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Maintaining Optimal COVID Cleaning In Your Premises To Avoid The Spread Of Illness

    In these extraordinary times and as part of the endeavour to help businesses affected by COVID-19, Australian Construction responds to the existing worldwide pandemic by providing innovative sanitising and cleaning solutions for facilities and businesses.

    Our COVID cleaning team in Townsville has a 3-step clean system that combines the utilisation of an expert grade botanical disinfectant mixed with an innovative antimicrobial surface protectant that offers residual surface protection for a maximum of 90 days.

    We use this 3-step Clean system to disinfect surfaces and apply the original bioprotective RTU Antimicrobial Surface Protectant for protection that lasts longer between regular cleanings. We are among the few companies in Australia that uses the advanced cleaning technology of bioprotectTM.

    How our 3-step clean system works

    We use a 3-step cleaning procedure to protect your property and give you a safer environment for your staff and visitors. 

    Step 1- Disinfecting

    • Our qualified team uses a very reputable botanical disinfectant solution that eliminates 99.9% of viruses like the human Coronavirus, mould, fungi and bacteria. This solution cleans, disinfects, deodorises and sanitises in only one step.
    • This disinfectant is eco-friendly and does not contain any harsh chemicals. It eliminates most allergens on application.
    • It is safe to use daily and is ready to use. It does not need any rinsing, even on surfaces utilised for food.

    Step 2- protecting

    After our COVID cleaning team in Townsville cleans and disinfects thoroughly, we apply the bioprotectTM RTU Antimicrobial surface protectant. This option provides treatment formulated to protect surfaces between frequent cleanings.

    This formula is water-based and creates an antimicrobial shield that provides continuous, persistent antimicrobial surface protection against a wide range of stain and odour-causing microbes like mould, mildew and algae. It remains effective for a maximum of 90 days.

    • This solution is colourless, odourless, non-flammable, non-migrating and non-leaching.
    • We apply it to non-porous and porous surfaces like HVAC systems.
    • It is safe to use on appliances, equipment, utensils and food contact surfaces.

    Step 3- certify

    • Australian Construction certifies that we have treated the property with an antimicrobial surface protectant and disinfectant.
    • This certification confirms to others that we have cleaned the property using the market’s most advanced technology.

    How our bioprotect RTU Antimicrobial surface protectant works

    BioprotectTM RTU has patented antimicrobial technology that utilises self-assembling monolayers, creating a layer of spikes, which mechanically kill microbes like algae, mildew, mould and bacteria by rupturing and piercing their cell membrane. This kill technique prevents the mutation and adaptation of microbes, preventing their ability to develop.

    Unlike regular cleaning product, the bio-protectTM RTU creates a covalent bond to the surface it’s applied to and continues working while in the dry state.

    Why our COVID cleaning services are essential

    Australian Construction is a leader in the industry regarding disaster alleviation and recovery. Our professional team has years of experience and offers disinfection and decontamination services for buildings contaminated by mould, storms, water, fire and more. Our processes include removing and disinfecting hazardous contaminants.

    • We treat all indirect and direct buildings’ reachable surfaces.
    • Our team disinfects the affected equipment, air conditioning (HVAC) and heating ventilation systems.
    • Fogging to get rid of airborne bacteria and viruses.

    These services help in:

    • Reducing the risk of illness or infection
    • Decreasing cross-contamination risk
    • Minimising operations downtime.

    Today we provide disinfection services for schools, healthcare facilities, office areas, assisted living facilities, retail stores, etc. All our cleaning protocols adhere to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines.

    Commercial disinfection services

    In 2020 since the COVID-19 pandemic spread worldwide, all of us have experienced new challenges that have altered how we lead our lives and relate with other people. Using sanitising hand gel, cleaning surfaces, and washing hands have become our top priority as we try to prevent infection and reduce the coronavirus spread.

    At Australian Construction, we have many years’ experience in providing sanitising and disinfection cleaning services. We are also professionals in disaster recovery and help businesses and people to recover from events that can potentially disrupt our lives.

    The importance of disinfectant cleaning services

    Our COVID cleaning team in Townsville provides specialised disinfecting and cleaning services. This ensures that businesses and homes are safe. Our disinfectant deep clean involves cleaning all the surfaces, whether untouched or touched and eliminating any potentially harmful bacteria from the building.

    Disinfection services are different from regular cleaning. They eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful microbes like viruses and bacteria that can live on surfaces and lead to a potential health risk.

    The expert disinfecting services provided by our COVID cleaning team in Townsville, are an essential component of our recovery services following a storm, flood, fire or any incident that poses a likely health threat.

    After the onset of COVID-19, our disinfectant cleaning services have become even more vital.

    Professional disinfecting services

    Our emergency response and disaster recovery experience has given us the skills and knowledge to effectively and efficiently disinfect your buildings.  We provide disinfection services for facilities and buildings with exposure to contamination trigged by hazmat accidents, mould, water, fire, storms and infectious materials.

    We have proven processes for safe expert disinfecting services resulting from years of knowledge and experience. Since we provide biohazardous contamination removal and disinfection, our techniques are more effective than cleaning processes, making us stand out with industry-leading standards.

    Industrial cleaning services

    The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many problems for businesses, especially the ones with commercial property. Business owners are experiencing new obstacles, and hygiene standards are essential. For many years, we have dealt with major incidents and the resulting issues they bring.

    This is the reason why Australian Construction are your ideal choice for helping your business to keep operating during the COVID-19 pandemic and afterwards, with our commercial cleaning services.

    Professional commercial cleaning

    Our business is to help organisations when they need it most. We appreciate that it is important for businesses to continue working after incidents like floods, earthquakes, etc. It is why industrial cleaning and the assistance of expert commercial cleaning services is essential.

    COVID-19 has changed how many individuals and all businesses regard hygiene. Where the protection of employees and customers is involved, the COVID cleaning contractor is dedicated to utilising our skills in commercial cleaning to facilitate business continuity.

    Commercial deep clean

    Our commercial deep clean helps to sanitise all areas of your business premises. It entails using specialised cleaning agents and equipment to remove any viruses, pathogens and bacteria from all surfaces like walls and floors. We have provided commercial deep clean services for years after the occurrence of various disasters and events.


    Australian Construction is dedicated to working at the forefront during a crisis and helping organisations minimise the resulting disruption. We continue working to ensure your safety during and after. We provide our services and experience in various settings like air duct cleaning, content restoration and more.

    Call us today, and our COVID cleaning Team in Townsville will be happy to ensure that you and your commercial premises are safe during these tough times of COVID-19 infection!