscaping firm like ours uses superior equipment, ideal tools, high-end materials and top safety standards to give you awesome results in the end.

                                                                                        Saving money and time

                                                                                        Hiring a professional landscaping contractor on the Gold Coast enables you to save a significant amount of money and time.  You do not need to spend a lot of cash on purchasing landscaping equipment. Also, you don’t have to take time from your busy everyday schedule to complete the task.

                                                                                        Commercial Landscaping in Gold Coast

                                                                                        If the outdoor space of your business is starting to look shabby, you need to consider commercial landscaping. Australian Construction works with you to set up a striking environment that your clients and employees will enjoy.

                                                                                        On the Gold Coast, there are many trends for commercial landscaping design. Examples are:

                                                                                        • Outdoor work efficiency: Bright and sunny weather makes it hard for staff to concentrate on their work if they are stuck in an office. Creating a lovely outdoors setting ensures that you give your staff the chance to complete some of their work outside. The change of scenery motivates them to finish their work efficiently.
                                                                                        • Bright Plants: Australian Construction adds a dash of colour to your landscape, making your business front seem more inviting. Many plants or flowers are available in a range of colours, giving you artistically pleasing designs. When choosing your plants, ensure that you remember that a lot of them need a particular amount of sunlight and watering regularly. If your property lacks suitable irrigation, a member of our staff will be happy to talk about different options with you.

                                                                                        We advise you to consider some factors before deciding on landscaping:

                                                                                        • Have an idea of what you wish to attain. Although you will need to get the opinion of our expert landscaping contractor on the Gold Coast, you also need to state what you want. Please browse the website to check what’s trending, and what other people have done with their outdoor space. It will be a great start for inspiration.
                                                                                        • Get a professional service like Australian Construction. We are ready to offer you a fulfilling experience, from beginning to end. You might wish to get involved in the design procedure; however, it does not mean that you should chase after contractors or micromanage the project. When you choose us, rest assured knowing that you will receive the help you need at any stage.
                                                                                        • Create a list of questions and present them to your new landscaping contractor before they begin working on your Gold Coast project. For instance, consider future maintenance, challenges involved in updating, cleaning and maintaining the newly landscaped area.
                                                                                        • Consider the growth: It is essential to think of the plants’ growth and expansion in future, before planting. Planting a tree may be a lovely addition. However, it would be best if you remembered that it might eventually tower over nearby spaces with time. So, it would help if you planted it at a suitable distance from the home. Think of how much maintenance you need, since some shrubs and bushes require more trimming compared to others.


                                                                                        The appearance of your ground near your residence or office speaks volumes about you. Attractive landscaping sends the right message to your clients and staff. At Australian Construction, we encourage you to take advantage of our free telephone consultation at 1800 155 881. We will give you information about the landscaping options we have to offer.

                                                                                        We are committed to quality that surpasses our design and installation efforts; it extends to our selection of suppliers.

                                                                                        We aim to give you landscaping installations that indicate our high           standards. Our designs show the newest landscaping trends that are        popular on the Gold Coast.

                                                                                        We are the solution to your home or office’s lovely and functional landscapes!


                                                                                          The Finest Qualified Landscaping Contractor In Darwin – Aus Construction

                                                                                          Enhance Your Lawn & Garden With Landscaping In Darwin

                                                                                            There are many reasons why you should work with a professional when planning your property’s garden, instead of doing it alone. You might not have enough time to start the project or maintain it, or lack the necessary gardening skills.

                                                                                            But, you still want to have delightful green surroundings. Whatever your reason, choosing a professional landscaping contractor in Darwin is very useful.

                                                                                            An experienced contract landscaper has the required knowledge to work on the project for you. We have the necessary workforce and equipment to handle the job fast and without hassle. Our team also has the skills in almost every feature of your gardening or lawn needs.

                                                                                            Hiring our experienced landscaping contractor in Darwin gives you these benefits:

                                                                                            Provision of premium quality work

                                                                                            From simple landscaping, clean-ups, garden rejuvenation to doing standard maintenance tasks like weeding, trimming, mowing and hedging, you have the assurance that our staff will deliver an impeccable job.

                                                                                            In many instances, Australian Construction prefers having a person on-site, preferably the owner at every job, to supervise and facilitate work quality. From the instant you requested a free quote to the time the job is completed, we have a person present who works as your customer care specialist, ensuring that we deliver excellent customer service.

                                                                                            Honest and Reliable

                                                                                            Experienced contractors like us are strict about delivering on their promises, which gives you peace of mind. We have comprehensive insurance against public liability and are certified and OHS compliant. 

                                                                                            Our landscaping contractor in Darwin belongs to the Independent Lawn Mowing Association of Australia. This organisation is recognised because it ensures that individual contractors like Australian Construction are safe and credible.

                                                                                            Significant professional work experience

                                                                                            When you check examples of our work it will prove our reliability. We are happy to give you references from past clients. Our landscaping contractor has years of experience and has an awareness of each factor of the gardening sector.

                                                                                            Our team has intense knowledge about all the work a client’s gardening, and lawn mowing requires. We have worked with different customers from various agencies like schools, hotels, real estate and state agencies.

                                                                                            Affordable superior service

                                                                                            When you work with us you are in luck because we can customise everything depending on your budget. Experienced contractors like Australian Construction provide a personal working relationship, so you interact directly with us. We offer brilliant results at affordable rates because you do not pay for royalties.

                                                                                            Services provided by expert landscaping contractors

                                                                                            Screening plants

                                                                                            You may wish to have some privacy from passers-by and neighbours. Or you want to partition a section of the garden to form an exceptional living area. If you are going to partition a section of the garden, an excellent way of doing this is using screening plants. The plants grow near a fence, patio or separately as a hedge.

                                                                                            Australian Construction recommends screening plants as an effective method of creating privacy fast and making your garden greener. Many quick-growing screen plants are available, giving you many options for selecting suitable plants for your area.

                                                                                            If you want a bushy plant that grows tall fast, offering shade and privacy or a plant that grows gradually along a trellis to cover a wall, many options are available like the following:

                                                                                            Lilly Pilly

                                                                                            Lilly Pilly is an Australian native that creates a great, fast-growing screening plant. Lilly Pilly is available in many varieties, for instance, acmena, syzgium and waterhousea types.

