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Hervey Bay Air Conditioning Contractor

Hervey Bay Air Conditioning Contractor

    Australian Construction has a skilled team. Because of this, we offer customised air conditioning services. These services extend to commercial builders and households. Our air conditioning contractor in Hervey Bay goes the extra mile for our clients. 

    In this manner, we assess your budget and needs carefully. After this, we design a solution that suits your premises perfectly. One of our skilled technicians visits you at your convenience. We give you the best quote and design!

    Air Conditioning installation

    You are assured of quality services with Australian Construction. The reason is all our installation team consists of qualified electricians. Because of this, we complete the whole installation procedure in-house. Therefore, we do not have to contract with other people. 

    We provide solutions for all types of budgets and households. For example, our air conditioning contractor in Hervey Bay offers wall-mounted split systems. Also, we offer ducted systems and ceiling mounted cassette systems. 

    Domestic air conditioning

    Air conditioning is essential in Hervey Bay. More so, it is important during the summer heat as sleeping becomes difficult. Furthermore, daily activities become a chore due to the heat. Eliminate those hot sticky days with air conditioning installation. Consequently, it makes you and your family cool and rejuvenated throughout summer.

    Selecting the right air conditioning system

    It would help if you considered several factors when selecting an air conditioning unit for your home. Some of these factors are:

    • The unit’s location
    • Your budget
    • The room size

    In this case, our skilled team helps you to make the right choice. Therefore, you have a system that gives you and your family comfort for years.

    Should you replace or repair?

    A new air conditioning system is a major investment. You need to check all your options to ensure that installing a new system is the ideal solution. There are three key reasons for replacing your existing unit:

    • Energy expenses:  Significant electric bills indicate your unit does not offer efficient services. You can make savings today with Australian Construction’s high-efficiency systems. Therefore, it justifies the initial expense of installing another air con system. 
    • Your unit is old (more than ten years): The likelihood of failure increases after a certain age. The unit’s components become a determining element. Replacing an older system’s major component may be a short-lived solution. It is because other sections fail because of age.
    • The essential repair is too costly: It can be expensive to replace some important components. Installing a new system might be a more worthwhile expenditure when an important system component malfunctions. Furthermore, the repair cost equals the same big percentage of the overall system replacement cost.

    Our air conditioning contractor in Hervey Bay has experience in the sales and installation of home air conditioners. Given this, your purchase offers you a long-term investment. Moreover, it offers you and your family comfort and reliability for years.

    Commercial air conditioning

    We offer commercial air conditioning services for Hervey Bay companies. These are clients who wish their firms to operate in air-conditioned comfort throughout the year.

    Commercial air conditioning installation

    Australian Construction specialises in supplying flexible solutions. Due to this, we meet the particular needs of our commercial clients. Also, these requirements include budgets and time frames. We appreciate your business needs to run. For this reason, we ensure we tend to your needs quickly. As a result, we have a 24-hour emergency call-out service. We offer great deals on numerous air conditioning systems like:

    • Package systems
    • Cassette air conditioners
    • Split systems


    You may have a small business unit or heavy industries. Notwithstanding, our air conditioning contractor has the appropriate AC system for you. Our company supplies and installs a centralised AC system that cools and heats your premises. 

    Moreover, we offer affordable prices with a reduced running cost. The Australian Construction professional HVAC technicians deliver your project to top standards. 

      So call us today for the best air conditioning in Hervey Bay!