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The Right Electrical Contractor In Sydney For All Electrical Needs

    Australian Construction consists of experienced and qualified electricians in Sydney. We assist commercial, industrial and residential clients throughout Sydney. For excellent same-day service when you require an electrical contractor in Sydney, you can trust the fast, timely response, up-front per task costing and expert service you get from our team. 

    We are currently the top choice in many businesses and homes because we give the best and most qualified hands each time. If you have industrial, commercial or residential work that you want delivered fast but with quality, Australian Construction is your answer.

    Our residential electrical services involve installing lights, fans, switches, power points, extractor fans and bathroom light heating. We also provide services like home automation such as telephone and data cabling, TV/data points and intercom systems.

    We have highly-trained electricians with many years of experience, who are prepared to evaluate your complete electrical requirements 24/7. It does not matter whether your job is big or small, such as power point installations or total blackouts; we find suitable solutions for you quickly the first time.  

    Electrical Services Available

    We offer industrial and commercial electrical expertise in all critical aspects of the electrical contracting sector like:

    • Connections
    • 3 Phase supply
    • Power upgrades
    • Switchboards
    • Power distribution
    • Pumps
    • Sensors
    • Low voltage work
    • Underground work
    • MATV
    • Meter installation

    Commercial Electrician

    Australian Construction has a team of experienced commercial electricians in Sydney in commercial and industrial electrical work. Our success is built on commitment, and our electrical contractor in Sydney offers top, affordable quality service. We are commercial electricians servicing Sydney and the greater area of Sydney. We provide various services to assist your establishment.

    Electrical Fittings

    Australian Construction is a Level 2 Service Provider in Sydney and nearby lands. Our commercial electricians offer various electrical fittings services like 3-phase supply, general wiring, power upgrades connections, switchboards, pumps, sensors, voltage work, MATV, meter fixing, and underground work.

    Electrical Maintenance & Controls

    The electrical contractors we have in Sydney offers support at all hours of the day, every day to all our clients.  We have enough staff and can respond fast to your maintenance emergency.  

    We offer maintenance in different fields like your:

    • General Power Outlets
    • Compressors
    • Conveyor systems
    • Main Switchboards
    • Emergency lighting system
    • Distribution switchboards
    • Compressors, Packaging Machines
    • Electric Motors 
    • Preventative Maintenance & Control Switchboards
    • Packaging Machines
    • Industrial Controls & PLC System
    • Pumps and Industrial Machines

    Our skilled team also helps you control your commercial procedures more effectively using programmable control mechanisms to decrease your expenses.

    Commercial Emergency Electrician

    Predicting when you will require emergency electrical assistance is impossible. Due to this, Australian Construction offers similar quality service at all hours each day. We offer commercial electrician service to businesses in Sydney throughout the year.

    Whether the electrical emergency involves a burning smell, lightning strike, sparks, power loss, blown fuses, safety switch problems or issues with your alarm, we are available to assist.

    Commercial Lighting Electrician

    Australian Construction boasts of the widest variety of Sydney’s commercial lighting solutions. We ensure you can access the required light where you most need. We offer you the lighting solutions below:

    • Landscape lighting
    • Down-lights
    • Floodlighting
    • Lamps
    • Safety Systems
    • Alarms
    • Upgrades/refurbishments

    Additionally, we are glad to offer you lighting maintenance to all commercial businesses in Sydney, despite the challenging and complex working surrounding.

    Data & Communication Electrician

    Electrical Contractor in Sydney avails a wide range of commercial electrical services in Sydney. Data & communications are one of our specialist areas. We avail various data cabling solutions like designing, installing, testing and commissioning the data cabling systems. Our entire essential data & communication works are delivered fast and within the price range specified. 

    Level 2 Electrician and service provider

    Australian Construction has a team of commercial electricians who specialise in the industry in Sydney. Being level 2 service providers enable us to serve medium and large-scale jobs. Our commercial electricians are highly experienced and work fast, despite the job’s magnitude or complexity.

    The level 2 services we provide to residential, commercial and industrial customers are:

    • General installations
    • Power distribution
    • Metering requirements
    • New switchboards

    We are famous for fixing and repairing underground service lines, fixing electricity meters, repairing or installing overhead lines and disconnecting your establishment from the network.

    Installing Commercial LED Lighting

    Australian Construction is the leading Sydney electrical contractor service when it comes to commercial electricians for lighting in Sydney. We have various lighting installation services. A favourite with people is a commercial LED lighting installation service.

    • This service is popular because:
    • It saves energy
    • Its running costs are lower.
    • Compared to halogen, LED lighting uses lower power (a maximum of 80% less).
    • LED lights last longer and can endure ten times more the measurement of halogen globes.

    Call us today on 1800 155 881 and find out the amount of cash you can save by changing your business lights to LED.

    Test Tagging

    Australian Construction provides high-quality test tagging in Sydney, as commercial electricians, ensuring that you, your staff and clients are safe. The test tagging procedure analyses your electrical equipment’s level of safety.  Our team expertly inspects your businesses’ electrical goods.

    According to WHS regulations, any equipment utilised in a hazardous environment needs tagging and testing, under rule AS/NZ/3760. It is a compulsory rule, and not adhering to it is unlawful.

    We work with you at Australian Construction to ensure that all the essential equipment is tagged and tested. We test and tag and give you a complete report with details of all our team’s tests. The law requires you to store these records safely until the item is tested and rendered obsolete.

    For regular businesses, we conduct this procedure after five years, and at the end of the year for high-risk establishments. For harsh working environments, we do this procedure after 6 months.


    We are specialists in top quality, safe and affordable electrical installations across Sydney.  Australian Construction only hires the most skilled technicians, prepared to offer you first-class electrical repairs to your satisfaction. We aim to offer high-quality electrical installations for businesses and homes. 

    Do not hesitate to contact us today for all your professional electrical needs!