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    Australian Construction provides a variety of concreting solutions like large scale commercial concreting and aggregate. Our concreting contractor in Melbourne ensures that we deliver your project on time and in accordance with your budget.

    We have years of experience in the provision of concreting services in Melbourne. Our professional Melbourne Team has built a reputation for producing superior quality artistry at a cost-effective rate.

    Restrictions are easing around Melbourne, and it’s time you dusted off your backyard to prepare for family gatherings that will happen again. If you are unsure of where to begin, our skilled team of concreting contractors at Australian Construction has you covered, using our post-quarantine guide for sprucing up your backyard. 

    Commercial concrete contractors

    Australian Construction specialises in commercial and industrial concrete services. We have many years of experience in providing top-quality concreting artistry to commercial businesses. Our professionalism precedes our reputation. Whatever project we undertake, we endeavour to always maintain consistent communication throughout the process. We are a leader in Melbourne in the commercial concrete sector. 

    Our existing commercial concrete portfolio includes footpaths, slabs, and concreting for schools and factories. Our team at Australian Construction is qualified and capable of completing any concreting project you need with a similar degree of expertise.

    Our priority as a business is to give you aesthetically pleasing and durable solutions. It is the reason our previous commercial customers continue to recommend and refer us. We are proud of our attention to detail, clear communication and imaginative solutions for all projects.  To us, functionality is as crucial as aesthetics and our team endeavours to ensure that we do not compromise quality when working on commercial and industrial projects.

    A professional touch for commercial concreting 

    Australian Construction has an expert team of commercial concrete contractors who are committed to attaining ideal outcomes. Commercial concreting can cause interruptions; therefore, we carry out timely supervision to minimise interruptions. This ensures we provide a quick and time efficient commercial service.

    The outcome is professional, polished and durable, and we strive to leave all our customers with this impression.  Major names across various industries trust us. If you need commercial or industrial concreting done by experts, at a cost-friendly price, with a quick turnaround time, call us today.

    Polished concrete guide

    As a commercial concreting contractor in Melbourne, we are continuously receiving questions about polished concrete. We use polished concrete for various applications, and as the name implies, this is concrete that our skilled team polishes to give you a high-gloss finish.

    Polished concrete has many benefits, and some flaws also. Below is some information about this captivating type of concrete. This will help you decide whether or not it is suitable for your application. 

    About polished concrete

    Polished concrete presents a radiant type of concrete; it is easy to achieve this effect with the appropriate equipment. Our team grinds away at new or old concrete until the desired effect is achieved- a smooth, high-gloss surface that is long lasting.

    After this, our team uses a sealer to protect against stains and spills seeping inside the concrete instead of settling on the top. Forming a polished concrete finish is the same as sanding wood because we wipe away thin coats to attain a clean and smooth finish.

    If you wish to apply a polished concrete finish to your present concrete, talk to our concreting contractor in Melbourne to make sure this is feasible. Not all concrete surfaces types can produce such a finish.

     Applications for polished concrete

    Polished concrete can be utilised effectively for any application. However, it is mainly used in the commercial sector for flooring in warehouses, indoor retail and even office buildings because of its shiny, aesthetic and exceptional durability.

    Thus, it is gaining great popularity in the residential sector because homeowners choose to utilise it inside and out. Although you can use polished concrete outdoors, we advise only utilising it under a covered space using a matte finish. This is because a polished finish is prone to becoming extremely slippery when wet. 

    Characteristics of polished concrete

    Maintaining polished concrete is straightforward. All you need to do is mop and dust it regularly. Other wear and tear issues will also arise from time to time based upon the amount of traffic on the polished surface. Commercial settings need more regular maintenance.

    Technically, polished concrete can last for many years because the sealant gets absorbed inside the concrete and re-sealing is only required after some years. This reduces the level of maintenance needed on this surface.

    Polished concrete is also remarkably durable, and nearly impossible to chip and crack. Australian Construction specifically designs polished concrete to withstand significant foot traffic volumes and heavy machinery in warehouse and factory settings.

    One of polished concrete’s major weaknesses is that it can get extremely slippery when exposed to liquid. It is also important to note that this surface is tough and in cold months it can hold cold temperatures, making it uncomfortable, depending on your shoes and the length of time you stand on the surface.

    Comparing polished concrete and grind & seal technique

    The above two methods may seem very similar. However, there are some important differences to note. Our concreting contractor in Melbourne grinds down polished concrete using various grit grades until a fine, high-gloss finish is achieved. 

    However, they do not use the grind & seal method to get a shiny finish at the grinding stage. Instead, they achieve the polished surface by administering a sealing coat. This option is more versatile since our team can do it with all concrete types and it is more affordable.

    Our team improves the sealing layer further by mixing in grit, increasing its non-slip properties. That is why we usually recommend it as an alternate for outdoor surfaces. Not surprisingly, this method also requires re-sealing after some years because the sealant becomes worn with time.


    You may be considering polished concrete as the best flooring option for your warehouse or retail area. In that case, you need an experienced and trustworthy concreting contractor like Australian Construction.

    Our vast experience in the commercial sector and our professional and skilled concreting contractor in Melbourne can help you attain the ideal concreting solution for your commercial area. We have worked on projects of various sizes within local government and residential sectors, giving us the essential experience to undertake countless projects.

    Get in touch with our team today and enjoy the ideal concreting services in Melbourne!