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Hervey Bay Concreting Contractor

Hervey Bay Concreting Contractor

    Australian Construction provides full concrete building and remediation services. We offer these services to the construction and maintenance sectors. Our vast experience extends to various sectors. For example, our concreting contractor in Hervey Bay offers services to civil and infrastructure. Moreover, we handle defense, industrial and water.

    Our workforce consists of skilled project management. Additionally, we have supervisory specialists and tradesmen. Also, they have years of experience. Because of this, we provide concrete construction of all sizes. Additionally, we provide remediation works. We work on small complex projects in hardship areas. Moreover, we undertake monolithic foundation projects for big-scale projects.

    Superior services

    Our team focuses on quality and safety. More importantly, we offer on-time construction. Additionally, they use the newest concrete technologies. Our team mobilises resources fast to any location in Hervey Bay. Together with this, we complete complicated projects in short shutdown periods. As a result, it reduces delays to operational facilities and plant

    Australian Construction is proud of our affordability and efficiency. We excel in our services. In view of this, we personalise our services for all decorative concreting needs all over Hervey Bay. Additionally, we handle your particular design requirements and needs.

    Spray-on and decorative services

    Our decorative concrete is durable, attractive and economical. The concreting contractor in Hervey Bay gives you options suitable for your taste. Besides, we give you suggestions on what suits your needs and property. We offer concreting for house sheds, slabs, driveways, etc. Moreover, we are specialists in decorative spray-on epoxy floor and resurfacing systems. Our competent team caters to:

    • Construction & extensions
    • Grinding & sealing
    • Floor leveling, formwork and finishing
    • Decorative concrete (stamped, exposed aggregate, plain and patterned)
    • Stenciling, spraying, colouring and coating
    • Home, worksite, office

    The Australian Construction specialists visit your worksite, office or home. In light of this, we discuss your concreting needs. We have vast experience. Because of this, we give you the ideal solution. Our concrete services include:

    Reliable brands

    Australian Construction works only with leading brands in the sector. Because of this, we achieve stylish and durable finishes. Some of our favoured brands are:

    • Concrete colour systems
    • Covacrete
    • Covertex
    • Stonegrip
    • Texcrete


    The concreting contractor in Hervey Bay lays concrete for all types of projects. For example, we handle house slabs and driveways. Besides we handle driveway extensions and footpaths. Additionally, we lay concrete for driveway extensions and big commercial projects. The concreting contractor in Hervey Bay uses the best material. Our expert team is highly experienced and ensures we do the job correctly the first time.

    Concrete resurfacing

    With time, concrete floors experience stains, cracks and start to deteriorate. The Australian Construction resurfaces concrete to meet environmental and economic needs. Hence, our solutions make your dull structure vibrant.

    Concrete cleaning

    Over time stains, grime, oil and mould accumulate on the concrete surface making it slippery. Australian Construction pressure-cleans the surface. Consequently, we remove these problems and restore the concrete.

    Concrete remediation and repairs

    We have various experienced operators. Moreover, we have project management specialists. More to this we use the newest concrete technologies. We offer remediation and repair solutions for your concrete structures. Our concreting contractor undertakes commercial works. 

    We also handle mining and industrial projects. Additionally, we are specialists in offering professional advice. In addition, we provide quality workmanship of all sizes and complexity. We offer:

    • Cathodic protection
    • Corroded reinforcement replacement
    • Concrete spalling repair & halting
    • Cementitious remediation solutions
    • Epoxy coatings
    • Epoxy crack injections


    Australian Construction specialises in all kinds of concreting services. For example, we handle footpaths and crossovers. Also, we work on driveways and concrete cutting. In addition, we provide reinstatement, breakout and colour concrete to exposed aggregate. We offer ideal services to commercial and residential clients.

    Please book an appointment with us to discuss your concreting needs.