                                                                                            These are evergreen plants that sustain their leaves in all seasons. When their roots shoot up, they present various striking colours like pink, orange and cream, making your garden stunning. Birds are attracted to these eye-catching plants!

                                                                                            Clumping Bamboo

                                                                                            Clumping bamboo comes in many varieties, and we highly recommend it as a screening plant. Bamboo grows fast, and you have a wide variety of clumping bamboo to select from, giving your yard many options.

                                                                                            Some favourite choices are the ghost, gold and Chinese dwarf. Most bamboo varieties provide wonderful screening plants if you have narrow spaces. Clumping bamboo grows extraordinarily tall, sometimes up to 12 meters in height.


                                                                                            Curbing presents an appealing finishing touch to landscaped areas. It is durable and robust, and the landscaping contractor in Darwin provides it in various styles and colours to suit all budgets and tastes.

                                                                                            Suppose you want the garden bed to be separated from the lawn, or you want to give your driveway a complete look; in that case, our professional team gives you expertly laid curbing to complement your driveway’s appearance and add value to your property.

                                                                                            We provide metal and concrete Curbing like;

                                                                                            • Landscape edging
                                                                                            • Garden edging
                                                                                            • Lawn edging
                                                                                            • Car parks
                                                                                            • Playgrounds
                                                                                            • Wheel stops

                                                                                            Rocks & Mulch

                                                                                            Pebbles and rocks add colour, texture and functionality to your landscape. They maintain moisture and help with drainage problems, making your landscape visually attractive.

                                                                                            Our landscaping contractor mulches your garden using wood-chip or rick mulch to decrease the weeds, enrich soil quality and save water. The Australian Construction team helps you choose the ideal pebbles and mulch to suit your garden’s climate and needs.

                                                                                            Advantages of adding mulch and rocks are:

                                                                                            • Control weeds from growing.
                                                                                            • Retain soil moisture.
                                                                                            • Offers protection to plant roots
                                                                                            • Drainage solutions
                                                                                            • Increase visual attraction, colour and texture
                                                                                            • Protect plant roots

                                                                                            Turf & Irrigation

                                                                                            You need the appropriate turf if you want to lay turf on your property. We have a turf specialist who helps you choose the correct grass to match your needs and gives suggestions on taking care of your newly laid lawn.

                                                                                            Apart from the turf services, we install irrigation systems of all types and sizes and maintain them. When you install a superior quality irrigation system, you protect your outdoor investment.

                                                                                            It also decreases water consumption outdoors, compared to standard watering methods. Australian Construction also helps you to design an effective water irrigation system that meets your needs.


                                                                                            Our vast experience in Darwin’s landscaping sector has enabled Australian Construction to continue getting lovely projects and satisfied clients. Our reputation for delivering highly skilled services in all landscaping areas has earned us popularity for providing quality and excellent work.

                                                                                            Get in touch with us today and give us a chance to make your garden or lawn breathtaking!


                                                                                              Your Local Professional & Affordable Landscaping Contractor In Adelaide

                                                                                              The Awesome Benefits Of Professional Landscaping In Adelaide

                                                                                                Even if you love gardening & landscaping, you have other things that require your attention, such as your job, career, family and much more. It makes it hard for you to be available all the time to tend to your garden or lawn.

                                                                                                But, our garden needs significant amounts of care so that it can grow and produce beautiful and healthy plants. However, our demanding  schedules usually distract our attention away from the important aspects of garden care.  This is the reason it would be best for you to seek professional help from a landscaping contractor in Adelaide.

                                                                                                When you work with landscaping services like Australian Construction, you maintain a clean lawn and your garden looks as attractive as ever. Outdoor features make your home more valuable; so, you must make sure that they look great throughout. 

                                                                                                If your schedule is usually tight, delegate your landscaping tasks to a professional like us. Our able team will ensure that your lawn and garden look excellent at all times.

                                                                                                When you hire our professional landscaping contractor in Adelaide, you benefit in the following ways:

                                                                                                1.  Caring for your Garden & Lawn professionally

                                                                                                When you hire landscaping services from Australian Construction, it gives you the pleasure of working with a team of professional gardeners who have significant knowledge and experience in growing plants. Using their services gives you the guarantee that your garden is in great hands.

                                                                                                These people possess optimal landscaping knowledge, giving you the peace of mind and expertise you deserve. The professionals at our firm are gardening and landscaping experts. For instance, soil care, plants knowledge, the ideal position for your garden, your garden’s appearance, and many more.

                                                                                                2.  Ideal landscaping ideas

                                                                                                Gardening goes hand-in-hand with landscaping because this factor determines whether we have done a wonderful job in gardening tasks. Our landscaping contractor consists of expert gardeners, who are well conversant with the newest landscaping designs in Adelaide. Our expert team can change your garden and lawn, making it a striking outdoor feature.

                                                                                                When you give them your personal preferences, they invest a lot of effort in incorporating it to the best of their ability.  So, using our landscaping contractor means you have the assurance that your lawn’s landscape will become enhanced and lovelier.

                                                                                                Trending paving design patterns in Adelaide

                                                                                                In Adelaide, there are four popular paving pattern designs:

                                                                                                1.  Stack Bond

                                                                                                2.  Basket Weave

                                                                                                3.  Herringbone

                                                                                                4.  Stretcher Bond or Brick Bond

                                                                                                Ideas for Paths’ paving design

                                                                                                Paving designs for walkways or footpaths are different. If these pavers are just subject to foot traffic, the paving pattern choice depends solely on personal choice. ‘Stretcher bond’ or ‘Stack Bond’ designs are mainly used for paths that create a straight line. It restricts or eliminates the need to cut the pavers to accommodate the width.

                                                                                                Paving design below a verandah

                                                                                                When you select paving designs underneath a verandah, think of the area’s size and the kind of traffic or weight that the verandah pavers will be exposed to. Most people like the ‘stretcher bond’ design for verandahs. It mainly applies to small spaces, while ‘herringbone’ and ‘basket weave’ is preferred for bigger spaces. The reason is their interlocking pattern can withstand more motion from wheels rotating on them than a ‘stack bond’ laid paving pattern.

                                                                                                A driveway’s paving design

                                                                                                A driveway’s paving patterns need interlocking pavers for a lasting effect. Australian Construction considers the weight because even if trucks do not drive over them regularly, delivery trucks can damage them if their weight is not considered.

