Gold Coast Confined Space Rescue Team For Hire By Aus Construction


    Confined space Rescue On The Gold Coast

    Australian Construction understands confined spaces hazards. For this reason, we establish strict and safe working processes during its operations. We offer a confined space for skilled team members. Additionally, we provide equipment that enables us to work in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Our company is experienced in working in dangerous atmospheres during confined space rescue on the Gold Coast.

    Such areas have limited oxygen levels. Furthermore, all our units have the essential equipment. Therefore, our skilled team undertakes safely confined space entry projects.

    What are confined spaces?

    Confined spaces are dangerous since they are not usually designed for individuals to work in. Their ventilation may be inadequate. Because of this, hazardous conditions develop fast. It is especially so if it is restricted space. Additionally, deadly gases are undetectable.

    Therefore, these gases might be contained at the base of a confined space since they are heavier than air. Because of this, you will not know they exist. As a result, a worker can lose consciousness and need rescue. If you do not have the essential training and equipment, it is difficult to rescue someone before they become incapacitated or die. Moreover, confined spaces are prone to hazardous environments and explosive gases.

    Our skills and equipment

    Australian Construction staff are certified and trained. For this reason, they raise permits. Furthermore, they enter confined spaces to undertake service location work. They also enter confined space for other purposes where you require someone to work in a hazardous environment. Our team has the essential equipment for testing, extraction and recovery. As a result, they work successfully during confined space rescue on the Gold Coast.

    In addition, we are skilled in working at heights since some of our work falls under confined space and is a height safety risk also—for instance, areas like storm water and sewer assets. Confined spaces are dangerous to workers. Given this, workers should have a confined space entry permit for entry into a confined space. Moreover, the permit is necessary to carry out the initial risk assessment or hazard identification. So, a competent firm like Australian Construction should complete the confined space entry permit.

    Our confined space entry permit method offers a written formal check. It ensures the establishment of all factors of a safe working system before a person enters a confined space. As a result, it confirms that after completion of the work, everyone has vacated the space. More importantly, we personalise and customise your confined space entry permit to meet your specific business operations and needs.

    Hi-risk surroundings

    Common risks of working in confined spaces are:

    • Losing consciousness, impairment, injury or death because of the immediate impacts of airborne pollutants.
    • Explosion or fire from ignition of flammable gases, vapours or dusts that are exposed to an ignition source like a hot surface, spark or flame.
    • Suffocation due to insufficient oxygen or soaking in free flowing materials like sand, grain, water or other liquids.

    Other hazards are:

    • Temperature extremes
    • Noise from vibrations in the space
    • Limited access in rescuing an unconscious or injured person and treating them.
    • Infectious illnesses, dermatitis or lung conditions arising from exposure to micro-organisms like fungi and bacteria. For example, biological hazards are present in grain and sewers silos.

    Exhaust fumes

    You may use a pump to clean an in-ground water tank. As a result, it leads to exhaust fumes from the petrol or petrol-powered appliances you are using. Consequently, it triggers a harmful accumulation of carbon monoxide. Comparatively, the fumes are heavier than air.

    Therefore, they can slowly leak inside a confined space and build up to a harmful level. It then leads to people inside the space becoming unconscious. So use alternative power sources like electrical appliances (battery-powered).

    Given this we follow the following safety procedures:

    • Before entry, we make sure the space is adequately ventilated.
    • We place a skilled stand by individual outside in the event of an emergency or for support.
    • Our company ensures our workers have training in safe operations in emergency rescue and confined spaces. Also, the workers are trained in emergency rescue and using safety harnesses. They also have experience in rescue or safety lines where falling is a risk.
    • We offer personal protective equipment that suits the type of work and the hazard. It is worn or used by workers who have training in using it.
    • Our skilled team provides first aid, rescue and appropriate fire suppression equipment.


    The Australian Construction confined space rescue team comprises paramedics, fire/rescue, and EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians). More importantly, they have high standard training. For this reason, our team manages all emergencies quickly and effectively.

    Call us today for your confined space rescue on the Gold Coast!