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Darwin Bathroom Renovations Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we care about our customers. The sad thing is that when hiring a Darwin renovations contractor, what you have in mind may not necessarily what you would get.

    Today, we will share with you several things that people do not tell you when you hire a bathroom renovations contractor. By the end of this tutorial, you should have the right foundation as to what to expect from a contractor. You will also know what questions to ask, and these things will guide you in hiring the right team for the job.

    1. Contractors cannot read your mind

    If you give a bathroom contractor a picture, the contractor will assume that the bathroom on the picture is what you want. As such, the contractor is going to build it.

    When working on a bathroom renovation, you have to tell contractors what you specifically have in mind. Thankfully, we at Australian Construction work not only with engineers but also with interior designers. We use technology to draw and present to you a 3D model of the plan.

    Form here, you can decide if you want the design or alter it. As you can see, it is better this way than just relying on photos. At least, the plan that we make in 3D will also tell you how much space is needed to renovate the bathroom.

    2. Contractors do not know what your appliances are

    Whether you are renovating a house bathroom or a commercial facility bathroom, you need a power outlet. This is not the place where you install your bulb, but a separate power outlet for appliances.

    Contractors do not know what appliances you will use. As such, they cannot make assumptions on whether or not you need a power outlet. You have to tell the contractor that you are planning to use a hair-dryer, blower, and many other things.

    On top of this, you must give the contractor an idea about what kind of appliances you will use. The contractor will figure out the voltage and amperage of the appliance.

    We at Australian Construction also specialise in electrical works. We install wiring, and we also use our expertise to tell our clients how to make their electrical systems safe.

    Contractors will follow what you say

    Many contractors will do what you tell them. The thing here is that some of your choices for your bathroom renovation project may not be the most compatible with your situation.

    For one, not all tiles are created equal. Tiles are made from various materials. In many cases, you will choose your tile, and the contractor has no say about it, or there is no other choice but to install them because you already paid for them.

    Ask your contractor first before you make any purchase. Ask the contractor if these tiles are sturdy and if the tiles can be used in a bathroom. Remember that the bathroom will be subjected to heavy foot traffic, especially in commercial establishments.

    Also, you have to choose bathroom fixtures that are compatible with your existing pipes. For example, you cannot use taps that are not compatible with a half-inch pipe if the tap is has a three-inch opening.

    Work with your contractor and show some photos so they have an idea of what they are going to work on. Show the details of the product, and let the contractor provide his input if it is worth buying or not.

    Contractors cannot tell you how you will use the bathroom

    Some home-owners like to have storage in the bathroom. Some do not. Whatever the case, you have to tell the contractors what you want to do.

    From here, the contractor can incorporate your desires to the plan. If your contractor has an interior designer, then all the better.

    You see your bathroom has only so much space. It is a critical aspect of the project, and the contractor must know what kind of cabinets or other facilities you want to put in there.

    How should you hire Darwin Bathroom Renovations Contractor?

    Now that you know what to ask for from a contractor, how should you choose the right one? Read below for our tips.

    • License – only work with a contractor that is licensed. A licensed contractor is also bonded and insured. They also know the government’s building codes, so you have an assurance that they will remodel your bathroom according to safety procedures.
    • Experience – hire a contractor who has experience of at least five years. While those who are new in the industry are also good, they are not yet exposed to all the possible problems that may arise in the construction process.  
    • Reputation – hire a contractor that is known in the community. Ask your friends and your family members. Make sure that they do a good job; the last thing you want is to work with a contractor who botches the project and leave you hanging high and dry.

    If you want a job that is made by a professional, hire a professional like us. We at Australian Construction have completed dozens upon dozens of contractor work, not just in bathroom renovations but in many facets of construction.

    Summary: Darwin Bathroom Renovations

    Before you hire a contractor, ask as many questions as you can. A bathroom remodelling project may cost more than you think. Do not be afraid to ask for a detailed quote and span of coverage.

    Give us a call at Australian Construction if you need a bathroom contractor. We have been in this business for a long while, and we know what needs to be done to ensure that you get what you want. We are a licensed company, and we are bonded and insured.

    Once you give us a call, we will talk about the scope of your project, do an ocular inspection, and then work on a project plan. From there, we can start on finalising the plans and get started as soon as possible.