                                                                                                We use ‘Basket weave’ and ‘herringbone’ at Australian Construction for driveway pavers of 50-60mm thickness. We choose these patterns because they are stronger and are a favourite for driveway paving designs.

                                                                                                The appearance of a ‘basket weave’ design is breathtaking; it also applies to ‘herringbone,’ which involves using two hues. If you want ‘stretcher bond’ or ‘stack bond’ paving designs, our expert team uses a line of edge pavers set on a cement base to prevent the rotating wheels of a heavy car from moving the pavers.

                                                                                                A pool’s paving design

                                                                                                For a pool, Australian Construction uses paving pattern designs that generally combine pavers. We lay them using a ‘herringbone’ or a ‘stretcher bond’ pattern for bigger areas. We can use the slate in a ‘crazy pattern’ design if you want.

                                                                                                Details about Laying Pavers

                                                                                                Preparation is paramount when laying pavers. We are proud of ourselves because of the attention to detail we give this task, to appropriately prepare the base where we will lay your pavers. Depending on the ground underneath, we remove 100mm of earth and replace it with quarry sand. We then compact it to offer a sturdy level ground where we lay the pavers.

                                                                                                Because of climatic change, with time, particularly with heavy clay soils all pavers move. Therefore, we avail a professional landscaping contractor who ensures that they lay the pavers with a small space between them in. It prevents the paver edges from fragmenting.

                                                                                                Australian Construction mainly uses washed sand to fill the space between the pavers. It ensures that space can be easily re-filled using more sand when the sand comes out after you wash your pavers.

                                                                                                Our team often uses a mortar mix; we colour it to complement the paver colour you choose. The mortar in the middle of the joints offers a steady joint. It helps to make the pavers stable. However, it might crack if a load is placed on it or if the pavers shift, making it harder to repair.

                                                                                                We use Pave-Lok, which creates a strong interlocking joint and is flexible. It does not wash out easily, stops the growth of weeds and is easily replaceable like the sand, if necessary.


                                                                                                Australian Construction is certified as a landscaping contractor in Adelaide, and our services are popular with commercial businesses and home-owners. The reason is that we have a comprehensive, paving portfolio.

                                                                                                Visit our website today to access our complete list of gardening services and benefits. Call our hotline to hire our professional gardening services.

                                                                                                It will be our pleasure to present you with a free estimate on your project!


                                                                                                  Affordable Local Landscaping Contractor in Townsville – Aus Construction

                                                                                                  Professional Landscaping in Townsville

                                                                                                    Everyone wishes to have an enticing garden or yard. If you have a plain and boring garden, you need a makeover by a landscaping contractor in Townsville. We can make your lawn or garden fresh and enjoyable, giving your property a warm vibe.

                                                                                                    Our team at Australian Construction can raise your property’s value by designing it professionally, installing it and maintaining it well. We are always available for you when you need affordable landscaping services like:

                                                                                                    • Planting ornamental trees and shrubs: Plants play a big role in your garden so long as you plant them according to their functionality and artistic values to the landscape. We have a landscaping contractor situated in Townsville who offers you a list of the best suitable plants for your garden.
                                                                                                    • Turf installation:  Our qualified and experienced team plants turf sprigs of fresh turf sods neatly in your yard, making it look very attractive once established. The lovely appearance of fresh green grass is enough to make you break out into a joyous smile any day.
                                                                                                    • Landscape Paving: Our landscaping contractor in Townsville enhances your garden features, ensuring that people who use the area fully enjoy the view. We set up awesome paths using durable landscape pavers. They vary from driveways to walkways.
                                                                                                    • Installing a water feature: If all your garden aspects are static, water features are great. Examples are ponds, fountains or waterfalls in your garden.


                                                                                                    For garden paving, we use various outdoor hardscape pavers. They are circulation surfaces formed practically and durably to resist any pressure and load exerted on them. These loads are either traffic or pedestrian loads. Australian Construction offers services that give users of the areas friction; it transfers traffic and pedestrian loads from above the surface to underneath natural soil.

                                                                                                    As the property owner in Townsville, for paving, you can select from our wide range of easily accessible paving materials, depending on your reasons. Examples of these materials are limestone, concrete, brick, gravel paving stones and natural stones.

                                                                                                    We use three methods to provide paving services:

                                                                                                    • Unit paving: This landscape paving involves several small units that are not necessarily created at their installation point. Our landscaping contractor in Townsville manufactures pavers in a separate area and transports it to other sites for installation. The paving type that needs unit installations is limestone paving, granite pavers, natural stone paving and brick paving.
                                                                                                    • Soft Paving: For this, our experienced team incorporates the turf grass and the selected landscape pavers during installation. It creates a pattern of hardscape and softscape also. The option consists of turf blocks, soft paving and grass soft paving.
                                                                                                    • In situ paving: Our landscapers at Australian Construction fix the landscaping paving in the site in the correct position required. Some of the in situ paving services we offer use asphalt and concrete installations.

                                                                                                    Retaining Walls

                                                                                                    Retaining walls in a garden are the landscape’s fundamental architectural features. It is essential since the two hold soil, preventing erosion and filter runoff rainwater. They give you a great benefit because of their durability.

                                                                                                    Most garden owners choose inexpensive materials to retain wall installation; but Australian Construction does not compromise its stability. Our competent staff makes sure that the retaining walls are sufficiently stable to fight negative forces.

                                                                                                    We build the walls from sandstone, concrete, granite and other construction materials.

                                                                                                    Examples of the walls:

                                                                                                    • Concrete retaining walls:  We use concrete to create modern and extremely classy designs in your Townsville home. It is a great way of reinforcement if there is a slope. We blend industrial concrete and simple architecture, giving you a spectacular view! 
                                                                                                    • Having retaining walls with playful design gives you a structure with varied forms. It gives your outdoor space more advantage.
                                                                                                    • Stone retaining walls: Australian Construction uses natural stones to make informal looking retaining walls. Choosing to present creative factors in your garden, we can also use gabion walls to substitute stone-concrete and concrete retaining walls. We create them from a metal mesh gabion full of stones. The retaining walls are inclined slightly, and we create them with bigger gaps between them, facilitating plant growth, especially grasses and shrubs.

