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    Australian Construction is a licensed electrical contractor in Townsville. Our vast experience enables us to deliver high-quality services. Our team provides comprehensive services for businesses and homes, and our priority is to specialise in superior electrical services.

    We are professionals in our field, and our team prides itself on its attention to detail. Whether your electrical requirements are because of maintenance work, emergency, safety inspections or repairs, our objective is to provide a satisfactory result.

    The electrical contractors we have in Townsville only uses the best material, and our tradesmen are friendly, experienced and punctual. We provide high-standard electrical services, and we guarantee your property’s professional solutions each time!

    Australian Construction is a licensed electrical contractor you can rely on for excellent services and exceptional results, from commercial upgrades to residential solutions!

    Reliable Electrical Services

    Australian Construction has a master electrician team. We design, contract and manage electrical projects, and work throughout the Townsville region. Our dynamic, motivated team works on various electrical services and can operate in high-risk areas. We understand that safety is crucial, and we implement this principle in our work.

    Our services 

    We offer complete electrical services in Townsville and work as a team to give you various benefits. We provide the following electrical services: 

    • Solar solutions
    • Electrical maintenance and installation
    • LED lighting
    • SIR conditioning

    Additional electrical services are: 

    • Pre-property inspections & report
    • Tariff alterations
    • Switchboard
    • Safety switches
    • Tariff changes
    • Generator plug installations
    • Mains connection box upgrades

    The Best Electrical Contractor in Townsville

    The Australian Construction team consists of experts who understand the risks involved when working. We adhere to all safety regulations ensuring that we carry out electrical services safely.


    Our electrical contractor in Townsville is dedicated to giving our clients value by making procedures more efficient and smarter. We listen attentively, respond fast and comprehend our customers’ needs.

    Motivated team

    We have an engaged and motivated team, and we encourage them to interact with others to get better solutions and make an impact. The Australian Construction team is open-minded, learns fast and implements new approaches for the latest applications.

    Electrical services from Australian Construction

    Firstly, we give you experience. 

    Booking an electrician from Australian Construction means you have access to a licensed electrical contractor. Electrical contractor in Townsville electricians have sharpened their skills in the last few years, working on various projects.

    Whether you need assistance wiring an outlet, installing a light switch or connecting a wire to a different lighting fixture, we assist you with the appropriate experience. 

    Secondly, we possess the capability and skills. 

    Where electricity is involved, you need the reassurance that you have booked an ideal electrical contractor in Townsville for the project. Our electricians are professionals.

    Thirdly, Australian Construction electricians are reliable.

    Whether you are mainly indoors or work in a busy office, waiting for lengthy periods for an electrical service provider’s arrival is frustrating. Making a booking with Australian Construction assures you that our team will appear fast and ready to work at your doorstep.

    We have reliable electricians, and you can have peace of mind knowing that you are not opening your home or premises to a stranger.

    Lastly, we work flexibly.

    You can change your electrical service requirements; or if you want more assistance, our team is available at all times. If you want to book an electrician on a specific day, call us.

    If you want to purchase a new property and need a highly qualified residential electrician to examine the wiring in a few days or weeks, give us the date. If your circumstances change and you reschedule or cancel your appointment, please give us 24 hours’ notice.

    Professional services from Electrical Contractor in Townsville

    LED Lighting

     Solar Solutions

    Solar energy has existed for some time, and as technology develops and progresses, Australian Construction is proud that it has remained updated and essential to the market.

    Our electrical contractor in Townsville stands out from the rest because our team analyses, supplies, and installs your system to your needs. We give priority to the client and service, and we value educating and including our customers so that we all flourish together.

    Solar has positive effects: personal, economic and environmental. Whatever reason you have for picking solar, our able team at Australian Construction is available to help you get the results you desire. We install, maintain, and much more.

    Supply & Installation Of Air Conditioning

    Australian Construction specialises in supplying and installing air conditioning systems for your business or household. In contrast to units available years back, the current ones have a remarkable appearance. When choosing your unit, it would be best to consider many factors such as the size and area you want to heat or cool.

    Australian Construction has a variety of brands you can select from. Our installers’ current favourite is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. If you are unsure of your requirements, do not hesitate to call us; we will gladly assist.

    These brands are worth considering:

    • Panasonic
    • Daikin
    • Mitsubishi
    • LG
    • Fujitsu
    • Samsung

    The electrical contractors we have in Townsville offer full and comprehensive air con preventative maintenance like:

    • Examine indoor unit operation
    • Look for unusual noise or vibration of outdoor and indoor units.
    • Remove filters and clean.
    • Get rid of fascias and clean.
    • Clean evaporative coil with chemicals
    • Clean all electrical components and test
    • Check all the drains and clean.
    • Clean the condenser in outdoor unit
    • Keep records of service date and any post-service issues.


    Australian Construction specialises in top-quality electrical services. Our objective is to pay attention to our clients, work efficiently and deliver fast. As LED lighting installation specialists, we take pride in our precision. Whether you have a domestic or commercial property, we offer a LED affordable solution.

    We will examine the property’s entire system and talk to you about our findings, giving you a written report. It will show details about any spaces that require instant attention and other future electrical suggestions for your property. For a professional and reliable electrical contractor in Townsville, look no further than Australian Construction.

    Our team of experts would love the chance to give you a free quote now, so give us a call!