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Mackay Air Conditioning Contractor

Mackay Air Conditioning Contractor

    Having the correct air conditioning product helps you get optimal comfort. Therefore you enjoy your restaurant, office home or shop or other kinds of environment. Australian Construction offers different air conditioning equipment. Furthermore, our air conditioning contractor in Mackay deals with the most reliable manufacturers.

    Our services include:

    • Split system air conditioning
    • Refrigeration service & repairs
    • Ducted air conditioning
    • Air conditioner installation

    Call us about the installation and sales of your air conditioning in your business or home.

    Why choose Australian Construction?

    We have served Mackay clients for years. Given this, we are professionals in air conditioning. We provide services to businesses and homes. Our air conditioning contractor in Mackay has commercial purchasing power. Because of this, we can offer the ideal quality air conditioners. Moreover, we offer affordable rates.

    Australian Construction gives you a quote. Therefore you can install a new ducted or wall system. It adds value to your home. We have procedures for air conditioning. So we offer an on-time quote and quick installation. Additionally, our skilled local team uses top standard. 

    First, we determine the correct system. In view of this, we offer the ideal air conditioning in Mackay. Second, we provide you with a recommendation that follows environmental needs and effectively keeps your house cool in summer. Additionally, your home remains warm in winter. More importantly, we assist you in comprehending the required servicing and maintenance.

    Our products

    The air conditioning contractor in Mackay offers affordable air conditioning brands. For example, we provide Carrier Mitsubishi, Haier and Samsung. Additionally, we offer Daiken, Actron and Toshiba. Our company presents installation types for business. We also offer installation for homes. These include multi-split, all split and ducted. Also, we have VRV lighting, smart zoning, and HRV or heat recovery.

    Split & ducted air-con installations

    At Australian Construction, our skilled technicians install air conditioners from the top brand Mitsubishi Electric. Also, we offer quick repairs on the most prominent brands. You may need a split or ducted aircon system. Notwithstanding, we have the knowledge and experience. As a result, we offer you superior quality control. The manufacturers train our technicians. Furthermore, they offer them the newest and practical techniques for providing first-rate installations. 


    Since our installations are from top brands, they are durable. We provide services to commercial and residential clients. You might have a large property and require a ducted system. Or maybe you want a split system for cooling a single room. Whatever the case, we have various air-con systems. Therefore, we offer you premium climate comfort. Call us today to learn about our newest deals.

    Repairs & maintenance

    The air conditioning contractor in Mackay has skilled electricians. We offer complete servicing and repairs of your air-con. We handle all makes or models. There might be a part of your air conditioning that is faulty. Under those circumstances, we avail the essential elements. Therefore we ensure your system works effectively.

    And if your A/C unit has a faulty part, we come stocked with all the necessary parts to ensure your system works properly. We offer comprehensive services. So we inspect all elements of your system such as:

    • Thermostat
    • Drainage
    • Filter
    • Fuses & breakers
    • Compressors
    • Evaporator coils
    • Condenser coils
    • Capacitors¬†

    For a fully efficient air conditioner throughout the year, call us now. We will offer you a cost effective deal!


    Australian Construction offers the ideal commercial & residential air conditioning services. We are specialists in air conditioning maintenance, installation and sales. Our air conditioning contractor in Mackay has the knowledge and experience to install your air conditioning. Furthermore, we keep it operating efficiently.

    We are committed to attaining excellence. For this reason, we are your choice company for all your A/C requirements. Our professional team endeavours to work with you to give you ideal services and superior artistry.

      Call us today for the ideal air conditioning!