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Mackay Earthworks Contractor

Mackay Earthworks Contractor

    Mackay is a historic landmark in Australia for its sugar cane farming industry. Today, the main industry here is mining. As such, it is not unusual to need an earthworks contractor in Mackay. There are lands that need exploring—and you need experts to do this job.

    But what services can you expect from an earthworks contractor like us? Before you hire one, we at Australian Construction will share a few things that you can expect from us. This is not a complete list, but this should give you an idea of what we do.

    Environmental remediation services

    Sometimes, soil can contain harmful chemicals. This happens if it used to be a dumpsite for various toxic materials. This does not mean that the land is bad for construction. We can still use it, but we need to make sure it is not toxic.

    For environmental remediation, we mainly remove pollutants. This includes oil. We can also remove groundwater and sediment.

    To start with, we will first conduct an assessment. We may need to dig and take samples—samples that we will analyse for our laboratory.

    Soil grading services

    Soil grading is a process where we determine the quality of the soil. What we want to understand here is whether the soil is hard enough for building or not. As you know, not all lands are suitable for high buildings.

    While we can build on all types of soils, there is a limit to how tall the building can be. This is what we do with soil grading. We analyse not just the soil but also whether it is a good area to build on.  

    Land clearing services

    After buying a parcel of land, there may be trees, rocks, or bushes. If your project is to construct a building, you need to remove these obstructions.

    As contractors, we will take care of this for you. We will remove the trees and transport them somewhere. It is also our responsibility to remove the stumps. If there are large boulders of rocks, we will use our excavators and backhoes to take them off the property.  

    After clearing the land, you can now start with your construction project. Please note that you cannot just dispose of debris anywhere. There are specific areas in Australia where you can dump them. We know where—and we have the permit to do it.

    Excavation services

    The most basic service that you can expect from an earthworks contractor is excavation. While this may sound as simple as digging, it really is not.

    There are many ways to excavate. However, there is a need to identify the right depth. Also, you need to use the right machines if you want to get this job effectively.

    Excavation is a general term for digging, but there are many types of digging processes that we do. For example, digging for a foundation is different from digging for an irrigation system.

    With us, all you have to let us know is the type of project that you want to accomplish. We will do the rest.  

    Summary: Earthworks Contractor in Mackay

    If you need earthworks services, you can count on us. Give us a call now and we will answer your questions. We can also schedule a visit to your site so we can assess it properly.

    From there, we will create a plan and give you a price quote for the project. We can also discuss the specific services that you need.

    An alternative is to get a quote from us via our website. We have a “request quote” form that you can use. Give us as many details as you could, and we will come back to you soon.