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Sydney Bathroom Renovations

    Bathroom renovation is a way to level up the current state of your facility’s state. This involves careful planning and execution, as this will make use of both existing and future resources and structures. This is why you need a Sydney bathroom renovations contractor. 

    What most people need to know, however, is that no matter how exciting this may seem, doing this alone can be very tiring and risky. Also, you cannot just rely on your current contractor as this requires specialisation. 

    This is where our services at Australian Construction comes in. Today, we’re going to walk you through on what the process is about, what is needed, and when you will need our services. 

    What is a bathroom renovation?

    First off, let us give you an overview of what the process of bathroom renovation involves. Bathroom renovation is just what its name states. Here, the old model or design will be modified and integrated into a new one. This can be done to give your bathroom a new and fresher interior. 

    You can also do this to improve the functionality of the said room. Renovations can be done at any time, and in any condition. Bathrooms do not have to be ruined or worn out before it can undergo changes.

    This process can be quite overwhelming at first as it will require a lot of planning. This is not just in terms of materials, but also with regards to the tasks, activities, effort, and even money. For large projects, this can be more than tiring, which is why having a team will be very handy.

    Speaking of the requirements, here are the processes that renovation may involve:

    1. Planning and Preparation

    This is the initial task to be fulfilled. Here, contractors will gather information about the project like its current condition, the goal structure, its requirements, and the possible steps that will need to be taken care of.

    2. Deconstruction or demolition

    Deconstruction involves the breaking down of the old structure to provide space for the new one. This is the key to being able to work on a blank canvas. 

    3. Inspection and Utility Installation

    This process is also known as the rough-in. In this activity, utility needs, or in a bathroom’s case, the piping, and HVAC system will be inspected. The setup will also be done after. 

    4. Integration of Interior

    After the internal systems are installed, it will be time to integrate the base of the new interior. This may include the placement of flooring and walls. As we are working on a bathroom, you can expect waterproof materials such as tiles to fill up the room.

    5. Fixture Installation

    After the surroundings, the furniture and fixtures will then be placed. This may include toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, drains, and the likes. The variation of these will depend on the needs of the client.

    6. Finishing Designs

    For the last step, all the accessories of the room will be installed. This is the key step to achieving the desired look for the bathroom. Some examples of these materials are mirrors, doors, wall mounts, and bars.

    All of these steps are significant in reaching the success of the renovation process. Some projects, however, may require either more or less of these as each building differs from one another.

    What is the common equipment used in bathroom renovation?

    Throughout the process, various materials and equipment will be required. Taking this into account, below are some of the most common equipment used in bathroom renovations:

    1. Measuring Needs

    In the process of planning, contractors need to pay utmost attention to every detail, big or small. This is needed to be able to produce accurate data. 

    Equipment such as measuring tapes, rulers, surveyor’s tapes, and metric tapes will be used in determining the dimensions of the bathroom area, the furniture, etc.

    2. Basic Construction Tools

    As renovation is basically a type of construction project, you will need all the common tools usually used by carpenters. These may include hammers, screwdrivers, nails, ladders, drills, pliers, saws, and adhesives.

    These are mainly used in the demolition process, but these are also vital for the installation of furniture and fixtures along the way.

    The good thing about these tools is that these are easily found, and contractors own almost every type out there. These are also inexpensive, and won’t require you to pay additional charges.

    3. Plumbing Tools

    Plumbing tools will be a vital part in the completion of utilities. As the main need of bathrooms revolves around water, then there is no doubt about these being needed specifically. Some examples of these include pipes, plungers, wrenches, water pumps, water lines, etc. 

    In finding a contractor, it is best if you ask them about their experience in installing water, electricity, and ventilation to be assured of their quality of work. If they have abilities in this field, it will also save you money rather than spending more on separate installation service.

    4. Designing Equipment

    For the aesthetic of the renovation, designing equipment will also be required. With these, both contractors and clients will achieve their goal when it comes to how the building’s overall look. These will include paints, wallpapers, floorings, brushes, palettes, tapes, and the likes.

    In finding a contractor, you should be guaranteed that they are equipped with all the necessary equipment for the process. This will help you avoid potential issues, and flaws in the renovation.

    When should you avail bathroom renovation?

    There are a lot of situations that may have been implying that you need to get rid of your current bathroom model. Here some of the reason to get a Sydney bathroom renovations contractor. 

    There are no specific requirements as to when you can avail renovations. You can renovate your bathroom any time you want. 

    • Frequent leakage issues
    • Worn out walling and/or flooring
    • Seeking for better comfort in living
    • Plans for selling
    • Piping problems
    • Instalment of new bathroom fixtures

    Summary: Sydney Bathroom Renovations

    Bathroom renovations require a lot in terms of its execution. You will be better off working with contractors instead relying on your own team. 

    If you are looking for a contractor, then we recommend our team at Australian Construction. We are confident about our abilities and knowledge in the field, as well as the things that we can offer. For more information about our service, reach out to us through phone or email, and we will be more than glad to walk you through on all the things that you need to know.