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Hobart Concreting Contractor

Hobart Concreting Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are specialists in all resurfacing. We aim to bring your imagination to life. Given this, our concreting contractor in Hobart designs and builds your dream surfaces. Furthermore, we have various custom made designs. As a result, we help you in adding great value to your business or home.

    Our expert team gives your business or home a lovely, fresh look. Moreover, we protect your property from rough surfaces and nasty cracks. We go the extra mile. So, we bring out the best in your premises.  Our team has vast experience. Additionally, we are dedicated. More importantly, we are passionate about our work and clients. 

    Our services

    • Epoxy flooring treatments
    • Creating breathtaking areas for your business or home with stenciling
    • Enhancing areas using decorative concreting services
    • If you want a change, we provide grinding 
    • We undertake sealing for guaranteed protection.

    Concrete stencilling

    At Australian Construction, we have used the stenciled concrete technique for years. We use it to create various designs and patterns. Because of this, your concrete surface has a new appearance. You can confuse this kind of stenciling with concrete or concrete resurfacing products. However, it is a lot different from these two methods.

    Stenciled concrete

    The concreting contractor in Hobart provides various stencil concreting. As a result, we are popular for producing any finish you want. We carry out stencil concrete when the concrete is wet. Due to this, we easily create a smooth pattern. More importantly, we customise your stencilled concrete regarding patterns, colours and design.

    In light of this, we apply stencils in various ways. For example, we use specialised equipment like airless sprayers. Besides, we utilise manual techniques like painting on wet surfaces. For this, we use brushes or trowels. Stenciling offers various designs, which are otherwise impossible on the cementitious surfacing. 

    The reason is this surfacing is very hard. Likewise, it lacks indentations for sustaining paint pigments. Additionally, it has some benefits over stamped-on ornamental staining. Before application, we do not carry out surface preparation. However, we undertake power washing. Meanwhile, we apply stains to hitherto stained concrete.

    Concrete grinding

    Our concrete grinding procedure involves removing any surface faults. For example, we use it for depressions or bumps. We use sandpaper or diamond grinders on concrete surfaces. Therefore we remove the concrete’s top layer. Do you need concrete ground? In that case, it is crucial to pick an expert firm like Australian Construction. After all, we are highly experienced in this field. 

    Given this, we provide competitive prices. Also, we offer brilliant customer service. For additional information about these services, kindly call us today! We not only have affordable grinding solutions, but they are also effective. Our competent team inspects your work first. Then they offer a quotation depending on various elements that impact the final investment.

    We use different coating during the resurfacing procedure. So it determines the procedure. In addition, it establishes how long our concrete grinders need to grind the job. As we carry out our inspections, we check for holes or cracks in the pavement. It is in case it is an old parking lot featuring numerous bumps. Consequently, we handle these issues before undertaking other processes, such as applying sealant or painting stripes for nearby walkways, etc.

    If we know about issues beforehand, it means we spend less time handling them later. As a result, you save money. When considering a concrete grinding quote, there are important elements to consider. For example, does your concrete have coatings or not? It greatly impacts the magnitude of our grinding. Also, it determines what materials our team needs.


    We undertake major and minor projects for commercial and residential properties. Do you have any questions about our services? In that case, please get in touch today. We will be happy to offer you a free no-obligation quotation.

    We look forward to hearing from you!