Unique tiny homes in Australia

Australian Construction is proud to manufacture outstanding tiny or portable homes. Moreover, our talented team implements highly skilled artistry by paying great attention to detail and delivering customised fixtures, fittings and finishes for our tiny homes in Australia. As a result, you are supplied with superior quality!

The most unique characteristic is that we do not provide our tiny homes from a production line. Instead, our experienced tradespeople build these homes from afresh. We use the highest standards to ensure we deliver to your precise needs. Our customers are our top priority. Therefore, we create a strong bond from start to finish and involve you in all project stages.

Why live in a tiny home?

Today most people in Australia are adapting to the concept of residing in a tiny house. The reason is that these houses give you freedoms associated with a simplistic lifestyle. One major cause of tiny homes' popularity is that they are an effective solution to the problem of unaffordable housing in Australia. Tiny homes are simple and occupy minimal space. As a result, your expenses decrease hence your quality of life increases!


Advantages of Staying in a Tiny Home

The main reason why most people are opting for the tiny homes in Australia concept is:

  • It saves money
  • Simplistic lifestyle
  • Environmentally friendly

Furthermore, tiny homes provide an ideal opportunity for people who reside in busy cities but want to spend time in a quiet region. It is simple to understand the financial impacts of going tiny. For example, less square footage means lower consumption. Consequently, the utilities are cheaper, too.

Moreover, building costs and maintenance for a tiny home are relatively lower. As a result, you may not require any loan when building a tiny home, providing you with more freedom and peace of mind. In addition, tiny homes have less impact on the environment due to the lower demand of resources, reducing the carbon footprint.

In other words, the idea of the tiny house is simplification. The houses enable you to live freely and flexibly. A great benefit of tiny houses is that you become more organised as you downsize and reduce clutter. Your tiny home provides you with a friendly, welcoming and neat environment.

Our Tiny Homes Building Services

Australian Construction provides a wide variety of fixtures and fittings for all our tiny homes in Australia. These fixtures and fittings are standard features and include:


Hot Water System




Electric Cooktop



40-inch LCD TV

Our tiny homes are high-class quality. However, we also consider our clients who are on a budget. Therefore, we are always ready to discuss ideas with you. We then create a personalised finish, so that you enjoy a design that makes you feel at home!

Do you want an industrial, rustic, or coastal-style interior? Whatever your preference, our skilled staff can help you create that space. For instance, we can build a wall bed or hydraulic bed. We can also design a timber slab bench top depending on your needs. Our team can also customise your tiny home and install desks to give you an office feel if you wish.

At Australian Construction, our principle is that ‘tiny’ should be synonymous with comfort. Because of this, we use the dimension 2.9 width x 2.9 length x 2.7 height and provide luxuries like 2Kw Air conditioning. We are proud of our innovative bathrooms and kitchenettes, providing you with everything you need. For transport, our tiny homes also feature lifting lugs to facilitate easy moving.

More importantly, we do not need council approvals. Our tiny homes are self-sufficient; hence upon completion, you can move in immediately and save yourself a lot of hassle!

The Australian Construction team works efficiently and can complete the project in only two weeks. The best part is that we always use Australian products and designs.

Affordable Tiny Houses

Australian Construction believes in changing the lives of the Australian people. For this reason, we offer modular designs. You can include another tiny home to your present module to accommodate an expanding family or children. Our tiny homes in Australia are an excellent option under these circumstances:

• You want to downsize
• You want a separate accommodation for your parents
• Your growing teens need a different area to live

We build tiny homes for only $18,000. Alternatively, we offer flat packages for $14,000. Our team looks forward to discussing different quotes to suit your budget.

Buy Assembled House


Buy Flatpack House



The Australian Construction team is highly talented in building works, which is why we can deliver customised homes in just three weeks. All you have to do is give us a draft of where you want us to install the bathrooms, doors, and windows. We will then deliver efficiently and with utmost precision. It will be our great pleasure to build you a lovely tiny home in Australia that brings you optimal comfort.