                                                                                                    Garden Maintenance

                                                                                                    Gardening is a great outdoor activity since it connects us directly with nature. It also offers us a wonderful feel, and we consistently experience decreased stress levels and less aggression when we carry out some tasks in the garden. But, when you own property in Townsville, you may find yourself limited for time to beautify your garden single-handedly.

                                                                                                    We advise you to seek expert help from our Townsville landscaping contractor. Having a firm like this nearby is appropriate in cases like this. A lovely garden improves your property’s general elegance and gives your visitors a pleasant impression. The reason is that it is the first factor that will capture their attention.

                                                                                                    We have a competent team that carries out residential and commercial garden maintenance in all weather conditions because your garden needs continuous maintenance throughout the year.

                                                                                                    We have highly skilled landscapers who handle all your garden needs effectively, offering you customised maintenance support. It facilitates the optimal blooming of your garden.

                                                                                                    We regularly review our garden maintenance in Townsville to meet your desires as the homeowner and according to the garden’s needs. The team of experts we have in Townsville’s main focus is to continuously expand and enhance their knowledge and skills of the present garden maintenance methods. Their focus is on practical, sustainable techniques.

                                                                                                    We carry out garden maintenance like lawn mowing, ornamental topiary hedging, tree pruning and trimming, hardscape cleaning, garden aeration and disease management to maintain lovely outdoor areas. Australian Construction carries out garden services specific to your garden hardscape and softscape.

                                                                                                    Call us today on 1800 155 881!

                                                                                                    If you own a home or commercial building in Townsville and have a garden, you should ensure it is well installed, designed, maintained or renovated.  A stylishly designed and maintained space will give you mental stimulation, leading to a sense of peace. It is important when you want to rest after going through the same routines every day.

                                                                                                    Townsville has different landscaping firms that offer gardening services. It depends on what your garden specifically needs.

                                                                                                    Australian Construction will expertly design and renovate your garden depending on the design style that perfectly suits your needs!


                                                                                                      Your Qualified Landscaping Contractor in Sydney – Request A Quote Today

                                                                                                      Professional Landscaping Services In Sydney

                                                                                                        When you landscape your lawn, it becomes more interesting and boosts your property’s curb attraction. However, for people who are not experienced in this process, it can be a challenging job.

                                                                                                        Fortunately, it is simpler than you believe, especially if you comprehend the basics, like its advantages and how you can design it effectively, with the help of our landscaping contractor in Sydney.

                                                                                                        What does landscaping entail?

                                                                                                        Landscaping is a sector that is committed to making your property’s land appealing. It involves selecting a suitable design that meets your requirements, budget and preferences. Landscaping is about executing this design and maintaining the surroundings.

                                                                                                        Australian Construction offers exterior design, architecture and gardening services. We have a creative team and the natural area is our canvas. We manipulate it and change it, making it an exceptional surrounding, to suit the home-owner’s taste.

                                                                                                        We have expert landscapers who provide artistic designs. Our staff has horticulture awareness, which is necessary when it comes to a specific area. Sydney has different types of land, such as untamed bush land running along the hillsides and constantly changing wetlands in the plains.

                                                                                                        It is also the landscaper’s responsibility to know the limitations in Sydney. There are restrictions concerning the climate and terrain, which affects the landscaping design and choice of plants. You can see that landscaping can be a bit daunting in various areas, like dedication and finances.

                                                                                                        But, with the assistance of an expert like Australian Construction, you can realise your objectives.

                                                                                                        Is landscaping similar to gardening?

                                                                                                        Most Australians love gardening, and it has also turned into a multi-billion dollar sector in the country, as well as other areas of the globe. However, some people cannot differentiate between landscaping and gardening.  The truth is that although they are similar in some ways, they are not the same.

                                                                                                        Gardening is similar to landscaping as it concentrates on the cultivation and maintenance of outdoor areas. These two are not just carried out on residential lawns. They are performed on golf courses, commercial establishments and parks.

                                                                                                        Landscaping involves setting up artistically pleasing surroundings, particularly the outdoor space. In this technique, Australian Construction uses grass, trees, plants, flowers, statues and stones. In contrast, gardening is mostly about cultivating plants or flowers in the area. 

                                                                                                        Landscaping is more comprehensive, and when you engage our landscaping contractor located in Sydney, this expert will plan and offer the garden design. In contrast, if you hire a gardener, the person will carry out the ‘dirty tasks’ for you like weeding, planting flowers, harvesting and fertilising.

                                                                                                        The importance of landscaping

                                                                                                        Our firm offers different kinds of landscaping designs. The concrete minimalism is a favourite, particularly in Sydney.  Some people like the bohemian theme with different flowers all over. Despite the landscaping design you pick, it is guaranteed to give you some benefit.

                                                                                                        Landscaping provides a lot of physical and psychological gains. It enables property owners to benefit financially.

                                                                                                        The main advantages of landscaping

                                                                                                        1.  Landscaping raises your property’s value

                                                                                                        For each of us, buying a house offers the best experiences in life. It is the reason people who can afford it relive this experience several times. They then choose the area they wish to settle. Real estate is a thriving investment. You can use it to generate substantial profits after selling the property. When you have a beautifully manicured lawn, it assists in raising the property’s value.

                                                                                                        2.  Many buyers want a landscaped lawn.

                                                                                                        If you decide to sell your current residence, finding a buyer will be easy. Couples, singles and families will approach you because they want to buy your home based on the beautiful backyard. So they are the ones you should mainly target when selling your home. Families love home sceneries that have plants, flowers and trees.

                                                                                                        Research indicates that on average, properties with a landscaped lawn have fewer incidences of crime. Their community involvement rate is also higher, making them more enjoyable to reside in.

                                                                                                        3.  You preserve the environment

                                                                                                        Even if you do not intend to sell your home, landscaping helps the surroundings in a lot of ways. Each home should be mindful of the environment and give it a priority.  A tree eliminates up to 26 pounds of carbon dioxide discharges from the air each year.

                                                                                                        Planting trees is beneficial because the trees capture smoke, dust and dangerous gases. In turn, they are transformed into oxygen. Another benefit from trees is that their roots soak up extra water, helping to avoid dangerous overspills that are common in suburban areas.

