The Best Excavation Contractor On The Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Excavation Contractor

Sunshine Coast Excavation Contractor

    Australian Construction provides different services. For instance, we offer all kinds of excavation and demolition facilities. Furthermore, they are all equipped with top-class skills. Also, our excavation contractor on the Sunshine Coast has sophisticated machinery.

    Our builders do not leave any stone unattended. Together with this, we serve you fast. As a result, it prevents you from experiencing downtime. We have a broad network of excavation and demolition specialists. 

    This licensed team works efficiently. Given that, we ensure you remain calm throughout the procedure. Moreover, we give you affordable prices you can’t resist!

    Importance of excavation

    We know that excavation is vital. The reason for this is that excavation presents numerous crucial applications. It includes environmental restoration and construction. Besides, we also handle construction and mining.

    Construction is a common application for specific digs. We establish these digs to create building foundations. They are also meant for roads and reservoirs. Expertise is essential to follow Australian Construction standards. 

    Besides, advanced technologies are equally important. However, not everyone can deliver this task perfectly. Our excavation contractor on the Sunshine Coast is among the most trusted service in this region.

    Why choose Australian Construction?

    We have served Australia successfully for years. We aim to build a strong relationship with our clients. Given this, we keep our work professional and offer fair prices.

    Exceptional commercial demolition

    You might need help with concrete breaking. Or you want assistance removing your property.  Perhaps you have demolition needs. With this in mind, our professional and knowledgeable team provides superior line solutions for these projects.

    Additionally, we ensure complete customer service. Therefore, our staff helps you if you want cleanup services following a demolition. Also, we provide clean up services if you wish to clean up for rentals or departed persons’ estates. We also handle other kinds of rubbish removal help.

    Excavation contractors

    At Australian Construction, we are highly talented in excavation. Do you want to win a megaproject? Maybe you need an excavation service for your residential work. For our excavation contractor on the Sunshine Coast, no job is too big or small. 

    Therefore, we provide all kinds of cut and digging. We also fill earthmoving for commercial and domestic projects. Additionally, we handle government projects.

    Asbestos removal

    Engineers and builders should follow specific guidelines. They do this to prevent people from aerial asbestos fibres exposure. It happens when they try to complete asbestos diminution. Australian regulations ensure suitable asbestos removal, disposal or labelling. So, owners should not try to interrupt or confiscate asbestos by themselves. 

    At the same time, they can accidentally expose others and themselves to dangerous toxins. With this in mind, the excavation contractor on the Sunshine Coast gives you asbestos removal services. Consequently, we ensure full precautions and the best amenity. Because of that, we provide safety for you and your family.

    Site cleanups

    The excavation contractor on the Sunshine Coast provides ideal site cleanup services. We offer these services following busy, detailed excavation work. It also applies to bulk earthworks. For years, we have carried out many site preparation services. 

    We offer complete site clearing services. As a result, clients can start their civil construction without delay. Besides, they can begin their commercial or residential developments quickly.


    We have a wide range of machinery and plant. Its purpose is a massive bulk excavation that includes tippers and excavators. Also, we have every earthmoving plant necessary for your project.

    Additionally, Australian Construction has engineers who aim to help in your project management. For instance, they assist in estimating and calculating volumes. Coupled with a knowledgeable workforce, we give you exceptional excavation services.

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