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Gladstone Concreting Contractor

Gladstone Concreting Contractor

    Australian Construction works hard to give our clients high quality concreting services. We provide concrete sidewalks, parking lots and driveways. Our concreting contractor in Gladstone works with designs and meets our clients’ expectations.

    Benefits of concrete

    Concrete material is durable and sustainable for paving work. Moreover, it is less susceptible to potholes and cracking. The wear and tear defects are low. Because of this, concrete pavements need minimal maintenance. In addition, concrete material is locally available. 

    Therefore when Australian Construction installs concrete, it is more manageable. The reason is that the material is in abundant supply. Not only is concrete readily available, but fully recyclable. Do you want to save on electricity expenses? In that case, concrete is ideal for you. This material is light reflective and saves energy also. Concrete helps in maintaining reasonably low temperatures in your parking area since it is heat resistant.

    Furthermore, concrete material is non-combustible and fire-resistant. Because of this, it is a safer choice for you. So in case of a fire outbreak, concrete does not release any toxic gases. Concrete is strong and can sustain heavier cars. For this reason, you can drive trucks and various heavy load vehicles on concrete pavement. It does not cause significant damage.

    The production procedure of this restorative material needs less overall energy. Due to this, it is environmentally friendly.  Our team is skilled and has experience. Due to this, our clients get superior concrete services at affordable rates.  Call us today for excellent quality services. We will be pleased to surpass your expectations. 

    Concrete services

    Curbs, sidewalks and driveways

    Concrete paving material is affordable and durable. Because of this, it is a popular paving material for sidewalks and driveways.  Everyone desires an affordable and durable driveway and concrete gives you both. Not to mention, this material is beautiful. It is available in different textures, colours and design options.

    Do you have commercial and residential properties in Gladstone? In that case, our concreting contractor in Gladstone can provide concrete for your curb, driveway or sidewalk. We have a proficient team, and we deliver your concrete project within a budget and on time.

    Our concreting services

    Below are some of the Australian Construction services:

    Concrete grinding services

    We offer concrete grinding as an efficient manner of eliminating surface damage. It helps in removing stains. Additionally, it smoothens your pavement’s uneven surfaces. Does your pavement have a minor cosmetic or surface damage you need fixing? Under these circumstances our concrete grinding is ideal for you. Grinding concrete eliminates surface inconsistencies. As a result, the look of your sidewalk or driveway improves.

    Concrete repair surfaces

    Australian Construction repairs cracked sidewalks and driveways as well. Uneven and cracked pavements create wrong first impressions. Besides, they compromise the safety of people using them. We take shorter periods to complete. 

    Our skilled team repairs your cracked pavement. Consequently, our surface lifespan becomes prolonged. Hence you save money and time. Additionally, you save replacement costs. However, if your concrete is wholly damaged, repairing is not the best option. Instead, a complete replacement is advisable.

    Concrete sealing services

    We seal your concrete pavement to protect your surface from damages like staining. Also, it blocks the concrete pores. Because of this, salts and water absorption reduces, leading to gradual deterioration of your pavement. 

    In light of this, the concreting contractor in Gladstone offers concrete sealing to prevent water damage. During winter, water seeps through concrete surface pores and the pores expand and freeze. Due to this, the cracks widen. Therefore it helps in the maintenance of the top quality appearance of concrete pavement. Our concrete sealants make your pavement shiny and vibrant. More importantly, it prevents the concrete colour from fading away.


    Australian Construction is a full-service concrete services provider. We provide services to our clients in Gladstone, and our company prioritises quality, affordability and honesty. We provide various services using superior materials. Moreover, we have an experienced workforce and the appropriate equipment. Because of this, we meet all your concreting needs in Gladstone.

    Please book an appointment with us today to discuss all your concreting needs!