                                                                                                        Mistakes to avoid when hiring a landscaping contractor in Sydney

                                                                                                        Engaging a professional landscaping firm like Australian Construction, assures you that your landscaping requirements are met.  We ensure that your landscape remains manicured, green and healthy. Our experts carry out this task on your behalf, so you have time to spend with your friends and family!

                                                                                                        When choosing a landscaping contractor consider the following:

                                                                                                        • Research well before hiring a landscaping company and do not settle just for anyone. Look for a firm like Australian Construction, which offers a blend of experience and knowledge.
                                                                                                        • Do not forget to have the property assessed. Each office, home or area that requires you to hire a professional is different from the other. All properties vary in problems, needs, size and landscaping conditions. So, before hiring someone to handle all these, have an expert tour your site to offer you a suitable property assessment.
                                                                                                        • Hire a person you can work with in the future. In addition to engaging someone who is experienced, efficient and knowledgeable, it is crucial also ask yourself also whether the company understands your immediate requirements and long-term objectives.
                                                                                                        • A reputable landscaping contractor like ours based in Sydney will have a professional website giving all the information about their services. Review this business website to get crucial information about the firm’s background, services, referrals and pictures of the present work.


                                                                                                        Remember that hiring a landscaping contractor is expensive business and you will not get a refund if the project fails.

                                                                                                        So ensure that you select the ideal firm like Australian Construction for all your landscaping needs! Give us a call today on 1800 155 851.


                                                                                                          Hire The Most Trusted Landscaping Contractor in Perth – Aus Construction

                                                                                                          The Importance Of Professional Landscaping In Perth

                                                                                                             Comparing natural landscaping and professional landscaping

                                                                                                            Going out of the city or town and experiencing nature will give you the pleasure of enjoying the lovely scenery. It is a wonderful time to work out and inhale the fresh air, reconnecting with nature.

                                                                                                            When you are in natural surroundings, it relieves stress. If you allow our landscaping contractor in Perth to do the landscaping, it’s even better.  If you don’t enjoy your present garden, you may find it depressing to spend time outdoors.

                                                                                                            Working with our qualified team at Australian Construction can transform even the most neglected garden into a blooming one, using their skill and hard work. Therefore, don’t suffer silently; work with a professional landscaper and begin having fun in your garden once more.

                                                                                                            In Perth, you can access such areas easily if you have the time and means. Spending time in nature is important for relaxation in the natural landscape.

                                                                                                            It is the reason you should work with our landscaping contractor to give you professional landscaping, bringing the essential natural experience to cities and towns in Australia.

                                                                                                            You may find going to the park different from spending time in real nature. However, it can be an appropriate substitute.

                                                                                                            Three crucial landscaping groups

                                                                                                            You can split the importance of landscaping into three groups that can later be defined using some categories in broad terms. These key groups are ecological, cultural and economic.

                                                                                                            Let us discuss them in detail.

                                                                                                            1. Economic: It includes related subcategories like attracting investment, tourism, and enticing residents, branding opportunities and appealing to fresh investment.
                                                                                                            • Ecological: Professional landscaping from a company like Australian Construction can encourage ecological agendas like conservation, regeneration and protecting indigenous habitats.

                                                                                                             3. Cultural: Sympathetic and thoughtful landscaping promotes         cultural gains like the enhanced quality of life, historical links, cultural values, spiritual renewal and an improved feel of community and identity.

                                                                                                            Why landscaping is useful to you

                                                                                                            A lot of people have different concepts of what an expertly landscaped area should look like. People have different tastes; however, individuals generally want to enjoy peace, nature and quiet in their lives. When an area has good landscaping, it meets numerous needs.

                                                                                                            You can sit on a bench to read a novel or meditate. A professional firm like Australian Construction landscapes a path combining it with a cycle path, enabling you to walk and cycle. 

                                                                                                            Our professionals set aside smaller nooks and crannies for wilder nature or paths leading to a fountain, where you can take in the cool weather in the afternoon near the water. People have different landscaping requirements.

                                                                                                            Landscaping your residence

                                                                                                             When people think of landscaping their garden in Perth they imagine rockeries or a cooking deck used for eating outdoors. But, this is not all that we can achieve with your garden space. When you select an artistic landscaper in Perth like us, our imaginative team can put your ideas into action; for us, the sky’s the limit.

                                                                                                            Picture having a restful and peaceful outdoor area for meditating or taking a short nap in a hammock; or, you may prefer a vertical herb garden, where you grow herbs for your consumption or to make home remedies and to enjoy the natural smells. Whatever your preference, we are available to meet your needs.

                                                                                                            Benefits of professional landscaping around your residence

                                                                                                            Most home-owners try to realise their dreams for their outdoor areas. However, it proves a challenge to them, and they cannot get exactly what they want. The Perth climate varies a lot, and it is not easy to set up a garden and maintain its health.

                                                                                                            Even if the lawn is small, it needs a lot of work, and it is extremely hard to keep it watered if you do not have a reticulation system. When you work with our landscaping contractor in Perth you can have a nice experience in the natural surroundings of your home; otherwise, it would not be possible. 

                                                                                                            A professional landscaper has a wide range of local experience and can help you get the surroundings you wish to have.

                                                                                                            Understanding the plants’ requirements is crucial for you; however, it is of equal importance, to learn about Perth’s soil and how to handle its watering needs. 

                                                                                                            How landscaping affects a property’s value

                                                                                                            Most people in Perth like well-designed landscaping from a skilled landscaping contractor and this includes possible home buyers. You may want to sell your property one day; so, it would be a great idea to invest in the best professional landscaping services that a firm like ours offers.

                                                                                                            Our team skilfully designs your garden to enhance your kerb appeal. We guarantee that potential buyers will be knocking your front door in droves. If your backyard is lovely, practical and well designed, it becomes irresistible for many buyers. In a lot of cases, professional landscaping facilitates a substantial investment return.

                                                                                                            An effective Reticulation System

                                                                                                            If you wish to landscape your outdoor area in Perth, it would be best for you to acquire a well-designed irrigation and/or reticulation system. It is best to set it to water your garden before 9 am or after 6 pm each scheduled watering day. When you have an automatic timer, it ensures that the watering occurs on time, enabling you to remember watering your plants.

