Confined Space Rescue Team In Hobart For Hire By Aus Construction


    Confined Space Rescue Team For Hire In Hobart

    A confined space is an area that is entirely or partly closed. It should not be occupied by people continuously. Confined spaces are dangerous to people working there because of various possible hazards. For this reason, before undertaking confined space rescue in Hobart, the Australian Construction team undergoes the appropriate confined space training.

    Moreover, they use suitable confined space equipment. As a result, this equipment helps in essential procedures like entry, exit, retrieval, escape, fall prevention and more.

    Features of a confined space

    Mainly a confined space has restricted or limited exits or entry. Also, it can be designed in a manner that restricts rescue, first aid or evacuation. It also has restrictions on other emergency response procedures. Examples of a confined space are:

    • Tunnels
    • Trenches
    • Utility holes
    • Pipes
    • Pits
    • Sewers
    • Containers
    • Chimneys
    • Ducts
    • Water supply towers
    • Tanks
    • Utility vaults
    • Silos

    Confined space hazards

    It is dangerous to work in confined spaces. It especially risky if the workers are unaware of the nature and size of their dangers. Because of this, Australian Construction appreciates the importance of carrying out a risk assessment. Therefore, we carry out this assessment when getting ready to work in a confined space.

    Common hazards in confined space

    1.  Air quality

    Inadequate air quality because of deficient oxygen or poisonous substances is dangerous to the worker. You cannot always depend on natural ventilation for the maintenance of health and safety regulations. For this reason, Australian Construction ensures the worker is safe from chemicals. We also make sure the worker gets enough oxygen.

    2.  Fire hazards

    Fire can affect a confined space adversely. The reason is there is restricted escape means. Moreover, there is a lot of exposure to smoke and heat. As a result, we carefully consider fire safety. Given this, we implement methods of eliminating risk.

    3. Trapping or crushing hazards

    When working in an underground confined space, a slight movement in the surface can be shattering. Because of this, risk mitigation is crucial. Consequently, we always equip workers with the correct personal protective equipment during confined space rescue in Hobart.

    4. High noise levels

    In confined spaces, noise can be significantly damaging. As a result, hearing loss or severe hearing damage occurs if workers do not have enough protection using earmuffs and earplugs.

    Confined space equipment

    Various vital personal protective equipment is essential. For example, dusk masks, safety goggles and protective masks are crucial. Coupled with this, we use the appropriate equipment for confined space rescue. Australian Construction has the essential safety equipment. Given this, our team can work in confined spaces and reduce the risk of severe injury. More importantly, it presents a method of escape.

    Recovery winch tripod: we use the confined space tripod and winch to lift personnel. Furthermore, it helps in accessing confined spaces. It has a 15m cable. It also features a safe 250kg working load.

    Electric winch: this is a 1.7-tonne cable puller (twin capstan electric winch). Its design enables it to tackle complex confined space rescue in Hobart. This equipment has foot controls and a fail-safe brake. Therefore, it facilitates hands-free operation.

    Rescue harness & confined space: this equipment is essential to avoid falling risk. It can happen while descending into or ascending out of a confined space.

    Fall arrester: its design prevents a worker from falling from height.

    Davit arm & tripod bracket: it offers a fixed anchorage point for rescue systems or work winches. The swivel function offers smooth access to various confined situations.

    Spreader bar: it helps with entry and exit. Additionally, it assists with retrieval applications in confined areas.

    Managing risk

    Confined space entry may be dangerous. Therefore, we assess the risks and eliminate them. We understand and adhere to Confined Space Entry (CSE) for tasks like:

    Australia Construction’s core team is highly knowledgeable. Moreover, they have experience in running confined space rescue and confined space entry in Hobart. Given this, we use equipment and technology to decrease risk. As a result, we redefine how we manage CSE in industrial surroundings.

    CSR & CSE solutions

    We plan and execute complex and simple confined space entry work in multiple sectors. In light of this, we provide access and rescue personnel and systems. We also undertake re-mediation and inspection works. It entails:

    • CSE visual inspections
    • Cleaning, repair & maintenance
    • Gas tester, entry certificate, entry controller
    • Confined space rescue in Hobart capability
    • Hauling/lifting systems for casualty recovery


    Australian Construction provides on-site High Angle Technical Rescue and Stand-by Rescue for Confirmed space. Furthermore, we offer services 24/7, for instance, Emergency Response. Our services are available throughout Australia.

    So, we travel to meet our clients’ needs. Moreover, we provide on-site Health and Safety Advisors for your work. It includes hazard assessments to facilitate a safe work surrounding. We also offer Hazmat Stand-by, fire watch and other services.

    We look forward to hearing from you about your confined space rescue needs!