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Enjoy Fresh Air With Our Air Conditioning Systems In Sydney

    Our air conditioning contractor in Sydney has years of experience in air conditioning services, providing the ideal solution for commercial and residential air conditioning needs.

    Australian Construction is friendly, efficient and affordable, and we are your reliable air conditioning contractor in Sydney. Whether you need us to install a new unit or want us to repair your current one, we have the experience and knowledge required to do the work. 

    Where air conditioning in Sydney is concerned, our expert service and fast response times make us unique from other contractors. We source quality products straight from the manufacturer, and we give you superior quality solutions at affordable prices.

    You can trust us for quality air conditioning. We sell and install trustworthy air conditioning systems for all kinds of property. Our competent team also services all big brands like Daikin, Fujitsu and Samsung. We aim to assist commercial and residential customers in enjoying more comfortable surroundings.

    Flexible services

    A comfortable temperature in the room is essential for maintaining the air quality in a room. If there are extremes of temperatures, it can negatively impact the occupants’ mental and physical well being. An excellent air conditioning system guarantees improved focus and productivity. 

    So call us today, and we will ensure that your air conditioning system functions effectively throughout and is well-maintained. The Australian Construction team can take care of all your cooling requirements. Our skills in multiple models and brands enable us to present tailored climate control situations.

    We design our ducted and split air systems to meet your property’s particular cooling needs. We provide discounts to ensure our services and products are more affordable. 

    Ducted reverse cycle air conditioner

    Enjoy ideal temperature throughout the year with a well-installed ducted reverse cycle unit from the air conditioning contractor in Sydney. We source the most efficient and reliable ducted air conditioning systems in Sydney at affordable costs.

    We sell and install many types of ducted reverse cycle air conditioners.  For an all-inclusive cooling and heating solution, we have the right product. The ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is used for heating and cooling, keeping the home warm during winter and cool during summer.

    Installing ducted air conditioning units presents a simple method of cooling or heating your whole property. The units emit cold or warm air to the outlets established in each room through ductwork. They enable you to control indoor temperature. 

    How it works

    This type of air conditioning unit utilises a heat pump to heat and cool the air. It uses a reversed or inverted refrigeration cycle to do this. For heating, it absorbs heat from external air and moves it inside the home. To cool, this procedure is reversed.

    The outcome is a machine that does the job of two very effectively. These air conditioning systems are remarkably effective for people who reside in mild winter climates because the temperatures rarely go below 40 degrees Celsius. The reason is the heat pumps fail to work correctly in extreme and harsh conditions with freezing temperatures.

    Air conditioning prices

    Our ducted air conditioning installation or repairs in Sydney are different, but generally, a reverse cycle air conditioner’s energy efficiency surpasses resistance heating. It saves home owners cash in the future and leads to decreased electricity bills.

    To install in a pre-existing home, ducted air conditioning prices might be higher for reconfiguration purposes. But, you will more than recover the expense you incurred upfront in one year.

    Dual-purpose air conditioning unit

    • We offer the following brands:
    • Daikin
    • Fujitsu
    • ActronAir
    • Mitsubishi Electric
    • Panasonic

    Australian Construction offers terrific deals on all the brands we install and sell.  We provide systems with optimal energy efficiency to help decrease your bills.

    Give us a call, and our skilled team will be happy to discuss each unit’s specifications. For a beautiful deal and friendly service for your ducted reverse cycle, air conditioning requirements, call us today.

    Split systems air conditioning

    The air conditioning contractor we have in Sydney is an authorised supplier of split system air conditioning major brands. We repair, install and sell different models to meet our clients’ diverse needs. We provide our services at discounted or low prices, enabling you to save on your cooling or heating expenses.

    The functioning of a split system

    A split system constitutes two units: one for the interior of the building or home and the other for the exterior. Every unit performs different cooling jobs. Our experienced team mainly mounts the interior unit on a room’s wall if the room needs cooling. The indoor unit has an air filter, cooling coil and a fan.

    We install the corresponding outdoor system outside the area that requires cooling. This unit constitutes a compressor, condenser coil and an expansion coil. Our team connects the outdoor and indoor units via refrigerant tubing, a condensate drain, suction tubing and a power connection. 

    Get rid of energy loss by installing a split system.

    Our split air conditioning units utilise electrical tubing and wires to provide cool air in a specific area or room. If there is no ductwork, they become more energy-efficient, since the air moves straight from the exterior unit to the interior unit.

    It means there is a reduced chance of energy loss during the cooling procedure. We carry out split system installations in commercial and residential properties. We have a list of installation packages you can go through to determine the right product. Call us to discuss your needs and plan a quick installation.

    Advantages of split air conditioning

    A split air conditioner presents many advantages than other air conditioning units like ducted systems and central air. One benefit is that the split system air con is flexible and cools a building’s different zones. For example, we can connect one outdoor unit to four interior units for other areas. It facilitates excellent particular temperature control for every space.


    Our split air conditioning gives you a remarkably flexible option for cooling a building or home. We install it quickly, and our team is ready to meet all your needs. 

    We will be happy to provide our air conditioning services, so call us today!