                                                                                                            Our team provides a well-designed irrigation or reticulation system to you that delivers the same quantity of water. It distributes it efficiently to your plants and lawn. This method is simple and efficient, enabling you to enjoy your grounds without the headache of ineffectual manual watering.


                                                                                                            Your search for a trustworthy landscaping contractor is over! Australian Construction provides a comprehensive service such as reticulation installation and irrigation systems.

                                                                                                            The landscaping services we offer include many outdoor works aspects like brick paving, irrigation, lawns, gardens and planter boxes. Our skilled landscaping team based in Perth assists you in implementing your vision and restoring life to your garden!

                                                                                                            Call us today and access our superb landscaping solutions!


                                                                                                              Qualified & Affordable Landscaping Contractor In Newcastle & Surrounds

                                                                                                              Add A Professional Touch To Your Commercial Project In Newcastle.

                                                                                                                Nowadays, where presentation is concerned, your commercial site or business appeal is paramount.  At Australian Construction, we have worked and continue to work with big names. The reason is we maintain an optimal and continuous level of artistry, trust and quality with our commercial clients.

                                                                                                                We have a landscaping contractor in Newcastle who firmly believes that communication is vital. Our skilled team interacts with clients regularly for maximum efficiency, so you know where your cash is going.

                                                                                                                When project managing a commercial site, we make sure that we use the time wisely. Our team also maintains health and safety and adheres to all procedures and guidelines, offering an exceptionally professional service.

                                                                                                                A crucial step

                                                                                                                To achieve the perfect outcomes, getting the appropriate design is essential. Our team works to meet your specific requirements and taste. We promise that your backyard, garden or overall outdoor space will become a serene oasis for your enjoyment. We pay attention to every detail.

                                                                                                                Improving your property’s landscaping is a beautiful method of increasing your property’s value and creating outdoor areas for entertaining and relaxing.

                                                                                                                Whether you wish to concentrate on enhancing your curb appeal using a re-imagined front yard, setting up a backyard retreat with entertaining or dining spaces or both, you need to consider many features and options.

                                                                                                                Design Plan 

                                                                                                                A landscape design for an outdoor space is similar to a floor plan. A landscape design is the same as a floor plan because it uses scaled dimensions to form a site representation.

                                                                                                                Landscape plans consist of natural elements such as grass, trees, flowers and human-made features like sheds, fountains and lawn furniture. Landscape designs might also include lighting, irrigation and overlays.

                                                                                                                We have a landscaping contractor situated in Newcastle who mainly uses landscape designs for planning the layout for an outdoor space. It may be your home’s garden plan or a business or community area’s commercial plan. They are also useful as a reference when you require new repairs, installing features or are just planning a function outdoors.

                                                                                                                Australian Construction creates a landscape plan to assist you in deciding the choice of materials. This plan also provides us and the property owner better tools for price estimation. It helps make sure that our competent team can finish the project within budgetary constraints.

                                                                                                                Concreting Services in Newcastle

                                                                                                                We create a variety of extremely artistic designs and finishes. From patios, concrete driveways, concrete cleaning, resurfacing projects, we handle big or small projects.

                                                                                                                Concrete’s beneficial properties

                                                                                                                Strength and durability

                                                                                                                It is resistant to all types of weather and heavy foot traffic. It also resists abrasion and scratches caused by moving heavy appliances, furniture and equipment. It is also durable.


                                                                                                                When comparing with other materials, our professional team finds it easier to use concrete for your landscape projects when installing. It creates a sophisticated look at an affordable cost.


                                                                                                                It improves indoor and outdoor areas, and you can use it to make benches, fireplaces, counter tops and sinks. Similarly, we use it as a border and decorative elements like birdbaths, statues and fountains.


                                                                                                                It is used in various designs and applications and is available in different colours, size and surface treatment.

                                                                                                                Low Maintenance

                                                                                                                It is easy to clean a concrete surface and maintain it; wild plants and weeds do not grow here.

                                                                                                                Concrete applications

                                                                                                                Exposed Aggregate

                                                                                                                Australian Construction uses the exposed aggregate method to give you a concrete area that looks natural. We achieve this look by using concrete and different coloured stones in the concrete mix. The concrete’s top surface is washed off, and the coloured stones become visible. It gives you a natural and artistically pleasant finish that needs low maintenance.

                                                                                                                Textured Spray Finish

                                                                                                                Textured spray finishes are available in many colour options. We use high-pressure air spray to apply colour selections to the concrete, or in some cases, trowels it to the surface.

                                                                                                                This finish is extremely volatile, and you can use it to form an appealing modern finish to your residence patios, driveway and paths areas.

                                                                                                                Colour-Tinted Concrete

                                                                                                                This method is useful for adding colour with different oxides blended with bare grey concrete. It complements your landscape and gives it a distinctive look. This application is famous for use in patios, walkways, driveways and pool areas. Concreting is an essential and crucial element of landscape construction. When you use Australian Construction certified professional services, it will guarantee that you obtain ideal results.

                                                                                                                Decking Services

                                                                                                                You may want a practical hand surface, which is pleasing to the eye and complements the surrounding; decking might be the ideal outdoor surface you need. Decking is an attractive option for sloping sites; in many cases, it dramatically reduces the need to retain walls and at times eliminates this need.  A landscaping contractor also uses decking to cover up or go over the present new or old, tired concrete spaces in Newcastle.

                                                                                                                Decking Types

                                                                                                                Today, we use three main kinds of decking.


                                                                                                                Timber decking entails the softest and natural selection of decking materials. At Australian Construction, we use a wide range of timber such as softwood and hardwood. Timber offers a durable option if you maintain it well. Natural wood needs more maintenance; however, the outcome is worth it.

                                                                                                                Timber/Plastic Composite

                                                                                                                Timber/plastic composite is created using recycled plastic and timber byproducts. There are various types available on the market; but the more expensive the product, the better it is. These decks do not need much maintenance.

                                                                                                                However, they have some disadvantages. If they scratch, you cannot sand them back, and different levels of temperature make them contract and expand. Despite this, they are low-maintenance, and you do not need to oil them after installation.

                                                                                                                Cement-based Composite

                                                                                                                Usually, cement-based composite decking is a bit more costly compared to others. Although the materials do not offer you a natural appearance like other decking materials, they have significant benefits, making them very helpful in some situations and designs.

