Hire Our Licensed Confined Space Rescue Standby Team In Adelaide


    Hire Our Confined Space Rescue Team In Adelaide

    At Australian Construction, we have experienced and fully trained personnel. Given this, we help in confined space rescue in Adelaide. Our staff assists in the creation, entry, and exit of confined spaces. Moreover, they ensure all the steps are compliant.

    We have high standards. For this reason, it increases efficiency and safety. More importantly, it decreases your expenses. We aim to offer quality and consistency to our clients. All our confined space sentries are qualified. Therefore, they carefully watch their allocated confined spaces. Their objective is to ensure they fulfil the customer’s needs. Also, they meet Australian Standards requirements.

    Our services

    Australian Construction streamlines your shut-downs and maintains your budget. Additionally, we enhance general safety and awareness. We offer highly trained and skilled personnel. Besides, we provide confined space PPE and height safety management. As a result, we facilitate:

    • Decreased risks
    • Reduced costs
    • Ensure a single contact point for all your confined space & height safety requirements.
    • Creating and sustaining safety solutions
    • Providing suggestions, personnel, and equipment. Due to this, we eliminate the logistical stress.

    Our staff plays the following roles:

    • Standby personnel or sentries for confined space, hot and height work
    • Permit officers
    • Gas testing personnel
    • Height and confined space rescue personnel.

    The Australian Construction staff is highly trained to meet your needs such as:

    • High-risk rescue
    • Breathing apparatus
    • Fire warden
    • Initial response fire fighting
    • Confined space entry
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Safe working at heights
    • Site inductions
    • Senior first aid
    • Site-specific training
    • Confined space nationally accredited

    Our staff plays the roles below:

    • Gas testing personnel
    • Permit officers
    • Height rescue and confined space personnel
    • Sentry supervisors
    • Standby personnel or sentries for confined space, hot or height work

    Confined space

    The Australian Construction team includes very qualified confined space workers. Additionally, they use sophisticated technology and equipment. Besides, they utilise original entry and rescue recovery services.  Furthermore, we are skilled in:

    • Concrete substantial material silos
    • Industrial Tanks
    • Spray towers
    • Sewerage systems
    • Water systems
    • Boilers
    • BGOD

    We have a professional trade-qualified team. Because of this, Australian Construction offers repair, maintenance, and inspection solutions to top standards.  Our company can undertake all procedural roles for the confined space method. More importantly, we adopt and meet the customers’ existing operating processes.

    Standby rescue

    We have an experienced confined space rescue team that is trained in provision of standby rescue. We also have retrieval crews who handle all areas, including:

    • Hazardous or low oxygen environments. It includes full airline and SCBA rescue.
    • High-angle rescues such as hard to access regions and safe rescue
    • Rope access in confined spaces (descending and ascending rescues)

    Australian Construction develops and manages complete rescue procedures. We also undertake hazard analysis and mitigation. It includes permit systems and space procedures. In addition, we offer environmental and safe work supervision. Our specialist equipment division supplies and manages all relevant rescue and safety equipment as well.

    Why a standby man is important to a confined space

    The standby man is in charge of the confined space. Also, he manages the areas near the confined space. A stand-by-person should remain at the post all the time. An attendant should replace them if they are absent from the post. In other words, personnel in a confined space should have supervision at all times.

    Roles of the sentry (confined space standby)

    • Comprehends the signs of exposure to hazards
    • Monitors environmental conditions and testing equipment for any changes. These might need evacuation and rescue or new control measures.
    • Maintain a list of who has entered the space or left.
    • They erect signs and barricades to ensure no unauthorised personnel enters the space.
    • Ensure personnel is safe by communicating with them throughout.
    • Check for any behavioural changes in the employees inside the confined space.
    • Confirms that emergency rescue equipment is accessible. More importantly, they ensure the equipment is in good working condition.

    In addition, in case of an emergency, the sentry or standby person:

    • If necessary, orders an evacuation and start any emergency or rescue procedures.
    • Avoids entering the space even if they instinctively want to assist an injured colleague.
    • Handles rescue equipment outside, for example, a winch and helps with the rescue operation.
    • The standby person should be competent and responsible. Also, they should have the ability to manage the confined space and involved personnel.


    At Australian Construction, our personnel have the skills to work in confined spaces. For years we have had a perfect safety record. We have worked in the industry for a long time. Our clients include major corporations in Australia. We ensure we deliver ideal services with minimal downtime.

    Talk to us today for your confined space rescue in Adelaide!