Highly Experienced Concreting Contractor In Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Concreting Contractor

Coffs Harbour Concreting Contractor

    Australian Construction has provided reliable and durable concrete solutions for years. We provide all kinds of concreting for exterior and interior purposes. Our concreting contractor in Coffs Harbour offers various services. For example, we offer exposed aggregate for your pathway. Moreover, we provide stamping for your patio and a slab for your exterior shed.

    Our team is skilled and has all the essential tools. Because of this, they present quick and high-quality services. Given this, we deliver an outstanding job each time. We are proud to offer complete services like sub-base preparation and excavations. Additionally, we provide decorative finishes and formworks. 

    The Australian Construction team supplies and pours concrete according to the engineer’s specifications. Given this, they ensure they vibrate all the concrete thoroughly. As a result, it removes air pockets. Additionally, it increases the concrete’s strength and density.

    Retaining walls & footings

    The concreting contractor in Coffs Harbour is experienced and skilled. In light of this, we offer concrete pouring for footings. Also, we provide building retaining walls for commercial, residential and industrial purposes. We have worked in this industry for years. Because of this, we can undertake major industrial and commercial jobs. 

    Moreover, we handle rural works and small sheds.  The concreting contractor in Coffs Harbour uses top grade concrete for molded and poured concrete retaining walls and footings. We use high-grade concrete and professional expertise. Because of this, the final product is durable.

    Concrete footings

    The Australian Construction concreting team pours concrete footings for any sized structure. It requires sidewalls framing and depends on the shape we use. We insert rebar or utilise a different stabilisation method. Then we pour the footings together with the rest of the foundation or slab. 

    The concreting contractor in Coffs Harbour pours footings to various designs and depths according to the buildings’ requirements. For example, we handle businesses or homes with numerous storeys. For this, we need more support compared to single-level support. Our professional team is well informed. As a result, they know the kind of pour necessary for each job.

    For this reason, you have peace of mind knowing your foundation will become stronger with time. Besides, our team builds retaining walls. So not only do we design them to be functional, but we also enhance your landscaping design appeal. 

    Our team works on any design or size you require. For example, we hold back soil or solve drainage problems. Call us for a free consultation or quote on your scheduled project in Coffs Harbour. Furthermore, we travel to rural areas. More importantly, we offer quick and efficient services.

    Patios, paths and driveways

    Do you want a new patio or pathway? In that case, our highly experienced concreting team pours to any style, design or size. We have the expertise for patios, paths and driveways of all designs and sizes. In addition, these constructions are suitable for decorative finishes. For example, we provide them for texturing, colouring and stamping and create a distinctive look.

    The concreting contractor in Coffs Harbour is experienced and pours flat and smooth driveways. We also offer patios, footpaths and seating areas of any type. Additionally, we provide stamped, textured, coloured and exposed aggregate options. The concreting contractor in Coffs Harbour uses the correct amount of moisture amount to mix and cure. Because of this, the outcome is durable.


    Do you have a significant project? Or is your project small? Notwithstanding, our team always ensures complete professionalism. Also, we provide exceptionally high work standard. So not only are our rates competitive but also affordable. For this reason, you can create a budget for your work. Hence, quality or style is not compromised. Therefore, if you want the best concreting services talk to Australian Construction.

    We look forward to hearing from you today!