                                                                                                                You can use them in fire zones; they are low maintenance and hard-wearing. They offer your home a lovely modern or country appearance if you want to complement specific colour schemes in your home.


                                                                                                                If you wish to include decking to your landscaping requirements, ensure you get in touch with Australian Construction. We will offer you a consultation on the kind of decking that is suitable for your needs.

                                                                                                                Allow us to get rid of your concerns by also setting it up for you!


                                                                                                                  Professional Local Melbourne Landscaping Contractor – Aus Construction

                                                                                                                  Get The Best Landscaping In Melbourne.

                                                                                                                    Our landscaping contractor in Melbourne provides a variety of commercial and domestic landscape construction services in Melbourne. We guarantee to give you a superior job, delivered quickly and within the budget, each time. We have also forged strong relationships with reliable suppliers, enabling us to get excellent quality materials at a fair cost.

                                                                                                                    Certified landscaping contractor in Melbourne

                                                                                                                    Australian Construction is a registered building contractor for landscape construction, and our team has the expertise to complete any landscaping job to the specified requirements. We work under a registered builder according to the Building Act and the National Construction Code regulations. It includes building pergolas and decking.

                                                                                                                    Commercial Landscapes and Unit Developments

                                                                                                                    Using our qualified team and developed supplier network enables us to finalise landscape projects of all sizes. Our objective is to stick to the budget and deliver on time.  Whether you have a small domestic project or significant commercial development, our landscaping contractor in Melbourne is available to answer any questions you might have about your project. 

                                                                                                                    Our expert services include: 

                                                                                                                    Concrete Driveway

                                                                                                                    Modern concrete changes the appearance of your patio, driveway or entertaining space, making it a beautiful, contemporary area. Our landscaping contractor in the Melbourne area expertly personalises your property using a level, coated concrete in various styles and colours.

                                                                                                                    We offer coloured concrete installation. Our competent team spreads and smoothens concrete fast with terrific results. If you want to install a concrete driveway or form an outdoor area, discuss exposed aggregate or concrete today with our team. We install concrete for pathways, driveways, pool surrounds, landings and steps, patios, etc.

                                                                                                                    Coloured Concrete

                                                                                                                    The newest fashion in modern home design, that is, bright concrete can make your residence or business landscape have an extra sense of modern elegance. Australian Construction gives you various colours to choose from like reds, blacks, muted greys, blues, etc., to match your outdoor space or driveway and home’s design. Concrete is long-lasting, hard-wearing and attractive. It is a lovely alternative to tiles or wood.

                                                                                                                    Concrete Driveways

                                                                                                                    Our skilled team can fix concrete driveways forming a different driveway or replace your current one. A new concrete driveway alters the appearance of your entire property and is durable. The landscaping contractor we have in Melbourne also seals your driveway, facilitating more straightforward cleaning and maintaining its colour.

                                                                                                                    Our creative and talented design team can set up a plan for your driveway, depending on your current landscape.

                                                                                                                    Exposed Aggregate

                                                                                                                    You may want something more captivating than sealed concrete; in that case, exposed aggregate is a beautiful alternative. Exposed aggregate is different from concrete because it accentuates the stone’s natural element. It has an exposed appearance and is available in a variety of styles and designs. Consult our landscape design team at Australian Construction now to get more details about aggregate installation.

                                                                                                                    Landscape Constructions

                                                                                                                    We provide custom-designed landscapes for your business or home. We are specialists in designing award-winning landscape constructions in Melbourne, forming areas that inspire and uplift. Our experts can create, landscape and maintain your garden to meet the needs of your style and the space available.

                                                                                                                    We work across Melbourne, and our expert team has worked on big and small projects, using high-quality standards for all our projects. Call us today on 1800 155 881 and find out what difference our professional landscaping contractor can make for your lawn in Melbourne.

                                                                                                                    We have years of experience, which guarantees that our landscapers will handle any challenge. Whether you want us to construct a deck, retain your garden’s wall or redesign everything from the beginning, we promise to surpass your expectations.

                                                                                                                    All our landscapers have professional training and certifications in horticulture and landscaping. We understand gardens, making us aware of what it involves to set up something remarkable.

                                                                                                                    Beautifully Landscaped areas

                                                                                                                    We can form a remarkable outdoor garden area for your business or home and provide you with maintenance services years after this. From the beginning, we work with you, designing according to your specifications.  You can decide for yourself or seek experienced professional landscapers in Melbourne to get a garden you believe will look fabulous.

                                                                                                                    Australian Construction considers your style, property’s present design and local area’s design to set up something exceptional for you. Like other areas of your residence, your garden is essential.

                                                                                                                    It is the first feature you see when you return home and the area you use for resting on a warm summer day. Our professional landscape constructions ensure your garden design suits your needs.

                                                                                                                    Our Services

                                                                                                                    We have a wide variety of services catering for each landscaping, gardening and horticulture aspect. Also, we provide a garden maintenance service, sustaining the lovely appearance of your garden throughout the year. Australian Construction offers a variety of landscape constructions for landscaping, such as:

                                                                                                                    • Pond installation
                                                                                                                    • Garden stairs
                                                                                                                    • Deck building
                                                                                                                    • Water feature installation
                                                                                                                    • Lawn laying
                                                                                                                    • Comprehensive garden design and construction
                                                                                                                    • Garden stairs

                                                                                                                    Our team of experts will give you personalised gardening and landscaping services if you wish. Contact us today to discuss our landscaping design and garden maintenance services.

                                                                                                                    Maintainable landscaping design and construction

                                                                                                                    Our landscaping contractor’s garden designs focus on functionality and sustainability. Most of our designs combine environmentally friendly factors like solar systems, irrigation systems and rainwater catchment, etc.

                                                                                                                    Also, we use a variety of Australian flora, which need low water. They are beautiful plants for the environment and are sure to flourish in the Australian climate. If you want a particular design for your garden, our horticulturalists will advise you.

                                                                                                                    We are ready to assist you in planning a perfect garden with plants that complement each other. A sustainable garden saves time and money and is lovely for the environment.


                                                                                                                    Australian Construction offers you professional local landscape constructions in Melbourne. Our business is based in Australia, and we hire the best landscapers in Melbourne.

                                                                                                                    If you are looking for a way of refreshing your business or home’s garden, look no further than the landscaping contractor we work with in Melbourne.

                                                                                                                    Our committed team works hard to offer you a fantastic service; they focus on reliability, transparency and honesty. We always work to schedule and promise that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our service.

                                                                                                                    Contact us today on 1800 155 881 and allow us to elevate your garden from an urban jungle to botanical splendour!


                                                                                                                      Professional Landscaping Contractors In Brisbane – Request A Quote Now

                                                                                                                      Choosing The Ideal Landscaping Contractor In Brisbane

                                                                                                                        When looking for an expert landscaping contractor in Brisbane, you need to consider some factors. Our professional landscapers at Australian Construction prefer viewing the area you need to be landscaped, to provide a correct estimate. For bigger projects, we carry out a thorough analysis of the present situation and discuss with you about your budget and requirements.

                                                                                                                        Landscapers are experienced in many areas like paving, decking, lighting, water features, irrigation systems, building pergolas and many more.  It would, therefore, be best for you to have accurate information and find out how experienced the landscaper is. 

                                                                                                                        Do you need a gardener or landscaper? 

                                                                                                                        If you wish to redesign or design your garden, you need a landscaping expert like Australian Construction. Our gardening experts can maintain your garden or restore life to it by concentrating on plant life. Our prices are the best and our landscaping contractor in Brisbane ensures that your lawn looks excellent by providing the appropriate mowing services. 

                                                                                                                        The work of a professional landscaper

                                                                                                                        • Paving or laying decking.
                                                                                                                        • Sloping or levelling gardens.
                                                                                                                        • Establishing lighting (LED lights, lamp posts).
                                                                                                                        • Removing sheds.
                                                                                                                        • Fixing a garden irrigation system.
                                                                                                                        • Adding a pergola or trellis.
                                                                                                                        • Trimming or removing hedge.
                                                                                                                        • Laying new turf. 

                                                                                                                        Finding the best landscaper 

                                                                                                                        You will be investing a lot of cash in a project so it would be best for you to choose a qualified landscaping contractor to deliver what you require. Whether your property is residential or commercial, you need the assurance that the firm you hire like Australian Construction will give you the lovely yard you want and deliver your money’s worth. 

                                                                                                                        Signs of a skilled landscaper or garden designer 

                                                                                                                        If our landscaping contractor in Brisbane has the following qualities, it means they will deliver a fantastic job: 

                                                                                                                        1.  Firstly, a professional landscape design firm like Australian Construction will offer you a great variety of mediums and designs in its portfolio. We have worked with hardscape elements, ponds, and all kinds of plants and rocks. Our skilled landscapers create beautiful and unique areas for our clients. Choose a firm like Australian Construction, whose portfolio is extremely diverse. 

                                                                                                                        2.  An efficient design firm like ours works jointly with its client to deliver the exact requirements. You will possibly have an idea of what you want our landscaping contractor in Brisbane to do for your property.  

                                                                                                                        Our excellent team invests valuable time to talk about these concepts with you. We put ourselves in your shoes and imagine what vision you have in mind for your grounds. Our experts then advise you about your idea’s practicality, and whether it’s attainable or not.

                                                                                                                        If your idea needs refining, we offer a similar solution that will give you the same experience and effect. We are ready for an interview with you so that you can find out whether we meet this quality. When you give our designers your ideas, they offer suggestions, enabling you to make informed decisions. 

                                                                                                                        3.  Our skilled landscaping contractor sets up designs that you can maintain easily. They use plants with minimal maintenance needs, decorative designs that last and other products, which assist in sustaining your property’s beauty. When interviewing various design firms, ask many questions about the plans they give you. The maintenance will be your responsibility. Therefore, ensure that the final plan you select is one that you can care for without much difficulty. 

                                                                                                                        A quality firm like Australian Construction offers genuine and verifiable references. If you have a major project, we are ready to give you references upon request.

                                                                                                                        Apart from studying the pictures we present, showing previous project,  we advise you to feel free to drive near properties similar to ones we have designed previously and check the landscape design that we delivered. It will give you the real picture of how the design will look after some months of growth and non-professional maintenance.  

                                                                                                                        Consider your home’s design.  

                                                                                                                        The style of your landscape should match your home’s design and your personality when planning your landscape. Australian Construction is proud to offer you various landscape designs, giving you many wonderful options to pick for your garden: 

                                                                                                                        • Formal:  For this style, we use many straight lines and perfect geometrical forms. We arrange the plants in an orderly manner, rather than positioning them randomly. Our experts use pruning and close arrangement on a lot of landscaped gardens using this style. 
                                                                                                                        • Informal: This type of landscaping is compatible with homes that have a cosy feel to them. This landscape style suits beds, whose edges are curved, rather than straight lines and placing plants randomly. 
                                                                                                                        • English Garden: We use this style to highlight the home’s garden and architecture. 
                                                                                                                        • Informal/Formal Garden: This style mainly entails a brick walkway that gives a formal appearance.  We use a circle of plants for this walkway, which goes to the back. Our experts arrange the plants to replicate the English garden design; which has no formal borders. 
                                                                                                                        • Oriental: Many times, this type of garden is found in residences with tiny backyards. For this style, we use water, evergreens and rocks. We also use a wide range of plants, setting up several angles. 
                                                                                                                        • Woodland: If our residence has a wooded backyard and a slanting terrain, we suggest this landscaping design. 

                                                                                                                        Importance of choosing the right landscaping contractor in Brisbane 

                                                                                                                        You may find it challenging and overwhelming to choose a landscaping company. However, remember that making the right decision will benefit you today and in the future, if you decide to sell your property. So, choosing wisely is beneficial.  

                                                                                                                        When you ask the appropriate questions, get design plans and quotes, and make informed choices, you acquire the correct plan and a designer like Australian Construction, who can deliver your requirements effortlessly. 

                                                                                                                        Planning permit for landscaping tasks 

                                                                                                                        The landscaping contractor we have in Brisbane will know all the suitable building permits you need and secure them. If you are not certain, it would be best for you to talk to your local council and obtain a definite response on the required permits. 


                                                                                                                        If you choose a professional landscaper like Australian Construction, you will soon be enjoying the yard you have always dreamed of, or welcome your clients to a wonderfully landscaped property.